Chapter 609 Sky-tier Techniques


After appearing there, the eight of them were confused for a moment. Next, however, they realized what happened and their faces turned extremely ugly to behold. That was particularly true of Qin Chuan, who gnashed his teeth and swore in a hushed tone. His eyes burned with rage and envy. Various types of negative emotions erupted from within him.

In his mind, he was an exalted character. Hailed as a genius since he was a child, it had not taken him long to reach the half-step Human Immortal stage. He was one of the few with the highest possibility of reaching the Human Immortal stage within his family. Thus, he was very arrogant. Forget the disciples from the small sects, he would not even consider the disciples from great sects as worthy opponents.

However, reality was laid bare before his very eyes. He and his little sister had been eliminated while the others were able to pass. Most importantly, even that level 4 Sky Human stage Chen Feng could pass. Thinking about that, he gnashed his teeth so hard, they nearly cracked.

Qin Chuan did not believe that he had failed. A thought rose up within his mind. There must have been a mistake. An error had occurred. Although he could not be considered the strongest amongst the group, he was still one of the strongest. There was no way he could have been eliminated.

As he was gnashing his teeth and swearing in low tones, some people came to trouble him. They were the cultivators from the fourth party. They stepped forward to surround Qin Chuan and the other three.

“You four, hand over everything you acquired inside. Also, this girl is pretty good. Leave her behind for us brothers. If you don’t, we will utterly obliterate you all.” One of them gestured with his hands while casting a perverse look at Qin Lian.

“What did you just say?” Qin Chuan snapped open his eyes and dug his ears. It was as though he could not believe what he had just heard.

“Is this kid a fool? He can’t even understand human words? Enough, let’s just kill them. Keep the girl alive.” After saying that, the cultivator attacked. With a wave of his hand, a skeleton – seemingly formed using smoke – appeared. It opened its mouth to release a grating sound even as it moved to bite Qin Chuan. At the same time, a stench spread out into its surroundings. It was a stench capable of corroding even the spiritual energy in the air.

“You fellows are from Heavenly Ghost Sect! Hold it! We are from the Qin Family.” Qin Chuan recollected himself and he quickly backed away while shouting. He showed wariness towards the skeleton.

“The hell I care if you are from the Qin or Li Family. The only ending for you is death!” the cultivator shouted loudly, spraying out black smoke from his mouth, aimed at Qin Chuan. The other three cultivators attacked at the same time. The instant they attacked, black smoke surged forward, accompanied by wretched wails. Energy waves vibrated and a rancid stench wafted forward. Their attacks were not the orthodox kind.

“So, you are the scums from Heavenly Ghost Sect. You dare offend us? You have a death wish!” The two cultivators on Dongfang Ming’s side grew furious and they attacked back.

Likewise, Qin Chuan could no longer suppress the rage in his heart. The fact that he was eliminated had already greatly infuriated him. And now, even the guys from Heavenly Ghost Sect dared to pick a fight with him. Instantly, his rage erupted. Sword light radiated out from his whole body, seemingly dyed red by his rage. He felt as though he was even stronger than before and he shouted, “Kill!’

Moving away from their fight, Chen Feng and the others were walking around, regarding the jade slips there. Although Chen Feng cared nothing for the Sky-tier techniques there, he could still sell it off. Besides, he might be able to find one that suited him. Thus, he chose to keep his guard up to check the jade slips there.

“Sacred Marksmanship of the Sovereign Fire.”

“Seal of the Immovable Mountain.”

“Pill Making Art of Water and Fire.”

“Breath of the Nascent Domain.”

Slash of the Metal Sovereign, Fist of the Water Sovereign, Dao of the Earthen Sovereign, Energy of the Fire Sovereign, Flight of the Wood Sovereign. 

Soul mantras, sealing magics, fist techniques, escaping techniques, movement techniques, body tempering techniques, rune inscribing arts, artefact forging techniques, star-type techniques, dark-type techniques, light-type techniques, etc. Although there were not many jade slips there, they contained a diverse range of techniques. They seemingly contained all the cultivation techniques of the world of cultivation. Seeing that secretly shocked Chen Feng and the others.

I’ll just pick a random one, then. This Seal of Immovable Mountain looks good. I can play around with it. Having taken a fancy to a particular jade slip, Chen Feng stretched his hand out to grab it.

Suddenly, another palm – moving faster than Chen Feng’s palm – shot forward. The palm made its way through the barrier protecting the jade slip for the Seal of the Immovable Mountain and grabbed it.

Displeased, Chen Feng raised his head and saw that that it was the youngster who came in last. Back then, there was a group of cultivators escorting him. Clearly, he was someone with quite the background.

The youngster snickered at Chen Feng. Next, he stretched his hand out again to grab another jade slip. This time, however, the barrier around the jade slip shone with a brilliant light, stopping the youngster’s hand. Next, a spatial rift appeared beside the youngster to suck him in.

“Young Master!” The five cultivators who were sent in alongside the youngster cried out.

“I’ll repeat, you are only allowed to take one jade slip each. Those who attempt to take more than one will be instantly sent out of this room.” The majestic voice rang out from beside their ears.

Truth be told, everyone there had thought about taking more than one. However, after seeing what happened to the youngster, they dispelled the thought.

“I’ll choose this escape technique.”

“This sword technique is quite good.”

“I want this Pill Making Art of Water and Fire.”

“This Slash of the Metal Sovereign is mine.”

As they could only take one each, everyone there began taking action, grabbing the jade slip that had caught their attention. If they were too late in grabbing the jade slip, others might snatch it away.

After receiving the jade slips, they were immediately sent out. Soon, only a handful of cultivators remained inside. Chen Feng was amongst those remaining.

“Brother Chen, why haven’t you taken any yet?” Liu Quan asked curiously.

“No rush, you guys choose first.” Chen Feng waved him off, an indifferent smile on his face.

Soon enough, everyone else had been teleported away, leaving only Chen Feng behind.

“Young man, you are the only one left. Can you not find any that is to your liking?” The majestic voice rang out again.

“I have taken a liking to all of them,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“No, you may only take one. You have three more breaths’ worth of time. Then, I will teleport you out from here.” A slight change could be detected within the voice.

“Very well, I’ll do it now,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. The Longevity Tower appeared on his palm and a suction force swept around to pull all the jade slips there into the tower.

In just the blink of an eye, the remaining jade slips, nearly 80 of them, had all disappeared. Not a single one was left behind.

“This is, an Immortal artefact?” A note of shock could be heard within the majestic voice. Hearing that, Chen Feng believed that it was from a living person.

As Chen Feng was feeling concerned that the majestic voice would send him out from the Cloudmist Dimension, the majestic voice spoke up again, “Since you have what it takes, this is considered a pass as well. All right, time to teleport you out.”

A spatial rift appeared to pull Chen Feng in.

Next, Chen Feng found himself with Jian Qingwu and others. They were standing at the same place that they were in before getting sent into the jade slip room. As for Chen Feng, he was smiling. At the same time, he was pondering something. During his final moments in the room, the majestic voice had changed somewhat. However, he was unable to figure it out. Still, he had gained a lot from this. He had obtained so many Sky-tier techniques. If he were to bring them all out, the entire world of cultivation would surely be turned upside down. Who knows how many sects and other forces would come to try and capture Chen Feng?

“Brother Chen, you are out. What did you get?” Liu Quan asked smilingly.

“Heh, he is the last one to come out. The way I see it, he did not get the one that suited him,” the youngster said in a ridiculing tone.

“Ha ha!” Chen Feng simply responded with a chuckle, ignoring the youngster. However, his response displeased the youngster instead. Still, the youngster did not do anything. He simply sneered at Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, he is Li Hun, a member of Heavenly Ghost Sect. The Heavenly Ghost Art he practices is very heretical. We will have to be careful.” Liu Quan sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

Heavenly Ghost Sect? Chen Feng was surprised. Heavenly Ghost Sect was also a first-rate sect in the Central Plains. However, the Heavenly Ghost Art that their members practice was very different from other techniques, abnormally heretically and very unpredictable. The disciples of the sect were also very arrogant, their actions bloody. They were the sort that would retaliate for the slightest offense. Most of the cultivators in the world of cultivation would not provoke the disciples from the sect.

No matter how powerful he may be, he is only a half-step Human Immortal. Naturally, Chen Feng did not consider him a threat. He was simply surprised at his background. However, if this Li Hun continued to provoke him, Chen Feng was not against killing him. Who cares if his opponent was from the Heavenly Ghost Sect or Heavenly God Sect?

“At present, all of you have received one Sky-tier technique each. Next up, it is time to continue the assessment. The 21 of you here will be entering a one-on-one duel. The losers will lose the right to be the heir and be teleported out. Whether the participants live or die is irrelevant, though you may admit defeat.” The majestic voice rang out again from beside their ears. None of them were capable of determining where the voice had come from. 

“There is one extra person. What will happen to him or her?” Liu Quan asked.

“Simple, since there are no opponents for this person, he or she will automatically pass.”

So good? Looks like this is up to luck. The same thought ran through everyone’s mind.

“Now, the duel begins!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One spatial rift after another appeared to pull them in. In the end, only one figure was left standing in the hall.

It was Jian Qingling.

Jian Qingling was first taken aback. Then, she burst into laughter.

“Lucky. I wonder who Big Sis will end up facing. Hopefully, we won’t end up facing our own group members,” Jian Qingling said, a note of concern in her voice.

Chen Feng was teleported into a spacious fighting arena, constructed using unknown materials. Its surface was as smooth as a wall and a circular energy stream swirled around the arena, making it impossible to see what was going on outside. The energy streams contained a mysterious power that struck fear into Chen Feng’s heart.

Chen Feng’s opponent was a short man, one of Li Hun’s subordinates. He was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt surprised. He did not look down on his opponent. Both Qin Chuan and Qin Lian were half-step Human Immortals, after all. And yet, they were eliminated. On the other hand, this fellow, with a cultivation level of level 9 of the Sky Human stage, was able to come this far. This meant that he possessed a combat power that surpassed that of a half-step Human Immortal.

“Kid, meeting me is just bad luck on your part. You should just admit defeat.” The short man snickered and strands of black energy seeped out from his body. Soon enough, the strands of black energy had enveloped his body. All Chen Feng could see was a pair of ghastly, flickering, flame-like eyes staring at him.

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