Chapter 621 Recovering


Seeing Wen Shaoxiu recover at a rate visible to the naked eye, Liu Quan and the others revealed a look that one would show when looking at a ghost at Chen Feng.

Given how badly wounded Wen Shaoxiu was, he would have required some time to recover even after taking Sky-tier medicinal pills. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng’s primary energy was healing him up so quickly.

Was Chen Feng’s primary energy comparable to Sacred-tier medicinal pills?

Although they were surprised, none of them disrupted Chen Feng. Soon enough, Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu arrived as well.

Upon their arrival, the two of them quickly took up defensive positions to defend the others. Seeing that, Liu Quan and the others breathed a sigh of relief before proceeding to heal themselves up as well.

In the earlier battle, Liu Quan and the others had taken a considerable amount of damage as well. Only, the amount of damage they took was lighter when compared to the amount of damage Wen Shaoxiu received.

Chen Feng spent up to one hour healing Wen Shaoxiu before retracting his hand. His face had grown even paler. Channelling his longevity-type primary energy to others for so long was somewhat unbearable for him. At any rate, Wen Shaoxiu’s wounds were simply too great. Thus, a large amount of energy was needed.

Naturally, Chen Feng understood as well that this was because his cultivation base was lacking. If he were like them, at the half-step Human Immortal stage, a casual stream of his longevity-type primary energy would be enough to allow Wen Shaoxiu to jump up and down vigorously. 

He then secretly linked up with the Longevity Tower and pieces of the Sacred crystals inside kept transforming into strands of spiritual energy before flowing into Chen Feng’s body. Soon enough, Chen Feng’s face regained its colour and the amount of primary energy inside him became full once again. Rather, it became like a great surging river.

“Thank you, Brother Chen!” Wen Shaoxiu finally stood up. Although he was still looking pale, the wounds on his body were almost completely healed up. Only his primary energy reserve remained depleted. That would take some time to restore.

“Ha ha! Unexpectedly, Brother Chen actually possesses this ability. In the future, when we are creating a team to hunt yao beasts or explore danger zones, there would be no need to take medicinal pills anymore, no?” Liu Quan laughed.

“When we head to the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans, we’ll go together with Brother Chen,” Jian Luobo said as well. 

“Ha ha ha! It’s a deal, then. We’ll head into the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans together. Our other fellow brothers and sisters have already entered the place and obtained some treasures from the place. There are even Immortal artefacts amongst those treasures. How enviable!” 

“Even so, the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans is a very dangerous place. It will not be easy to obtain treasures from the place.”

“Brother Chen, you must be practicing a wood-type cultivation technique, right? I have this item here. Hopefully, it will prove useful for Brother Chen,” Wen Shaoxiu said, bringing out a piece of arm-sized, emerald-green wood.

The piece of wood had a crystalline quality and it glittered with a faint-greenish colour. If it weren’t for the strong wood-type life force within it, Chen Feng would have considered it to be a big piece of emerald.

“Senior Brother Wen, isn’t this the Heavenbrace Wood in your collection? You are willing to take it out?” Li Shilong said with shock, a smile on his face.

“Ha ha! Keeping it is useless. Refining the energy inside it is a very laborious task for me. So, it’s better for me to give it to Brother Chen. The way I see it, Brother Chen’s cultivation technique is very wondrous. This piece of wood might be able to help him. Of course, I am worried that Brother Chen might not want this piece of crappy wood,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

“Ha ha ha! Brother Wen, what are you saying here? How can I not accept such a gift?” Chen Feng laughed as he accepted the piece of wood.

“So heavy!”

After receiving the piece of wood, Chen Feng grew shocked. The piece of wood weighed upwards of 5,000 kilogrammes. It was far denser compared to Mystic Iron. Rather, even the density of Mystic Ironcore could not compare with its density.

So, this is the Heavenbrace Wood. I have heard of it before. It is said to be a rare item even in the outer space and the Immortal Plane. The Heavenbrace Tree contains a formidable power of wood and the Heavenbrace Fruit that it produces could improve wood-type cultivation techniques. The power of wood inside this piece of wood is very thick. If I absorb and refine the power inside, my longevity-type primary energy will improve considerably, Chen Feng thought.

“Thank you, Brother Wen. This Heavenbrace Wood is indeed useful to me. I will not be holding back now,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Ha ha ha! Brother Chen, if you say that, you will be considering me as an outsider. I am only worried that you might not like it.” Wen Shaoxiu laughed loudly.

“Never. The Heavenbrace Tree is rare even in the Immortal Plane. This treasure is something that one could only wish for. It is something that cannot be bought with spirit stones even, no matter how much of them one has,” Chen Feng said. 

“Enough with the polite talk, you two. Now, let’s discuss if we should attack the other two outposts,” Liu Quan said, chuckling.

“Naturally, we’ll have to go. However, we’ll have to heal up our wounds first. We have already killed off every one of the assassins here. News of this will not leak out,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

“Very well. We’ll make our move after we are done with our recovery.”

They set up a small Spirit Gathering Magic Array and the streams of worldly spiritual energy within a radius of over 500 kilometres from their location were all pulled over to them. Next, they did their best to heal their wounds while staying inside the magic array.

As for Chen Feng, he did not rush to refine the Heavenbrace Wood. Instead, he continued tempering his Lifebound Flame.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom kept roiling about like a raging tsunami. His streams of soul power transformed into a soul storm, which swirled about. His Lifebound Flame raged in the midst of the storm as it refined the strands of Lifebound Flame from the Human Immortal assassin once again. That way, those strands of Lifebound Flame would become even purer and free of potential issues in the future.

Naturally, by devouring the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame, Chen Feng was also able to acquire the memories within his soul. By looking through the memories, Chen Feng was able to find out about something else. There were cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace in the other two outposts. Those cultivators wanted to join forces with the assassins from Killer Palace to kill Chen Feng.

As expected, the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace have come. What unrelenting fellows! However, you guys can’t do anything to me back when I was in the Northern Plains. Now that you fellows have come to the Central Plains, you can forget about going back. Killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes.

The grudge between Chen Feng and Nine Firmaments Palace had reached an irreconcilable threshold. There was no way to unravel this grudge. Besides, Chen Feng had killed too many disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. There was no way he could get them to let him off.

Thus, it could only be either him or them. Still, thanks to their murderous pursuit, Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen greatly.

The present Chen Feng was hoping that Nine Firmaments Palace would send even more cultivators after him.

After spending one whole day on their recovery, almost every one of them was back to their full strength. Even Wen Shaoxiu was back to his peak. Rather, it seemed as though he had become even stronger.

“A pity, my Boltflame Armour cannot recover so quickly.” Wen Shaoxiu shook his head and sighed.

“Earlier, I managed to glean some information from the Human Immortal’s memories. The overall strength of the other two outposts is even stronger than this one. Additionally, there are also cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace there. I fear this will be dangerous,” Chen Feng said.

“What is there to fear? With pressure and challenges comes a greater opportunity for breakthroughs. I managed to gain a great deal from the earlier battle. We need even more fights like that!” Situ Nan said, laughing.

“Even so, we cannot be careless. We must make preparations.”

“Eh, someone is coming!”

“Be careful!”

Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out to quickly discover three cultivators somewhere 50 kilometres away from them. All three had swords slung across their backs and they flew forward on swords of light. Their eyes were lightning focused and all three were half-step Human Immortals.

The three cultivators had also sensed Chen Feng’s team and they quickly changed their flight trajectory to fly towards them.

“It’s Wu Huai. I do not know the other two, though,” Chen Feng said.

“The other two are most probably Zhao Guang and Sun Jin. What are they doing here?” Situ Nan said in a puzzled voice.

“That’s right. We are not on good terms with them. I was actually thinking of inviting these newcomers to come with us if they happen to be our fellow disciples. We’ll go together to deal with those cultivators from Killer Palace. However, better to forget about it. I’d be thankful just for them to not disturb us.” Liu Quan shook his head.

Chen Feng had been staying in Heavenly Sword Faction for quite some time, after all. He was aware that there were various small groups within that unified sect as well. The relationship between Liu Quan, Situ Nan and the others was quite good. Thus, they could already be considered a small group within Heavenly Sword Faction. They would usually venture forth together for adventures and search for treasures. The three newcomers, however, were from another group. This group did not get along with Wen Shaoxiu and the others.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

In just one breath’s worth of time, Wu Huai and the other two cultivators had appeared before them.

Seeing Wen Shaoxiu and the others, Wu Huai revealed a look of surprise. After looking around, he asked, “It’s you fellows. What are you doing here?”

“I say, is there a need for us to tell you what we are doing here, Wu Huai? Rather, what are you fellows doing here?” Situ Nan said bluntly.

“Situ Nan, it’s been a few days since we last met. You still have quite the temper, huh? Do you want a beating?” Sun Jin, who was standing beside Wu Huai, said with a derisive smile.

“We didn’t get to decide victory and defeat last time. I’ll be asking for more pointers today.” Seeing the three newcomers, Situ Nan grew furious.

In the past, when they were out on an adventure, Wu Huai’s team of three had snatched away some top-grade spiritual herbs that they discovered. This incident was always in Situ Nan’s mind. For him to not simply attack them now was already an act of restraint on Situ Nan’s part.

“This fellow looks unfamiliar. He is probably not a disciple of our sect, no?” Seeing a fight on the verge of breaking out, Wu Huai quickly changed the topic of discussion. He knew that, if a fight were to erupt, the three of them would surely be beaten up badly. Additionally, they would have no place to complain about it.

“He is an elder of our sect. What? Are you not going to salute him?” Liu Quan sneered.

“Elder? He is probably an honorary elder, no? I know. You must be Chen Feng, right? Chased by Nine Firmaments Palace until there was no way out for you, you ended up running to our Heavenly Sword Faction to hide,” Zhao Guang said with a chortle.

“A minor honorary elder is not qualified to receive a salute from us. Rather, he is the one who should be saluting us.”

“Insolence! Looks like you are here to cause trouble. Zhao Guang, right? As a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction, you choose to not practice the sword and instead practice the bow. You are not walking the right path! Allow me to teach you a lesson!” Wen Shaoxiu grew furious and sword light radiated out from his eyes. It seemed he was about to attack.

Originally, there was only a normal relationship between Wen Shaoxiu and Chen Feng. However, after the earlier battle, Chen Feng had helped him recover. Thus, Wen Shaoxiu had already considered Chen Feng as a life-long friend. Upon hearing Zhao Guang’s words, he instantly grew furious.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

1 li = 0.5 km

Note: 1,000 li or 500 km could also mean ‘far away’ in Chinese. 

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