Chapter 61: Seal


The flying sword shot at the dark-faced man from the front while the seal stamp descended from the sky at lightning-like speed. The two cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto coordinated their attacks right from the get go, attacking their enemy separately. One glance was enough to tell that these two men were very experienced in combat.

Chen Feng hovered in the sky and watched the fight between the three with great interest. He did not intend to intervene at all. The moment the fight began, Chen Feng had deduced that the two cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto were far outmatched by the dark-faced cultivator.

However, the display of the seal-shaped Magic artefact triggered a flash of shock from Chen Feng’s eyes.

Amongst the types of Magic artefacts used by Concealed stage cultivators, Chen Feng had mostly only seen flying swords. It was rare to see other types of Magic artefacts. That was especially true of a seal-shaped Magic artefact.

Flying swords possessed a high degree of lethality and an outstanding offensive attribute. Additionally, it was easy to refine and utilize. Thus, the use of flying swords was widespread amongst cultivators. Besides flying swords, there were also ropes, nets, hammers, shields, jade rulers, steel needles, command flags, spears, great blades and various other types of Magic artefacts.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had also collected a large amount of Magic artefacts back then. A considerable number of those weapons were, however, already damaged. As for those undamaged Magic artefacts, there were indeed those at grade 1, grade 2 or even grade 3. However, a seal-shaped Magic artefact was something that Chen Feng did not possess.

When the cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto brought out the seal, Chen Feng’s face revealed a look of interest.

As Chen Feng was pondering the matter, the fight between the three ended.

In the face of the attacks from two Magic artefacts, the dark-faced cultivator did not utilize any weapons of his own. He continued to face them with his bare hands. With a grasping motion, he easily caught the flying sword. Then, with a squeeze, he bent the flying sword, turning it into a piece of scrap iron.

As for his other palm, it tightened into a fist, which shot out fiercely. A sky-shaking sound rang out as the building-sized seal stamp was blasted away by the punch. Although the seal remained intact, the impact of the punch sent it flying hundreds of metres away. The divine sense imbued into the seal was also dispersed by the formidable might behind the punch, turning the seal into an ownerless object.



As the attacks from the two Magic artefacts were thwarted, the two cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto sprayed out a mouthful of blood in unison. Their faces pale to the extreme, they exchanged glances before quickly running far away. They did not even bother collecting the seal that was sent flying. Clearly, they were afraid that the dark-faced cultivator might kill them.

“Ha ha ha! To think that two little cultivators at level 1 of the Concealed stage would dare attack me. They really don’t understand the meaning of death,” said the dark-faced cultivator with a sneer. 

Next, the dark-faced cultivator turned to look at Chen Feng. A look of disdain flashed across his eyes.

“Humph! To be showing such cowardice as a cultivator, cannot reach the apex!” After saying that, the dark-faced cultivator flicked his sleeves and quickly flew forward.

Hearing those words, Chen Feng was at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry. “Earlier, I had wanted to attack the two cultivators but this fellow interfered. And now, he calls me a coward… … seriously…”

Chen Feng shook his head with a smile on his face, he did not move to argue with the dark-faced cultivator. Instead, he flew down the ground to pick up the seal stamp.

When the dark-faced cultivator left, he had not picked up this Magic artefact. It would appear that he simply looked down on it.

As it was no longer being controlled by the cultivator, the seal had returned to its original shape, squarish and heavy to the hand. Who knows what materials were used in its making.

Chen Feng inspected the seal. There was nothing striking about the seal. A black lustre ran across the smooth surface of the seal and it appeared just like a piece of brick. There was, however, a crack on the seal. It was likely from the punch that it had received from the dark-faced cultivator earlier.

Chen Feng sent out a strand of divine sense into it and immediately found several sets of array techniques. Some of the arrays existed separately, some existed in conflicting states while some existed in complementing states. The arrays were the core techniques of controlling the Magic artefact.

Chen Feng had to analyse them for quite a while before comprehending part of it. Next, he controlled the seal, causing it to float upwards. As it was floating in the sky, it slowly expanded in size and finally becoming as large as a building. Even so, it continued expanding until it had the radius of around 10 zhang before stopping (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

At that size, the seal truly appeared like a small mountain. Next, under Chen Feng’s control, it smashed down onto the ground.


A loud explosive sound rang out as the earth shook and dust flew up into the sky. A six-metre deep crater with a radius of 10 zhang was formed. The hard rocks and thick trees there were all shattered as wave after wave of potent energy spread outwards to form a mighty gale, causing even the great trees that were hundreds of metres away to shake without respite.

What a powerful strike! If I were to get hit by this, my body would likely get smashed to bits. Chen Feng was inwardly shocked. Then, with a thought, the seal shrank into a palm-sized seal and flew back into Chen Feng’s hand.

In that fight earlier, that cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto clearly did not have a strong enough divine sense to fully unleash this Magic artefact’s power. If he could, the dark-faced cultivator would not be able to so easily send this seal flying.

However, despite its strength, this weapon has a weak point. It is not as fast and dextrous as a flying sword and can be easily dodged.

Chen Feng considered the seal’s advantages and disadvantages.

This seal should be a grade 2 Magic artefact. Although it is somewhat damaged, it is still of value. If I cannot use it, I can just go sell it in the future. Without hesitating, Chen Feng kept the seal for himself.

Even a piece of scrap iron could be sold for some money, what more a magic treasure of this quality.

The two cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto were wounded earlier. There is no way they would simply let it slide. Also, there must be more of them nearby. Chen Feng speculated.

As Chen Feng was considering whether or not to head forward to have a look, another two cultivators stepped out from amidst the forest. The two cultivators had tall statures and wore black clothes. Despite their emotionless expressions, Chen Feng noted the hidden glint within their eyes. He knew that those two possessed a fierce temperament and would, should they be provoked, become like erupting volcanoes.

Even more shocking was the choice of weapons that they two had chosen. The two of them had chosen the same type of weapon, a spear. Three zhang in length, the spear in each of their hands glowed with a dim light. The one-chi long spearhead exuded a faint lustre of blood. Clearly, those spears had killed their fair share of men (1 chi = 0.333 m).

These two men are very strong, a notch stronger compared to the two from Purplecloud Sky Grotto earlier. Chen Feng quickly came to that conclusion.

“The area up ahead is occupied by our Goldenlight Sky Grotto. We ask that fellow Daoist turn back,” said one of the two men coolly, his face devoid of emotions. Likewise, his person emanated not a single whiff of killing intent. Yet, Chen Feng had a feeling that, should he choose to continue moving forward, these two men would attack him with the intention to kill. It was something of an instinct.

Without saying anything, Chen Feng turned around and left. The present him was only at level 1 of the Concealed stage. There was no need for him to get into a fight with them. Additionally, Chen Feng had no confidence in defeating them, even after factoring in the Overwhelming Astral Sword. In Chen Feng’s opinion, opponents with cold and calm demeanours like those two were the scariest.

First Purplecloud Sky Grotto and now Goldenlight Sky Grotto. For them to send men to stop other cultivators from entering the Black Origin Mountain Range, I wonder if there is something going on here? Chen Feng wondered.

No matter. I will have to try and enter and have a look. This is a very large place. I doubt they can set up blockades everywhere. After making up his mind, Chen Feng quickly made his way through the forest as he made ready to turn around once more.

“Fellow Daoist, please stop.”

Suddenly, a voice made its way into Chen Feng’s ear. At the same time, a young cultivator with a smiling face appeared before Chen Feng.

This fellow is not to be underestimated. His speed earlier was incredibly fast. Not to mention, I had failed to notice that someone was around. Chen Feng grew wary.

“He he! Fellow friend, there is no need for you to be on guard. I have no malicious intentions,” said the smiling youngster who had noticed the wary look on Chen Feng’s face.

Chen Feng was secretly regarding the cultivator standing before him. The cultivator, the smiling youngster, appeared to be of the same age as Chen Feng. Rather, he appeared slightly younger. And yet, his astute gaze and his bearing emanated an aura which informed Chen Feng that he was sly fellow. He was no inexperienced rookie cultivator.

Additionally, energy waves coming off his person kept fluctuating, making it impossible for Chen Feng to grasp how strong he was.

“What business do you have with me?” asked Chen Feng without lowering his guard.

“My name is Ye Ziming. May I know fellow brother’s name?” Ye Ziming’s eyes squinted together as he smiled. Since the beginning, he had addressed Chen Feng with three different titles. First, fellow Daoist, then, fellow friend, and now, fellow brother. Add that to his seemingly harmless smile on his face, anyone would find it hard not to lower their guard.

“Chen Feng,” answered Chen Feng coolly.

“So, it is Brother Chen. I have long since heard of your esteemed name.” Ye Ziming immediately bowed, an action which caused the corners of Chen Feng’s lips to twitch. You don’t even know me. Heard of my esteemed name? What a load of bull!

“Ha ha ha, now we are acquainted with each other. Come, Brother Chen, let’s move together and have a talk,” said Ye Ziming with a smile as he approached Chen Feng with a face of familiarity.

Chen Feng said nothing. However, he did not lower his guard at all. He too, wanted to know what this fellow wanted to talk about.

“Brother Chen, are you also a loose cultivator?” asked Ye Ziming with a smile.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Earlier, was Brother Chen also stopped by some people?” Ye Ziming’s face maintained that same smile.

“Yes.” As for Chen Feng, he maintained an expressionless face.

“You see, I am also a loose cultivator. However, the road ahead is now occupied by the Goldenlight Sky Grotto and some other forces. Individually, it will be very difficult for us to break through. Thus, I plan on gathering up the other loose cultivators to form a force so as to avoid the disparaging actions of those sects,” Ye Ziming slowly explained.

Chen Feng was quick to understand Ye Ziming’s intentions. Simply put, he wanted to recruit Chen Feng to strengthen his own force.

So that is what is going on. It is not only the immortal dao sects, even some loose cultivators have come here. It seems something is definitely up. However, right now, I know nothing about this place. Rather than go at it alone, I might as well join forces with the other loose cultivators. Firstly, I can find out what is going on. Secondly, I can fish in troubled waters. Chen Feng quickly made up his mind.

“What do you think, Brother Chen? Although Brother Chen’s cultivation base appear considerable, going up against the power of a sect alone seems like an impossible task. Uniting will be the best way to go about this,” Ye Ziming continued. 

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