Chapter 618 Human Immortal Assassin


Powerful forces bombarded Chen Feng’s body, making it feel as though his hands were grasping two erupting volcanoes. Additionally, there were also slicing sword beams containing the power of annihilation.

Chen Feng rapidly backed away to land on a huge boulder. Even before he could steady himself, however, the boulder exploded and a large, fiery-red palm abruptly appeared to capture Chen Feng.


The palm caught empty air while creating an explosive sound.

Chen Feng re-appeared somewhere over 100 zhang away. However, he could sense searing pain on one arm. Earlier, the fiery-red hand had grazed him and strands of fire energy were coursing into his body, desirous of destroying his vitality.

By circulating his primary energy slightly, Chen Feng managed to refine all of the fire energy. At the same time, his domain power surged out to cover a radius of 100 metres.

The one who attacked earlier could already be considered as an expert amongst half-step Human Immortals. Furthermore, he is a proficient assassin. He will not be easy to deal with, Chen Feng thought. He waved his hand and the Longevity Whip abruptly unfurled to a length of over 1,000 metres before lashing down against the valley.

The Longevity Whip was targeting the assassin that Jian Luobo was fighting against. Chen Feng wanted to disrupt the assassin’s movements and cause his weak points to show. That would allow Jian Luobo to kill him.

“He he! You are already about to die and yet, you want to help others?” The two assassins who attacked Chen Feng earlier charged towards Chen Feng again. However, before they could reach Chen Feng, Wen Shaoxiu and Liu Quan appeared to stop them.

Clearly, the two of them had finished off the assassins outside.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One after another, black-clad assassins flew out from the various corners within the valley before slipping into the void. Although there was no killing intent to be found, Chen Feng’s heart kept crying out in alarm. Chen Feng knew then that the assassins were approaching him. They would be unleashing their attacks at any moment.

Darkslip Art! Chen Feng’s figure disappeared.

After opening his Dark and Void acupoints, a mere thought from Chen Feng was enough for him to hide his body within the darkness. His body would seemingly slip into another parallel space.

Thus, in terms of stealth techniques, Chen Feng had surpassed the assassins.

As expected, after Chen Feng disappeared, the hidden assassins were stunned. They had already locked down Chen Feng’s position earlier. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng had disappeared, not leaving a single strand of his aura behind. No matter how hard they tried, they were incapable of sensing his location.

“This is bad. Everyone, be careful! He must have a high-grade Invisibility Talisman on him!”


Chen Feng suddenly appeared and a Great Longevity Palm struck one of the assassins to send him flying.

Chen Feng had wanted to continue attacking the other assassins. However, they were quick to react, each unleashing their killer moves at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng chose not to fight them head on. Instead, his figure flashed to slip back into the void.

All of the assassins there were highly proficient in assassinations. With so many of them attacking at once, they could even assassinate a Human Immortal. However, Chen Feng was not too worried. He was only concerned about the one who had unleashed the fiery-red palm earlier.

Chen Feng had come to the conclusion that the attacker was the strongest person within this assassin outpost. This was someone who could reach the Human Immortal stage at any moment.

However, that attacker had chosen to hide himself after just executing that one attack. This gave Chen Feng the feeling that the attacker was like a volcano that could erupt at any moment. Additionally, its eruption would end up engulfing Chen Feng’s side.

Chen Feng hid himself within the void while Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu controlled the magic arrays. Meanwhile, the remaining five cultivators from their side were engaging the group of assassins within the valley.

The situation was very unfavourable towards Chen Feng’s side. Every one of the assassins were skilled in assassination techniques, emphasizing the ability to kill their targets in one strike. Although the cultivation bases of half of the assassins there were below the half-step Human Immortal stage, they were capable of holding off Wen Shaoxiu and the others in a one-on-one fight.

Wen Shaoxiu utilized his Eye of Heaven to constantly find the location of the assassins before intercepting their attacks.

Even so, Wen Shaoxiu and the others were still in an absolutely disadvantageous spot. If it weren’t for Wen Shaoxiu’s Eye of Heaven, Liu Quan and the others would have been either killed or wounded.

“So, you fellows are the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. You dare come cause trouble here? None of you will be able to get away today.” One of the black-clad assassins hovered in mid-air without attacking. It seemed he was searching for an opportunity to attack.

“Your Killer Palace have caused a scene in our Heavenly Sword Faction several times now. You are clearly looking down on us. Today, we will rip out this outpost of yours,” Wen Shaoxiu said and his Eye of Heaven fired out a ray of light. The space 100 zhang away from him shook and a black-clad assassin was revealed. He was only 10 metres away from Liu Quan. Judging by his posture, he was just about to attack Liu Quan, who had been completely unaware about it earlier.

“You have a death wish! Moonbloom Spiritrise Sword!” Cold sweat broke out from Liu Quan’s body. Unexpectedly, an assassin had managed to come so close to him. Liu Quan’s aura abruptly surged. Next, clumps of sword light enveloped Liu Quan, like a hazy moonlight filling the surrounding space.

This was Liu Quan’s strongest attack. He believed that this attack could – at the very least – leave this black-clad assassin badly wounded.

Suddenly, a crack appeared behind Liu Quan and a large, fiery-red hand swiftly rushed forward to break the Moonbloom sword energy. Next, it grasped lightly to capture Liu Quan in its grasp.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of cracking sounds rang out and an unknown number of bones on Liu Quan’s body was broken. His body’s blood surged up to his head and Liu Quan cried out in pain.

“Oh, no!”

“Junior Brother Liu!”

Seeing that, the faces of Chen Feng and the others sank. They needed time to rescue Liu Quan. However, that amount of time needed would be enough for the hand to kill Liu Quan several times over.

“We were mistaken! This is not a half-step Human Immortal. This is a Human Immortal!”

“Everyone, be careful! It’s a Human Immortal!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Bastard! A Human Immortal resorting to hiding and sneak attacks? Have you no shame?!” Wen Shaoxiu had wanted to rush forward, but were stopped by the combined siege of two black-clad assassins. Thus, he could not stop himself from swearing.

Seeing Liu Quan on the verge of getting killed, Chen Feng grew apprehensive. However, just as he was about to utilize the Blood Mustering Bead, a blade of light pierced through space and hacked the large, fiery-red hand with lightning-like speed.

With a “shua” sound, the large hand was severed and blood sprayed out. Droplets of bead-shaped blood scattered about, emanating a formidable atmosphere of coercion as they did.

Those were the blood droplets of a Human Immortal. They contained the will and blood energy of a Human Immortal. Additionally, they also contain strands of immortal dao laws.

“Right on time!”

Chen Feng shouted. The blade of light earlier was the power of wind and lightning brought down using the Great Domain Magic Array. During that critical moment, Li Shilong had mobilized the magic array.


Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward. Bringing out the Four-sided Spirit Mace, he swung it against the air.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Cracks flashed out as space was smashed. Next, a tall man, clad in black, fell out from the void space there in a wretched manner.

Appearance wise, he was tall with an upright stature. He wore black robes, which covered his face and there was a sword slung across his back. 

Although Chen Feng had managed to force him out, it was clear that this man in black was not badly wounded by the attack. The only obvious wound on him was his severed hand.

The man in black shook his severed hand and the large palm that was still grabbing Liu Quan released its grip. It flew back to the man in black, returning to its original size as it re-connected with the severed part of his hand. When it was done, the surface of his hand appeared smooth and there was no sign that it had been severed before.

Chen Feng stepped forward, swinging the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand again. A rumbling sound rang out as the oppressive power of the Sacred artefact spread out, shaking even the Human Immortal assassin.

“A Sacred-tier mace. You must be Chen Feng. We were just wondering how we should go about killing you. Unexpectedly, you would send yourself over to us.” In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the Human Immortal merely extended one finger to jab forward.

Watery ripples spread out from his fingertip and Chen Feng felt the power behind his move getting unravelled. Finally, all of them disappeared completely.

“Spatial laws, immortal dao laws!” Chen Feng was shocked. He knew then that there was too big of a difference between him and this Human Immortal.

Although Chen Feng had managed to kill off Human Immortals before in the past, all of them were accomplished by borrowing the power of his magic treasures. After reaching the Human Immortal stage, the power that a cultivator could comprehend was far different compared to the powers that he or she could comprehend in the past. 

Having gained the word ‘Immortal’, there was a world of difference between him and a Sky Human stage cultivator. His understanding of the immortal dao was not something that Chen Feng could match up against. 

Utilizing sneak attacks on him was possible. However, should he utilize the power of laws, Chen Feng would be no match for him.

“The reason we established this outpost is to kill you. You should feel honoured to die under my hands. As for the magic treasures on you, just consider them as compensation for those you’ve killed,” the Human Immortal assassin said coolly. His tall figure flashed to re-appear before Chen Feng. Next, he jabbed forward with a finger. 


A beam of red light pierced through space while creating a sizzling sound. Even the spiritual energy within space was scorched by it. It was an attack launched by compressing the power of fire to the extreme. This attack could easily pierce through a mountain and even meteorites that were far away in outer space.

This was the might of a Human Immortal. Just a casual attack from such a character could sweep everything aside.

The Blood Mustering Bead should be able to block this, right? Chen Feng knew it would be very hard for the Sacred artefacts on him to block the attack.

It was not because the grade of the Sacred artefacts was not high enough. Rather, his cultivation base was still not high enough to unleash their full power.

The Blood Mustering Bead appeared in Chen Feng’s palm to block the beam.


A soft sound rang out as the attack completely disappeared into the Blood Mustering Bead. Chen Feng could sense the bloody pool within the Blood Mustering Bead roaring. It was as though there was a tsunami there as waves rose up and a great deal of the bloody waters within the bloody pool was vaporized.

Chen Feng knew that all that was caused by the attack.

This Human Immortal is not to be underestimated. He is considerably stronger than the other Human Immortals that I have encountered in the past. Chen Feng was astonished.

The Four-sided Spirit Mace transformed into a stream of light and flowed back into Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng had a sudden realization. In the face of cultivator’s proficient assassination techniques, using heavy-type magic treasures was not the correct choice.

With a wave of his hand, a bronze bell appeared in his grasp. It was only the size of a palm and various runes covered the surface of the bronze bell.

Chen Feng shook the bell all of a sudden and invisible, oscillating waves spread out before converging into a strand of oscillating waves, which shot towards the Human Immortal.

The strand of oscillating waves was so fast that it shocked even the Human Immortal assassin. He launched an attack at the strand of oscillating waves while attempting to dodge. However, the attack managed to hit him.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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