Chapter 607 Human Immortal, Jiang Feng


“A protective talisman. At the very least, the one who crafted it must be a Human Immortal. Consider yourself lucky. Hand the item over,” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile.

Dongfang Ming’s face was somewhat pale. It was unknown if it was due to the over exhaustion of his primary energy or dread towards the Storm of Sword Beams. However, hearing Chen Feng’s words, his face immediately returned to its normal state. “If you have what it takes, come and get it.”

“In that case, let’s see how many protective talismans you have.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Twin Swords of Life and Death spun once more and strands of sword energy began emerging from them. Chen Feng was planning on unleashing yet another Storm of Sword Beams.

Sensing the sword intent and power emanating from the Twin Swords of Life and Death, Dongfang Ming clenched his teeth before tossing over the square-shaped seal towards Chen Feng. After that, he turned and left.

At any rate, he had already collected two of the eight Sacred artefacts. He would allow this kid to feel happy for a while. Later, he would join up with the others to settle the score.

Of the eight Sacred artefacts there, Chen Feng obtained three, Dongfang Ming obtained two while Bai Jianxing and Liu Quan obtained one each. Thus, there was one left, the drum. It was a grade 5 Sacred artefact.

Chen Feng waved his hand and streams of sword energy swelled out from the Twin Swords of Life and Death to seal the doorway leading to the secret chamber. After that, Chen Feng began blasting the seals on the final Sacred artefact. It did not take long for the seals to break apart and the drum fell into Chen Feng’s grasp as well. 

Looking at the drum in his hand, Chen Feng was at a loss for words. It sported a bronze surface and the head of its hammer was tied with a piece of cloth. They were no different compared to the tools used for street performance. If it weren’t for the formidable emanations coming out from the drum, Chen Feng would have been incapable of recognizing its worth, even if he had stumbled upon it by accident.

I’ll keep it first and study it next time. It is a grade 5 Sacred artefact, after all. It should be useful. Chen Feng kept the drum and walked out from the secret chamber. The Twin Swords of Life and Death transformed into two streams of light, one black and one white, to flow into Chen Feng’s body.

Everyone was standing outside the secret chamber and every single one of them was looking at Chen Feng. That was particularly true of Dongfang Ming and those who were wounded by Chen Feng earlier. They stared at Chen Feng with gazes filled with killing intent. They wanted nothing more than to rush forward and kill Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, you are out. Ha ha ha! You gained quite a harvest!” Liu Quan laughed.

“We made a mistake. Unexpectedly, there is an expert here.” Lang Bin sneered, staring right at Chen Feng.

“Kid, let’s see determine which of us is stronger. If you lose, hand over all the Sacred artefacts you obtained earlier.” Qing Zhifeng, wielding a spear, strode forward. When he raised his spear, black mists surged forward and countless wolf-like howls could be heard.

Qing Zhifeng was a disciple of Soul Tempering Sect. It was only natural for him to be proficient in soul techniques. Innumerable souls had been sealed inside his spear.

“You alone?” Chen Feng responded with a scornful scoff.

“There’s me as well. Kid, if you hand over the items you obtained earlier, we can forget about this. We can continue to explore this palace as well. If you do not, you will die,” Dongfang Ming threatened.

“Oh? In other words, you are threatening me? At the end of the day, you still want the items from the secret chamber?” Chen Feng said. He brought out the Sacred artefacts and waved them around before keeping them again.

Forget Dongfang Ming’s side, when they saw that many Sacred artefacts in Chen Feng’s hands, even Jian Qingwu and the others were shocked. That was especially true of Qin Chuan. A hint of envy glinted across his eyes.

This kid is so lucky! He actually managed to get his hands on so many Sacred artefacts. I also opened a few secret chambers earlier, but I obtained nothing. How infuriating! Looks like I will have to find an opportunity to plot against him, Qin Chuan thought.

“I am not the only one who obtained treasures earlier. I recall seeing Dongfang Ming getting two Sacred artefacts just now. How about you hand those two out? You can give it to me or share them with others,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle, indifferent to all the gazes aimed at him.

“You have a death wish!”


The cultivators on Dongfang Ming’s side attacked, the attacks that they had been preparing shot towards Chen Feng, desirous of killing off Chen Feng instantly.

As for Chen Feng, he had long since prepared himself for this. He responded the instant they attacked, the Twin Swords of Life and Death rapidly spinning before him and the life and death energies moving to form a thick shield.

Jian Qingwu and the others did not simply stand by and do nothing. Even before Chen Feng emerged from the secret chamber, they were already on guard. Thus, they were not slow to respond to the attacks from Dongfang Ming’s side.

In just a flash, various killer moves were fired out and they all collided against one another. The air quaked and the floor cracked, bolts of lightning intersected each other as water and fire smashed against one another. A suppressive atmosphere of Heaven and Earth radiated outwards and the entire palace fell into a state of chaos.

As Chen Feng was considering whether or not to bring out the Blood Mustering Bead to capture them all, the space there suddenly shook and every one there involuntarily stopped whatever they were doing. A new figure had appeared within the palace hall. It was a tall, middle-aged man with a nondescript face. Despite his unremarkable appearance, the aura emanating from his body sent a shiver down everyone’s hearts.

A Human Immortal expert!

This newcomer was indeed a Human Immortal. Although every one of them were the geniuses of the various sects with astonishing cultivation talents and the ability to fight against even Human Immortals, standing before a Human Immortal had still brought them a sense of pressure.

Additionally, this person was no ordinary Human Immortal. The power inside his body was thick and a peculiar fluctuation could be sensed coming from his body. It was as though he could break through space to appear before them all at any moment.

“This fellow is already very close to the mid-level Human Immortal stage. He will be difficult to handle. However, there are so many of us here. Killing him will not be an issue.”

“Heh! I’m just worried that he might have some powerful cards up his sleeves. Everyone, stay alert. Do our best to avoid a fight.”

The two sides stopped fighting.  Each side had their own thoughts about their current situation and they secretly discussed the issue. Although they were on guard against this newly-arrived Human Immortal, he was not at the level where they would feel terrified of him.

“In terms of individual strength, this Human Immortal is far stronger compared to all of us. I suggest that both our groups join forces to kill him first. What do you think?” Jian Qingwu received Dongfang Ming’s secret vocal transmission. 

Jian Qingwu’s eyes glinted with light and she quickly responded, “All right. We’ll attack together.”

Observing them all, the Human Immortal abruptly laughed. “Ha ha! Looks like all of you managed to arrive before me. I don’t care which sect you fellows are from nor do I care about how powerful your backers are. What you fellows need to do right now is to hand over all the items on your person and I will spare your lives.”

“Jiang Feng, you are just a minor starter-level Human Immortal. You dare spout such words in front of us all? Today will be the day you die! Everyone, attack!” Clearly, Dongfang Ming had recognized this Human Immortal.

Dongfang Ming was the first to attack.

“Volcanic Explosion!”

He displayed his strongest attack.

“Let’s attack as well, Twin Swords of Sun and Moon!” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling attacked as well.

“River of Autumn Waters!”

“Moonbloom Spiritrise Sword!”

“Starry Sword Technique!”

“Azurekill Bloodwave!”

“Soul Wave!”

Various attacks were fired at the Human Immortal. Chen Feng was not slow to join the battle, bringing out the Heaven Measuring Ruler immediately. The Heaven Measuring Ruler jumped through space to attack the Human Immortal.

Seeing everyone attack him, the Human Immortal grew furious. Both his hands pushed forward and wave after wave of water ripples spread out from his palms. At the same time, a sword flew out from his forehead before immediately proliferating into countless swords, like a peacock spreading open its feathers. There was no way to tell if it was real or fake.

The ripples that Jiang Feng sent forward, despite their fragile appearance, were able to block most of the attacks aimed at him. Next, Jiang Feng’s sword attacks arrived, enveloping the whole place. Like a river of stars, they blasted all the remaining attacks away, even Chen Feng’s Heaven Measuring Ruler.

This Human Immortal is very strong. However, in the face of our combined siege, his death is certain. Although Chen Feng was taken aback by Jiang Feng’s prowess, he could roughly tell how this battle would end. At any rate, there was quite a number of half-step Human Immortals around. Additionally, all of them were from first-rate sects and families. Every one of them possessed extraordinary talents and hidden cards up their sleeves. Joining forces to kill off a Human Immortal was well within their abilities.

“As expected of a Human Immortal, a being that has comprehended the immortal dao laws, possessing the ability to link up with the Immortal Plane to extract immortal energy from there. A being that has taken a step into the immortal stage. However, you are alone here. Not to mention, you are only a starter-level Human Immortal. You are simply incapable of stopping our combined siege,” Dongfang Ming said, his five fingertips spreading out. Next, layer after layer of dazzling gold net spread out into the air. Immediately, everyone there felt a restraining power acting upon the surrounding space. The nets were seemingly capable of sealing up even space.

“This is the Immortal-binding Net, a Sacred artefact. I will entrap him. All of you, hurry up and attack him!” Dongfang Ming shouted.

“I also have a set of ropes here. I rarely use it. Hopefully, it will prove useful this time,” Jian Zhiqiu said, raising his hand. Instantly, water columns seemingly appeared from every direction. Immediately, the water columns condensed to form ropes with the power of water.

“That’s the Sacred Shackle of False Waters, a Sacred artefact!” someone shouted in shock.

The two Sacred artefacts suppressed Jiang Feng while the others kept attacking. All of them were using Sacred-tier magic treasures to attack. The formidable attacks placed Jiang Feng in an unfavourable position.

On Chen Feng’s side, he felt somewhat amused. Just moments ago, their two sides had been on the verge of fighting to the death. And now, they were joining forces against this Human Immortal. The change had happened so quickly that Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

He also knew that he could not afford to be distracted. Thus, the Heaven Measuring Ruler flew out again.


A sword light swept the Heaven Measuring Ruler to knock it back once again. Collecting the Heaven Measuring Ruler, Chen Feng then looked at the cracks on the ruler. He felt his heart aching.

This Human Immortal’s sword is a pretty good Sacred artefact. However, I do not believe that I cannot hit you with this! Chen Feng gnashed his teeth and unleashed the Heaven Measuring Ruler again.

This time, the Heaven Measuring Ruler managed to show off its power. With Jiang Feng flustered by the encirclement, Chen Feng managed to find an opening and the Heaven Measuring Ruler struck Jiang Feng’s shoulder with a bang, causing him to stumble. Seeing that, the others rushed forward. Sword light flashed and several wounds appeared on Jiang Feng’s body.

“Great! Brother Chen, again!” Liu Quan shouted.

“Restrain! Suppress!”


Dongfang Ming and Jian Zhiqiu shouted at the same time and Jiang Feng felt as though the surrounding space had become more constricted and more solid. There were even streams of restraining power flowing over to entangle him. He felt like a fish stuck in mud.

How troublesome! Why do they have so many Sacred artefacts? Jiang Feng felt vexed.

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