Chapter 616 Assassins



His Lifebound Flame kept palpitating and wave after wave of soul fluctuations spread continuously into his surroundings. Quickly, they enveloped Jian Xiaotian’s mountain residence before continuing to expand even farther.

1,000 zhang.

3,000 zhang.

5,000 zhang.

10,000 zhang.

20,000 zhang.

As Chen Feng’s soul power continued flowing out, it enveloped the surrounding mountains and valleys. Everywhere it went, the image of the towering trees, the ants crawling on the ground, the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction who were hiding themselves inside the valleys to cultivate themselves, all were clearly shown within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

50 kilometres.

100 kilometres.

250 kilometres.

Chen Feng’s soul power continued flowing out, not showing the slightest sign of weakening. After having cultivated out his Lifebound Flame, his soul had become incredibly powerful. Add the fact that there was the Longevity Tower to protect his sea of wisdom, there was no need to concern himself with the possibility of his sea of wisdom breaking apart.

400 kilometres.

500 kilometres.

Finally, Chen Feng stopped. It would not be an exaggeration to say that everything within the 500-kilometre radius was within Chen Feng’s domain. With a thought from Chen Feng, a 100-zhang-tall tree that was 500 kilometres away was uprooted. Next, an invisible power flew over and the great tree was instantly sliced into pieces.

This was the power of Chen Feng’s soul power, forming something tangible using the soul. The creation of a Soul Blade to attack others.

Naturally, this was already Chen Feng’s limit. Using the Soul Blade to cut up some trees and rocks or bully some weaker cultivators was not an issue for him. However, this move would be useless in the face of a cultivator that was as strong as him.

With another thought from Chen Feng, his soul power began receding in waves. As the waves of his soul power were 100 zhang away from him, he suddenly noticed something. His soul power fluctuated somewhat and he quickly got to his feet. With one step, he covered a distance of over 100 zhang.

Next, a massive Soul Blade slashed towards the stone cliff of a valley. The tangible Soul Blade was transparent, crystal-like in appearance. In terms of power, however, it was stronger than the average Prized artefact.


The attack blasted a large hole on the cliff and three black-clad men flew out from the hole. The moment the three black-clad men appeared, a talisman burst out from their respective bodies. Next, the burst talismans transformed into spheres of energy, which enveloped the black-clad cultivators before rapidly flying far away.

“You want to escape? Not so fast!” Chen Feng scoffed. Three great hand silhouettes, formed using his soul power, moved to grab the three black-clad men. At the same time, three Longevity Chains pierced through space to smack them.




The three black-clad men released a concentrated sword beam each to easily break the soul hands that Chen Feng condensed out. Additionally, the sword beams also sliced the Longevity Chains into pieces.

However, that delayed them long enough for Chen Feng to arrive. He then moved to block their path.

“You three should be from Killer Palace, right?” Chen Feng said.

By then, Chen Feng had already retracted all of his soul power back into his body. Instead, an overwhelming domain locked the surrounding space.

Chen Feng’s domain power had undergone a great deal of change. His domain power kept changing to give birth to various forces and laws. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, water and fire roared, mountains and lakes churned, Heaven and Earth solidified. It was like the creation of a world.

Additionally, the Longevity Sword, Longevity Blade, Longevity Lance, Longevity Shield and the various other condensed weapons hovered within the domain, all arranged in an orderly manner. It seemed as though they were forming a strange-looking magic array.


As they could no longer escape, the three black-clad men attacked Chen Feng simultaneously. Their three figures abruptly shrank, transforming into three small dots while charging to pierce through Chen Feng’s domain. Next, Chen Feng watched as three sword beams stabbed towards his face. Even before the sword beams reached him, he was already feeling a faint, stinging pain in his eyes. Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that his fleshly body alone was incapable of enduring the attacks.


With a thought from Chen Feng, the Longevity Shield appeared before him. At the same time, a net descended from the sky to envelop the three black-clad men.

The net was the Longevity Net that Chen Feng had condensed.


The Longevity Shield broke open. The same thing happened to the Longevity Net. At the same time, the figures of the three black-clad men appeared before Chen Feng.

Next, the three black-clad men flitted about to surround Chen Feng, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

“Three level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. However, you three are too weak. Stepping forward only means suicide,” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile. Truth be told, Chen Feng had grown furious the moment he found out that these three men were from Killer Palace. Although they had tried to assassinate him before in the past, he had cast the blame at Nine Firmaments Palace. At any rate, Nine Firmaments Palace had been the one to engage their services.

However, after the repeated assassination attempts by Killer Palace, Chen Feng had already put Killer Palace into his must-kill list. That was especially so after they attempted to assassinate him while he was undergoing his tribulation. They dared to attempt an assassination within Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. They were simply too audacious. Or perhaps, they were simply too arrogant. In order to kill Chen Feng, they simply did not care about the first-rate Heavenly Sword Faction’s existence.

After finding them here again, Chen Feng knew that it would never be over between him and Killer Palace.

I’ll capture these three fellows first and search their souls. Since they are attacking me again and again, they cannot blame me for going rough on them. Killer Palace? Humph! No matter how powerful and big you may be, there is a price to be paid for trying to kill me! Chen Feng sneered inwardly. 

“We’re enough to kill you!”

The three black-clad men continued to attack. Two of them attacked at the same time while the third displayed a flight technique to disappear from sight, allowing him to hide around to launch a sneak attack on Chen Feng.


Chen Feng shouted and a storm suddenly erupted out from his domain. Two hurricanes abruptly spun into existence to envelop the two black-clad men.

Those were no ordinary hurricanes. Rather, they were hurricanes formed with the fused power of wind and lightning. Chen Feng had even added his Lifebound Flame into them. 

After getting spun around just once, the clothes on the two black-clad men were torn and their flesh were utterly shredded apart to reveal their white bones.

On the other side, a sword pierced down upon Chen Feng’s head from above. However, the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng sent out managed to grab hold of the sword. Next, the Longevity Sword, Longevity Blade and various other weapons roared forward. They swirled around swiftly, causing sharp energy waves to fly around. It did not take long for the attacks to cleave the hiding assassin into several parts.  

“Get over here!” Chen Feng’s hand moved to perform a grabbing motion and three strands of Soulflames flew into his grasp. Opening his mouth, he then swallowed the three Soulflames.


“Let me go!”

The three assassins were not fearful of death. However, having their Soulflames devoured and refined meant the obliteration of both body and soul. They would not even have the chance to be reborn. They would truly disappear from this world and not even the Gods could save them.

Soon enough, the Soulflames of the three assassins were utterly refined by Chen Feng. For Chen Feng, he could feel his Lifebound Flame growing several notches stronger. At the same time, he also searched their memories and found some unfavourable news.

As it so happened, after the several failed attempts on Chen Feng’s life, Killer Palace had already placed Chen Feng on their must-kill list. Even if Nine Firmaments Palace were to not pay them, they would still come after Chen Feng on their own accord in order to maintain their reputation.

“Motherfff-” Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing. Unexpectedly, Killer Palace had truly set their sights on him. Assassin organizations were always harder to deal with compared to the average sect. That was especially true for a first-rate organization like the Killer Palace. Every one of the assassins under them were formidable, unpredictable and in possession of mystifying abilities. Defending against them would prove to be near impossible.

Imagining a future where he would have to be constantly on guard against these mad assassins, Chen Feng felt his scalp tingling.

Forget it! Thinking too much about it is useless. At any rate, Killer Palace have already set their sights on me. If they send more men after me, I will just have to kill them. Right now, what I have to do is to increase my strength. If I can rise up to the Human Immortal stage, I will become a top character in the world of cultivation, Chen Feng thought.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, many disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction flew over. There were even some elders amongst them. They had been alarmed by the earlier fight.

“Brother Chen, what happened?” The fastest ones to arrive were naturally Jian Xiaotian, Liu Quan and the others.

“There were assassins from Killer Palace hiding here. When I noticed them, they attacked me,” Chen Feng said.

“What, assassins? Despicable! Looks like Killer Palace is really looking down on us,” Liu Quan was enraged.

“Those from the assassin organizations are like mad dogs. It is not just our sect; they had assassinated even the disciples from the Four Great Academies before.”

“Although these assassins are formidable, their actions of trespassing into Heavenly Sword Faction to assassinate their objective cannot be forgiven. I will ask some of my friends to go check for the outposts of Killer Palace. After finding them, lets gather together quickly to exterminate them. We’ll have them know just how powerful our Heavenly Sword Faction is,” said a tall cultivator clad in blue armour.

Chen Feng had met this fellow a few times before. His name was Wen Shaoxiu, a half-step Human Immortal with a frank and heroic demeanour. He was a fairly popular figure in Heavenly Sword Faction and had a good relationship with Liu Quan.

“That’s right! Senior Brother Wen is right! It’s time we give them a lesson. Since the war came to a halt, I have been feeling really vexed.” Some clapped in agreement.

“Fellow brothers, these assassins are here for me. I should be the one to handle them,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“Elder Chen, are you looking down on us by saying that? Besides, they dare send their assassins into our Heavenly Sword Faction. If we are to do nothing about this, we’ll become a laughing stock when news of this spreads out. How will our disciples face the world of cultivation in the future?” Wen Shaoxiu said loudly.

“That’s right, Brother Chen. This is not simply your matter. Besides, those assassin organizations had assassinated our disciples before in the past. This will be a good opportunity to settle the old score with them,” Liu Quan said.

“Very well, then. Fellow brothers, do notify me when you plan on taking action. I will do my best to help as well,” Chen Feng said.

“Ha ha ha! I have long since heard that Elder Chen possesses an extraordinary cultivation base. This time, you even managed to kill off three assassins. When the time comes, I must witness Elder Chen’s abilities,” Wen Shaoxiu said, laughing.

“It’s nothing,” Chen Feng hastily said. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km


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“Get over here!” Chen Feng’s hand moved to perform a grabbing motion and three strands of Soulflames flew into his grasp. Opening his mouth, he then swallowed the three Soulflames. [TL: I was so tempted to have him say “YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!!”]