Chapter 611 Divine Phantom Mink


As expected, it is a different space. However, is this a small dimension, or a minor cosmos? Human Immortals can comprehend the immortal dao laws, link up to the Immortal Plane and practice the laws of space. Human Immortal experts could even leave this world and explore outer space. However, to open up a minor cosmos on their own should be impossible. In other words, this should be a dimension. Naturally, with the help of a powerful magic treasure like a Dao artefact or an Immortal artefact, opening up a minor cosmos should be possible, Chen Feng thought as he inspected his surroundings.

The place he was in looked no different from the outside world. The same flowers and trees, the same white, cloudy sky, the same clear breeze and flowing water. Even the birds and animals running around looked familiar to Chen Feng. In fact, Chen Feng wondered if he had been sent to the outside world.

The only difference here was the spiritual energy. It was somewhat unique. It was not exactly more concentrated. However, there was something different about it when compared to the usual worldly spiritual energy that Chen Feng had absorbed in the past. It felt as though it had been mixed with something else.

Could this be the inner space of a magic treasure? A spark of realization suddenly flashed across Chen Feng’s mind as he noticed the somewhat mysterious aura.

“Kid, looks like your sense of awareness has increased. This is indeed the inner space of a magic treasure,” Tower suddenly said.

“What artefact tier is this magic treasure at? An Immortal artefact?” Chen Feng asked, a note of excitement in his voice.

“Not an Immortal artefact.” Tower shook his head.

“In other words, it is a Dao artefact.” Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed.

“Don’t feel disappointed. This is a top-grade Dao artefact. It is already very close to the Immortal tier. Although it is not an offensive magic treasure, the materials used are quite good. They are qualified to be devoured by me,” Tower said.

“Hey, you sure are picky. In the beginning, you would devour even ordinary ores. Now that your strength has risen, you ended up becoming so picky,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You idiot, when you were still in the Concealed stage, even some Magic crystals would have been enough to make you happy. However, at your current level, would you even absorb Prized crystals?” Tower responded with a chortle.

Chen Feng nodded. He understood what Tower meant. In the beginning, his cultivation base was not high. Thus, the resources required were small. However, following the rise in his cultivation level, the amount and quality of resources needed had risen as well. According to Tower, not even devouring 1,000 Immortal artefacts would help him return to his prime.

Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out and he activated his eye technique, allowing his gaze to see far ahead. In the end, however, a thick layer of spatial barrier blocked his gaze.

Looks like this space is not too big. Chen Feng kept looking around and he was able to swiftly see everything within this space. Every one of the cultivators that had entered this space appeared within Chen Feng’s sights. To his amusement, Lang Bin was also making use of his eye technique to search the place. However, when his gaze made contact with Chen Feng’s gaze, he rapidly retracted his gaze. It was obvious that he was feeling vigilant towards Chen Feng.

There are treasures and the legacy within this space. I will have to look carefully. Chen Feng slowly flew up, the black light within his eyes flickering as he pushed his soul power to its maximum limit. He was attempting to find anything abnormal within this space.


Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed. He noticed Dongfang Ming and Li Hun fighting each other. It seemed as though they had found something.

The battle between those two caused quite the scene. Although they did not possess Chen Feng’s eye technique, every one of the cultivators inside possessed formidable cultivation bases. Looking far ahead with their eyes alone was well within their abilities. Thus, all of them flew towards the source of the combat fluctuations the moment they were alarmed by the battle.

After considering it, Chen Feng decided to try and fish in muddy waters. However, a power suddenly descended upon him. There was a formidable suction force within that power and it seemed as though it wanted to suck Chen Feng into another space.

Shocked, Chen Feng had been on the verge of resisting when the majestic voice rang out once more from beside him. “Do not resist. I mean you no harm.”

Chen Feng’s eyes glinted and he stopped resisting, letting the power envelop him. Next, light flashed out before him and everything around him disappeared. Once again, Chen Feng found himself within an unfamiliar place.

“This is?” Chen Feng found himself within a cave-like place. However, this place was very spacious. If it weren’t for the layer of rocks above his head and the somewhat dim surroundings, he would have assumed that he had returned to the palace hall.

“What is this?” Chen Feng was taken aback. Not far away from him lay a yao beast the size of a buffalo.

It was a yao beast that Chen Feng did not recognize. He had also never heard of this yao beast before.

A slender body, black shiny fur, sharp claws, triangular ears, a fluffy tail and alert eyes that shone with light.

It looks like a mink. However, for it to be this big, it must be a mink-type yao beast, right? Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng secretly probed, but he was incapable of determining this yao beast’s strength. Rather, Chen Feng had failed to sense any hint of energy coming from the yao beast. If it weren’t for the fact that the yao beast was looking at him, Chen Feng would have believed it to be a dead creature.

“You were the one talking back then?” Chen Feng asked tentatively.

“Yes, it’s me.” As expected, the majestic voice rang out from the yao beast’s mouth.

“Tower, what type of creature is this?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Divine Phantom Mink, it is a peak-level Yao King. Interesting, looks like this yao beast controls everything inside this Cloudmist Dimension,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Peak-level Yao King? That means it is only one step away from becoming a Yao Immortal?” Chen Feng was surprised. Unexpected, this harmless-looking black mink was such a formidable existence. At the same time, Chen Feng came to understand why he had been incapable of determining its cultivation state. This Yao King was far stronger than him.

Chen Feng thought for a moment before asking, “You must have a reason for bringing me over, right?” 

“Do you have an Immortal artefact on you?” The Divine Phantom Mink did not answer Chen Feng. Instead, it had forwarded a question of its own.

“This is the reason you brought me over?” Chen Feng did not answer.

“Answer me.” Suddenly, the voice of the Divine Phantom Mink changed. It was no longer just majestic in quality. There were also enticement, suppression and submission. Chen Feng sensed an invisible power acting upon his sea of wisdom, causing it to shake. His soul fell into a state of disarray. It felt as though bolts of Sky Lightning were erupting within his sea of wisdom, giving him the reflexive desire to answer. However, the Longevity Tower, which was inside him, suddenly released a faint pulse, sending a stream of energy into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. In a flash, Chen Feng was restored to his normal state.

“You are a peak-level Yao King. To think that you would even bully a minor cultivator like me. If you have something to say, then just say it. You should have seen as well what is inside me. You cannot subdue me,” Chen Feng said calmly. With the Longevity Tower in hand, Chen Feng felt emboldened.

“As expected, you must surely possess an Immortal artefact. In other words, you are someone deeply blessed by luck. Your future accomplishments must surely be extraordinary.” The Divine Phantom Mink appeared somewhat excited. Seeing that left Chen Feng curious.

“I do have an Immortal artefact on me,” Chen Feng said.

The Divine Phantom Mink trembled with excitement and it took it a long time to recollect itself.

“Looks like I can finally go out.” There were both excitement and lament within the Divine Phantom Mink’s voice.

“What is going on here?” asked a curious Chen Feng. Knowing that it meant him no harm, Chen Feng waved his hand and a chair, carved from jade, appeared. Chen Feng then sat on it. He could sense it. It was time, for a backstory!

“It’s like this.” His speculation was spot on and the Divine Phantom Mink – after it had calmed down – began telling him a story.

“It is actually very simple, so I’ll make it short. This so-called Cloudmist Dimension that you all entered is the inner space of a Dao artefact. This magic treasure’s name is Cloudmist World. It is a treasure that Immortal Cloudmist inadvertently found.” 

As expected, Chen Feng thought.

“Before his death, Immortal Cloudmist left this magic treasure here, to await its destined heir. Naturally, there are conditions to receiving this Cloudmist World and the treasures and legacy inside it,” the Divine Phantom Mink said.

“You sure did summarize everything. So, what are the conditions?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“The reason Immortal Cloudmist failed his tribulation back then was because he was plotted against by his enemies. Those who want to receive this magic treasure must swear that he or she would avenge Immortal Cloudmist and kill off those enemies who had plotted against him in the past,” the Divine Phantom Mink said. 

“He he! What if the ones who come are unwilling to abide by these conditions? What if they attempt to forcibly snatch away this magic treasure?” Chen Feng said, chuckling.

“As you know, I am a peak-level Yao King. In order to snatch this Cloudmist World from me, that person must at least be at the Earthen Immortal stage. Naturally, since you possess an Immortal artefact, I would be incapable of doing anything if you choose to do so,” the Divine Phantom Mink said, giving Chen Feng a look. It seemed to be somewhat fearful of the ‘Immortal artefact’ in Chen Feng’s body.

“If you are already so powerful, why don’t you leave? Given your level of strength, you should be able to avenge Immortal Cloudmist, no? Besides, what if those enemies have already died?” Chen Feng forwarded the doubts in his mind.

“Immortal Cloudmist was my master. If I could leave, would I have stayed here all this time? Back then, I had made a Heart Oath before my master, to await the arrival of the destined heir before I can regain my freedom. Of course, if those enemies of my master are already dead, then there will be no need to avenge him anymore. As for your other question, even my master had fallen to their schemes in the past. I am certainly no match for them.”

“Naturally, the first reason my master left this Cloudmist World behind is so that someone could inherit everything he owned. The second reason, he hoped that his legacy could help his heir avenge him.”

“Heh! Someone that you cannot go against? In that case, Immortal Cloudmist’s enemies must be Earthen Immortals. Perhaps, they have already ascended to the Immortal Plane. Going after that kind of existences for the sake of a Dao artefact? That doesn’t seem worthwhile to me.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“But you are different! Amongst all the cultivators who have entered the Cloudmist World this time, your cultivation is the strongest. More importantly, you possess an Immortal artefact! Your future will be immeasurable. I have waited for so many years. Finally, the one I have been hoping for is here. I really don’t wanna wait anymore! After receiving my master’s legacy and treasures, your rate of cultivation will rise to a higher level. Besides, before your strength is good enough, there is no need to rush my master’s revenge. This oath is just an obsession of my master’s before his death. Young man, just accept it. Refine this Cloudmist World! This Dao artefact will be yours. Besides, this Cloudmist World has been around for so long now. If it can continue to gather its strength, rising up to the Immortal artefact tier is not an impossibility. If this magic treasure were to be tossed outside, who knows how many cultivators would fight for it? Kid, fortune lies before your very eyes! You must not miss it!” Seeing a hint of rejection from Chen Feng, the Yao King grew anxious and it began enticing Chen Feng.

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