Chapter 597 4th Lightning Tribulation


All creatures living in Eternal World, be it human cultivators, yao beasts, ordinary humans, grasses, flowers and trees, all of them were bound by Eternal World’s shackles.

However, ordinary humans with no cultivation could not perceive it. Even cultivators that were lacking in terms of cultivation bases and the ability to sense worldly powers could not sense the shackles. It was something that only high-level cultivators could do.

Cultivators with high cultivation bases would possess a better ability to sense the worldly shackles. However, once they possessed enough power to break the shackles, they would be able to truly leave Eternal World and explore the cosmos, voyaging across the stars.

Naturally, that was not something that the present Chen Feng could imagine. At that moment, Chen Feng had only just begun to sense the shackles. They were still a vague existence for him and there was a long way to go before he could break the shackles.

Although I have overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row, I have yet to go all out. Looks like going for another tribulation will not be an issue. Chen Feng sensed the state his body was in and raised his head to see that the tribulation clouds had yet to disperse. Thus, Chen Feng decided to continue.


An even stronger aura radiated out from Chen Feng’s body. When the Heavenly dao sensed it, the tribulation clouds above began roiling. At the same time, due to the increase in the Lightning Tribulation’s level, the range of the tribulation clouds grew increasingly wide. The atmosphere of coercion that they were exuding also grew stronger and stronger.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Although no Sky Lightning had yet to descend, it was clear that lightning powers were gathering, preparing for a thunderous attack.

“Am I mistaken? Or am I hallucinating? Is this an illusion?”

“He’s going to continue his tribulation? This should already be his 4th Lightning Tribulation, right? Overcoming 4 Lightning Tribulations in one go. If he succeeds, he will become a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator. Heavens! I used a good several hundred years to go from level 1 to level 4, but this fellow is going to do it in half a day? Is there anymore justice in this world?!”  

“Enough, you. There is no need for you to complain. This cultivation rate of yours is already fast. Just look at me. Every time I overcome one Lightning Tribulation, I will need to spend several hundred years cultivating myself before my next. It has been nearly 2,000 years since I first entered the Sky Human stage.”

“Brother Chen, amazing!” Jian Xiaotian smiled. He was no longer feeling worried for Chen Feng. It was clear that Chen Feng was in a good state. Not only was Chen Feng not badly wounded like how other cultivators would be after overcoming their Lightning Tribulation, he had instead grown even stronger.

“This youngster did not even use his full strength for the earlier tribulation. The way I see it, overcoming his 4th Lightning Tribulation will not be an issue for him,” a Human Immortal said.

“I am wondering, will this youngster attempt to undergo his 5th Lightning Tribulation as well?”

In the beginning, they had been shocked to see Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation. By now, however, they had gotten used to it. Despite having overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row, Chen Feng remained unscathed. Thus, some of them believed that Chen Feng was hiding an even greater level of strength, one that he had yet to reveal.

How many Lightning Tribulations can this youngster overcome? That was the question floating within the minds of all the spectating cultivators.

Chen Feng, you can do it! The friends that Chen Feng had made in recent years secretly cheered for him.

“I wonder, how will the next Lightning Tribulation look like?” Chen Feng himself was looking forward to it.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The tribulation clouds roiled with an even greater intensity. A coercive atmosphere of the majestic Heavenly dao descended, enveloping the whole place, causing Chen Feng to become wary. Although no Sky Lightning had descended just yet, Chen Feng could already sense the intense pressure and the formidable power of destruction coming from the tribulation clouds.

The first was lightning spheres, the second was lightning bolts and the third was lightning pillars. This fourth one will surely be even more violent, Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng was waiting, lightning currents emerged from the tribulation clouds as chains, formed using lightning powers, appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes.

It’s coming. They are actually taking the form of chains. What kind of attack is this? Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt the surrounding worldly powers surge and streams of formless shackles entangled him, keeping him immobile.

Naturally, Chen Feng was unwilling to be shackled down. His body pulsed as he exerted force through his four limbs, and the worldly shackles began breaking.

His body had just lightened when one Sky Lightning chain after another, thick and over 100 zhang long each, descended from the sky. Like lightning snakes, they entangled Chen Feng.

Every one of the lightning snakes was incomparably solid and the power of destruction contained within them sent a shiver down Chen Feng’s heart.

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

Both of Chen Feng’s hand rapidly flew forward to display the Great Longevity Palm. Two large palm silhouettes swiftly appeared, each grasping a lightning chain before tugging it. Immediately, the lightning chains were broken and the broken lightning chains burst into lightning fragments.

By then, however, the other lightning chains had already descended upon Chen Feng’s body.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A thick lightning chain bound Chen Feng’s figure, again and again. Chen Feng struggled, wanting to break free from the lightning chain. However, before he could succeed, the second lightning chain bound him. Next, the third lightning chain, the fourth lightning chain and the fifth lightning chain bound him as well.

The 100-zhang-long lightning chains binding Chen Feng quickly shrank, like the Immortal-binding Rope that Chen Feng possessed. Although their sizes were smaller, they instead became more resilient.


Chen Feng could feel a mountain-like pressure bearing down on him. After struggling for a bit, he found that he was actually incapable of extricating himself. Furthermore, the Sky Lightning powers within the chains were continuously attacking his body.

Chen Feng took a deep breath and the suction force coming from his body grew stronger. The surrounding lightning powers became like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea as they flowed into Chen Feng’s body. This time, however, the power of the Sky Lightning was simply too formidable and Chen Feng was simply incapable of enduring it. Although he could absorb the lightning powers, the powerful and destructive Sky Lightning kept destroying his fleshly body. Not even the body armour that Chen Feng wore could defend against the Sky Lightning.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Lightning flashed and the cells in the various corners of Chen Feng’s body were destroyed. This level of power was already comparable to the destructive power that Chen Feng would often face when cultivating within the lightning pool. Additionally, this time, he was actually undergoing Lightning Tribulation, which contained the will of the world. Now this was actually a challenge for Chen Feng.

Finally, after spending so long with the Lightning Tribulation, Chen Feng finally felt pressured.

After struggling a few times, Chen Feng was quick to give up on breaking free. Instead, he stirred his fleshly body to fight against the surrounding lightning attacks.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The lightning chains binding Chen Feng were like living creatures. They kept tightening themselves while constantly damaging Chen Feng’s flesh, wanting to grind Chen Feng down into pieces.

Now this is the power of a Lightning Tribulation. Chen Feng finally felt threatened, albeit slightly.

Good, good! Now this will be enjoyable! This is what you call undergoing a tribulation! Chen Feng laughed and his primary energy spread throughout his body, circulating around. His muscles were like dragons and his flesh vibrated ceaselessly.

The lightning chains around him did not break. However, in the face of Chen Feng’s display of might, the lightning chains were gradually getting destroyed. Finally, one lightning chain after another burst apart, transforming into lightning currents before flowing into Chen Feng’s body.

Regardless of how strong the lightning currents were, once Chen Feng’s body quaked them apart, the magic treasures and weapons inside Chen Feng’s body would then divide the lightning currents up, leaving nothing behind.

One lightning chain after another was destroyed. And yet, even more lightning chains descended to bind Chen Feng’s body. Witnessing that, the surrounding spectators felt their scalps tingling.

“Brother Chen is in trouble. However, he seems to be doing fine.” Jian Xiaotian watched Chen Feng with unblinking eyes. Although Chen Feng was getting bound by the Sky Lightning, he was still not badly wounded. Rather, it looked as though he was unscathed. Thus, Jian Xiaotian was able to set his concerns aside. Back when he was overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, he had ended up in a terribly wretched state. In fact, the lightning attacks would tear his flesh out.

“What a formidable Lightning Tribulation. Do you fellows think this Chen Feng can successfully overcome his 4th Lightning Tribulation?” A Human Immortal smiled as he chatted with the other Human Immortal experts there.

“I believe it should not be a problem.”

“Not necessarily. This Lightning Tribulation is just starting. A Lightning Tribulation of this magnitude is simply not something that cultivators at level 8 of the Sky Human stage or below should face.”

“Yes, just look. Since getting bound by the chains, this youngster has been incapable of breaking free. The way I see it, even if he does succeed in overcoming this Lightning Tribulation, he will end up with severe injuries.”

“He he! I believe that this youngster can easily overcome this Lightning Tribulation. How about this? Let’s make a bet. We’ll bet on whether or not this youngster will be badly wounded after overcoming this tribulation.”

“Deal! I’ll bet with you!”

Chen Feng was not having a good time. Every part of his body, the outer parts and the inner parts, every single cell was enveloped by lightning powers. It was not something that the average person could endure. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng was already used to cultivating himself in the lightning pool, he would have begun howling from the pain. Even now, Chen Feng was gritting his teeth as he furiously endured it.

Although the Sky Lightning powers were constantly damaging his cells, his longevity-type primary energy kept circulating and the damaged parts healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

A super powerful rate of recovery was one of Chen Feng’s greatest cards. This was the perfect time to utilize it.

My Soulflame is also changing. A pity, there is still a long way to go before it becomes Lifebound Flame.

By undergoing a qualitative change, the Soulflame could transform into the Lifebound Flame. Not only would that bring about a world-shaking change to his soul power, it would – more importantly – bring about a change to his vitality, improving it.


The grade 4 Myriad Induction Geocompass began levelling up as well. It did not take long for it to become a grade 5 Prized artefact. It did not possess a formidable offensive power when used against enemies. However, it did possess a very important function, the ability to search for ores and mines. If it weren’t for this function, Chen Feng would never have chosen to refine this magic treasure. 

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Thunder Sword, Poison Needle, Lightstream Shield and the others that had only just levelled up to grade 2 levelled up yet again to become grade 3 Prized artefacts.

Although Chen Feng was feeling overjoyed, he also felt somewhat frustrated. The Sacred artefacts on his person had also absorbed a great deal of Sky Lightning. And yet, there was still a long way to go for them to level up.

“You want Sacred artefacts to level up? Not with this level of Lightning Tribulation,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Regardless, if I can increase some of their power, I will increase some of their power. It turns out that there are so much benefits in overcoming tribulation.” Chen Feng swiftly brought out various ores and artefact-forging materials out from the Longevity Tower before tossing them into the Longevity Furnace and Longevity Ding respectively.

The items Chen Feng selected were all top-grade materials for forging artefacts. After the materials were all melted down, they were fused with Chen Feng’s magic treasures. The power of Sky Lightning was no longer sufficient. Thus, Chen Feng now wanted to utilize this method to continue improving the grades of his magic treasures.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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