Chapter 612 Taking the Cloudmist World


Noticing that Chen Feng was still unmoved, the Divine Phantom Mink said again, “Obtaining this Cloudmist World is the equivalent of obtaining an Immortal artefact. Additionally, you can also obtain me, a peak-level Yao King. Once I make my next breakthrough, I will become a Yao Immortal. When the time comes, ascending to the Immortal Plane is a real possibility.”

“Immortal artefact? Yao Immortal? Heh! Advancing up to that level is not that easy.” Chen Feng laughed. At the same time, he was secretly discussing the issue with Tower.

“Accept the conditions. Where else can you go and find such a good offer? In the future, you will have a peak-level Yao King for a subordinate. Only a brain-dead fellow would say no to this,” Tower said with a chuckle.

Looking at the peak-level Yao King, which was gazing expectantly at him, Chen Feng secretly smiled to himself. He understood that he could not continue to keep it in suspense. Thus, he smiled and said, “I agree to the conditions. How do I accept the Cloudmist World?”

“It’s very simple. Just refine this stone. It is the core for the entire Cloudmist World. After refining it, you can control all of it.” The Divine Phantom Mink opened its mouth and a transparent, palm-sized stone appeared before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grabbed. The stone weighed up to 50,000 kilogrammes and it hid within it a gargantuan amount of power. Sensing that, Chen Feng knew that it was not a real stone. Rather, it was the condensed form of energy.

Chen Feng’s divine sense entered the stone. Next, a booming sound rang out and his soul was sent into another space. He knew that he had been sent into the stone.

There before him was a tall, middle-aged man who stood atop a high platform. His broad sleeves fluttered about, giving off the fleeting desire to seek immortality. The middle-aged man had an average appearance, but his eyes were bright, seemingly capable of seeing through the human heart. Those eyes were capable of entrancing others.

Chen Feng knew. This was Immortal Cloudmist.

Seeing Chen Feng appear there, Immortal Cloudmist sighed. It was unknown if it was due to joy or lament. Next, he stretched a finger out to tap Chen Feng’s forehead. As for Chen Feng, he did not resist at all. Although he was able to clearly see everything that Immortal Cloudmist was doing, Chen Feng was simply incapable of dodging. Moreover, he did not sense any malicious intent from Immortal Cloudmist. Thus, Chen Feng chose not to do anything.

Streams of information flowed through his finger to pour into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. The amount of information was so big that it secretly shocked Chen Feng.

After a long time had passed, Immortal Cloudmist removed his finger and Chen Feng could feel that there were many new pieces of information within his sea of wisdom. Additionally, he could feel his soul becoming one with a magic treasure. With just a thought, he could control every part of the magic treasure.

Chen Feng stretched his palm forward and a white, round-shaped magic treasure appeared on his palm. A faint energy radiated out from its solid body.

This was the Cloudmist World, a top-grade Dao artefact.

At that very moment, Chen Feng was in complete control of the Cloudmist World. With a thought from him, everything that was happening within it appeared within his mind. He could see Jian Qingwu and the others. Additionally, Chen Feng could even utilize the Cloudmist World’s power to kill every single one inside it.


Immortal Cloudmist sighed again. Next, his figure abruptly exploded into countless fragments before dissipating away entirely. To Chen Feng’s surprise, Immortal Cloudmist did not say anything to him at all.

It was then that Chen Feng realized that the Immortal Cloudmist earlier was only an impression left behind by the real Immortal Cloudmist. After handing down his legacy to Chen Feng, the impression would automatically disappear.

Chen Feng felt his emotions stirring. In this expedition, Jian Qingwu and three other people held the Cloud Maps. Logically speaking, one of the four should have been the one to inherit the legacy. However, Chen Feng’s luck was too much of a defiance of Heaven, one that surpassed those four people’s luck. Thus, Chen Feng had ended up inheriting the legacy. 

Naturally, he knew that the only reason this could happen was due to the Longevity Tower’s existence. The Longevity Tower’s appearance had astounded the Divine Phantom Mink, who mistook it for an Immortal artefact. It thought of Chen Feng as someone greatly blessed by luck. Thus, it had chosen Chen Feng. At any rate, between an ordinary cultivator and one who possessed an Immortal artefact, choosing the latter was clearly the wise decision.

Not to mention, the Divine Phantom Mink had its own reason for doing so. It needed the Longevity Tower’s assistance for something.

Chen Feng’s body flashed to re-appear within the cave once more. Seeing the Divine Phantom Mink again, he sensed that a connection – tied to the deepest recess of his soul – had formed between him and the Divine Phantom Mink. It was something comparable to a soul link. However, it was one between equals.

“You are my new master now. However, your present cultivation base is not high enough. The quality of your soul is far too weak compared to mine. Thus, we can only establish a type of equal partnership soul contract,” the Divine Phantom Mink said.

“It is my pleasure to establish an equal partnership contract with a peak-level Yao King,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Truth be told, Chen Feng was inwardly giggling with joy. This was a super helper. Short of encountering an Earthen Immortal stage enemy, there was no need for him to fear anyone else. Additionally, it would appear that this Divine Phantom Mink was already very close to reaching the Yao Immortal stage.

A Yao Immortal, the strongest existence within this Eternal World. Stronger Yao Immortals could simply break space to ascend to the Immortal Plane, becoming a bona fide immortal being.

Chen Feng’s figure flashed again to re-appear in the outside world. He stood on a mountaintop, his hand still holding onto the Cloudmist World. Jian Qingwu and the others were still inside the Dao artefact, searching for the treasures and legacy. They would continuously get into fights and many of them were already wounded. None of them knew that Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy had fallen into Chen Feng’s hand and that they were all wasting their time.

The Divine Phantom Mink appeared outside as well. It stood beside Chen Feng, and looked at the outside world in excitement. After so long, it was finally free. It wanted nothing more than to raise its head to howl loudly, only for Chen Feng to stop it. Although he had obtained Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy, Chen Feng did not want the others to find out. At present, his cultivation base was still not high enough. If news of this were to spread out, it could lead to him becoming a target of pursuit by the various forces within the world of cultivation. He had only just escaped from the Northern Plains. He had no desire to go through the same experience in the Central Plains.

Naturally, the present Chen Feng also possessed enough power to kill everyone here. However, some of them were Chen Feng’s friends. Thus, he would not do that. Besides, even if he were to do so, there was no guarantee that news of him obtaining the legacy would not leak out.


The Divine Phantom Mink re-entered the Cloudmist World while Chen Feng flew down from the sky to land within the valley.

At that moment, Qin Chuan and the others, who had been engaged in a battle earlier, were seated cross-legged on the ground as they focused on healing themselves. The entire valley was in a state of chaos, destroyed beyond the point of recognition. Just one glance was sufficient for Chen Feng to tell that they had gone through a brutal battle. If it weren’t for the fact that the valley was reinforced by the power of the Cloudmist World, their fight would have flattened this valley as well.

Seeing Chen Feng appear there, everyone grew surprised. That was especially true of Qin Chuan, who jumped to his feet immediately.

“How did you come out?” Qin Chuan said with a suspicious tone.

“The same way you did,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“So, you were eliminated as well. Ha ha ha!” A look of joy appeared on Qin Chuan’s face and he suddenly burst into laughter.

What an eyesore. How did he manage to cultivate up to this level with this type of mindset? A look of disdain appeared on Chen Feng’s face and he ignored Qin Chuan.

However, seeing the expression on Chen Feng’s face enraged Qin Chuan. Without saying a word, he stepped forward and unleashed a sword attack. A sword beam flashed out, slashing at Chen Feng.

“You dare?!”

Chen Feng grew infuriated and he responded with a lightning-fast punch. The sword beam burst apart as a result and Chen Feng followed up with another punch, which smashed into Qin Chuan’s body. A series of cracking sounds rang out and Qin Chuan hurtled backwards, smashing out a huge crater on the ground. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

“Brother!” Qin Lian was shocked and she waved her hand to send a flying sword slashing towards Chen Feng.

With a swing of his hand, Chen Feng slapped the flying sword away. Both Qin Chuan and Qin Lian had only just gone through a great battle. Disregarding the injuries on their bodies, they were already exhausted. How could they fight Chen Feng?

Qin Lian had still wanted to continue attacking, but the space there suddenly fluctuated. One after another, Jian Qingwu and the others were teleported out. After coming out, they all fell into a state of shock. However, they quickly realized what had happened. Odd looks were etched on their faces. Although every one of them did obtain some treasures, it was clear that they did not obtain Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy.

Jian Qingwu rushed forward to block Qin Lian while Jian Qingling went over to pull Qin Chuan up from the crater.

Chen Feng had not held back with the punch earlier and a countless number of Qin Chuan’s bones was broken as a result. Even his internal organs and meridians were damaged. Blood kept flowing out from his mouth and his aura was a complete mess. His face pale and his hair dishevelled, he looked miserable to the extreme.

Jian Qingling brought out some medicinal pills and shoved them into Qin Chuan’s mouth. The resulting medicinal power, plus Qin Chuan’s own recovery ability, allowed him to quickly stand up, wobbling as he did. His eyes were staring at Chen Feng, wanting nothing more than to pounce at Chen Feng to bite him a few times.

“Chen Feng, it will never be over between you and me! Either you die, or I die!” The resentment within Qin Chuan’s words was so strong that not even all the waters from three rivers could wash it away. It was clear just how extreme his hatred for Chen Feng was.

“In that case, you should die first.” Chen Feng stepped forward to kill Qin Chuan.

However, Jian Qingwu stopped him.

“Chen Feng, Qin Chuan is a partner I invited over for this expedition. I cannot simply watch as you kill him,” Jian Qingwu said in a hushed tone.

Liu Quan and the others stepped forward to advise him as well. “Brother Chen, forget it. Qin Chuan is a member of the Qin Family, after all. If you kill him, it will be difficult for us to explain this to the Qin Family. Besides, it could bring about more troubles in the future.”

“That’s right, we are all partners in a treasure-seeking expedition. There is no need to kill each other over some conflict.”

Liu Quan sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission, “Brother Chen, even if you want to kill Qin Chuan, you cannot do it openly. The Qin Family is a first-rate family after all. This Qin Chuan has quite the status within the family. If you kill him in front of so many eyewitnesses, not even our sect will be able to protect you. Naturally, killing him when there are no eyewitnesses is a different story. You will have plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Chen Feng nodded. Liu Quan’s words made sense. He had yet to gain a steady footing here in the Central Plains. There was no need for him to offend a great family like the Qin Family. Naturally, if Qin Chuan were to come trouble him again, he would not hold back. Besides, Liu Quan was right. He could simply find an opportunity to kill off Qin Chuan in the future. One look was all he needed to tell that Qin Chuan was the type of person who would retaliate for the slightest offence. Chen Feng must find an opportunity to get rid of him.

“What is going on here? Why did all of us get sent out?” They began discussing what happened to them earlier.

“It’s strange. Although we did get some treasures, we did not get Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy. Did we get sent out even though we have not obtained it?”

“Did one of us obtain Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy earlier?”

Everyone there looked at each other. They began speculating. The four who possessed the Cloud Maps were especially vexed. As they possessed the Cloud Maps, they were the ones with the highest chances of obtaining the legacy. That was especially true for Dongfang Ming. He had failed to get anything from this expedition. He had lost the magic treasures and spiritual herbs he acquired previously to Jiang Feng in the chaotic battle earlier.

“It’s Chen Feng! Chen Feng got the legacy!” Qin Chuan suddenly bellowed.

Instantly, Chen Feng felt the impulse to kill blasting through his body again and again. He was almost incapable of holding back. He truly, truly, wanted nothing more than to kill Qin Chuan. He absolutely had to kill off Qin Chuan.

“Qin Chuan, what are you babbling about?” Jian Qingling berated him. Likewise, Jian Qingwu and the others cast displeased looks at Qin Chuan. His actions of slandering others left them with feelings of disdain.

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