Chapter 605 Secret Chamber


“Who are you? You don’t look like a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction,” Dongfang Ming asked with a serious tone. The attacks from the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction would always be accompanied by an eruption of sword energy. Even when using their bare hands to fight, there would be sword intent within their moves. However, the palm technique that Chen Feng utilized earlier had left Dongfang Ming lost. He only felt that it was an exquisite move, one that he had never heard or seen before.

“He is an elder of our Heavenly Sword Faction,” Liu Quan said with a derisive grin, stepping forward.

“Elder? Looks more like an honorary elder to me. I don’t care who you are. Is what you said earlier true?” Dongfang Ming stared at Chen Feng.

“Naturally, it’s true. When we were entering, we sensed the other party. Judging by the speed of their advance, the other party is most likely a Human Immortal. We are not afraid of you if you want to fight us. We can determine who is the strong and who is the weak first before searching for treasures,” Jian Qingwu said, stepping towards them.

“Dongfang Ming, what do we do?” The cultivators on Dongfang Ming’s side began discussing the issue in secrecy.

“It seems they are telling the truth. If we fight to the death here and other cultivators enter, it will only end up benefitting the others.”

“Yes, this group from Heavenly Sword Faction is not to be trifled with. If we truly get into a fight with them, it will only end in mutual destruction. We should search for treasures first.”

“We are here for treasures. At present, not even the shadow of a treasure could be seen. There is no need to be fighting to the death here.”

Soon enough, Dongfang Ming’s side came to an agreement.

“Fine. Since we entered this place together, it means there is some fateful connection between us. In that case, we will not be bothering one another. As for the items inside, finders keepers. Do you fellows have any objections?” Dongfang Ming said.

“Then, everything will depend on our luck.” Jian Qingwu nodded.

“Let’s go.”

The eight cultivators from Dongfang Ming’s group dispersed. Jian Qingwu and the others looked at one another before dispersing as well, each making their way through the palace. At any rate, the interior of this palace was big enough and no one knew where the treasures were hidden. Staying together was not a good choice.

“There is a secret chamber here!”

Soon enough, someone found a secret chamber. It was Dongfang Sheng, Dongfang Ming’s little brother. However, the secret chamber was sealed. Thus, Dongfang Sheng began blasting open the secret chamber.

Realizing that Dongfang Sheng had found a secret chamber, the other cultivators wanted to rush over as well. However, Jian Qingwu and Qin Chuan also found more secret chambers there. Noticing that, they all realized that there were many secret chambers within the palace. There was no need to snatch from others. Thus, they all dispersed farther away from one another. The palace hall was very big, after all. Additionally, it was as though there was a wondrous power affecting the place. It did not take long before every one of them lost sight of the others.

Dongfang Ming and Jian Qingwu possessed the half-section Cloud Map. Their harvests should be bigger, Chen Feng thought.

Forget cultivation techniques, I hope I can find some material items like spirit stones, spiritual herbs, ores and others like those. Chen Feng moved quickly while sending his soul power out to search around the palace hall.


Chen Feng’s soul power fluctuated and he quickly found a secret chamber. Next, Chen Feng was quick to blast open the secret chamber. His actions were fast and it did not take long for him to break the seal on the secret chamber.

The door to the secret chamber opened and Chen Feng hastily walked inside.

“Eh, it’s empty?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. The secret chamber was 100 square metre large. However, it was empty. There was nothing there but the smooth floor.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng did not stay. He promptly left the secret chamber to continue searching for other secret chambers.

There’s another secret chamber here. No, there is no seal on it. Someone else must have broken it open already. After finding another secret chamber, Chen Feng had wanted to attack, but he quickly stopped.


The door to the secret chamber opened up and Dongfang Sheng darted out. Seeing Chen Feng there, he instantly burst into laughter. “You’re one step too late!”

After Dongfang Sheng left, Chen Feng considered for a moment before entering the secret chamber as well. A thick medicinal scent wafted towards his nose. Unfortunately, the secret chamber was empty. Not even a blade of grass was left behind.

There should have been medicinal herbs inside this secret chamber. A pity, Dongfang Sheng beat me to it. If I was just a little bit earlier, I would fight him for it. Chen Feng shook his head and left the secret chamber.

Finally, after blasting open another secret chamber, Chen Feng was greeted by an overwhelming sword energy and sword intent when he stepped into the chamber.

Chen Feng strode forward and he fired out his own aura while swinging his hand forward in a grasping manner. All of the sword energy and sword intent disappeared and five finger-sized flying swords, shining with a gem-like lustre, rested on Chen Feng’s palm.

So, they are flying swords. Top-grade Prized artefacts. A pity, they are not Sacred artefacts. Additionally, they are also not of the five elements. Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. His Five Elemental acupoints were still lacking the aegis of magic treasures. Although he did possess quite a number of magic treasures on him, none of them were suitable.

Chen Feng had only just kept the flying swords when a figure flashed before him. Lang Bin had entered.

“What was inside this chamber? Hand it over now!” Seeing Chen Feng, Lang Bin shouted. At the same time, a bluish-green light shone out from each of his eyes, firing into Chen Feng’s eyes.

Lang Bin was born in Wolf God Sect and the Magic Eyes of the Azure Wolf that he cultivated was very powerful. Many a cultivator had easily fallen prey to his eye technique.

Chen Feng responded with an icy scoff. His Magic Eyes of Darkness activated and Lang Bin felt as though his entire being had fallen into a dark and sticky world. There was no way for him to get his bearings. Even the concept of time had disappeared.

“A dark-type eye technique! I had underestimated this kid!”

“Azurekill Bloodwave!”

Upon noticing his predicament, Lang Bin immediately displayed a secret technique to counter his situation. The power of his eye technique spread out and his soul power kept fighting. Finally, he managed to break the surrounding darkness.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Lang Bin kept backing away until his figure stepped out from the secret chamber. His eyes were closed and a trickle of blood flowed down his cheeks.

Chen Feng chuckled. He did not continue to attack and instead, swiftly left.

“This kid is not to be underestimated. He actually cultivated the Magic Eyes of Darkness. It is of an even higher grade than my Magic Eyes of the Azure Wolf.” Lang Bin gritted his teeth and opened his eyes. His bluish-green eyes were now blood-red. It was a sight capable of entrancing others.


Once again, Chen Feng blasted open another secret chamber. Upon entering, he saw countless spirit stones. The brilliant radiance of the spirit stones bedazzled Chen Feng’s eyes.

These are top-grade Prized crystals. There are at least ten million pieces of them here. This is quite the treasure hoard. Just as Chen Feng was about to collect the spirit stones, however, a mighty cultivator strode inside the secret chamber. He swung the demonic blade in his hand at Chen Feng while sending a gourd flying upwards. The gourd then began collecting the spirit stones inside the secret chamber.

He was one of the half-step Human Immortals on Dongfang Ming’s side. All Chen Feng knew was that he was a blade cultivator. He had no other information on him.

Seeing the fellow attack him while collecting the spirit stones within the secret chamber, Chen Feng promptly smiled. Waving his hand, the Demon Sealing Sword’s power flared out. A sealing power acted upon both the blade cultivator’s body and his demonic blade, causing both to halt for a moment.

Chen Feng then took a large step forward and sent a punch forward. There was a force of tens of millions of jin behind the punch.

After overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng’s strength had increased exponentially. Even before that, Chen Feng was already capable of unleashing a punch with a force of ten million jin. At present, his punch could easily blow up a small mountain.


Chen Feng’s fist flew forward. First, the demonic blade was sent flying. Next, the blade cultivator sprayed out blood as his figure, too, was sent flying. As for Chen Feng, his other hand grasped to catch the gourd.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the face of Chen Feng’s soul power, the seals on the gourd broke. Next, Chen Feng’s divine sense entered and saw that there were piles of various spirit stones within the gourd. A brief inspection revealed that there were over 50 million spirit stones inside.

As expected, stealing from others is the fastest way to get rich. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng then kept the gourd inside the Longevity Tower. Next, he collected everything within the secret chamber.

After walking out from the secret chamber, Chen Feng smiled. “What is it? It looks like you are not willing to admit defeat. If you want revenge, then just attack.”

The blade cultivator was standing before Chen Feng, the demonic blade in his grasp. He ignored the wounds on his body and the blade intent radiating from his body kept rising. 


Dongfang Sheng appeared before Chen Feng as well. The moment he appeared, he said, “Hand it over.” 

“If you don’t want to die, don’t stop me.” Chen Feng remained indifferent in the face of the suppressive actions from two half-step Human Immortals. If this was before his tribulation, he would have had to exercise a great deal of caution in just dealing with one of them. At present, however, the urgent desire to go search for other treasures within the palace was the only thing stopping him from fighting them. He really wanted to see how strong he had become. 

Naturally, if these two wanted to tangle him up, he would not go easy on them.

“You want to leave? Not so fast!” The blade cultivator’s voice rang out like thunder. His unity of man and blade move locked Chen Feng down and an astral blade hacked down upon Chen Feng’s head. 

At the same time, Dongfang Sheng’s flying sword swept towards Chen Feng’s waist. These two fellows were attacking at the same time, showing a high level of cooperation.

Chen Feng’s figure abruptly released a pulse and the surrounding space vibrated. Energy streams surged and a domain was released. In the eyes of the two attackers, Chen Feng seemingly grew a notch bigger.

A Palm of Wind and Lightning and a Palm of Water and Fire flew forward to block the two incoming attacks. Next, Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward, escaping from the locking power that the two of them had placed upon Chen Feng. Following that, Chen Feng raised his hand and the Longevity Sword, Longevity Blade, Longevity Lance and ten plus more weapons flew forward to attack Dongfang Sheng and the blade cultivator from every direction.

“Paltry tricks!” Dongfang Sheng sneered. His flying sword abruptly fired out a myriad number of sword beams, which enveloped his body, forming a sword-shaped shield to block all the incoming attacks.

The blade cultivator gave up on defending himself and simply allowed the weapons to hit him. His whole figure seemingly transformed into a blade, hacking down against Chen Feng.

Earlier, Chen Feng had wounded him and snatched away his storage gourd. Thus, at that very moment, there was only one thought going through his mind. To kill Chen Feng and take back his belongings.


In the face of the blade cultivator’s attack, Chen Feng simply extended a palm to grab the incoming demonic blade. Streams of blade energy swirled forth chaotically and the energy shield protecting Chen Feng’s palm was sliced apart. At the same time, wounds appeared across Chen Feng’s palm. However, the wounds were all very fine, like red lines. The flesh there fused and healed before blood could trickle out from the wounds.

“What? How can there be such a formidable fleshly body? You must be wearing a defensive-type magic treasure over your hand!” the blade cultivator cried out in shock and he wanted to pull his demonic blade back.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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