Chapter 604 Entering the Dimension


“As expected of half-step Yao Kings. They are much stronger compared to half-step Human Immortals. That’s particularly true of such talented and formidable bird-type yao beasts. They are even stronger and harder to deal with,” Chen Feng said.

“Very powerful. It would be great if we could tame one. When it breaks through again, we could have a mount at the Yao King stage,” Situ Nan said smilingly.

“Thankfully, no one is injured this time. Next, everyone should keep their guard up,” Jian Qingwu said.

Soon enough, their group made their way into the central area of the Misty Mountains. They could sense a considerable change in the worldly laws there. Even half-step Human Immortals were affected, suppressed. At the same time, the surrounding mists became thicker and more viscous. Poisonous energy streams floated around and they had to keep themselves in a high state of vigilance.

“A formidable power has seemingly distorted the space here. The worldly laws here are much stronger compared to the outer areas. It is no wonder that ordinary Sky Human stage cultivators would be incapable of coming here. Even half-step Human Immortals would end up getting slightly suppressed,” Chen Feng said, moving to stand before a tree with the girth of an arm. Chen Feng swung his hand and a one-metre-long section of the tree ended up in his grasp.

“The trees here are more durable than iron. This section alone weighs several hundred jin. As expected, the quality of an item depends on the kind of environment it stays in.” Liu Quan was holding onto a medicinal herb. It was a spiritual herb. Although Chen Feng did not recognize the spiritual herb, he could sense that it contained a potent medicinal power.

“This is a Shadesoul Flower. It is a good item that cannot grow in ordinary terrain. Even for Human Immortals, this is a useful spiritual herb. It can be used to concoct Sky-tier medicinal pills. It is a special spiritual herb for the cultivation of spiritual power,” Liu Quan said with a smug tone.

“Your Shadesoul Flower is nothing. Look what I have here?” Situ Nan rapidly caught up to him. In his hand were several wild fruits that looked as though they were formed using mists. When they saw those fruits, Liu Quan and the others widened their eyes in shock.

“Misty Fruits! Those are good items. Why wasn’t I as lucky as you?” Jian Luobo said with a slight tone of envy.

“Ha ha, those really are Misty Fruits! How about I use this Shadesoul Flower in exchange for one?” Liu Quan was quick to say.

“No need for an exchange. I’ll just give you one.” Situ Nan generously tossed a Misty Fruit towards Liu Quan.

“The Cloudmist Dimension should be 50 kilometres ahead. We’ll be there after making our way through this mountain before us.” Jian Qingwu brought out the half-section Cloud Map and sensed around with it.

“Let’s go!”

In less than one hour’s time, they came to a halt within a hidden valley.

“The Cloudmist Dimension is right here. However, I am simply incapable of sensing it,” Liu Quan said.

Everyone there released their soul powers to inspect the area, even Chen Feng. However, they did not notice anything amiss there.

“It’s right in front of us.” Jian Qingwu said, stirring the half-section Cloud Map. The Cloud Map shone with a brilliant light and the space before them instantly fluctuated and a passageway appeared before them all.

“It really is here.”

“We found it.”

“This is the Cloudmist Dimension?”

Everyone there felt pleasantly surprised. However, Jian Qingwu did not enter the passageway. Instead, her face flickered somewhat.

“I sense the existence of two other Cloud Maps. They have only just entered the Misty Mountains. One of them keeps moving about. It is moving at an extremely rapid pace. I think the map is in the hands of a Human Immortal,” Jian Qingwu said solemnly.

“What? A Human Immortal?!” Everyone grew surprised.

“Even if a Human Immortal comes, we’ll just kill him,” Jian Luobo said, snickering. They were all geniuses amongst geniuses. A few of them were even strong enough to face off against an average Human Immortal. With so many of them here, they could even kill off a Human Immortal. Naturally, only the average Human Immortal. 

It had to be said, there were distinctions even amongst Human Immortals. They were separated to starter-level, mid-level and high-level. Forget a high-level Human Immortal, even a mid-level Human Immortal could slap all of them to wonderland.

“Forget it, let’s enter the Cloudmist Dimension first,” said Jian Qingwu, who stepped into the passageway.

“No rush!” Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian exchanged glances before bringing out several spirit stones. They inserted the spirit stones into the ground before entering the passageway.

“Illusion-type magic array!”

One by one, they entered the passageway, Chen Feng, Liu Quan and Situ Nan were the last three to enter. However, before entering, they also set up some killing magic arrays there. Chen Feng, in particular, had brought out some Magic artefacts, Prized artefacts and high-grade spirit stones – clenching his teeth as he did – to set up some hidden magic arrays. 

“Heh! Even a Human Immortal would end up in a flustered state for a while.” Chen Feng snickered.

“A pity. We don’t have the time, otherwise we can arrange a few great arrays. Add Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian’s illusion techniques, we can kill off the Human Immortal. Even if we can’t kill the Human Immortal, we would definitely be capable of seriously wounding him or her,” Liu Quan said ruefully.

Soon enough, everyone in the group entered the passageway and the passageway disappeared. Everything within the valley returned to a state of tranquillity.

Light shone from the eyes of the middle-aged man flying through the Misty Mountains. “Someone else has entered the Cloudmist Dimension. Hopefully, I will be able to make it in time.”

This middle-aged man was a Human Immortal. As his eye shone with light, he sped up, covering great distances in the blink of an eye.

Somewhere far behind this Human Immortal were several cultivators. They were riding flying swords forward and they formed a battle formation while charging forward. They were tightly guarding the young cultivator in the middle.

“Not good. Someone else has entered again. Looks like we are the slowest one.” The young cultivator’s face sank.

“Young Master, there is no need to worry. If the other party manages to get the treasures first, we can just snatch the treasures from them,” the cultivator beside him said with a smile.

“That’s right. Only Young Master can obtain the legacy of Immortal Cloudmist. Even if some other fellows manage to obtain it, their fate will be death.”

“Enough, don’t be careless. Let’s go check it out first.” The Young Master snickered, killing intent flashing within his eyes.

“This is the interior of the Cloudmist Dimension?” After making his way through the passageway, Chen Feng found himself standing before a massive palace.

The palace was both tall and massive, radiating a powerful atmosphere of greatness. It was at least 1,000 metres tall. Lustrous yellow in colour, the body of the palace was made from brass and a plaque was placed 100 metres above. On the plaque were the quaintly written words ‘Cloudmist Palace’. The two words shone with brilliance; a great power had been imbued into them.

Could this be similar to the Spirit Essence Tower in the pocket dimension? Chen Feng could not stop himself from wondering.

“Hey, that is a wholly undamaged Immortal artefact. This one is just an ordinary palace. At best, it has some seals on it,” Tower suddenly said, a scornful tone in his voice.

Sounds of battle rang out from within the palace. Without thinking too much about it, Chen Feng hastily rushed in and saw Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling fighting together against a young cultivator. It would appear as though the two sides were evenly matched. However, Chen Feng could tell that the two sisters were no match for this young cultivator. 

“This should be the other party who entered before us, the holders of the other Cloud Map.” Chen Feng looked around, his eyes narrowing.

“Heh! Eight half-step Human Immortals. They are very strong.” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

Although Chen Feng’s party had eleven people, there were only six half-step Human Immortals amongst them. A perfunctory glance would reveal that the other party was a notch stronger in both individual levels and comprehensive power.

“Brother Liu, who are they?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“The guy fighting against Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling is Dongfang Ming. He is a member of the Dongfang Family. The guy standing near him is Dongfang Sheng. He is Dongfang Ming’s little brother. The one in white robes is Bai Jianxing, a member of the Bai Family. The one clad in cyan armour, holding a spear in his hand is someone from Soul Tempering Sect. His name is Qing Zhifeng. There is also the guy with shining blue eyes. He is Lang Bin, from the Wolf God Sect. I do not recognize the other three. However, it looks like they are also from great families,” Liu Quan swiftly informed Chen Feng.

“You two are no match for me. Hurry up and hand over the Cloud Map and leave this place. That way, you can preserve your lives. If you do not, all of you will die here,” Dongfang Ming said as he attacked. It was clear that the fight was not putting any pressure on him.

“Dream on! Why don’t you hand over your Cloud Map? That way, we can let you guys live!” Jian Qingling retorted.

“In that case, I won’t hold back now,” Dongfang Ming said, a volcano-like power erupting from his body. Every move he made grew stronger and Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were forced to retreat continuously. It seemed as though their loss was imminent.

“I have heard that these two are members of Absolute Academy. The way I see it, they are only average.” Wolf God Sect’s Lang Bin snickered.

“Is that so? I’ll have you taste the skills of us disciples from Absolute Academy!” Xie Hongyan revealed a derisive grin and a riot of colours shone from her eyes. Wave after wave of soul power rippled out in a unique manner.

“An illusion? Paltry tricks. Watch as I break your illusion,” Lang Bin said, his eyes shining with a bluish-green light. Popping sounds rang out and soon, Xie Hongyan’s face sank and she was forced to take a few steps back.

“Magic Eyes of the Azure Wolf!” Xie Hongyan was surprised.

“That’s right. This is none other than the Magic Eyes of the Azure Wolf. It is the counter to illusions. What else do you have? Show me.” Lang Bin chortled, feeling pleased with himself.

“Let me experience your Magic Eyes of the Azure Wolf and see if it can block my sword techniques.” Jian Luobo stepped forward, his whole being becoming like an unsheathed sword. The sharp sword intent caused Lang Bin’s face to turn serious.

Lang Bin was confident in his ability to deal with Xie Hongyan’s illusions. However, he was not so confident in handling formidable sword techniques. Not to mention, Jian Luobo was on the same cultivation level as him, the half-step Human Immortal stage.

“Jian Luobo, I will be the one to experience your sword techniques!” The man with the sword-like brows, Bai Jianxing, stepped forward, carrying a sword in hand.

Seeing a battle on the verge of erupting, Chen Feng spoke up. “I think we should stop fighting for now, otherwise when the Human Immortal catches up to us, we won’t be able to get anything from this place.”

“A Human Immortal is coming?” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Dongfang Ming retracted his sword light. With a flash, his figure appeared before Chen Feng.

“Kid, are you telling the truth?” Dongfang Ming said, his hand stretching out to grab Chen Feng.


Chen Feng swiftly sent his palm out to collide against Dongfang Ming’s incoming palm. A thunderous bang rang out and lightning bolts surged out from in between their two palms. Crackling sounds rang out without respite.

Neither side were forced back. In the end, the two of them retracted their palms at the same time. However, a hint of fear glinted across Dongfang Ming’s eyes. In the earlier confrontation, Dongfang Ming had failed to determine Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

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