Chapter 613 Plotted Against


“I am not babbling! Chen Feng was the first to appear, and he flew down from the sky! He must have obtained Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy!” Qin Chuan shouted.

“What?” Everyone there was stunned and they all cast looks of suspicion at Chen Feng. Jiang Feng, Li Hun and Dongfang Ming rapidly rushed forward to surround Chen Feng.

“And I was wondering why it would send us all out. So, you obtained the legacy. Chen Feng, I will not be hard on you. Obtaining Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy is your fortune, but you must hand over the other treasures inside the Cloudmist Dimension.” Li Hun was the first to speak up.

“That’s right. Since Immortal Cloudmist has chosen you, we have nothing to say about it. However, this trip of ours must not be for nothing. Just take out the treasures inside the Cloudmist Dimension and we can forget about everything else. We will not trouble you further,” Jiang Feng said.

“Hand over the treasures, or die!” Dongfang Ming simply shouted.

“Ridiculous! You believe the words of a piece of trash? I will say this here. I was sent out the same way all of you were. I did not get a single magic treasure in the last stage, let alone Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy. If you do not believe me, then we’ll just have to fight it out. I’m not afraid of you fellows,” Chen Feng said with a derisive tone. In the face of the three experts, he did not back down in the slightest.

“Attack!” Dongfang Ming’s aura roiled outwards while Dongfang Sheng, Bai Jianxing and the others rushed forward as well.

“Dongfang Ming! You have a death wish here! Are you trying to use numbers to bully others!” Liu Quan and the others rushed forward to stand beside Chen Feng.

It seemed as though a group battle was about to start. Given how high their cultivation bases were, a battle between them would certainly send shockwaves across a vast area.

“Hold it. Truth be told, there is another method of solving this issue. Chen Feng, you can bring out your storage items for us to investigate, or allow us to search your sea of wisdom to prove that you did not obtain the legacy. That way, there will be no need for us to get into a fight,” Jiang Feng suddenly said.

“That’s right! Jiang Feng is a Human Immortal. Having him search through your sea of wisdom will not cause you any harm.” Li Hun clapped his hands, a smile on his face.

Seeing Chen Feng become the target of suppression, Qin Chuan, who was standing nearby, gloated at Chen Feng’s predicament. He wanted nothing more than to see them kill Chen Feng.

“Impudence! Chen Feng is an elder of our Heavenly Sword Faction! This action of yours is a provocation aimed at our Heavenly Sword Faction!” Liu Quan shouted.

“Don’t even think about using Heavenly Sword Faction’s name to scare us. Your Heavenly Sword Faction is nothing to our Heavenly Ghost Sect,” Li Hun replied with a sneer.

“My side has the Bai Family, Soul Tempering Sect, Wolf God Sect and even my Dongfang Family. You think Heavenly Sword Faction’s name is enough to suppress us?” Dongfang Ming said with a derisive smile.

“Not a problem. I agree to let you search my sea of wisdom. However, you cannot do anything else,” Chen Feng suddenly said, shocking everyone there.

“No! Brother Chen, you must not!” Liu Quan hastily stepped forward, putting himself before Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, do not be impulsive. No matter what, we cannot let them search your sea of wisdom. If it comes down to it, we’ll just fight them. Our Heavenly Sword Faction is not afraid of anyone!” Jian Luobo shouted as he stepped forward as well.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling had already unsheathed their swords as they prepared for a fight.

“Guys, don’t worry, I know what I am doing. I will definitely let them suffer from a huge loss. Wait for my signal and get ready to fight.” Chen Feng sent them a secret vocal transmission.

Seeing them come forward in support of him, Chen Feng felt touched. However, he already had a plan in mind. Naturally, he would have to proceed with the plan.

“If you choose to fight, you fellows will be the ones on the losing end.” Li Hun waved his hand and his subordinates stepped forward as well.

“If it comes down to it, we’ll just end up with both sides getting mutually wounded!” Jian Qingling shouted.

“I fear you fellows will not even get the chance to make it to a mutually wounded scenario. All I want to do is to search Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. I have no intentions of harming Chen Feng at all. Please believe me,” Jiang Feng said with a smile.

“Search the sea of wisdom, how can we believe you? The sea of wisdom is the weakest and most important part for us cultivators. If you do something in there, how can we stop you? Chen Feng, don’t allow him!” Jian Qingwu said.

“Enough, don’t say anymore. If I do not allow him to do it, it will end in a battle where all sides are badly wounded. It is not the ending that any of us would want. Besides, I believe in Jiang Feng’s character. I believe he is not the type to take advantage of others when they are in danger. Besides, there are so many people keeping an eye on him. If he tries anything underhanded, how will he be able to continue on in the world of cultivation?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Yes, I swear upon my reputation that I will not do anything underhanded,” Jiang Feng quickly said.

“Right now, you fellows have only two choices. First, Chen Feng allows Jiang Feng to search his sea of wisdom. Second, we fight and our side kills all of you,” Li Hun said with smirk.

“You think you fellows have what it takes?” Jian Qingwu scoffed.

Next up, they continued to posture for a while longer. Naturally, they won’t actually start a fight. Jian Qingwu and the others had already received Chen Feng’s secret vocal transmission earlier. Thus, they had to put on a convincing show for the other side. In the end, all of them moved to surround both Chen Feng and Jiang Feng.

“Alright. Chen Feng, do not resist. I will finish my investigation quickly.” Jiang Feng chuckled and his soul power surged to enter Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

After entering Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, Jiang Feng’s soul power quickly swam forward. It looked as though it was searching around. However, Jiang Feng actually had another plan in mind. It didn’t matter to him if Chen Feng did obtain Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy or not. He would still take action to control Chen Feng. If Chen Feng did receive Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy, then the legacy would end up with him. If Chen Feng didn’t have it, he’ll just turn Chen Feng into a slave.

As a Human Immortal, Jiang Feng had already cultivated out his Lifebound Flame. The soul power he sent into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom included his Lifebound Flame.

Jiang Feng’s soul power swam through Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, not bothering to investigate whatever was inside it. Next, he took action. His soul power abruptly erupted to reveal his Lifebound Flame. It became like a sun, radiating light within the sea of wisdom.

As expected, he is going to do something. Chen Feng smirked. He did not feel worried. Neither did he resist. Instead, he simply allowed Jiang Feng to continue.

Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame kept contorting to quickly form a human figure with Jiang Feng’s appearance. He was like a mini version of Jiang Feng.

The hands of the miniature figure moved rapidly to form out one hand seal after another before firing the hand seals out. One by one, streams of white light flew about unchallenged within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Next, tentacles appeared, desirous of taking control of Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

With a thought from Chen Feng, his soul power condensed into a miniature version of him as well. The mini Chen Feng flew to hover before mini Jiang Feng and laughed. “Jiang Feng, you really are doing something underhanded here.”

“Chen Feng, you only have yourself to blame for being too foolish. You actually allowed me to enter your sea of wisdom. Do you really think I just want to investigate your sea of wisdom? Naïve! As expected, the young are inexperienced. Do not worry, I will not kill you. I will just make you my slave. Soon, I will leave an imprint in your soul and you will be completely under my control. You will live and die according to my whims. You look like a cultivation genius. Who could have guessed that you would end up under my control? In the future, just be obedient and do whatever I tell you to!” Jiang Feng laughed loudly.

“So, you want to control me. However, I have already made precautions for that. I think you won’t be able to do it.” Chen Feng smiled. He regarded the laughing Jiang Feng with a ridiculing expression.

“I have already cultivated out my Lifebound Flame. Controlling you will be a piece of cake! Just watch as I take control of you!” Jiang Feng said and his hand seals flew out at an even higher rate. Ripples spread out from Jiang Feng’s body and it seemed as though there were hurricanes sweeping around, causing Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to turn upside down. 

“Soul Imprint!” Finally, Jiang Feng opened his mouth to spit out a talisman. The talisman was created using Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame and it swirled about before swiftly expanding in size to envelop Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Next, it rapidly shrank to become as small as a dot.

“Ha ha ha, success! You are now completely under my control. How do you feel? Hurry up and kneel, ha ha ha ha!” Jiang Feng laughed out maniacally. As he was feeling very pleased with himself, he ended up displaying a demeanour that was very different from his usual self.

However, a ridiculing smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. It was as though he was looking at a clown.

“Eh, why aren’t you listening to my orders? Hurry up and kneel, otherwise I will destroy you, in body and soul!” Seeing Chen Feng not kneel down, Jiang Feng’s face immediately took on a dark look and he shouted. 

Chen Feng remained silent, continuing to regard Jiang Feng the same way one would regard an idiot.

“It looks like you still do not have the mindset of a slave. Whatever, I will make you understand,” Jiang Feng said, pointing with his finger. Next, the Soul Imprint shook, seemingly wanting to press Chen Feng’s soul.

Chen Feng waved his hand and his churning sea of wisdom suddenly grew calm and silent. Instantly, Jiang Feng’s face sank.

“What happened?” Jiang Feng was taken aback. Realizing that there was something amiss, he wanted to make a break for it and run away from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

At that moment, however, Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the Longevity Tower suddenly flew over to land on Chen Feng’s palm. Wave after wave of coercive power radiated out from the Longevity Tower to envelop mini Jiang Feng. In a flash, Jiang Feng felt the depths of his soul shuddering. Forget moving, he could barely gather his thoughts.

“What, what is this?” Jiang Feng was terrified. This formidable atmosphere of suppression was simply too powerful. He could not even bring himself to think about resisting.

“You want to control me, no? Why aren’t you making your move now?” Chen Feng said, a grin on his face.

“I, I.” Jiang Feng was so utterly terrified that he lost the ability to speak. 

“Looks like you haven’t learned the technique to control others. Whatever, let me teach you,” Chen Feng said, reaching out with one finger to tap the Longevity Tower. Next, an invisible ripple acted upon Jiang Feng’s soul.


The mini Jiang Feng, formed using Jiang Feng’s soul power, instantly released a wretched scream. At the same time, his Lifebound Flame burst apart, reduced to motes of light, floating upon Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng waved his hand again and his soul power spun to form a soul storm. The resulting vortex began devouring the motes of light.

The motes of light were Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame. In the face of the Longevity Tower’s attack earlier, Jiang Feng’s Lifebound Flame had been incapable of defending itself at all. At that moment, they had become pure energy. By devouring them all, there was a chance for Chen Feng to transform his Soulflame into Lifebound Flame.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” the mini Jiang Feng abruptly cried out in horror. At that moment, Jiang Feng was feeling both dread and a deep sense of regret. If only he had known that Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was protected by such a formidable magic treasure, he would never have chosen to offend Chen Feng, let alone get into a conflict with him. Rather, he would have run as far away as he could.

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