Chapter 606 Snatching Sacred Artefacts


“Too late.” Chen Feng’s arm pulsed and a volcano-like power rippled forward. Chen Feng had utilized the power of fire and mountains for this move. Fire, violent and explosive. Mountains, steady and great. The two types of power fused together and the resulting power instantly quaked the blade cultivator’s arm apart. As for his demonic blade, it ended up in Chen Feng’s hand.

Looks like I am still incapable of stopping a Sacred artefact with my bare hands. If it weren’t for the body armour, my hand would have been severed earlier. My fleshly body is still not strong enough, Chen Feng thought.

The demonic blade that Chen Feng snatched over was a grade 1 Sacred artefact. Without giving it a detailed inspection, Chen Feng kept it. By then, Dongfang Sheng had already unravelled Chen Feng’s attack and was attacking again.

“Behold, my Starry Sword Technique!” The sword in Dongfang Sheng’s hand seemingly erupted and ten thousand starlight motes spread out before Chen Feng. It was as though there were countless meteors streaking forward, shining like fireworks of light.


In the face of the attack, Chen Feng’s muscles shook and his domain power emerged in waves to stop the surrounding motes of sword light. At the same time, Chen Feng mobilized the Heaven Measuring Ruler. With a bang, Dongfang Sheng was struck in the head. Blood trickled down from his wounded head and he cut quite the miserable sight.

Next, Chen Feng grasped and Dongfang Sheng’s sword ended up in Chen Feng’s hand. With a thought from Chen Feng, the sword entered the Longevity Tower as well.


Dongfang Sheng’s lifebound magic treasure was snatched and he was no longer capable of sensing it. It felt as though someone had scooped out a portion of his sea of wisdom, sliced out a piece of his heart.

With both of their lifebound weapons snatched away by Chen Feng, Dongfang Sheng and the blade cultivator’s faces turned pale. They were badly wounded; however, they were still capable of fighting. Even so, fear had manifested within their hearts. Neither one dared to attack again. Even at their best, Chen Feng had successfully snatched away their lifebound magic treasures. At that moment, they were only thinking about how to run away. 

“I’m in a good mood right now. Next time you see me, stay away. If you don’t, I fear I won’t be able to control myself. I might actually just kill you two,” Chen Feng said, casting a scornful look at them before leaving.


Another secret chamber was opened. The moment it was opened, however, an overwhelming aura charged out to envelop the entire palace hall. All of them, be it the ones searching for secret chambers or those who were in the midst of attacking seals protecting the secret chambers, stopped whatever they were doing.

“The aura of a Sacred artefact! There’s more than one!”

“Sacred artefacts!”

“Go check it out and see who found it!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One figure after another flew through the palace hall and they quickly found the source of the aura.

The doors to a secret chamber were opened wide and a formidable aura kept spreading out. There were sword intent, blade intent and powers from various other magic treasures within the aura.

“These are no ordinary Sacred artefacts!”

Chen Feng had only just arrived when he saw Bai Jianxing and Liu Quan dash inside the secret chamber. Next, he heard the sounds of battle coming from the secret chamber.

Left with no time to consider anything else, Chen Feng quickly entered the secret chamber. There, he saw Bai Jianxing attacking Liu Quan, forcing him to constantly step back. As for Dongfang Ming, he was in the process of collecting one of the magic treasures within the secret chamber.

Seeing the magic treasures within the secret chamber, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

There were eight magic treasures in total, A sword, a wide blade, a spear, a bronze hammer, a whip, a square-shaped seal, a bronze bell and a drum.

A quick glance informed Chen Feng that all eight were Sacred artefacts. The weakest amongst them was a grade 3 Sacred artefact.

Seeing those Sacred artefacts, even Chen Feng’s eyes turned somewhat bloodshot.

He must snatch these eight Sacred artefacts.


A skyrocketing aura charged out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, he released a simple punch. A fist silhouette was formed and wind gathered upon the fist silhouette. When it arrived before Bai Jianxing, it abruptly exploded. Like an erupting volcano, the overflowing fist power rocked the entire secret chamber, causing it to reverberate.

Bai Jianxing had originally held the upper hand in his fight against Liu Quan. Just as he was about to force Liu Quan out from the secret chamber, however, the fist silhouette from Chen Feng forced Bai Jianxing to fall backwards. Sensing the power contained within the fist silhouette, Bai Jianxing was secretly shocked. Alarm rang out within his mind. This fist silhouette was strong enough to endanger him.

Chen Feng’s fleshly body was extremely powerful. Although it was only a simple punch, this attack contained a force of tens of millions of jin behind it. Should it make contact, even a half-step Human Immortal would end up suffering from broken bones.

The first to discover this secret chamber was Dongfang Ming. He held one of the half-section Cloud Maps and was the organizer of his group. Additionally, he also possessed a high cultivation base and a variety of hidden moves. It was only normal that someone like him could find this secret chamber. 

However, there were seals protecting the eight Sacred artefacts. In order to collect the Sacred artefacts, he would first need to break the seals. However, Dongfang Ming had only just begun work on one when the others were alarmed and rushed into the secret chamber at the same time. 

Dongfang Ming swore inwardly. However, there was nothing else he could do. The aura of Sacred artefacts had charged out from the secret chamber the instant he opened the doors. It was something that he could not stop. Thus, what he needed to do at the moment was to collect the Sacred artefacts before him while stopping the others.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

After a series of popping sounds, the seals protecting one of the Sacred artefacts were broken. With a grasp, a spear fell into Dongfang Ming’s grasp.

Overall, the spear appeared bronze in colour. Immeasurably profound patterns filled the surface of the spear. At the same time, countless lightning bolts flashed across its surface. The tip of the spear undulated with a bloody luminescence. This was a sign that it had killed a great many people before.

“That is a grade 4 Sacred artefact.” Chen Feng felt somewhat envious. However, he quickly moved forward, unleashing the Great Longevity Palm against the Sacred-tier sword within the secret chamber. At the same time, the Twin Swords of Life and Death shot out from his body. Sword energy flared as the two swords charged towards two other Sacred artefacts.

Chen Feng had chosen to take action against three Sacred artefacts the moment he took action. Originally, Dongfang Ming and Bai Jianxing had wanted to stop Chen Feng. However, when they saw Chen Feng’s might and the Twin Swords of Life and Death, they decided against it. Besides, the aura of Sacred artefacts that burst out earlier would also attract the others over. Thus, it was imperative that they collect these Sacred artefacts as soon as possible.


Sword energy surged out from the sealed sword, slicing forward to shred the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng sent out. Sensing the aura coming from the sealed sword, Chen Feng grew shocked.

It’s also a grade 6 Sacred artefact! It is of the same grade as my Demon Sealing Sword!

There is Five Elemental Metalcore energy within the streams of sword energy. No wonder it is so sharp. I must get this. Even if I do not end up using it in the end, I can still sell it or trade it for something I need. Chen Feng’s hand moved, bringing out the Four-sided Spirit Mace to repeatedly smash against the sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A violent atmosphere rocked the secret chamber. The faces of Dongfang Ming and Bai Jianxing turned pale as they watched Chen Feng swing the Four-side Spirit Mace, giving off the image of a domineering Heavenly God.

Where did this fellow come from? How could he possess so many Sacred artefacts? He is surely not from Heavenly Sword Faction, Dongfang Ming thought.

Finally, due to the attacks from the Four-side Spirit Mace, the seals on the sword broke. Stretching his hand, Chen Feng grabbed the sword. Next, an invincible sword intent assailed his sea of wisdom.

Suppress and extinguish it!

Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered to subdue the Sacred artefact. He simply tossed it into the Longevity Tower. As expected, after entering the Longevity Tower, the sword, radiating a formidable atmosphere of sharpness, immediately turned docile. It became no different from an ordinary sword.

On the other side, the Twin Swords of Life and Death broke the seals on the other two Sacred artefacts. A small, quaint-looking bronze bell flew into Chen Feng’s grasp. Surprisingly, it was a grade 5 Sacred artefact. However, just as the other Sacred artefact, a square-shaped seal, was about to end in Chen Feng’s grasp, a silhouette rushed inside and snatched the Sacred artefact.

Chen Feng was greatly infuriated. Unexpectedly, someone would seize something that was already so close to becoming his. With a thought, the Twin Swords of Life and Death flared with light and charged towards the silhouette. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

This fellow’s movement speed was very fast and he moved like a stream of light. He was able to continuously dodge the pursuit of the Twin Swords of Life and Death. 

Just as he was about to escape from the secret chamber, however, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling arrived. When they saw what was happening, they did not even bother taking the time to consider what was happening. Instead, their swords slashed towards the escaping figure.

Seeing no other options, the figure then tossed the square-shaped seal towards Dongfang Ming.

Cha! Cha!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death unleashed a cross slash and two long cuts appeared on the figure’s body armour. Blood also gushed out.

So, it’s that Qing Zhifeng. Unexpectedly, his movement technique is so fast. If it weren’t for the two sisters, he would have succeeded in escaping, Chen Feng thought.

The Twin Swords of Life and Death circled around to rush towards Dongfang Ming. The square-shaped seal was a good Sacred artefact. Chen Feng was unwilling to give up on it.

“You’re going overboard!” Dongfang Ming was greatly infuriated. The aura coming off him transformed drastically. He held onto the seal in one hand while wielding a sword in another, his entire being like a Heavenly God descending upon the mundane world.

Seeing Chen Feng take two Sacred artefacts had already stirred Dongfang Ming’s killing intent. At that moment, however, Chen Feng was actually targeting him? Unacceptable. Dongfang Ming could not let this slide.

“Volcanic Explosion!”

Dongfang Ming stopped going after the Sacred artefacts. Instead, he displayed his secret technique to fight Chen Feng. His whole body grew bigger and it felt as though there was a volcano within his body, constantly bursting with lava. He brandished his sword, which transformed into countless streams of lava. Due to that, the temperature of the secret chamber began rising.

“You think I’m afraid of you? Storm of Sword Beams!”

Chen Feng did not have the time to waste on him. Thus, he had instantly unleashed his killer move. Utilizing the Twin Swords of Life and Death, Chen Feng was able to unleash far more of the two swords power than before. The two grade 6 Sacred artefacts roared, firing out sword beams while life and death energies raged without respite. In just the blink of an eye, the entire secret chamber had become a sea of sword beams.

“No! Retreat!” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling had only just entered the secret chamber when they saw the overwhelming number of sword beams sweeping towards them. The lethality they sensed from it gave them the thought that they would be shredded into pieces the very next instant.


Bai Jianxing, Liu Quan and Qing Zhifeng showed no hesitation. Their figures transformed into streams of light to fly out from the secret chamber. As Bai Jianxing was slightly too slow to escape, several sword wounds instantly appeared across his back. It was a bloody and scary sight.

After the storm subsided, the Twin Swords of Life and Death returned to Chen Feng. On Dongfang Ming’s side, there was a faint barrier protecting him. It was this barrier that had defended him against Chen Feng’s Storm of Sword Beams.

Even so, the barrier was shaking non-stop. Finally, with a banging sound, it collapsed into pieces before transforming into strands of chaotic energy.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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