Chapter 614 Might of a Human Immortal


“Relax, I will not be killing you for now. You are still of use to me. I still need you to help me get out of this situation,” Chen Feng said, tapping the Longevity Tower again. Immediately, the spire of the Longevity Tower fired out a faint-cyan light, which struck Jiang Feng’s forehead.

Jiang Feng froze and his eyes went blank. For that one moment, it seemed as though his consciousness was utterly wiped out. However, his eyes quickly regained their colour, reassuming a collected look. Next, he nodded at Chen Feng before transforming into a stream of light, which flew back to his real body.

Outside, everyone was watching Jiang Feng with unblinking eyes. Li Hun’s face revealed that he was deriving a great sense of pleasure at watching what was happening to Chen Feng. As for Jian Qingwu and the others, they revealed looks of concern.

Time ticked by, but Jiang Feng continued to remain still. Finally, they grew impatient.

“So slow. For a Human Immortal, isn’t this too slow? I might as well be the one to do it,” Li Hun muttered.

“Could there be any problems?” Liu Quan and the others prepared for a fight.

Naturally, would Li Hun and the others not sense the killing energy coming off Liu Quan and the others? They had long since prepared themselves for a fight.

Finally, Jiang Feng’s body abruptly shook before giving an audible exhalation. At the same time, he took a step back and Chen Feng woke up as well.

“How is it? Did Chen Feng obtain the legacy?” Dongfang Ming quickly asked.

“No, Chen Feng did not obtain it. Looks like we have wrongly accused this kid,” Jiang Feng said.

“Impossible. Impossible! It must be Chen Feng! He must have obtained the legacy!” Before the others could speak up, Qin Chuan bellowed. He was utterly incapable of accepting this result.

“Noisy!” Unexpectedly, Jiang Feng suddenly shouted and attacked. A palm silhouette flew out to land heavily against Qin Chuan’s chest.

Qin Chuan was already seriously wounded after getting hit by Chen Feng earlier. And now, he faced a Human Immortal’s attack. Forget blocking the attack, he could not even dodge. A booming sound rang out and Qin Chuan’s figure exploded into smithereens. Seeing that instantly left Qin Lian dumbfounded and she stared blankly, incapable of pulling herself together.

It wasn’t just Qin Lian. Even the others were shocked. Naturally, Chen Feng was not one of them. The present Jiang Feng was completely under Chen Feng’s control and every action he took was the equivalent of an action taken by Chen Feng. 

Heh! This Human Immortal is truly ruthless, killing others whenever he likes. I never saw this side of him. Thankfully, I did not offend him. Dongfang Ming and the others thought.

“You killed Qin Chuan! He is a member of the Qin Family. Although you are a Human Immortal, you still cannot fight against the Qin Family. Besides, Qin Chuan came here with us. Now that you have killed him, you will have to give us an explanation.” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling stepped forward to question Jiang Feng, ignoring the fact that he was a Human Immortal.

“Yes. Although this Qin Chuan is an annoying fellow, our Heavenly Sword Faction has a good relationship with the Qin Family. By killing him in front of us, you are looking down on our Heavenly Sword Faction.” Jian Luobo and the others stepped forward as well.

Although Jiang Feng was a Human Immortal, facing the combined attack from Jian Qingwu and the others could only end with death for him.

Seeing that, Chen Feng smiled inwardly. The present Jiang Feng was already under his control. Naturally, he could not attack Jian Qingwu and the others. However, he can attack those on the other side.

“Fellows, please help me,” Jiang Feng suddenly said to Dongfang Ming and the others.

“Ha ha! Brother Jiang Feng, do not worry. These people are an eyesore to me as well. We’ll attack together. It is said that the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction possess a super powerful combat power. I would like to experience it first hand,” Li Hun said smilingly.

“I would also like to experience it,” Dongfang Ming said as well.

Despite saying that, neither of them made a move. It was obvious that they wanted Jiang Feng to take the lead in attacking the other side.

“Alright, I’ll attack first! Behold, my powers!” Jiang Feng said, waving his hand. A peculiar-looking blade appeared in his grasp. It was a long and slender blade with two pointy edges at its back. The surface of the blade was black in colour and it shone with a faint blood-coloured light. The sharp edge of the blade released “chi chi” sounds and a chilling energy. It was a Sacred artefact filled with thick killing intent.

Seeing Jiang Feng’s actions, the expressions on Jian Qingwu and the others grew grim and wary. Liu Quan sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng to tell him to be prepared for a battle.


A sky-rocketing aura – like an erupting volcano – erupted out from Jiang Feng’s body. At that very moment, Jiang Feng released all the power that he had cultivated throughout the years. The skies and lands were transformed and both the sun and the moon lost their light. The surrounding mountains kept shaking and boulders on the ground were all pulverized by invisible waves of power.

The surrounding space had frozen.

This was the power of a Human Immortal. He could display such an atmosphere of power.

Jiang Feng’s figure grew a notch bigger, growing to a height of two metres. The blood in his body became like a great river, surging continuously as primary energy charged forward to accompany the surging blood streams. The sound of thunder could be heard coming from his body and circular waves of terrifying power spread into his surroundings. 

He is pushing himself beyond his limits! What is this Jiang Feng trying to do here? This is something one would only do in a desperate situation. Even if he survives this, his vitality will be greatly damaged! Dongfang Ming instinctively sensed danger and he took several steps back.


Jiang Feng released a furious howl and the formidable shockwaves punched high up into the sky to form hurricanes, which blew the clouds away.

The faces of everyone there sank. They did not expect Jiang Feng to display such a level of desperation. However, they felt puzzled. If you want to attack, just attack. Why are you making such a huge ruckus?

Finally, Jiang Feng mobilized all the power within his body and attacked. Raising his foot, he stamped down, causing the lands to quake. Streams of power blasted out from the ground and those on Dongfang Ming’s side were shaken. Those with lesser cultivation bases ended up bleeding from their seven orifices.

“Oh, no!”

Visited by a foreboding sensation, Li Hun, Dongfang Ming and the others wanted to back away. However, the surrounding space had frozen. Those were the oppressive shackles from worldly powers. Clearly, it was the work of a Human Immortal.


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Jiang Feng howled again and the blade in his hand fired out astral blades. One astral blade after another flew forward.

Their target, Dongfang Ming.

“Argh!” Dongfang Ming shrieked and strands of fire burst out from his body to break the spatial shackles before rapidly backing away.

Amusingly enough, everyone had assumed that Jiang Feng would be attacking Jian Qingwu’s side. Thus, no one on Dongfang Ming’s side were prepared for Jiang Feng to attack them. By the time they realized that Jiang Feng was attacking them, it was already too late to defend themselves.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Li Hun’s subordinates were the first to be killed. Blade light flashed about and four of them were easily killed off.

The show of force from the Human Immortal shocked everyone. Even Chen Feng had not expected such a level of might from Jiang Feng. However, Chen Feng did not bother considering anything else. At that moment, the most pressing issue was to kill off the others.

A stream of power shot out from the Longevity Tower, piercing through space to slip into Jiang Feng’s body. As a result, the cascade of blade beams coming out from him grew even stronger even as they swept towards the others. 


The cyan-coloured armour on Qing Zhifeng’s body abruptly exploded. At the same time, a jade talisman that he wore on his chest flashed with light. Next, a barrier sprang out to envelop him. It was a Body Shielding Talisman. However, the barrier merely flickered for a moment before the blade beams smashed it to pieces.

Still, thanks to the barrier, Qing Zhifeng managed to escape from disaster. His whole body drenched in blood, he transformed into a stream of blood-coloured light, which rapidly escaped far away.


Dongfang Sheng’s body exploded in the face of the blade beams, reduced into a mist of blood. He was obliterated, both in body and soul, the one with the worst death of them all.

“Body Substitution Technique!”

Li Hun shouted and a semi-transparent silhouette flew out from his body while his main body exploded in the face of the blade beams.

Two more of Li Hun’s subordinates were killed. Although the offensive techniques of those from Heavenly Ghost Sect were peculiar and heretical, their side showed the weakest display of resistance when facing a Human Immortal’s offensive.

Bang! Bang!

Lang Bin and Bai Jianxing flew away, both drenched in blood as well. As the two of them were standing the farthest from Jiang Feng, they had enough time to react. Even so, they had to use everything in their arsenal only to barely preserve their lives.

Speaking of which, the unluckiest amongst them were the ones who were teleported out into the valley in the first stage. Back then, they had engaged in a fight which ended with them getting badly injured. They had yet to recover from those injuries. In the face of a Human Immortal’s attacks, they could not muster any strength to even defend themselves. All of them were reduced to bits by the blade beams.

Finally, the blade beams dissipated. Jiang Feng held onto his blade, formidable streams of energy surging around him, looking like a Heavenly God stepping upon the mundane world.


The blade danced as Jiang Feng unleashed his second round of attacks.

As astral blade, over 1,000 zhang in length, flashed over to strike the fleeing Lang Bin. The power of the astral blade incinerated his whole body, leaving not even a single drop of blood behind.


The astral blade then blew up a 100-zhang-tall mountain, which collapsed, causing rocks to scatter down from the sky.

“This, this-” Jian Qingwu and the others were dumbfounded. They had not expected this to happen. Every one of them gaped, reflexively backing away after sensing the atmosphere of power that Jiang Feng was releasing.

Jian Qingwu and the others were already prepared for a fight. They had even secretly discussed how they would go about fighting the other side. Unexpectedly, Jiang Feng ended up attacking those on Dongfang Ming’s side. Additionally, he had displayed such a ferocious level of attack.

All of them felt a sense of preposterousness. It was as though they were dreaming.

“Is there something wrong with Jiang Feng’s brain, or am I hallucinating?” Liu Quan could not stop himself from saying.


Chen Feng swiftly stepped forward and a Great Longevity Palm struck Jiang Feng to send him tumbling.

“What are you fellows spacing out for? This fellow is suffering from cultivation deviation!” Chen Feng shouted, not stopping his attacks on Jiang Feng. Strangely enough, besides howling out in rage, Jiang Feng was not displaying any substantive response to the attack, let alone give off the same atmosphere that was capable of devouring everything from before.

Liu Quan’s eyes glinted and he seemingly understood something. Immediately, he roared and charged forward. The sword in his hand brought with it strong winds as he unleashed his attacks against Jiang Feng.

“Attack! This man has entered a state of cultivation deviation. He has become a bloodthirsty devil! Kill him, or more people will suffer!” Jian Luobo and Jian Zhiqiu charged forward as well.

Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian looked at each other, but they did not attack. Instead, they retreated to the side. Right from the beginning, the two of them had chosen not to involve themselves with the conflict. After getting teleported out, they had instead found a quiet place to wait. The two of them were very clever and they had long since realized that there was something going on.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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