Chapter 596 Continue with the Tribulation


“As expected, this time’s Lightning Tribulation is ten times stronger than the previous one,” Chen Feng whispered as he sensed the lightning powers on his palm.

Next, another black vortex appeared on his palm to absorb the ball of lightning.

I was thinking of properly comprehending the will of the world from the 2nd Lightning Tribulation, but the two assassins interrupted me. They even triggered the 3rd Lightning Tribulation to come in advance. Humph! Thankfully, their interference did not cause too big of an impact. Chen Feng felt somewhat annoyed at getting interrupted earlier. He also knew that the two assassins were most likely sent by Killer Temple.

However, Chen Feng chose to ignore that for now. The most important issue for him at the moment was to overcome his tribulation.

This time, Chen Feng had to face lightning pillars. Each of the lightning pillars were condensed to the point of tangibility and the power of destruction contained within them managed to elicit a reaction from Chen Feng. However, unlike the previous lightning attacks, these lightning pillars did not descend at a rapid rate. If it had, Chen Feng would have ended up in a slightly miserable state.

Thankfully, my fleshly body is strong enough and there are enough magic treasures in my body, otherwise these lightning attacks would definitely be able to slap me upside down, Chen Feng thought with a smile. Although the lightning pillars were very formidable, they were still within Chen Feng’s range of tolerance.

Chen Feng’s mind was in a state of tranquillity and he felt very confident. For him, overcoming his 3rd Lightning Tribulation was not something difficult. On the contrary, Chen Feng needed the power of these Sky Lightning.

In fact, he wanted the lightning powers to grow even stronger.

Thick lightning pillars descended again and again, streaking towards Chen Feng. Every one of them radiated a shocking and terrifying atmosphere of lightning. Most of the spectating cultivators were at the Sky Human stage and above. Level wise, they were stronger than Chen Feng. However, observing this Lightning Tribulation from afar could still cause their hearts to palpitate.

“For his 3rd Lightning Tribulation to be this strong, Brother Chen’s future is immeasurable. Immeasurable!” Liu Quan said, his heart stirring. 

“He faced 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row. Even now, he has yet to use any weapons or magic treasures. Instead, he is only relying on his fleshly body to resist. Looks like this is still not his limit!”

The one who spoke was a Human Immortal from Heavenly Sword Faction. As Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation had caused too big of a commotion, a good number of Human Immortals had come over as well. They hid themselves as they observed Chen Feng. Seeing how easily Chen Feng was dealing with his 3rd Lightning Tribulation, they felt somewhat surprised. However, these Human Immortals had seen much in life, having seen countless geniuses before in their path of cultivation. Thus, unlike the Sky Human stage disciples who were left astounded by the sight, they were only slightly surprised.

At any rate, there were too many cultivators in the world of cultivation. Accumulating a deep reserve of power in order to overcome several Lightning Tribulations was quite a normal thing. However, the number of such occurrences was simply not that high.

“Heh! You fellows are only looking at what is happening on the surface. Did you fellows not notice that this youngster is absorbing all of the Sky Lightning into his body? According to my observation, there must be a very powerful magic treasure inside this youngster’s body. It is capable of devouring Sky Lightning. How else could he have such an easy time?” said an old man who stroked his beard smilingly.

“That makes sense. However, borrowing the power of a magic treasure to overcome Lightning Tribulation is not the right way of going at it. It will bring about some effects upon one’s future path of cultivation. Besides, one careless mistake could cause some changes to happen to the Lightning Tribulation. From what I can see, this youngster’s fleshly body is indeed strong and his primary energy flows vigorously. He is a cultivation genius. He should not be one of those with superficial abilities,” another Human Immortal said.

“This youngster is not to be trifled with. We are only capable of seeing his fleshly body and primary energy, not his sea of wisdom. There are only two possibilities for this kind of situation. The first possibility, there is a very powerful magic treasure safeguarding his sea of wisdom. The second, he possesses a very powerful background and an expert has utilized great magics to protect his sea of wisdom!”

“Regardless, he is overcoming his Lightning Tribulation in our Heavenly Sword Faction. There is a connection between our sect and him.”

“That is true!”

Chen Feng did not know that his Lightning Tribulation had attracted so many experts. More, he did not know that his Lightning Tribulation had triggered a considerable ripple within Heavenly Sword Faction, causing his name – despite being new here – to ring loudly in the Central Plains.

In the face of the thick lightning pillars, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. He swung his fists to shatter the lightning pillars before absorbing all of the resulting lightning powers into his body.


The Thousand Seeker Mirror vibrated fiercely as it transformed. Soon, it had levelled up from a grade 2 Prized artefact to a grade 3 Prized artefact.


The Meridian Sealing Needle in the Surge acupoint was also constantly spinning. Waves of light kept radiating out from it as the Sky Lightning’s refining power caused it to level up as well.


The Lightstream Sword began levelling up as well.

Weng! Weng!

The Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance and the Divine Goldenlight Net thrummed as well.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

More and more magic treasures transformed. As their grades rose, the rate at which the magic treasures were devouring Sky Lightning rose. Gradually, the Sky Lightning descending upon Chen Feng became insufficient.

“More power! This is too slow!” Sensing the notions of hunger coming from his magic treasures, Chen Feng could not stop himself from roaring skywards.

“He is a real madman.” By then, Jian Jinhuo had recollected himself. The envy he felt earlier had been shelved aside. Observing a cultivator like Chen Feng, a feeling of respect would rise up from the bottom of anyone’s heart.

Seemingly having sensed Chen Feng’s provocations, the power of the Sky Lightning grew stronger. The rate at which they were descending accelerated as well.

Two lightning pillars descended simultaneously and Chen Feng reached out with both his hands. With a swift grasping motion from the two hands, the two lightning pillars blew up.

Three lightning pillars descended against Chen Feng in the ‘’ formation and Chen Feng responded by roaring skywards as he unleashed a Great Longevity Palm forward. Instantly, the sky above him broke into a sea of lightning strands.

Next, four lightning pillars descended, even faster than the previous ones. They pinned Chen Feng in the middle, seemingly wanting to flatten Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng activated his Four Extreme acupoints and his four limbs moved rapidly. Seemingly capable of piercing through to the four cardinal directions of east, south, west and north, he blew up the four lightning pillars at almost the same moment.

The amount of Sky Lightning absorbed into his body grew. The magic treasures in Chen Feng’s insight acupoints were not the only ones to level up. Even the weapons condensed using the longevity-type primary energy were undergoing a world-shaking change.


First, the Longevity Sword began thrumming. The sword, formed entirely with primary energy, became even more solid and light gleamed across the surface of the sword. Lightning currents coursed through it and it seemingly became an utterly solid object. Chen Feng could clearly sense the countless runes, magic arrays and seals in the Longevity Sword. There was also the aura of longevity.

A grade 1 Prized artefact? How is this possible? Chen Feng was almost incapable of believing it.

However, before the shock could set in, the other Longevity weapons such as the Longevity Blade, Longevity Mace, Longevity Lance, Longevity Chains and Longevity Shield began transforming as well. All of them underwent a drastic change. They gained solid form and established a link with Chen Feng’s meridians. There was no longer any need to refine them further to unleash their full power.

Good! Good! This is really good! Chen Feng was constantly surprised.

Chen Feng could sense it. He did not merely gain a few more magic treasures. Rather, every one of the Longevity weapons now contained hints of the profundity of the Longevity Scripture.

It would be wrong to say that Chen Feng had condensed out these Longevity weapons. Rather, it was more akin to a revitalization process. Every revitalization process deepened Chen Feng’s perception and his strength soared.

Chen Feng could sense his ability to perceive and understand the Longevity Scripture growing. It was as though a great road had appeared before him. Moreover, this great road was still continuously expanding in size.

Every piece of Longevity weapon contained a cultivation method. The profundity of the cultivation methods shook Chen Feng and he found it near impossible to pull himself out from them.

Sure enough, by entering the Sky Human stage, I can now practice many of the secret techniques and formulas recorded in the Longevity Scripture. In the future, my rate of cultivation will definitely rise by leaps and bounds. Chen Feng felt as though he could already see his future cultivation route.


The Longevity Furnace is finally fully condensed. I will be able to concoct out medicinal pills by myself in the future! Chen Feng was feeling excited. When the Longevity Furnace assumed its complete form, a stream of light flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Chen Feng knew that it was the pill concoction methods. However, Chen Feng had no time to peruse the methods. He would have to slowly go over it after he was done with the tribulation. 


The demonic artefact, Bloody Soul, thrummed as well. It emanated a thick power of blood and it spun ceaselessly inside the insight acupoint. Clearly, this demonic artefact possessed a higher spiritual attribute compared to the magic treasures that had levelled up earlier.

Good, good! Bloody Soul has levelled up to become a grade 5 Prized artefact. Chen Feng was very happy. Bloody Soul was a weapon he had used the most when fighting his enemies. However, as Chen Feng’s cultivation base rose and the enemies he encountered grew stronger, the rate at which Chen Feng used Prized artefacts decreased. Instead, he had to rely more and more on Sacred artefacts.

There are signs that the flaming sword will be able to level up as well, but it is still lacking one final spark. Chen Feng was planning to guide more lightning powers towards the flaming sword to refine it when he realized that the surrounding lightning powers had disappeared. The space above him was empty and only the black tribulation clouds remained. No more lightning descended.

A wave of worldly laws descended and Chen Feng knew that he was already a level 3 Sky Human stage cultivator. 

His sea of wisdom had grown bigger and the power within his Soulflame had grown stronger. His ability to perceive the world had also improved. It felt like there was unlimited power behind every move he made. His cultivation base was at least a hundred times stronger than when he first started this tribulation. Sensing the vigorous power within his body, Chen Feng felt excited.

“Oh! Tower, I finally feel it. After entering the Sky Human stage, I can link up with the world, sense the will of the world and mobilize worldly powers to make myself stronger. However, there are… formless shackles binding me. These shackles are vague, hard to discern and without form. And yet, they definitely exist. When I try to sense it, I have no way of going about it. I have this feeling. If I can break free of these shackles, I will be able to leave this cultivation planet!” Chen Feng had a stroke of enlightenment and he informed Tower what he found.

“Hey, hey! You aren’t so stupid after all. Finally, you have recovered some of your spiritual abilities. What you are sensing now are the shackles imposed upon you by Eternal World.  This proves that you have a great potential.” Tower chortled.

“The shackles of Eternal World.” Chen Feng nodded. He understood what Tower meant. When he first sensed the formless shackles, he had come to understand many things.

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