Chapter 610 Duel


“Admit defeat?” Chen Feng instantly chortled.

“If you don’t want to die, then just attack.”

Chen Feng had only just spoken those words when a dark bone spike suddenly arrived before him. It was stabbing towards his forehead.

The bone spike moved silently and was seemingly jumping through space. Chen Feng, on the other hand, could feel spatial power fluctuating around him, attempting to lock him down.

The short man had made ample preparations for his attack right from the start. Clearly, he had plenty of experience in assassinations. Additionally, he was also very skilled in using stealth for assassinations.

However, a peculiar smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face instead. The bone spike stabbed empty air as Chen Feng’s figure disappeared without making a sound. He had moved away at an even faster rate.

The bone spike abruptly exploded, transforming into countless streams of light, which scattered away. At the same time, the short man quickly turned around. However, he failed to find Chen Feng.

“What a formidable stealth technique! This will be a problem,” the short man whispered.


A finger suddenly appeared on top of the short man’s head. It was like a sharp sword, capable of piercing through hard rock, let alone flesh and blood.

The short man was quick to react. The instant Chen Feng’s finger appeared, he had utilized an evasion technique to dart away. At the same time, he also left a stream of black energy, which transformed into a spinning lance. The lance stabbed towards Chen Feng’s finger.


Chen Feng’s finger abruptly flicked out and the lance, formed using black energy, burst apart before dispersing away. The short man grunted as he re-appeared some distance away. However, there was a bloody hole on his shoulder. Surprisingly, the blood flowing out from the wound was not red in colour. Rather, it was as black as ink. It was a shocking sight, putting into question whether or not this person was human.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, knew that it was due to the short man’s cultivation technique. With his sharp eye power, Chen Feng could already see that this short man’s blood contained a peculiar poison.

“Your name is Chen Feng, right? You do have some skills. Looks like I have underestimated you earlier,” the short man said. His hand moved to touch his wound and it disappeared, leaving only smooth skin there.

Next, the black smoke swirling around the short man became like a hurricane. Finally, it condensed into a massive skeleton. With a mouth that was spraying out black smoke, it moved to bite Chen Feng.

Immediately, Chen Feng could feel a heretical aura locking him down. That was not all, even his sea of wisdom had also become subjected to waves of attack from a mysterious power.

So, this is Heavenly Ghost Sect’s Heavenly Ghost Art. It lives up to its reputation. Chen Feng then waved his hand to produce a series of lightning-like palm silhouettes. After entering the Sky Human stage, Chen Feng was finally able to practice many of the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture. This Lightning Palm attack that Chen Feng was displaying was one of the secret techniques. 

Circular rings, formed using bolts of lightning, charged out. At the same time, thunder roared out from the lightning rings. Although Chen Feng had only just begun practicing this technique, the power of this Lightning Palm could already match that of Lightning Tribulation. Rather, this palm blast that Chen Feng was firing out contained not only the power of Sky Lightning, but also the tribulation lightning for Human Immortals.


A clear banging sound rang out and the Heavenly Ghost Skeleton instantly burst apart, transforming back into black smoke before dispersing. Chen Feng made quick use of the opportunity to unleash a series of Lightning Palms to utterly disperse all of the black, poisonous smoke. 

Lightning is truly the counter to the sinister and heretical. Chen Feng’s figure flew forward. With a wave of his hand, a Longevity Mace, flashing with lightning, swept towards the short man. At the same time, the Heaven Measuring Ruler flew out from the body to slip into the void.

“Heavenly Ghost Devours Heaven!” The short man shouted as he spread out both his hands. Streams of black energy shot out from his body and ghostly skulls appeared, shrieking wretchedly like vengeful ghosts from hell. They charged forward to bite Chen Feng, desirous of ripping Chen Feng to shreds.


The Longevity Mace kept swinging forward. With every swing, lightning flashed and a skull would be struck to pieces.


The Heaven Measuring Ruler re-appeared to smash into the short man’s head, nearly destroying half his head. Blood flowed down his head, a dreadful sight to behold.

“Ha ha! You are still alive?” Chen Feng waved his hand and a Longevity Lance lunged towards the short man.

“I surrender! I surrender!” the short man sensed a life-threatening crisis and he reflexively shouted.


The Longevity Lance stabbed empty air as the short man disappeared. Clearly, he had been sent out.

“Consider yourself lucky.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Longevity Lance transformed into a stream of light before flowing into his body.

In the earlier battle, Chen Feng could clearly sense that the Longevity weapons he condensed out were much stronger compared to magic treasures of the same grade. Additionally, they had many other functions that he had yet to unlock. 


Once again, Chen Feng was teleported back into the hall. By then, there were already three other people waiting in the hall. The first was the Human Immortal, Jiang Feng. The second was Li Hun, from Heavenly Ghost Sect. Naturally, the third was Jian Qingling.

“Chen Feng, you managed to come out so quickly. Who did you face?” Seeing Chen Feng, Jian Qingling swiftly stepped forward to ask.

“Just a minor heavenly ghost,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

Sure enough, killing intent flashed across Li Hun’s eyes. However, he was quick to recollect himself. A smile appeared on his face and he said, “Your name is Chen Feng, right? I remember there is a very famous little cultivator named Chen Feng from the Northern Plains. Looks like that’s you.”

“Yes, it’s me.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Humph! You failed to survive in the Northern Plains. Now that you are in the Central Plains, you are still so arrogant. This place is not something that the backwards Northern Plains can compare with. You should be cautious of provoking those that you cannot afford to provoke. In the end, you might lose your life,” Li Hun said with a scoff. The faint image of a talisman was materializing within his hand and it seemed as though he would attack at any moment.

“No matter how arrogant I may be, I cannot hold a candle to your Heavenly Ghost Sect. Your Heavenly Ghost Sect has a bad reputation in the world of cultivation for committing every evil deed possible. You should be careful that your sect doesn’t get wiped out,” Chen Feng retorted.

“You!” Li Hun was enraged and he waved his hand. The talisman in his hand transformed into a huge skull, which charged towards Chen Feng.

This Heavenly Ghost Skull was clearly different from the previous one. Although it was smaller, it was more ferocious, like a living creature that had crawled out from hell. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that his Lightning Palm move would be incapable of handling it.


Thus, Chen Feng simply made use of the Longevity Tower to collect the Heavenly Ghost Skull. After entering the Longevity Tower, the Heavenly Ghost Skull instantly reverted to its talisman form. Then, it lay down quietly within the Longevity Tower.

“So, the talisman is a Sacred artefact. I will graciously accept it, then,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You! You have a high-grade magic treasure in your body! Is it a Sacred artefact, or a Dao artefact?” Li Hun kept trying to channel his secret techniques, but he could sense that he had lost his link with his Heavenly Ghost Talisman. It was as though it had entered another space entirely.

“If you provoke me again, I’ll kill you,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Li Hun’s face twitched a few times before quickly regaining a calm demeanour. He stopped provoking Chen Feng, but there was no way to tell what was on his mind. 

Jiang Feng cast a curious gaze at Chen Feng. He was clearly considering something as well.

One by one, Dongfang Ming, Bai Jianxing, Lang Bin, Qing Zhifeng, Jian Qingwu, Jian Zhiqiu and one of Li Hun’s subordinates appeared in the hall.

All of them were the winners of the duels, a total of 11 people. As they stood within the hall, Jiang Feng was the only one with a nonchalant expression on his face. The others were all occupied with various thoughts.

Damn it! Li Hun swore inwardly, gnashing his teeth. He had brought a total of nine subordinates with him. The combat puppet stage eliminated four of them while this duel stage eliminated another four. Thus, he felt an impulse to attack and kill the others.

Dongfang Ming’s group was still very strong. They still had four people on their side, all at the half-step Human Immortal stage. To Chen Feng’s surprise, Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian were actually eliminated in this stage. Seeing that, Chen Feng’s evaluation of Absolute Academy dropped slightly.

Only the best cultivation geniuses in the world should be able to join the Four Great Academies. Logically speaking, even though the two of them were only at level 9 of the Sky Human stage, defeating a half-step Human Immortal should not have been an issue for them.

“You fellows have passed this stage. These are your rewards.” The majestic voice rang out once more and streams of light shone out. A medicinal jade bottle appeared before each of them.

“Sky-tier medicinal pill, Sky Lightning Pills!” Jiang Feng’s brows were raised and he exclaimed.

Chen Feng opened the medicinal bottle and a thick medicinal aroma, filled with the power of Sky Lightning, rushed out. Chen Feng opened his mouth and gulped down a Sky Lightning Pill. Instantly, a wild medicinal power exploded within his body. Next, Chen Feng absorbed the refined power of Sky Lightning. In just a few breaths’ worth of time, he had finished absorbing all of the pill’s medicinal power. In Chen Feng’s opinion, even though the power of Sky Lightning within this pill was formidable, it was still easier to absorb compared to Sky Lightning from a Lightning Tribulation. This was the effect of the medicinal pill.

Seeing Chen Feng effortlessly take and refine a Sky Lightning Pill, everyone there grew shocked. Each and every one of them cast peculiar looks at Chen Feng.

Just how strong is this fellow’s body? Even a Human Immortal would have required some time to refine this Sky-tier medicinal pill.

“The final stage, find Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy and treasures. I wish you all good luck. Naturally, if any of you wishes to exit now, I can help teleport you out. After entering this doorway, whether you live or die will depend on yourselves.” After the majestic voice spoke up, another spatial portal appeared before them all. Pitch-black in colour, it was seemingly connected to another world. The sight of it sent a feeling of terror into their souls.  


Li Hun led his subordinate along with him as he took the lead to enter the portal. Next, Jiang Feng took action as well. Everyone there showed no hesitation and one by one, they entered the spatial portal.

They had come here in search of Immortal Cloudmist’s treasures and legacy in the first place. Since they had arrived, not even a mountain of blades, a sea of flames or the magma from hell could stop them.

There is something weird going on here. Chen Feng felt puzzled.

Why does this feel too smooth? Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy. In the end, surely, there can only be one, no? At present, though, a total of 11 people can enter. Additionally, judging by the words from the majestic voice earlier, these final treasures and legacy are definitely not easy to obtain. This will mostly likely be very dangerous, Chen Feng thought. Once again, he was the last to enter.


The spatial portal disappeared. It was as though it had never appeared.

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