Chapter 615 Lifebound Flame


Finally, in the face of all their attacks, Jiang Feng ended up with wounds all over his body before finally exploding. The sky became filled with the essence of a Human Immortal.

Chen Feng waved his hand and grabbed, creating a suction force to absorb all of the blood energy and essence drifting in the sky. Those were the essence of a Human Immortal. They were enough for him to concoct out a high-grade Blood Pills.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling’s eyes lit up while Liu Quan and Situ Nan revealed an odd smile on their faces. As for Jian Luobo and Jian Zhiqiu, they turned to look at Chen Feng, an expression of shock on their faces.

However, they quickly recollected themselves to put on a façade of normality. Next, they began discussing the matter of Jiang Feng suffering from cultivation deviation.

Clearly, they had decided to attribute what happened earlier to Jiang Feng’s cultivation deviation.

None of them said a word about what was inside their minds.

At that moment, Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian were secretly chatting with one another.

“This Chen Feng is extraordinary. Quite the resolute character as well.”

“Extraordinary indeed. To think that he could secretly take control of a Human Immortal. This ability and cultivation base, he has probably surpassed Senior Sister.”

“I have heard that Chen Feng holds an Absolute Token given to him by Senior Sister. In other words, there is a high chance that Chen Feng would join Absolute Academy. Looks like things are about to get interesting for Absolute Academy.” [1]

“According to Junior Sister Qingwu, this Chen Feng has only just overcome his Lightning Tribulation. Additionally, he overcame 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. At just level 4 of the Sky Human stage, he is already in possession of such a formidable cultivation base. If he can overcome a few more Lightning Tribulation, won’t he become an even greater defiance of Heaven? I can’t even imagine how powerful he will become.”

“Enough. Chen Feng is a genius amongst geniuses. No, it would be more accurate to call him a monster. Additionally, he is a monster amongst monsters. We should do our best to befriend him.”

“What is this? Are you interested in him?”

“I really am. However, I am afraid he might not want me.”

They quickly tidied up the battlefield. After doing that, none of them mentioned what happened earlier again. Next, Jian Qingwu brought out her Skysoar Warship and everyone entered it to begin their trip back to Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.

“Junior Brother Chen Feng, I have heard that you will be joining Absolute Academy.” Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian came over to stand before Chen Feng, a smiling expression on their faces. The two of them were already astonishing beauties to begin with. Add the fact that they possessed the Charming Constitutions, the average cultivators would end up with palpitating hearts and flushed faces just by standing before them. At that very moment, however, they were deliberately trying to talk to Chen Feng. Add the slight charming auras coming off them, even Chen Feng had a hard time enduring.

“Ha ha! To have you two address me as Junior Brother, you two sure are warm-hearted.” Chen Feng steadied himself and replied with a smile.

“Not necessarily. Judging by Junior Brother Chen’s cultivation base, it seems it will not take long before we address you as Senior Brother,” Luo Pianpian said smilingly.

“You overpraise me.” Chen Feng chatted with them while secretly refining Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame. Putting his one multitasking mind to work, he quickly calmed down.

Noticing the clarity in Chen Feng’s eyes, the two females were secretly surprised. At the same time, they were also feeling displeased. They possessed the Charming Constitutions, after all. Although they had the lowest ranking amongst the members of Absolute Academy, they were the most popular. Even some Human Immortals would be eager to tend to them.

Seeing Chen Feng ignore their charms, the two females began channelling their techniques to radiate their charming aura outwards, which moved to assail Chen Feng.

Forget Chen Feng, even Liu Quan and the others, who were seated far away, ended up in miserable states. They had to channel their own cultivation techniques to defend against the charming aura.

“Cough! Cough!” Chen Feng felt awkward. Although he could no longer bear it, he did not know what to say. Thus, he simply closed his eyes and sent his consciousness into the Longevity Tower. 


Seeing Chen Feng’s embarrassed appearance, Tower chortled loudly.

Feeling helpless, Chen Feng plucked an Ice Pear and swallowed it after munching it a few times. Only then did his inflamed body slowly cool down.

“My lord!” The Divine Phantom Mink’s figure darted forward to appear before Chen Feng.

“No need to call me lord in the future. Just call me Chen Feng.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“That won’t do. Let me call you Young Master, then. Or Young Lord,” the Divine Phantom Mink said.

“Up to you, then. By the way, you are a peak-level Yao King. You should be able to assume human form, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“I used to be able to. However, I received a curse, making it impossible for me to transform,” said the Divine Phantom Mink, its eyes turning to look at the nearby Tower. The meaning behind his look was obvious. It wanted Tower to help it.

“Such a curse exists? Tower, I will leave it to you,” Chen Feng said.

“Not a problem,” Tower said, waving his hand. A ray of light moved into the Divine Phantom Mink’s body.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out from the Divine Phantom Mink’s body. At the same time, Chen Feng could sense the Divine Phantom Mink’s aura growing stronger. It was as though it had successfully broken some chains restraining it.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The Divine Phantom Mink kept howling out. Finally, its body began contorting to quickly assume the appearance of an aloof youngster, clad in black attire.

“Success!” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Thank you for the assistance, senior.” The Divine Phantom Mink performed a deep bow towards Tower.

“Enough, it’s just a piece of cake for me,” Tower said with the prideful tone of an old man.

“Judging by your current level of strength, you should already be capable of breaking through to the Yao Immortal stage. However, you must still make some preparations,” Tower continued.

“Where’s the Cloudmist World?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“I have already devoured it,” Tower said coolly. It was as though he had only eaten a fruit.

“You… aren’t you being too hasty? I wanted to study it for a bit,” Chen Feng said, dissatisfied.

“What is there to study? However, I did leave some of the items inside the Cloudmist World for you. Besides, didn’t that Cloudmist kid leave his legacy inside your mind? You can study those. They will help you in your cultivation path,” Tower said, waving his hand.

Chen Feng nodded. He grew silent and his mind began browsing through the legacy that Immortal Cloudmist left him. The legacy was a mess, containing the cultivation techniques of Immortal Cloudmist and some of the comprehension and cultivation experiences that he had acquired along his path of cultivation. The experiences were very important for Chen Feng and they inspired him considerably. In addition, there was also an introduction to the enemies of Immortal Cloudmist. When he saw that, Chen Feng felt somewhat dumbfounded.

Immortal Cloudmist had three enemies in total. In the past, when they had plotted against him, those three were at the high-level Human Immortal stage.

“Heh! Immortal Cloudmist is already dead for 8,000 years now. Those fellows were already high-level Human Immortals back then. If they are still alive, they would at least be at the Earthen Immortal stage. If all three are lucky, they could all have ascended to the Immortal Plane.” Chen Feng revealed a wry smile as he shook his head.

“Hopefully, these three fellows died while undergoing their Heavenly Tribulation. Either that, or killed by others. That would save me a great deal of troubles,” Chen Feng said.

“The cultivation technique that Immortal Cloudmist cultivates is a complete Sacred-tier technique. A pity, it is not at the Immortal tier.” Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed.

“Markless Dream, a top-grade Sacred-tier cultivation technique. Not bad. If I have the time, I can check it out.”

“Right now, the most important thing is for me to devour and refine Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame. Hopefully, I can cultivate out my own Lifebound Flame as soon as possible.”

The Lifebound Flame was of a higher level compared to the Soulflame. By cultivating out the Lifebound Flame, one’s life would undergo a world-shaking change. That cultivator would be able to walk farther in his or her cultivation path. Naturally, the number of cultivators who could cultivate out the Lifebound Flame while in the Sky Human stage was incredibly low. Most cultivators would only be capable of cultivating out the Lifebound Flame after reaching the Human Immortal stage. Take Jiang Feng, for example. He had only just cultivated out his Lifebound Flame not too long ago. Unfortunately, due to his greed, his Lifebound Flame could only end up benefitting Chen Feng.

Countless motes of light floated within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, but his soul was constantly swirling about to create a storm. It was like a black hole within the cosmos, constantly devouring the motes of stars around it. Every mote of light it devoured would cause Chen Feng’s soul to grow stronger. At the same time, his sea of wisdom was constantly churning and roaring. It was like a tsunami rising up from the seas.

As for Chen Feng’s Soulflame, it was constantly changing, moving closer and closer towards becoming a Lifebound Flame.

However, his cultivation practice was interrupted. They had returned to Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Suddenly, Chen Feng sensed something. Turning his head, he saw a hint of killing intent and hatred within Qin Lian’s eyes. His heart thumped. Qin Lian was no fool, after all. She had likely realized that he was somehow behind Qin Chuan’s death.

This is problematic. It is impossible for me to kill Qin Lian right now. However, it is obvious that she knows I killed Qin Chuan. In the future, the Qin Family will certainly come trouble me, Chen Feng pondered.

Looks like I must find an opportunity to deal with this issue. The Qin Family is a first-rate family, after all. It will be somewhat problematic if they send out a few Human Immortals after me. Right, I have the Divine Phantom Mink to serve as my helper now. Even if a few Human Immortals come after me, they will only be committing suicide. Looks like I do not need to worry about that.

After returning to Heavenly Sword Faction, Chen Feng headed straight for Jian Xiaotian’s mountain residence. He did not disturb Jian Xiaotian. Instead, he found a place to continue with his cultivation. At that moment, his sea of wisdom was in an abnormal state of turbulence. His Soulflame was on the cusp of transforming into Lifebound Flame. Chen Feng wanted to make use of this opportunity to make a breakthrough. Thus, he temporarily cast aside Qin Lian’s matter. In the world of cultivation, might was everything. By improving his strength, he could easily solve every problem.

This cultivation session went on for one full month. Finally, he finished devouring and refining all the Lifebound Flame fragments within his sea of wisdom. His Soulflame – resting within his sea of wisdom – burned vigorously. It was in an extremely riotous state, as though there was wind egging on the fire.

Good, good! It is going to transform soon! Chen Feng was in a state of focus and he dared not be careless about it.

He kept consuming spiritual herbs and medicinal pills for improving soul power. The resulting power was all poured into his sea of wisdom to strengthen his Soulflame.

Finally, his Soulflame exploded with a boom, transforming into countless flaming strands, which filled the entire sea of wisdom. Next, the flaming strands slowly gathered up, faster and faster, with increasing urgency. The flaming strands were gradually decreasing in quantity while becoming increasingly thick. Finally, they formed another small burning flame.

The flame was still white in colour. However, there was a hint of cyan within the white colour. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew he had succeeded. This was the Lifebound Flame.

Appearance wise, the flame was far smaller than before. However, Chen Feng could sense that the power contained within it was much stronger than before. Ten times? No, at least tens of times stronger.

This was not merely an increment in power. There was also a change in its essential quality. His life force had undergone a world-shaking change. Not only would he be able to go farther in his cultivation path, the rate at which his soul can cultivate would increase as well.

 1 ‘Senior Sister’ here refers to Lan Ling, who first appeared in Chapter 565 in the Bitchslap Young Master Zhan Qingsong arc.

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