Chapter 620 Battle Between Lifebound Flames


The fallout from the explosions gradually subsided and both Wen Shaoxiu and Chen Feng could be seen lying on the ground.

After seeing and sensing their auras, Liu Quan and the others breathed a sigh of relief. However, when they saw their situations, their hearts palpitated again.

Chen Feng’s whole body was stained with blood, but he was otherwise not too badly wounded. 

Wen Shaoxiu, on the other hand, was more badly wounded. It was a terrible sight. The earlier explosion had burned half his body.

Both his arms were obliterated by the explosion, almost completely gone. One of his shoulders was no more and his battered flesh hung down to reveal white bones. Rather, it was even possible to see his internal organs.

This was with the protection of the armour he wore. Without the armour, the explosion from the Shadowless Sword would have torn Wen Shaoxiu’s body to bits.

Thankfully, they could still sense Wen Shaoxiu’s aura. He was still conscious. However, his body lay on the ground, incapable of moving. He could no longer fight.


A large hand silhouette appeared to grab Wen Shaoxiu. It was Li Shilong. He utilized the magic array to bring Wen Shaoxiu to a safer spot.

Liu Quan, Situ Nan, Jian Luobo and Ma Tianfang stood in four different positions to form the Sword Array of the Four Symbols. They fought off the sneak attacks from the lurking assassins while apprehensively keeping an eye on Chen Feng’s situation.

Thankfully, I managed to use the Blood Mustering Bead to block his attack during that critical juncture. The blood-red Dao artefact was in Chen Feng’s palm.

Although the Dao artefact had successfully absorbed most of the power behind the Human Immortal assassin’s attack, some of the power had still made their way towards Chen Feng. Thus, Chen Feng became completely stained with blood while bloody holes were torn out in some parts of his body.

This was because the Blood Mustering Bead was broken. If it were whole, it could have completely blocked and absorbed the power behind a Human Immortal’s self-destruct move.

Just as Chen Feng was about to channel his longevity-type primary energy to heal himself, an arrogant laughter rang out within his sea of wisdom.

Surprisingly, the remnant of the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame had entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

The tiny Lifebound Flame rapidly assumed human form. Taking on the exact same appearance as the Human Immortal assassin from earlier, it then stood within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom like a Demon God from hell. His laughter caused the sea of wisdom to churn and the orderly soul power there was thrown into a state of chaos.

“Chen Feng, did you think you managed to kill me? I will now occupy your sea of wisdom and seize control of your body! All your secrets and treasures will become mine! Behold, my Body Stealing Technique!” the Human Immortal assassin said, his body quickly growing in size. Soon enough, he was a towering figure within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. With a wave of his hand, he caused Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to churn with an even greater intensity.

“With so little Lifebound Flame left, you are actually thinking about stealing my body? What a joke!” Chen Feng’s figure appeared there as well. Additionally, Chen Feng’s Lifebound Flame was even stronger than the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame.

“What? You have cultivated out your Lifebound Flame as well? How is this possible?” When he saw Chen Feng appear, the Human Immortal assassin instantly felt a sense of foreboding.

“Even if you have already cultivated out your Lifebound Flame, you will still die today! I will devour your Lifebound Flame. Looks like you have only just cultivated it out. How can you defeat me?”

“Great Soul Palm! Capture!”

The Human Immortal assassin’s figure – formed using the Lifebound Flame – transformed again. It transformed into a massive palm silhouette, which shot forward to capture Chen Feng’s figure. Everywhere the palm went, the sea of wisdom would roil. Moreover, the palm silhouette was ever increasing in size. Gradually, it grew to seemingly envelop both heaven and earth. It was as though it had covered the entire sea of wisdom.

Although his opponent’s Lifebound Flame had entered his sea of wisdom, Chen Feng was not worried in the slightest. Disregarding the fact that this Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame was already damaged, even a Lifebound Flame that was 100 times stronger could not worry him. By bringing out the Longevity Tower, he could easily suppress such a threat.

At the very least, that was his original plan. However, Chen Feng then changed his mind. He did not want to rely too much on the Longevity Tower, fearing that it would affect his future.

Thus, Chen Feng mobilized his soul power to face the incoming attack from the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame. While the enemy’s Lifebound Flame was of a higher level than him, it was already badly damaged. This was a good opportunity for him to train himself.

“Spiralling Sword Beam!” Chen Feng flicked his finger and a sword beam shot out to instantly break apart the soul palm attack. Next, Chen Feng’s figure transformed into a stream of light to dart forward.

Chen Feng then waved his hands and his sea of wisdom surged forcefully while streams of soul power converged to form soul chains all around them.

“This is my world. You stand no chance here.” Chen Feng revealed a derisive smile.

“You’ve only just cultivated out your Lifebound Flame. How can you fight me? I will have you taste the techniques of a Human Immortal.” The Human Immortal assassin had calmed down. He knew that he had to succeed in stealing Chen Feng’s body in order to turn things around.

“Tempest of Lightning and Fire!”

The Human Immortal assassin returned to his human form and both his hands kept moving to form hand seals. Turbulent waves began rocking the sea of wisdom and the soul chains that Chen Feng formed earlier began breaking apart.

Next, countless strands of light, formed using lightning and fire, erupted. They engulfed the space there and surged towards Chen feng.

Sky Lightning and Sky Fire! This assassin actually melded the two powers into his soul. He is quite the character. Normally, I would be no match for him. However, he has less than 10% of his power left. If I still cannot handle him, my cultivation efforts would have been for naught. Chen Feng gave a scornful grin. He revealed not a hint of panic.

“Soul Storm!”

After shouting, Chen Feng’s figure broke up, transforming into a massive vortex. The vortex exerted a formidable suction force, becoming like a black hole to devour the Human Immortal assassin’s power of lightning and fire.

Chen Feng cultivated both the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Demonic Heavengorging Art. He was practically capable of devouring and refining all forms of energy and make them his own.

For Chen Feng, the overbearingly formidable power of lightning and fire was a great supplement. It would end up helping him immensely. 

“You want to devour my Lifebound Flame? It’ll blow you up!” The Human Immortal assassin sneered. Then, with a loud laughter, he sent out more of the invisible, turbulent waves. Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom seemed to be on the verge of breaking apart. Almost all of the soul chains that Chen Feng created earlier had broken apart and his streams of soul power swirled and twisted like scattered clouds.

As expected of a Human Immortal. His Lifebound Flame possesses such a high level of power. Looks like I will need to be careful. Next, Chen Feng roared and utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra. Following that, the Human Immortal assassin began feeling fearful. In the face of the attack from the Soul Subduing Mantra, his Lifebound Flame abruptly dimmed. An invisible power was actually restraining him.

With his present level of cultivation, the amount of power Chen Feng could unleash with the Soul Subduing Mantra was much higher than before. Additionally, there were no longer any side effects to using it.

Seeing the effect of the Soul Subduing Mantra, Chen Feng swiftly fired out a large palm silhouette to smack the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame, shattering it. After one breath’s worth of time, one quarter of the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame ended up getting devoured.

“Argh! My Lifebound Flame!”

The Human Immortal assassin reformed his figure and he howled non-stop; his voice filled with dread. After sensing Chen Feng devouring and refining his Lifebound Flame, the Human Immortal assassin knew that he was in a dangerous spot. He was simply no match for Chen Feng.

Thus, he attempted instead to run away from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. He only needed to escape. By escaping, he would be able to steal someone else’s body and slowly cultivate again.

“You think you can escape?” Chen Feng scoffed. His soul power spread out like tidal waves to surround the Human Immortal assassin.

“Soul Lock Mantra!”

Chen Feng chanted and his soul power shook before condensing to form Soul Lock Talismans, which flew into the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame.

This time, the Human Immortal assassin was completely immobilized. Even his mind was locked. He could not even beg for mercy.


The soul vortex rapidly spun once more and strands of power flowed out from the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame before getting devoured and refined by Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s Lifebound Flame kept growing bigger and stronger while the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame kept shrinking.

In the end, the Human Immortal no longer possessed the ability to even think about how terrible his situation was.

Finally, Chen Feng finished devouring all of the Human Immortal assassin’s Lifebound Flame. His Lifebound Flame burned vigorously, at least 100 % stronger than before.

Chen Feng really wanted to find a place to cultivate himself and consolidate his cultivation base. However, he was also aware that this was not the time for it. Thus, he quickly shifted his attention back to the outside world.

He quickly grew relieved. There were three assassins left in the valley, their figures flashing constantly in the sky. However, in the face of the two great magic arrays and the siege of Liu Quan and the others, their deaths were only a matter of time.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone and two black light shot out from his pupils. As his soul power had grown stronger, the Magic Eyes of Darkness also gradually grew in strength.

Sou! Sou!

Two streams of spiritual light flew into the bodies of two assassins before moving into their seas of wisdom. Instantly, they clutched their heads and cried out in pain. The light had damaged their seas of wisdom.

Two sword light flashed out and the two assassins were easily killed off.

As for the final assassin, he was unable to last long as Liu Quan and the others joined forces to take him down. Finally, all of the assassins within the outpost were no more. 

Chen Feng’s divine sense moved to envelop the entire valley. Even the ground 100 metres beneath the valley was not exempted from his search.

“There is no one else.” Chen Feng’s figure rushed forward to appear before Wen Shaoxiu.

Wen Shaoxiu’s wounds were extremely dire. Although he had already taken medicinal pills for the wounds, the damage to his fleshly body was simply too great. Unless there were medicinal pills that were of a higher grade, it would take some time for him to fully recover. 

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng brought out two medicinal pills. They were the Blood Pill and Pure Essence Pill. Those were concocted using the flesh of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. They contained a great deal of life force.

Chen Feng flicked his finger and the two medicinal pills erupted into vapour before slowly flowing into Wen Shaoxiu’s body.

As expected, the wounds on Wen Shaoxiu’s body began healing at a faster rate. Relatively speaking, however, it was still very slow. He did get half his body blown up, after all.

Chen Feng then stepped forward to place his hand on Wen Shaoxiu’s shoulder. Next, his longevity-type primary energy gushed into Wen Shaoxiu’s body to begin repairing the damaged cells inside.

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