Chapter 608 Fighting Against Puppets


Facing the siege of so many high-level Sky Human stage cultivators, the Human Immortal, Jiang Feng, began suffering from more and more injuries. He was gradually losing ground.


Suddenly, Qing Zhifeng brought out a small bronze bell. It was also a Sacred artefact. However, it was a soul-type offensive weapon. After the bronze bell was struck, soundwaves spread towards Jiang Feng.

“Soul attack!” Jiang Feng wanted to dodge. However, he had no time to do that and the soundwaves struck him. Both his eyes fell into a dazed state and his movements faltered again.



Various magic treasures flew out to furiously strike Jiang Feng.


Chen Feng’s Heaven Measuring Ruler was the fastest to arrive and it struck Jiang Feng’s chest, causing him to cough out blood as his figure was knocked back. However, Jiang Feng rapidly recollected himself. His figure darted around, dodging around while displaying his sword techniques to block the attacks.

Although he managed to block most of the attacks, several attacks had still managed to hit him.

Again and again, Jiang Feng was beaten to the point of puking blood and there was no way to tell just how many of his bones had been broken. As Jiang Feng dodged all the incoming attacks, he secretly wept. He hadn’t fallen into such a wretched state before, not since rising up to the Human Immortal stage. At that very moment, however, a group of minor fellows at the Sky Human stage was actually trying to kill him. In fact, judging by the current situation, they might actually succeed.


Jiang Feng gripped a jade talisman, crushing breaking it. Next, light flared out from his body to form a thick barrier, which stopped all of the attacks. At the same time, Jiang Feng also brought out the half-section Cloud Map. Instantly, the Cloud Map brought forth the wind and energy streams surged. Rays of light shone about and a three-zhang-tall spatial portal appeared within the palace hall.


Jiang Feng’s figure darted forward, disappearing into the spatial portal.

“That’s the passageway leading to the second floor of this palace!”

“Let’s go!”

“Chase him!”

“There are so many good items on the first floor. If so, there must be even more on the second floor.”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

They moved quickly, rushing into the spatial portal. Soon enough, the entire palace hall returned to a state of tranquillity.

Not long after that, a ripple spread out across the palace hall again and a group of cultivators, escorting a youngster, entered.

“Young Master, there were others in here before us.”

“I can see that. This should be the first floor of the palace. A pity, everything here has been taken. Come, let’s follow them. We are the last to arrive. We must not end up with nothing.”

Next, the Young Master led the others into the spatial portal.

After stepping into the spatial portal, Chen Feng found himself inside a secret chamber. Besides him, however, there was only one other figure, a humanoid puppet made from metal. It shone with a metallic lustre while an overbearing power spilled out from its body.

“This is?” Chen Feng was somewhat puzzled. He did not understand what was happening.

“Defeat me and you will have the chance to obtain treasures,” the metal puppet suddenly said. Moreover, it leapt up right after saying that, throwing a punch at Chen Feng.

It talked, jumped and punched. All three moves were done in quick succession and the fist flew forward with extreme swiftness. It gave Chen Feng no time to consider anything.

In the face of the metal puppet’s attack, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. Even though he could not sense the metal puppet’s energy fluctuations, Chen Feng had this foreboding sensation. He knew he could not allow the punch to land.


Chen Feng threw out a punch of his own. His fist smashed against the metal puppet’s fist, causing the metal puppet to tumbled through the air as its body hurtled backwards. Then, it slammed heavily against the secret chamber’s wall with a resounding boom. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had to take several steps back and he felt his arm aching. There was a slight sensation of pain in his fist.

Impressive. There is a force of over 15 million kilogrammes behind its punch. What level of combat puppet is this? Chen Feng was surprised and he shook his hand. The aching sensation disappeared and his hand recovered. 

The metal puppet flipped itself back to its feet, seemingly unaffected by the earlier punch. It continued to attack Chen Feng. This time, the attack it unleashed was different from the previous one. The combat puppet’s arm abruptly shook and waves of energy pushed down against Chen Feng, giving him a suffocating feeling.

It is actually capable of using secret offensive techniques. Chen Feng was surprised. This combat puppet was much stronger than the one he had acquired in the past. The Puppet Crafting Technique that he acquired then was only an Earthen-tier technique. According to the descriptions on the manual, the strongest combat puppet he could craft out would only be similar to this one he was facing. However, he had yet to begin studying the Puppet Crafting Technique.

In the past, before overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng would have needed to use his Sacred artefacts to deal with this metal puppet. However, things were different now. His own strength alone was enough to beat this metal puppet back.

After beating back the metal puppet yet again, Chen Feng finally grew impatient. He waved his hand and the Immortal-binding Rope flew out to tie up the metal puppet. No matter how hard the metal puppet tried to struggle against the rope, it was to no avail.

Chen Feng’s Immortal-binding Rope had fused together with the Eight Lines Golden Rope and was now a grade 3 Sacred artefact. It could even bind a Human Immortal.

“You’ve passed.” The metal puppet suddenly stopped struggling.


Chen Feng waved his hand to collect his Immortal-binding Rope. Next, the secret chamber collapsed and he found himself within a spacious hall. As for the metal puppet, it had disappeared.

There was another figure standing within the hall. It was none other than Jiang Feng, the Human Immortal that everyone was besieging earlier. When he saw Chen Feng, Jiang Feng was taken aback. Then, he laughed. “Unexpectedly, you are the strongest amongst them all. You can so quickly defeat the metal puppet.”

“I was just lucky. Are you not afraid that we will besiege you again later? Rather, why are you not attacking me? I am the only one here right now. This is a good opportunity,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“You fellows have a good number of magic treasures on you. It will be difficult. If I am confident in my abilities to kill you all, I would not be holding back. At this moment, however, I am preserving my strength in order to obtain this Cloudmist Dimension’s treasures and legacy,” Jiang Feng said.

“It is said that Immortal Cloudmist is a high-level Human Immortal. No matter how you cut it, you are still a Human Immortal. This desire for his legacy seems uncalled for,” Chen Feng said, a disdainful smile on his face.

“What do you know? Immortal Cloudmist was already very close to reaching the Earthen Immortal stage. There are rumours that he had survived a fight against an Earthen Immortal before. In the end, though, when he was assailing the Earthen Immortal stage, his old wounds relapsed, leading to his failure to overcome the tribulation. Even so, he managed to stay alive for another ten years before finally succumbing to death. This Cloudmist Dimension is something he left behind before his death, meant to find a talented heir for his treasures and legacy,” Jiang Feng said.

“So, that’s how it is.” Chen Feng nodded. This was a new piece of information for him. Considering it, the legacy of an existence close to reaching the Earthen Immortal stage could indeed attract the attention of other Human Immortals. Not to mention, this Immortal Cloudmist was quite the formidable character amongst Human Immortals.

Looks like the legacy here will end up with one of the Cloud Map holders. However, the same cannot be said about the treasures inside. The treasures will belong to the one with the best abilities. Rather, that person can also choose to snatch away the Cloud Map and receive Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy, Chen Feng thought.


Dongfang Ming appeared as well. When he saw Chen Feng and Jiang Feng there, killing intent glinted across his eyes. However, it was quickly hidden. At the same time, he wondered just how strong Chen Feng was.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, next up were Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian. It would appear that he had underestimated them earlier.

After that, Bai Jianxing and the others came out, one at a time. The interval between each exit was more or less the same. In the end, however, a few of them did not make it out.

“Why aren’t the Qin siblings coming out?” Jian Qingling and the others could not stop themselves from asking.

“No questions are needed here. They must have lost to the metal puppet. Either that, or they were killed.” Lang Bin chortled.

“There are also two people from your side that did not come out,” Jian Qingling retorted.

“They can’t even handle that combat puppet. Pieces of trash. It would be better for them to die to the puppet. That way, there will be less people to share the treasures,” Lang Bin said with a sneer.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, the space there shook again and more people appeared. A total of six people had appeared in a row. When they saw that, all three parties there grew vigilant. 

Not Qin Chuan and the others. Looks like they are the fourth group with the Cloud Map, Chen Feng thought.

There were four parties there. The first, Jiang Feng, the Human Immortal. The second, Dongfang Ming’s group. The third, Jian Qingwu’s group and the fourth, the new group. Every party regarded each other vigilantly. Before they could say anything, though, a voice rang out.

“The assessment is over. The losers will be sent out from this dimension while the winners may receive a Sky-tier technique. A majestic voice rang out from beside their ears. Then, a large spatial passageway appeared before them, pitch-black in colour. It was unknown just where it would lead them. 

“A Sky-tier technique! Not bad, this trip was not in vain.”

After hearing that, some of them became excited. However, there were also those who revealed an indifferent look. Clearly, a Sky-tier technique was nothing in their eyes.

Chen Feng was also feeling somewhat disappointed. For Sky Human stage cultivators, a Sky-tier technique was quite a good item. Rather, even Human Immortals would fight each other desperately for the sake of some Sky-tier techniques. However, as someone who possessed the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng’s demand had become incredibly high. Normal techniques were not worth his time. Only techniques like the Demonic Heavengorging Art could move him.

Still, no reason to say no. Selling it will still be a good thing, Chen Feng thought.

“I’ll head in first.” Dongfang Ming was the first to enter the spatial passageway, disappearing from sight.

The others didn’t hesitate and they all stepped forward as well. Chen Feng felt light flashing out before him before finding himself within a vast room. Jade slips were floating in mid-air, enveloped by a mysterious power. Each of them shone with an alluring light.

“They are all jade slips. Do all of them contain Sky-tier techniques?” Chen Feng’s eyes swept around to find that there were at least 100 jade slips there. One glance was enough to tell that every one of them was crafted using precious jade.

“So many Sky-tier techniques. A pity, we can only choose one,” Jian Qingling said in a surprised tone.

“What a pity, Qin Chuan and his sister failed to come here,” Situ Nan, who was beside Chen Feng, said with a chuckle.

In the valley outside, light flashed out one after another. Qin Chuan, Qin Lian, the two half-step Human Immortals on Dongfang Ming’s side and another four fellows appeared. They had failed the assessment.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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