Chapter 601 Four Cloud Sections


Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling took the lead. Next, Jian Luobo and Jian Zhiqiu looked at each other before following them.

Qin Chuan and Qin Lian were about to follow them when a fragrant wind blew past them as Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian seemingly floated forward like the wind.

Qin Chuan’s steps paused for a moment and he threw a scornful grin at Chen Feng before entering the mists as well.

“Ha ha. Looks like the three of us will be in the rear,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Staying in the rear is good. It is safer than being the vanguard.” Situ Nan laughed.

The mists in the outer areas of the Misty Mountains were incapable of affecting Chen Feng and the others, not by much. Thus, they were able to quickly cover an extended distance as they ventured into the mountains. Along the way, they did encounter other adventuring cultivators as well. However, the force that Chen Feng’s team possessed was simply too strong. Amongst the eleven of them, six were half-step Human Immortals. 

Due to their line-up, the adventuring cultivators and even the yao beasts hiding in the dark, wanting to ambush the adventuring cultivators, ran away in fear. Either that or they simply crouched down meekly, fearing that these experts would kill and plunder them.

“Did you fellows see that? Those fellows are from Heavenly Sword Faction.”

“Naturally, I even recognize the two sisters, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling.”

“There are also the two Qin Family siblings, Qin Chuan and Qin Lian.”

“The others don’t look weak either.”

“They are all the experts from great sects and great families. I wonder, why did they form a team to enter the Misty Mountains? Are they here to hunt some yao beasts? I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Maybe they are here for Shadesoul Flowers and Misty Fruits?”

“Guys, stop making pointless conjectures. The Misty Mountains is one of most highly ranked danger zones in the Central Plains. It covers a vast area and contains countless treasures. Who knows just how many legacies and grotto-mansions of senior experts are left inside this place? Naturally, they are here for an adventure. Aren’t we doing the same thing now? All for the sake of obtaining something to help us advance further along in our path of cultivation.”

“Brother Sun’s words make sense. Rather than waste time guessing what others are doing here, we should just join up and check up the lake up ahead. I heard that someone found some Misty Fruits there last year.”

Chen Feng followed the team in a leisurely pace. Although he possessed a high level of strength, he did not let his guard down. Putting aside the fact that the Misty Mountains was famous as a danger zone, the fact that Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling invited so many people here for this expedition informed him how dangerous this was. If the search for Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy was something without risk, the two sisters would have simply set off on their own. There would have been no need for them to look for partners and wait for them.

Chen Feng’s divine sense was released and an image of his surroundings appeared clearly within his mind.  Not even the smallest insect hidden within the clouds could escape from Chen Feng’s senses.

Even though Chen Feng’s Soulflame had yet to transform into Lifebound Flame after the Lightning Tribulation, the power of his soul had risen to a terrifying level. After undergoing the tempering process from the Sky Lightning and fusing with the will of the world, Chen Feng’s soul power could easily perceive everything happening within a radius of several hundred li with just a casual scan.

Due to that, Chen Feng felt confident in his ability to notice any dangers beforehand.

There are quite a number of cultivators exploring this place. However, their cultivation bases are too weak. I wonder, will we encounter experts once we venture deeper inside? Chen Feng wondered.

After moving slightly farther ahead, Jian Qingwu took out the half-section Cloud Map. Her soul powers swept forward and the half-section Cloud Map suddenly spread out from her hand. At the same time, a faint, white light shone out, like a living creature.

Wave after wave of power spread out to envelop them all and the mists around them were all swept away.

Sensing the resulting energy fluctuations, the Blood Mustering Bead in Chen Feng’s body shook slightly, shocking Chen Feng somewhat.

“The half-section Cloud Map is actually a Dao artefact!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“More accurately, it is part of a Dao artefact. This half-section Cloud Map is the key to entering the Cloudmist Dimension. By stirring the remnant spiritual consciousness left within this Cloud Map, I will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the Cloudmist Dimension,” Jian Qingwu said as she mobilized her soul power and sent it into the half-section Cloud Map. As expected, the dark clouds within the Cloud Map roiled and the image of a mountain range flashed upon the map, seemingly containing a small world inside. 

As Jian Qingwu was stirring the Cloud Map to find the location of the Cloudmist Dimension, another group of cultivators had made their way deep into the Misty Mountains. There were eight of them in total. Every single one of them radiated a formidable aura, causing the thick mists around them to be pushed far away.

“According to the pointer, the Cloudmist Dimension is just up ahead.” The eyes of the one in the lead shone and he chortled as he looked ahead. He possessed a tall and mighty stature and his hair billowed about. His figure seemed brimming with power, like a volcano.

“I didn’t think that the Cloudmist Dimension would be hidden deep inside the Misty Mountains. This is a danger zone. We should hurry up and enter. Let’s get the items inside first,” a white-clad cultivator with sword-like eyebrows said solemnly.

“This Cloudmist Dimension will likely be dangerous as well. It will not be easy to get our hands on the treasures and legacies of Immortal Cloudmist.”

“Eh, hold up!” Suddenly, the face of the cultivator holding the Cloud Map flickered. The Cloud Map in his hand had suddenly quivered. Clearly, something had happened.

“Dongfang Ming, what happened?” the white-clad cultivator was quick to ask.

“As you all know, the entire Cloud Map is a Dao artefact. Later, it was split into four pieces. This piece in my hand is only one of the four pieces. Earlier, something happened to this Cloud Map. It responded to something 5,000 kilometres away. This means that someone is doing the same thing as us. They have obtained a piece of the Cloud Map and have come here. Though, they have yet to enter even the central area of the Misty Mountains,” Dongfang Ming said with a serious tone.

“Since someone is here, I suggest we wait here for them, kill them and seize their Cloud Map.” A young man in faint-cyan armour said, killing intent glinting across his eyes.

“That won’t do. If the other party is stronger than us, our actions will be the equivalent of ushering sheep into the mouth of a tiger.”

“Hey, stronger than us? If so, they will have to be at the Human Immortal stage. However, even if there are Human Immortals, they will be no match for us.” 

“While that is true, we have already managed to take the lead in this matter. We’ll enter the legacy site first. When they arrive, it will be too late and all of the treasures and legacies inside will already be ours. Thus, there is no need for us to waste our time to fight them head on. Naturally, if you want to stay behind, we will not stop you, Qing Zhifeng,” a cultivator with sparkling blue eyes said smilingly.

“Lang Bin, looks like you want to start a fight with me.” Qing Zhifeng snickered in response, revealing his white teeth.

“You think I’m afraid of you?” A combative light flashed out from Lang Bin’s eyes.

“Enough! Now is not the time for infighting. Let’s put it to a vote,” said Dongfang Ming, who shook his head in frustration.

Although the half-section Cloud Map was his, every one of the cultivators he found for this expedition was a half-step Human Immortal. Every one of them possessed a formidable cultivation base, a high-ranking cultivator from the various sects. Naturally, not one would be willing to listen to the other.

Soon enough, the result of their vote emerged. Five of them voted to enter while three voted to stay behind and kill the other cultivators.

“Humph!” Seeing that, Qing Zhifeng gave a cold snort. Clearly, he was feeling very displeased.

“Let’s go.”

Dongfang Ming shouted and the half-section Cloud Map in his hand floated up. Light erupted violently across its surface. Immediately, the space before them rippled out like water ripples. Next, a black passageway appeared before them all.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One by one, the eight of them entered the passageway. Then, the passageway closed up.

“This is bad!”

When the passageway was opened, Jian Qingwu, who was far away, grew somewhat flustered. However, she was quick to calm down. 

“What is it? Did you fail to find the location of the Cloudmist Dimension?” Qin Chuan was quick to ask.

“Someone has entered the Cloudmist Dimension. It is located 5,000 kilometres ahead,” Jian Qingwu said solemnly.

“Someone actually beat us to it? Let’s not delay this. Hurry, speed up. If we are too late, the treasures inside might be gone,” Liu Quan said.

“5,000 kilometres ahead means the central area of the Misty Mountains. Even for half-step Human Immortals, any acts of carelessness could lead to a dire situation. Guys, don’t be careless,” Xie Hongyan said.

“I’ll take the lead.” Qin Chuan’s aura surged forward as he advanced rapidly. Everywhere he went, the dense mists would be swept away like ocean waves. In just a flash, Qin Chuan was already several li ahead.

“Let’s go!”

One by one, the others followed. Everyone was here for the treasures in the Cloudmist Dimension. If others were to beat them to it, their trip would have been in vain.

Somewhere 50,000 kilometres away from the Misty Mountains was a steep mountain towering high above the clouds and into the sky. Up at the top of this mountain where strong winds blew sat a solitary and unassuming middle-aged man. The strong winds there, capable of breaking down rocks, were incapable of even moving the edges of his robes.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man’s eyes snapped open, each pupil shining like a spark of electricity. With a wave of his hand, a half-section Cloud Map appeared.

“Unexpectedly, I have only just obtained this half-section Cloud Map but someone has already found the location of the Cloudmist Dimension. How lucky for me,” the middle-aged man said, bringing a blade out to swipe at the air. Next, his figure stepped into the resulting void rift.

He was a Human Immortal.

Inside a city that was closest to the Misty Mountains, a group of cultivators was strolling around in the city. Suddenly, the expression on one of their members flickered. Next, he chuckled and said, “The Cloudmist Dimension is indeed inside the Misty Mountains. However, someone else has entered the place. Looks like this adventure will be filled with dangers.”

Next, the group of cultivators leapt into the sky as they hastily flew towards the Misty Mountains.


“Hopefully, we will be lucky enough and not encounter any obstructions along the way.” Chen Feng and the others swiftly made their way through the mists, zooming past one mountain after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Occasionally, there would be a few unwitting cultivators or yao beasts standing in their path. Even before those poor sods could react, Chen Feng’s group would send them flying.


Qin Chuan was in the lead, charging forward as his atmosphere soared high. A fire-like sword energy enveloped his entire body. Should anything appear to block them, a sword beam would fly out to obliterate all.

“No wonder Qin Chuan can be so arrogant. His cultivation base is truly quite good. Amongst half-step Human Immortals, he can already be considered an expert,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Qin Chuan practices the Scarlet Yang Sword Codex. It is said that this sword technique was passed down from the Immortal Plane. Although it is only half a manual, the Qin Family had relied on it to rise to great heights,” Liu Quan said with a smile.


1 li = 0.5 km

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