Chapter 619 Self-destruct


The Human Immortal assassin instantly grunted, his face contorting. It was obvious that the attack was unbearable for him.

Chen Feng had acquired the bronze bell from the Cloudmist World. It was a grade 5 Sacred artefact. Additionally, it was also a soul-type magic treasure. Although Chen Feng had yet to fully master it, the soul attack he fired out with it was still capable of giving the Human Immortal assassin a setback.

It was then that the two magic arrays set up outside the valley fully began operating.

Li Shilong operated the Great Domain Magic Array while Jian Zhiqiu operated the Autumn Waters Sword Array. Instantly, lightning and fire swirled around to criss-cross each other while sword beams reigned all round them. 

In just the blink of an eye, tens of attacks had bombarded the Human Immortal assassin.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Flowers of blood kept blooming out from the Human Immortal assassin’s body. The two great magic arrays were Sacred-tier magic arrays. Even a Human Immortal can forget about escaping after falling prey to them. Add the complementary attack from Chen Feng, the attacks landed and the Human Immortal assassin felt as though death had come for him.

“A good chance!”

Chen Feng quickly shook the bronze bell again to send more soul attacks forward. As expected, after the strands of oscillating waves landed on the Human Immortal assassin’s body again, his movements turned sluggish before falling heavily to the ground to smash out a crater there.

“Let’s do this in one go! Kill off this Human Immortal!” Chen Feng shouted.


The other black-clad assassins were greatly shocked. With complete disregard for their own lives, they threw themselves forward. Should this Human Immortal die, the rest of them can forget about getting away as well.

“Brother Chen, hurry up and kill off this Human Immortal. I will block the rest of the assassins!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted. The blue-coloured armour that he was wearing suddenly flared with waves of dazzling lightning bolts. The lightning bolts covered the whole place and swiftly formed a sea of lightning. The sea of lightning roared before forming lightning palms, which moved to block the incoming black-clad assassins.

The armour is actually a Sacred artefact forged using Sky Lightning. No, this is not the power of Sky Lightning. It is the Divine Lightning of the Nine Firmaments! It is even stronger than Sky Lightning. Looks like Wen Shaoxiu has activated the power of the armour. However, this effect probably won’t last long.

Having come to the conclusion, Chen Feng was aware of how little time there was. Thus, he channelled all his power into the bronze bell.

The Lifebound Flame within his sea of wisdom burned and vast amounts of soul power poured into the bronze bell. Due to Chen Feng’s actions, the soul-type Sacred artefact kept ringing and countless strands of oscillating waves flew into the Human Immortal assassin’s sea of wisdom.


Blood began flowing out from the Human Immortal assassin’s seven orifices. He raised his head skywards and howled. Next, the Human Immortal assassin rushed towards Chen Feng, appearing like a blur to him.

At that very moment, the Human Immortal assassin’s hatred towards Chen Feng had hit the zenith. He wanted to kill off Chen Feng instantly. Not to mention, the soul-type Sacred artefact in Chen Feng’s hand was too much of a threat to him.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless silk-like strands of sword light suddenly appeared before Chen Feng to protect him. Those had come from the Autumn Waters Sword Array under Jian Zhiqiu’s control. The strands of sword light became like autumn waters, flowing forward with a glittering quality to stop the Human Immortal assassin and buy Chen Feng more time.

However, the Human Immortal assassin had gone crazy. A crazy expert was the most terrifying kind of expert. He disregarded the wounds inflicted upon his body as he focused on the sole objective of killing Chen Feng. Ignoring the incoming attacks and the flowers of blood blossoming out all over his body, he charged forward, smashing his way through the Autumn Waters sword energy. Next, he opened his palm and grasped at Chen Feng.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Human Immortal assassin’s five fingers transformed into five sharp swords. Streams of undulating sword energy erupted and Chen Feng could feel a chilling sensation washing over his whole body.

Realizing that the situation did not bode well for him, Chen Feng rapidly backed away. At the same time, he swung the bronze bell forward to block the incoming attack.

Although Chen Feng had been quick to dodge, several deep wounds had still appeared on his body and blood kept flowing out from them. At the same time, streams of destructive-type sword energy flowed through the wounds and into his body to destroy his flesh.

“Sword beam of wind and lightning! Shield of water and fire!”

Noticing Chen Feng’s dire situation, Li Shilong immediately utilized the Great Domain Magic Array. A 100-zhang-wide sword beam, formed using the power of wind and lightning, slashed towards the Human Immortal assassin.

At the same time, a shield formed using the power of water and fire appeared in front of Chen Feng.

Again, this was a Sacred-tier magic array. The attack it unleashed was as strong as an attack from a Sacred artefact. The crazed Human Immortal assassin was struck and cleaved into two as a result.

Even so, the Human Immortal assassin did not die. The lower part of his severed body rapidly flew forward to collide against Wen Shaoxiu before blowing itself up against the sea of lightning that Wen Shaoxiu had set up earlier.

This was a Human Immortal’s body, something that contained powerful blood essence. By blowing himself up, he could level a small city. Thus, his self-destruct move instantly destroyed Wen Shaoxiu’s sea of lightning.


Wen Shaoxiu’s face turned extremely pale and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Cracks had also appeared on the armour that he was wearing. 

Wen Shaoxiu felt terribly distressed. His injuries could heal up quickly by taking medicinal pills. However, the armour was a grade 4 Sacred artefact. It was the most valuable magic treasure he possessed. In the face of a Human Immortal’s self-destruct move, it had become badly damaged. He would need to spend a great deal of effort and valuable materials in order to repair it.

However, he quickly realized that this was not the time to be feeling distressed for his magic treasure. He began worrying about his own safety.

The black-clad assassins who were trapped by the sea of lightning earlier had broken free and all of them charged towards Wen Shaoxiu.


Wen Shaoxiu felt a gust of wind blowing his back. Before he could turn around, he felt part of his shoulder going numb. Next, half of his whole body went numb.

A transparent sword was inserted into Wen Shaoxiu’s shoulder. Even the Sacred-tier armour that he wore could not stop the sword.

Clear and transparent, the sword looked as though it was forged using a water-like crystal. Strands of power were flowing through the sword.

It was something that only high-level assassins could refine, the Shadowless Sword. It was also known as the Invisible Sword, used for performing silent kills. Additionally, it could also make use of the surrounding spiritual energy. Most importantly, the Shadowless Sword’s destructive power was very strong. The sword that was inserted into Wen Shaoxiu’s shoulder was releasing chaotic streams of sword energy to destroy his vitality.

“Get out!”

Wen Shaoxiu gritted his teeth and extended his hand to pull out the Shadowless Sword.

Suddenly, however, one of the black-clad assassins shouted, “Explode!”

Next, the Shadowless Sword in Wen Shaoxiu’s hand blew up.


A sky-jolting boom rang out. It was even more thunderous compared to a divine thunderclap from heaven. The formidable shockwaves spread around, with Wen Shaoxiu in the middle of the explosion.

“Senior Brother Wen!”

The faces of Liu Quan and the others sank sharply. Every one of them shouted out in shock. Wen Shaoxiu’s strength was the strongest amongst them all. Moreover, he was someone with quite the status in Heavenly Sword Faction. Should something happen to him, not even killing off all these assassins would be able to account for his loss.

Additionally, given their present situation, only bad thoughts were coming to their minds.

As Wen Shaoxiu was caught in the explosion of the Shadowless Sword, Chen Feng was also attacked. Additionally, this attack was even stronger compared to the one that Wen Shaoxiu had to face.

Earlier, the lower portion of the Human Immortal assassin’s severed body had blown itself up against Wen Shaoxiu. As for his upper portion, it charged madly at Chen Feng.

Speaking of which, this Human Immortal assassin was in a wretched state. He’d had to face Chen Feng’s soul attacks and the combined attacks from two great magic arrays. In the end, his body was severed into two. The fact that he could remain alive was already a testament to his powerful vitality. 

And yet, a high number of cracks had begun appearing all over his upper body. He looked like a porcelain that was about to break apart at any moment.

However, it was precisely this moment that a Human Immortal would become the most dangerous opponent. Chen Feng could already sense a formidable power coming from the Human Immortal assassin. He was going to throw his life away for this attack.

For a Human Immortal, even a wounded Human Immortal, killing off another Human Immortal that was on the same level as him was a possibility as long as he was willing to put his life on the line. A Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to stop a dying Human Immortal who wanted to drag the Sky Human stage cultivator down with him.

Chen Feng’s domain power gushed forward, enveloping everything as it did. At the same time, the Longevity Sword and the other condensed weapons were all fired forward. Wind and lightning, water and fire, various other attacks kept charging forward to stop the Human Immortal assassin.

Chen Feng could sense a strong crisis descending upon him. He knew that he could not allow this opponent to approach him.

However, all the attacks Chen Feng sent out became like withered twigs before the Human Immortal assassin’s charge. Even the Longevity weapons that Chen Feng had spent a great deal of efforts to condense out were shattered.

“Chen Feng, you’re a dead man! There’s no escape for you today!!!” the Human Immortal assassin said with a sneer. He no longer bothered suppressing his killing energy and waves of it spread out.

The waves of killing energy had a tangible quality and any ordinary human would die in the face of such killing energy. In fact, even Chen Feng felt his heart gripping as a result.

What a thick killing energy! Just how many people have this fellow killed before? Killing him would be an act of justice! Chen Feng stirred his Lifebound Flame to the max. Then, his soul power compressed into a drill-like shape before smashing heavily against the bronze bell.


Formidable oscillating waves spread out from the bronze bell. These oscillating waves did not condense into silk-shaped oscillating waves. Instead, they inundated the Human Immortal assassin’s upper body and gushed their way into his sea of wisdom.


Blood no longer flowed out from the Human Immortal assassin’s seven orifices. No, they were spraying out from them. The soul-attack from the bronze bell was simply too strong. In the end, it even blasted open the Human Immortal assassin’s upper cranium.

“Chen Feng, die!”

The Human Immortal assassin roared again. After that, however, his upper body could not hold on anymore. Thus, it began swelling as it prepared for a self-destruct move.

Truth be told, despite all that, this explosion from the Human Immortal assassin’s upper body only happened one blink after Wen Shaoxiu was struck by the Shadowless Sword’s self-destruct move. Additionally, the power behind this explosion exceeded the one that Wen Shaoxiu had to face.

“This is bad! Senior Brother Wen and Brother Chen is in danger. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get out alive today.” Liu Quan felt his heart lurching.

While Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu were subjected to those attacks, the Great Domain Magic Array and the Autumn Waters Sword Array displayed their might once more. Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu, having seen what was happening, decided to take ruthless actions of utilizing secret techniques to push themselves beyond their limits, thereby pushing the power of the two great arrays to a higher level.

Next, came an overwhelming deluge of attacks and the black-clad assassins were quickly killed off. The remainder then utilized their stealth techniques to hide themselves.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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