Chapter 624 Charging into the Outpost


This Bloody Netherguide Art is slightly similar to the Demonic Heavengorging Art. They both involve devouring external sources of energy and turning them into my own. However, the Demonic Heavengorging Art can devour all types of energy while the Bloody Netherguide Art can only can only devour the blood essence of cultivators or yao beasts. Even so, they both share the same overbearing quality. Comparison wise, the Bloody Netherguide Art is more like an offensive type technique.

Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Tower to speed up time for himself so that he could practice the Bloody Netherguide Art. One hour in the outside world was the equivalent of 100 hours for him.

However, he was aware that it would be impossible for him to learn everything about the Bloody Netherguide Art in such a short amount of time. Thus, he swiftly browsed through the Bloody Netherguide Art and found the secret techniques that were useful for him at the moment and practiced them.

As Chen Feng had practiced the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Demonic Heavengorging Art before, his practice of the Bloody Netherguide Art went much smoother than he had expected.

There is a relatively high soul power requirement for practicing the Bloody Netherguide Art. Thankfully, I have already cultivated out my Lifebound Flame, otherwise the blood and killing energies’ assault on my sea of wisdom will be a problem. As Chen Feng began his cultivation practice, his blood began roiling, assailing his blood vessels with great force. Chen Feng could feel a faint sensation of pain from the process.

At the same time, his roiling blood energy was also assailing his sea of wisdom and it did not take long for Chen Feng to sense his sea of wisdom becoming engulfed by a sea of blood. A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, torn limbs and a path of bloody carnage. All of that assailed Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom non-stop as inner demons and illusions began emerging.

Illusions, all of them. Break! Chen Feng released a hushed shout and his Lifebound Flame burned. At the same time, his soul power took the form of a soul vortex. Soon enough, all the streams of blood energy there were broken apart and refined by Chen Feng. The illusions disappeared and Chen Feng felt his soul power growing a notch stronger again.

“What is Brother Chen doing?”

By then, Wen Shaoxiu and the others had put a distance between them and Chen Feng. Since Chen Feng began practicing the Bloody Netherguide Art, strands of blood energy had begun emerging from his body, growing ever thicker to cover an increasingly large area. When they were enveloped by the strands of blood energy, Wen Shaoxiu and the others felt their minds affected by them. Situ Nan and Ma Tianfang’s eyes ended up becoming blood-red in colour.

They knew then that they could not stay too close to Chen Feng. Reflexively, they put some distance between them and Chen Feng.

“He should be practicing a type of secret technique. However, this secret technique is somewhat bloody. It doesn’t feel like an orthodox technique,” Wen Shaoxiu said. 

“Could it be a demonic technique?”

“Possibly. However, the power of demonic techniques is usually stronger than others. Whether or not we can succeed this time around will depend on Brother Chen.”

“With a Dao artefact, this will surely not be an issue, right?”

Two hours later, Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu returned, their faces pale.

“We’ve really put too much into this. In order to set up the array, we used up practically all of the spirit stones on us. No matter what, we must succeed,” Li Shilong said, gasping as he did.

“They did not discover what you are doing, right?” Wen Shaoxiu asked.

“Don’t worry, they didn’t. Even if they did, they will need some time to charge out,” Li Shilong said.

“You two rest up first. When night falls, we’ll attack.”

Another two hours went by and the sky finally turned dark. Dark clouds covered the sky and it looked as though rain was about to fall.

Suddenly, Li Shilong jerked to attention. “Not good! They discovered us!”

“What happened?”

“It’s Wu Huai’s team of three. They triggered the magic arrays as they were leaving. All of the assassins inside the outpost are now in a state of alarm.” 

“The other party is already prepared. If we don’t attack soon, it will be problematic for us.”

Everyone turned to look at Chen Feng, who was still in the midst of his cultivation practice. Although they were feeling anxious, none of them said a word.

“The rate at which they are breaking the array is rising. I need to go protect the array,” said Li Shilong, who hurriedly flew away. While flying, he sent out hand seals towards the array.

Jian Zhiqiu was not doing nothing either. Both his eyes shone with sword light. It was obvious that he was mobilizing the sword array to stop the other party.

“Huh!” Chen Feng released a lengthy breath and finally opened his eyes. All of the blood energy radiating out from his body was retracted as well.

“Brother Chen, how is it? Are you confident you can do it?” Wen Shaoxiu quickly asked.

“70 %.” Chen Feng nodded.

“I will send you fellows in right now. There is no need to go all out against them. Just leave an open wound on the enemy,” Chen Feng said, empowering the Blood Mustering Bead. Rays of bloody light shone out from the Blood Mustering Bead to shine on Wen Shaoxiu and the others.

Next, the bloody light flashed and the five of them disappeared. At the very next moment, all five re-appeared inside Killer Palace’s outpost.

By utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng was able to observe everything happening within Mulberry Scholar City, let alone a small courtyard there.

Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu controlled their magic arrays to battle their opponents while Chen Feng remained seated cross-legged, not moving at all. For Chen Feng, a distance of tens of li made no difference to him.

Wen Shaoxiu, Liu Quan, Situ Nan, Jian Luobo and Ma Tianfang swiftly attacked.

Chen Feng had placed them in the most perfect location.

The five of them had appeared – occupying the positions for a Five Elemental Array – around two assassins. The sudden appearance of the five cultivators shocked the two assassins. However, they were quick to react. Instantly, they displayed their evasive techniques in an attempt to escape. 

However, Wen Shaoxiu and the others were already prepared. Additionally, these two assassins were only at level 8 of the Sky Human stage. They were simply incapable of defending against Wen Shaoxiu’s attack team. In just a flash, the two cultivators were killed by the incoming beams of sword light.

By then, the aura of the Blood Mustering Bead had already swept forward. Strands of blood essence floated upwards and the aura instantly sucked away all of the blood essence within the two assassins’ bodies. By the time they fell to the ground, only two damaged human skins were left.


The Blood Mustering Bead did not devour the blood essence. On Chen Feng’s side, both his eyes were closed, but light seeped out from them nonetheless. The soul power within his sea of wisdom was surging as he utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to perform one of the techniques of Bloody Netherguide Art that he had only just comprehended earlier.

“Bloody Netherslip!”

Chen Feng shouted in a low tone and the blood essence that the Blood Mustering Bead gathered earlier abruptly erupted to envelop Wen Shaoxiu’s attack team. Once again, the five of them were transported away to re-appear around another assassin.


The assassin died before he could even respond. Naturally, his blood essence was extracted once again and used to transport the attack team.

“Good, we’ve killed three of them. This is great!” Wen Shaoxiu could not stop himself from shouting.

In the beginning, they weren’t feeling too confident about this. However, they had successfully killed off three assassins right from the start. Thus, their confidence instantly shot up. Their courage burst forward and every single one of them radiated with a formidable sword intent.

However, before the smiles on their faces could subside, something suddenly happened. As Chen Feng was in the process of transporting the five of them to another location, the surrounding space abruptly shook. Oscillating waves moved towards them in a peculiar manner. Immediately, Wen Shaoxiu’s attack team felt a formidable pressure bearing down on them. They could even feel a threat of death. Additionally, various repulsive forces were coming out from the ground as well. Someone was utilizing the power of earth to attack them. Furthermore, this character’s power of earth was very strong.

Their formation was immediately thrown into a state of chaos. After one quake, the five of them were separated.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless earthen spikes sprang out from the ground to attack Wen Shaoxiu and the others. Those were earthen spikes created using the power of earth. They were even stronger compared to steel.

The five of them dared not be careless. Immediately, they leapt into the sky to avoid the earthen spikes. However, a vibrating power moved to enveloped them. A series of popping sounds rang out and cracks began appearing across their body armour. In the end, some of them began bursting in places. 

“How is this possible? I am wearing a top-grade Prized-tier body armour!” Jian Luobo shouted.

“Be careful of the earthen spikes!” Wen Shaoxiu waved his hand and sword light blasted outwards. Wave after wave of sword beams swept forward and the vibrating power around them was dispersed. Even the earthen spikes charging at him from below were disintegrated.

However, Wen Shaoxiu’s face grew even uglier to behold. The attack he unleashed earlier was his strongest attack. And yet, the result was not as good as he had expected, far from it.

“The earthen spikes are very durable. They contain the power of earth and Five Elemental Metal,” Wen Shaoxiu shouted.


Wen Shaoxiu had only just spoken those words when Ma Tianfang was struck by one of the earthen spikes. Although it did not pierce through his body, it did manage to break part of his body armour. Ma Tianfang’s face turned red and he nearly coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“We already knew that you fellows would come. Today, none of you can escape.” Four cultivators appeared in four locations around them. They were surrounding Wen Shaoxiu’s attack team of five. The four of them were the half-step Human Immortals from Nine Firmaments Palace.

One of them was wielding a small, dark-red drum. He was the one behind the oscillating power. Another was enveloped completely by faint-yellow energy streams. No questions were needed to know that he was the one behind the power of earth.

As for the other two, they held swords in their hands while a sword was flying above each of them. Sword light flashed about with a slicing quality and it seemed they would attack at any moment.

The earlier attack had dispersed the blood essence that Chen Feng condensed out. However, with just a thought from Chen Feng, all of the blood essence transformed into strands of light. The strands of light flitted through space to enter the Blood Mustering Bead before melding into the bloody pool to strengthen the power of the Blood Mustering Bead.

“All four are equipped with Sacred artefacts. Additionally, there are also assassins lurking around. You guys need to be careful. This time, you guys will have to fight them head on.” Chen Feng’s voice made its way to the ears of Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five.

When the assassins discovered the existence of the magic arrays earlier, all of them had displayed their skills to bombard the magic arrays. However, when they discovered that someone had entered their outpost, they immediately gave up on attacking the magic arrays. Instead, they turned their attention towards dealing with Wen Shaoxiu’s attack team. Moreover, they had displayed their formidable moves right from the start, wanting to kill off all five in one go.

“Brother Wen, there is a level 9 Sky Human stage assassin 20 steps to your front left position. He is approaching, be careful.”

“Liu Quan, a half-step Human Immortal is coming at you. Front right position.”

“Ma Tianfang, you need to be even more careful. There are two killers on your left and right positions. They are about to attack.”

Chen Feng’s voice entered their ears again, allowing them to prepare themselves in advance. At the same time, the Blood Mustering Bead in Chen Feng’s hand spun faster as he prepared to launch an attack with it at a moment’s notice.

“What about Wu Huai’s team of three?” Wen Shaoxiu secretly asked.

“The three of them are still breaking the magic arrays. Wu Huai has a very powerful Sacred artefact on him. Add the assistance from Sun Jin and Zhao Guang, they are able to divert half of Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu’s power,” Chen Feng said grimly. 


1 li = 0.5 km

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