Chapter 603 Dreamcloud Eagle


“By the way, your move earlier surprised us, Brother Chen,” Liu Quan said smilingly.

“It’s just a minor secret technique. If it weren’t for the wounds you fellows left on the apes, my techniques would have been useless.” Chen Feng waved the remark off and said nothing else.

“There is still quite some distance between us and the central area. To think that we would already be encountering some formidable yao beasts. We’ll have to be more careful,” Jian Qingwu said, bringing out some talismans to conceal their auras. She pasted one on each of them and their auras instantly disappeared, retracted into their respective bodies.

As for Qin Chuan, he grew more conservative, not daring to rush in front anymore. Instead, he meekly moved alongside Qin Lian. However, light glinted within his eyes. It was unknown just what was on his mind.

“Retracting our auras might not necessarily be an effective measure. The Misty Mountains is fraught with dangers, after all. Everyone should practice caution. If we encounter yao beasts, we should try to avoid them. At any rate, someone has already beaten us to the Cloudmist Dimension. If we waste too much time here, I fear there will be nothing left inside,” Liu Quan said.

“It will likely not be easy to get Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy. However, it is also true that we cannot afford to get delayed again,” Jian Qingwu said.

“Careful, we have entered a poisonous zone,” Luo Pianpian suddenly said. She waved her hand as she moved forward and strands of black energy streams were pulled out from the surrounding mists. The black energy streams rapidly condensed upon her palm to form a black ball.

The black energy ball kept rotating and it was as though there were countless miniature bugs flying within the ball.


The black energy ball was tossed out to land upon a piece of rock. Next, it corroded the piece of rock to create a deep hole there.

“They are hidden within the mists and they do not give off any smell. This poisonous energy is quite formidable,” Situ Nan exclaimed.

“These poisonous energy streams suddenly drifted over. It is said that there are poisonous marshes and fountains in the Misty Mountains. Perhaps, these poisonous energy streams had come from those places,” Luo Pianpian said.

Likewise, Chen Feng too, grasped and a clump of poisonous energy was caught in his hand before entering his body. He swiftly refined the poisonous energy and a new strand of primary energy was added into his body.

I wonder when I can open up the Poison acupoint? When the time comes, I will be able to absorb a great deal of these poisonous energy streams to improve my strength, Chen Feng thought.

As an act of prevention, they had chosen to take the Poison Prevention Pills. Jian Qingwu even brought out a multi-coloured bead. The moment she brought out the bead, the surrounding poisonous energy and mists were dispersed by an invisible force. Due to that, they all felt as though the area around them had grown more spacious.

Poison Prevention Bead. That’s a Poison Prevention Bead. A pity, its grade is not high enough and it can only cover a very small range, Chen Feng thought.

They swiftly ventured forward, covering a distance of several thousand li in a short time. Unknown to them, the moment Jian Qingwu brought out the Poison Prevention Bead, a bird the size of a small mountain, which was flying high above, had set its sights upon them. However, this bird was too far up in the sky. Additionally, there were also clouds and streams of energy around them. Add the fact that this yao beast was not radiating any yao energy, Chen Feng and the others had failed to notice it.

After Chen Feng’s group managed to cover another several thousand li, another massive bird appeared in the sky. Thus, the two birds attacked.

As the two massive birds were rapidly diving down, energy streams began forming around their broad wings. When there were 1,000 zhang left in between them and Chen Feng’s group, their huge wings flapped instantly and streams of energy swirled forward to form hurricanes, which swept towards Chen Feng and the others.

“Not good! Hurry up and dodge!”

Sensing the powerful atmosphere of coercion coming from high above, Chen Feng dashed as fast as he could, speeding up to move away. Flowing light flashed out as several of them made use of Swiftwind Talismans, allowing their speed to rise by a notch.

Wherever the hurricanes went, mountains were directly uprooted and huge craters appeared upon the ground. The rocks, trees and vegetation there were all shredded by blade-like winds.

By then, Chen Feng was already hiding himself far away from the hurricanes. He brought out a piece of Mystic Iron and tossed it into one of the hurricanes. Instantly, the piece of Mystic Iron was shredded into pieces.

“Incredible! These are no ordinary hurricanes!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Of course not. These are the attacks sent out by two bird yaos.” Liu Quan quickly made his way towards Chen Feng. Suddenly, one of the hurricanes spun towards Liu Quan from behind.

Chen Feng swiftly waved his hands to fire out several sword beams, slicing the hurricane into pieces. Liu Quan himself was continuously swinging his palms and formidable palm blasts kept smashing forward to finally disperse the entire hurricane.

Chen Feng’s eyes focused and he could clearly make out two large birds, each the size of a small mountain, diving down at them. By spreading open their broad wings, they had a wingspan of over 100 zhang, so big that they could blot out the sun. Flapping their wings, they caused countless energy streams to swirl into form, creating one hurricane after another. The unstoppable hurricanes left a trail of utter annihilation behind them. It was as though the end of days had come.

“Two half-step Yao Kings!” Sensing the overwhelming yao energies, Chen Feng blurted.

“Those are Dreamcloud Eagles. These yao beasts specialize in the power of winds and clouds. Additionally, these ones are half-step Yao Kings. This will be troublesome.” The swords in Liu Quan and Situ Nan’s hands transformed into streams of light to circle around in the air, slicing two hurricanes apart.

“Dreamcloud Eagles are very fast. We will not be able to shake them off. Let’s stop and deal with them first,” Xie Hongyan said, bringing out a circular bead that was flashing with lightning. She hurled it into the sky and it exploded. The power of Sky Lightning spread out and waves of invisible power charged towards the two Dreamcloud Eagles.

“That is the Radiant Thunderbolt Bead that I crafted. It contains the power of Sky Lightning and illusions. Hopefully, it will be able to stop the two Dreamcloud Eagles for some time. Everyone, hurry up and get into formation. Attack!” Xie Hongyan said, bringing out another two Radiant Thunderbolt Beads to hurl upwards. The power of Sky Lightning and illusions came into effect simultaneously. As expected, the speed at which the Dreamcloud Eagles were descending slowed down.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng and the others came together and unleashed formidable attacks into the sky.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Jian Qingwu and the other disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction brought out their swords, each unleashing a sword beam almost simultaneously. To Chen Feng’s surprise, every one of the swords in their hands were Sacred artefacts. As all of them were very close to the Human Immortal stage, the Sacred-tier swords in their hands roared, seemingly erupting with all their might.

After hurling out her Radiant Thunderbolt Beads, Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian then continued to utilize their illusion techniques to interfere with the Dreamcloud Eagles’ movements.

Qin Chuan and Qin Lian displayed a twin swords technique. Combined with the might of the Sacred-tier swords in their hands, the power behind their sword technique was extraordinary.

Chen Feng did not stay idle either. He unleashed an even more domineering attack, throwing a tangible fist silhouette towards the sky. The fist silhouette was so condensed, it looked like true flesh. At the same time, however, it also shone with a faint light. It contained the power of concept that Chen Feng had learned from the Sky Meteorite. This punch from him brought with it the atmosphere of the cosmos.

In the face of all the attacks, the two Dreamcloud Eagles responded with their own ferocious counter attacks. After getting rid of the illusions, the two Dreamcloud Eagles opened their mouths to fire out one lightning bolt after another. At the same time, their broad wings flapped fiercely and wind blades sliced through the air to instantly collide against the attacks sent by Chen Feng’s group below.

However, there were simply too many attacks. The combined might of them all was simply too strong. Thus, a few sword beams had still managed to land on the Dreamcloud Eagles’ bodies, leaving wounds on their bodies while blasting away some of their iron-like feathers.


Chen Feng’s fist silhouette smashed its way through several wind blades to strike one of the Dreamcloud Eagle’s wings. However, the wind blades had managed to exhaust half of the fist silhouette’s power. Thus, it only managed to flip the Dreamcloud Eagle once.

“Press the attack!”

Jian Luobo bellowed as he charged up into the sky. His entire figure seemingly transformed into a sharp sword, breaking through the chaotic and strong winds to arrive before the Dreamcloud Eagles. Sword light flared as he unleashed his attack.

Likewise, Jian Zhiqiu rushed up as well. His sword technique was like a flowing expanse of autumn water.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling released a soft shout simultaneously as they unleashed a flexible and melodic sword technique to entrap the other Dreamcloud Eagle. Clearly, the two of them had decided to bring these two Dreamcloud Eagles down.

Not only do these fellows possess formidable cultivation bases, they also have a great deal of combat experience. Looks like we’ll be killing these two half-step Yao Kings.

Since successfully overcoming his tribulation, Chen Feng had yet to kill anyone. Thus, Chen Feng’s hand was feeling somewhat itchy. He wanted to test how strong his cultivation base was.

Thus, Chen Feng leapt 1,000 zhang into the sky. Next, the Great Longevity Palm rumbled as it charged forward. The Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng unleashed this time was not simply tens of times stronger compared to the one he had unleashed during his tribulation. Everyone there watched as a palm silhouette, seemingly tangible in quality, appeared up in the sky. Everywhere it went, energy waves roiled about and a series of explosive sounds could be heard.

Just as it seemed as though the great palm silhouette would smash against one of the Dreamcloud Eagle’s body, Chen Feng abruptly grasped with it to capture the Dreamcloud Eagle within the palm silhouette.

Next, however, countless power of lightning, winds and clouds shot out from the Dreamcloud Eagle’s body to continuously assail the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng had sent out.

“Hurry up and attack! I cannot hold it for long!” Chen Feng shouted. Cracks had started appearing across the Great Longevity Palm. It was on the verge of breaking apart.

“Great Iron Sword Technique!”

“Mystic Astral Sword Beam!”

“Moonbloom Spiritrise Sword!”

“River of Autumn Waters!”

Seeing Chen Feng entrap one of the Dreamcloud Eagle, everyone fired out their strongest moves. Even Jian Zhiqiu and Jian Luobo, who were fighting against the other Dreamcloud Eagle, shifted their attacks to target this Dreamcloud Eagle.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The Great Longevity Palm exploded apart and see-through holes were blasted through the Dreamcloud Eagle’s body. Blood gushed out from the wounds but it remained alive. It then vaulted up into the sky, fleeing from the fight.

“It could still stay alive despite all that? Don’t let the other one escape!” Liu Quan shouted.

However, it was already too late. The other Dreamcloud Eagle abruptly expanded in size. At the same time, the feathers on its broad winds fell off before transforming into sharp swords. The sharp swords charged fiercely towards Chen Feng and the others.

With some difficulty, they were able to deal with the feathers. By then, however, this Dreamcloud Eagle had become a black speck high up in the sky. In the blink of an eye, not even the black speck was left.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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