Chapter 598 Level 4 of the Sky Human Stage


Materials such as Boltsource Stones and Five Elemental Metalcores were refined and fused with the Thunder Sword to further improve it.

Mara Soil and Enigma Iron Sand were fused with the Lofty Mountain Seal, increasing its steady quality while granting it traces of drifting powers. 

Mystic Ironsteel and Absolute Spirit Iron were melted down and directed into the Prudent Sword.

In short, so long as the suitable materials were available, Chen Feng would bring them out. He proceeded to use them to improve his magic treasures.

During the refining process, some changes occurred to the Longevity Ding and Longevity Furnace as well.

“Look! A lightning whip!” one of the spectators suddenly shouted.

A fleeting image of a thick lightning whip appeared within the tribulation clouds. The whip, formed entirely using Sky Lightning, was at least 1,000 zhang long. The power of destruction contained within it sent a shiver down Chen Feng’s heart.

“This does not look good,” Chen Feng whispered.


Finally, the formation of the lightning whip was complete and it pierced through space to lash furiously at Chen Feng. Rumbling, sky-piercing sounds would reverberate outwards in its wake.


As Chen Feng was completely shackled by the lightning chains, the only thing he could do was to roar skywards. Wave after wave of seemingly tangible shockwaves charged out from Chen Feng’s mouth. 


In the face of the incoming lightning whip, however, the shockwaves were easily shattered. They had failed to bring about any effect.


With a resounding bang, Chen Feng was struck by the lightning whip. His figure became like a meteor streaking through the sky, smashing heavily against the top part of his mountain.


A loud rumbling sound rang out as the restrictive arrays that Chen Feng set up upon the mountaintop burst apart. The 100-zhang-tall mountaintop collapsed into rocky bits while there was no sign of Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen!” Jian Xiaotian’s face sank sharply and he reflexively shouted. At the same time, he also wanted to rush towards the mountaintop. However, Liu Quan stopped him.

“Don’t go there. The Lightning Tribulation has yet to end. There is no point in going there. Rather, you will only get hit,” Liu Quan said.

“How is Brother Chen now? Hopefully, nothing bad happened.” Jian Xiaotian was feeling concerned for Chen Feng.

“He should be fine. His aura is still there. Not to mention, it is very steady,” Liu Quan comforted Jian Xiaotian.

Despite saying that, Liu Quan himself was feeling concerned. At any rate, Chen Feng had just overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row. Failing this tribulation would be too much of a loss.

“What a formidable lightning whip!” The Human Immortal who thought highly of Chen Feng earlier said in a grave tone.

“Looks like you’ll be losing this bet.”

“Not necessarily. This youngster’s aura is still very steady. He is likely uninjured.”

“Then, we’ll just have to keep watching.”


Rocky bits scattered about as Chen Feng, his whole body flashing with lightning, stood up. His magic robes were in tatters and some parts of his flesh were charred. That was especially so for the area struck by the lightning whip earlier. The flesh there was completely damaged and even the bones beneath were cracked.

What a formidable attack! Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. He swiftly worked on healing the wounds on his body while channelling power into the Longevity Sword and Blade within his body.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Sword beams and blade beams shot out from Chen Feng’s body to cut off the lightning chains around him. Then, he absorbed the lightning fragments into his body.

The lightning chains stopped descending and only one lightning whip remained, dancing up in the sky. Growing larger and larger, it was like a massive lightning dragon swirling about to display its eminence. 

“He is actually fine? Looks like Chen Feng should have no problems overcoming this Lightning Tribulation.”

“Not necessarily. The attack earlier is simply too strong. If that were me, or you, we would likely be incapable of blocking it. Not to mention, this Lightning Tribulation will continue for quite some time.”


Chen Feng could feel it. This incoming lightning whip had firmly locked down on him. Even if he were to run to the ends of the earth, or drill deep into the ground, this lightning whip would still hit him.


The whip screamed as it swung towards Chen Feng. This was no ordinary attack. This lightning whip contained the Sky Lightning’s power of destruction and also the will of Heaven. Should he fail to block this attack, he would be destroyed in body and soul.

Storm of Sword Beams!

In the face of this super powerful atmosphere of oppression, Chen Feng continued to hold back on using his magic treasures. Instead, he attacked by spreading out both hands. Countless streams of sword energy shot out from his fingertips before swirling around, coming together in a spiralling movement. A massive storm of sword beams formed and swept towards the lightning whip. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. After the Storm of Sword Beams Chen Feng sent out was broken apart, the lightning whip continued forward, arriving before Chen Feng.

“Bring it on!”

Both of Chen Feng’s hands swung forward rapidly to grab the lightning whip. Next, formidable streams of energy surged out from his body and he tore the lightning whip apart. At the same time, however, the massive impact from the collision sent Chen Feng’s figure smashing down into the mountain. Once again, his figure disappeared from sight.


This time, it did not take long for Chen Feng to jump back out. Both his hand swiftly grasped to collect all of the Sky Lightning fragments drifting around him.

Heh! If this is all there is to it, overcoming the 4th Lightning Tribulation will not be an issue. Though, some minor injuries will be inevitable, Chen Feng thought.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As expected, another lightning whip was condensed within the tribulation clouds. This one was even thicker and more resilient compared to the previous one. Additionally, the power of destruction contained within this whip was also stronger.

Great Longevity Palm!

Skybreak Fist!

Finger of the Hegemonic Sky!

Chen Feng began displaying the techniques he learned from the Sky Meteorite to attack the lightning whip swinging towards him.

Finally, he managed to break apart the lightning whip. However, before he could even absorb the fragments of the lightning powers, two more lightning whips swung down from the tribulation clouds to smack Chen Feng away. His body became charred and his flesh was ripped out.

“Now this is more like a tribulation. If he can overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row without getting damaged at all, he will truly be a defiance of Heaven.”

“Those are only flesh wounds. Sigh! How envious! How impressive! If every one of my tribulation can only wound me that much, it would not take me long to reach the Human Immortal stage.”

“You aside, he is capable of overcoming 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. Not even our Heavenly Sword Faction has such an expert.”

“It is true. However, we do have a few senior brothers and sisters capable of overcoming several Lightning Tribulations within the span of a decade.”


Chen Feng exhaled and strands of lightning bloomed out from his mouth. His hair was standing erect and the magic robes that he had only just changed into were in tatters once again.

“Kid, let’s stop it at 4 Lightning Tribulations. Although you should also be able to overcome your 5th Lightning Tribulation, albeit barely, overcoming too many is not a good thing,” Tower suddenly said.

“Naturally, I think so too. I have overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. I will be spending some time to comprehend the changes from them.” Chen Feng gradually calmed down. Having his strength soar was indeed a good thing. However, going too fast was not a good thing. It could easily bring about an unstable foundation. That could cause some problems in his future path of cultivation.

After that, the Longevity Tower disappeared from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng knew that Tower had gone to absorb the Sky Lightning in the sky.

A total of four lightning whips smashed against Chen Feng and Chen Feng’s mountain residence disappeared. As a result, a deep crater was created there and even the surrounding mountain range was affected.

Finally, after the Longevity Sword and the other Longevity cache levelled up to become grade 2 Prized artefacts, Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation ended.

Chen Feng promptly retracted his aura. Next, the tribulation clouds up in the sky quickly disappeared and light shone down. Chen Feng’s tribulation had taken a total of three days and three nights.

Four Lightning Tribulations in a row.

At that moment, Chen Feng had become a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After the tribulation clouds disappeared, Jian Xiaotian, Liu Quan and some of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction with good relationships with Chen Feng moved forward to stand guard around him.

Protection was a necessity. At any rate, assassins had only just attempted to kill Chen Feng not too long ago.

However, as Chen Feng closed his eyes and focused on his recovery, no other assassins appeared. It made sense. Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation had attracted over so many disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction and even Human Immortals had appeared. Any assassination attempt at a moment like this was bound to fail and end in death, for the assassin anyways.

After Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation ended, the spectating cultivators left while chatting with one another. They were all talking about Chen Feng, this spectacular youngster who had just overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. 

“It’s over. This person must not be provoked. He is too much of a monstrosity! If I cannot finish him off in one attempt, the one to die will be me!” Jian Jinhuo shook his head as he dispelled the thought of going against Chen Feng.

However, Jian Xiaotian and the others did not leave. All of them silently stayed around Chen Feng, standing guard.

On the tenth day, Chen Feng finally opened his eyes.

A spiritual light flashed out from his eyes, which crackled like lightning. During the tribulation process, even the Magic Eyes of Darkness he cultivated had improved considerably.

Upon standing up, Chen Feng’s aura charged forward before spreading all around him. The cultivators around him could sense the fluctuations in the air. Once again, Chen Feng could feel how every move he made could mobilize worldly powers and how much more perceptive he was towards the spiritual energy around him.


Chen Feng retracted his aura, returning to a state of normalcy. With his aura retracted, not even a Human Immortal would be able to determine Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

“Ha ha ha ha! Brother Chen, impressive! I was wondering if you will be overcoming 5 Lightning Tribulations in a row.” Jian Xiaotian stepped forward, laughing loudly.

Jian Xiaotian himself was only at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. Should Chen Feng overcome another two Lightning Tribulations, he would be able to catch up to Jian Xiaotian.

“Brother Chen, congratulations! Overcoming 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. Even in the whole world of cultivation, not many could achieve this.” Liu Quan came forward as well, a smile on his face.

“Brother Chen, congratulations!”



Everyone there stepped forward to congratulate Chen Feng. As all of them had a good relationship with Chen Feng, they were happy to see such a Heaven-defying display from Chen Feng.

“Fellows, thank you for protecting me. Today, I will be the host. Come… right, the Sky Lightning tore down my mountain. Looks like we’ll have to find another place.” Chen Feng smiled wryly when he saw the massive crater around him.

“Fellows, if you don’t mind, come to my place. It is rare for us to come together. We’ll have a good chat this time,” Liu Quan said smilingly.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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