Chapter 602 Bloodthirsty Flare Apes


The Qin Family was indeed a first-rate family. However, it was still greatly inferior when compared to Heavenly Sword Faction, a sect that had a history spanning who knows just how many tens of thousands of years. Thus, while Qin Chuan was somewhat arrogant, Liu Quan and the others secretly felt disdain at his display.

Naturally, the world of cultivation was one where might makes right. If Qin Chuan’s cultivation base had been lacking, with an average cultivation talent, no matter how good of a relationship he might have had with Jian Qingwu and the others, they would not have invited him over.

Scarlet Yang Sword Codex, an Immortal-tier technique. No wonder there is this exalted aura within the atmosphere he is radiating. Still he is quite talented. Just earlier, he managed to kill off a high-level Great Yao with just one sword attack. Chen Feng mused. However, he also felt his heart stir. After coming to the Central Plains, Chen Feng had found that the cultivators here were indeed of a higher level compared to those from the Northern Plains.

“Mercy! We’ll leave now!”

A group of cultivators appeared before Chen Feng’s group yet again. However, it was clear that they had only inadvertently appeared before them. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that the route they were taking simply happened to overlap with the route that Chen Feng’s group was taking.

Normally, they could have simply chosen to avoid Chen Feng’s group, but Chen Feng’s group was advancing too quickly. Additionally, two of the cultivators there were slightly slow in moving away. Thus, they ended up dying to Qin Chuan’s sword beams. After killing the two cultivators however, Qin Chuan chose not to show mercy. Instead, sword beams scattered out to kill off the rest of the cultivators.

“Heh! This fellow is quite vicious,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“It is also bad luck on their part. To be able to come this far, their cultivation bases are quite good. However, they ended up bumping into a half-step Human Immortal who cultivates the Scarlet Yang Sword Codex. They didn’t even have the chance to escape.” Liu Quan smiled as well, unsurprised by what happened earlier.

Chen Feng mused ruefully. This was the ruthlessness of the world of cultivation. Their group was capable of killing off all the cultivators in their way. However, if a Human Immortal were to fly forward from behind them, would that Human Immortal also kill them off?

As expected, the world of cultivation in the Central Plains is even more cruel. Looks like I am still not strong enough. I cannot let my guard down. Chen Feng grew more resolute.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

Bursts of wild roars spread out from the front and cloudy mists swirled even as strong winds rushed towards them.

Next, several huge and blurry figures could be seen flashing about within the mists up ahead.

“Careful, those are Bloodthirsty Flare Apes! The bloody scent from earlier must have lured them over!” Jian Qingwu’s face sank.

“Just kill them off!” Qin Chuan was in high spirits and the sword beams radiating out from his body grew even stronger. He sped up, leaving the team behind as he charged forward.

“The fool!” Chen Feng scoffed. It was not just Chen Feng, even Liu Quan and the others could sense the formidable auras from the other party. 

“Brother, be careful!” Qin Lian grew apprehensive and she was the first to rush forward.

“We need to go as well. These Bloodthirsty Flare Apes are very powerful. They will not be easy to handle. Hopefully, there are not too many of them,” Jian Qingwu said as she brought out her sword. Next, with she and Jian Qingling rushed forward. 


Before they could rush forward, however, a banging sound rang out and Qin Chuan’s figure hurtled back towards them like a meteor.

“So fast?!”

Chen Feng and the others were surprised. Although Qin Chuan was quite the pompous prick, he was still a half-step Human Immortal. And yet, after just a brief exchange, he had been sent flying.

Jian Luobo and Jian Zhiqiu rushed forward simultaneously to grab Qin Chuan.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of bone-breaking sounds rang out and Qin Chuan opened his mouth to spray out an arrow of blood.

“Incredible! With just one exchange, a half-step Human Immortal is wounded. Looks like the one up ahead is a half-step Yao King.” Chen Feng was shocked.

The surrounding mists dissipated completely and huge, muscular apes appeared before them. They were very strong ape-type yao beasts. The reason they were given the name Bloodthirsty Flare Apes was because they were bloodthirsty creatures with fire-type bodies.

There was a total of four Bloodthirsty Flare Apes. Every one of them was 10 zhang tall and fiery-red fur covered its whole body. Every piece of hair was like a strand of fire and their four limbs were abnormally thick, containing a formidable power of destruction. Their sharp teeth were like sharp swords, shining with a chilling sensation. Their eyes were blood-red, containing blood and killing energies. One look at those eyes would leave others in a dizzying state.

“Four level 9 Great Yaos. They have yet to reach the half-step Yao King stage. However, their bodies are brimming with blood energy while possessing innately Heaven-defying strength. Their bodies are far stronger compared to our human bodies. Comparison wise, the average half-step Human Immortals can only become their playthings.” After sensing their auras, Chen Feng came up with the conclusion.

“No wonder Qin Chuan could be sent flying so quickly. He is lucky he didn’t get torn to pieces on the spot.” Liu Quan said, gloating slightly at Qin Chuan’s misfortune. Situ Nan, who was beside him, snickered. Hearing them, Qin Chuan, who had yet to recover, could not stop himself from puking out blood again.

At that moment, Qin Lian, Jian Qingwu, Jian Qingling, Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian were fighting against the four Bloodthirsty Flare Apes.

Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian were utilizing illusion techniques while Jian Qingwu and the other two were displaying their sword techniques to engage the apes in a melee battle.

Speaking of which, the five of them could be considered as the best amongst cultivators on the same level. That was especially so for Jian Qingwu and the others from Absolute Academy. They could already be considered as top-grade geniuses in the world of cultivation.

Even so, the five of them ended up in an absolutely disadvantageous position. If it weren’t for the effectiveness of Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian’s illusion techniques, they would have been sent flying long ago.

The four Bloodthirsty Flare Apes were simply too strong. Their fleshly bodies were extremely formidable. By swinging their thick limbs, they could generate a force so powerful that it could easily shatter a small mountain. The strong winds resulting from their movements were as sharp and forceful as flying swords. Even the roars they unleashed in the midst of their battle would constantly quake the surrounding space.

Seeing how the girls were about to lose, Chen Feng and the others attacked.

“Ha ha! When facing danger, the females rushed forward while we males stood by and watched. How shameful!” Jian Luobo laughed as he charged forward, Jian Zhiqiu beside him.

Right after rushing forward, they joined forces to attack one of the Bloodthirsty Flare Apes. Sword light flashed and several wounds appeared on the Bloodthirsty Flare Ape’s body, causing fiery-red blood to flow out. However, the blood floated about in the air, burning in mid-air like flames that would not dissipate.

With the addition of two half-step Human Immortals, the situation quickly changed. However, it would still be difficult to defeat the four Great Yaos.

“Let’s attack as well. This is not the time to be sitting back.” Liu Quan and Situ Nan quickly rushed forward as well, working together to fight another Bloodthirsty Flare Ape.

The offensive power of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction was the best in the entire world of cultivation. Thus, with their sword beams rampaging in the air, even the space there was cut, leaving fine lines in the air. The attacks left the four Great Yaos’ bellowing in rage as wounds kept appearing on their bodies.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

A wave of three ten-metre-long sword beams struck one singular point at the same time and a thick arm was severed. The Bloodthirsty Flare Ape roared furiously and its huge body swiftly shrank to the size of an ordinary ape. However, the aura radiating from its body became more concentrated and its wound stopped bleeding.

Two rays of bloody light shot out from the Bloodthirsty Flare Ape’s eyes and everywhere it touched would erupt into explosions. The swords in Liu Quan and Situ Nan’s hands were knocked away. As they were slightly slow in dodging, the rays of bloody light swept over them, and the skin portion of the areas affected melted before disappearing.

“Not good! This Bloodthirsty Flare Ape has cultivated the Bloody Nether Eyes!” Liu Quan shouted.

Chen Feng stepped forward to stand before Liu Quan. Extending his hands, he grasped at the space in front and a black hole appeared upon his palm. Next, a formidable suction force emerged to envelop the entire Bloodthirsty Flare Ape.

Chen Feng was utilizing both the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique.

The Demonic Heavengorging Art was an overbearing technique. However, it was only a fragment of a technique. Thus, the amount of power it could display was limited. Even so, a swift attack could lead to victory. On the other hand, the grade of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique was better and it was capable of devouring the essences of the myriad existences in the world, but Chen Feng had yet to reach a proficient level in his cultivation of this technique. Rather, he was better at the Demonic Heavengorging Art. As Chen Feng’s cultivation base grew higher, he could slowly fuse the two techniques together. Of course, it could not in the truest sense be called a fusion. However, he could utilize them both at the same time.

Woah! Woah! 

The wounds on this Bloodthirsty Flare Ape broke open and blood gushed out with a frenzied fervour from its body. Blood energy stirred and the space there seemingly became dyed in the colour red.

After losing a great deal of its blood, the Bloodthirsty Flare Ape’s figure faltered and its movements grew sluggish. Liu Quan and Situ Nan seized the opportunity and two sword beams flashed out to stab into the vital points of the Bloodthirsty Flare Ape. After letting out a miserable wail, it died.

Seeing one of its kind killed, the other three grew fearful. They howled again and again and charged around in an attempt to escape.

“You want to run now? Too late!” Xie Hongyan’s eyes shone with light, like two pearls burning brightly. She pushed her illusion technique to its zenith and the bloody light within one of the Bloodthirsty Flare Apes’ eyes dimmed as its movements turned sluggish as well. Next, they rushed forward to surround and butcher it.

Chen Feng attacked again, utilizing the same technique as before. He absorbed a great deal of blood from another Bloodthirsty Flare Ape, causing this ape to suffer from so much blood loss that it could no longer bring out its full strength. Soon enough, it was killed as well.

With their combined might, it did not take long for them to finish off all the four Bloodthirsty Flare Apes. Those were level 9 Great Yaos. Everything on them, including their fur were good items. Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of that. Thus, he had utilized his techniques to absorb their blood essence. The blood essence of such high-level Great Yaos was the best for concocting medicinal pills for enhancing the fleshly body.

“Let’s go. These Great Yaos delayed us for quite a bit.”

Jian Qingwu and the others merely took some medicinal pills to replenish their energies before moving forward again. As for Qin Chuan, the wounds on his body were already under control. However, he had grown silent. Clearly, the earlier incident had left him feeling ashamed.

“Brother Liu, Brother Situ, how are you two?” Chen Feng asked.

“Just some superficial injuries, they will not hinder us. We can recover quickly from these wounds.” Liu Quan smiled. After taking some medicinal pills, the wounds on their bodies swiftly healed up. Even the flesh that disappeared in the earlier battle had regrown.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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