Chapter 595 Attacked


By then, every pore on Chen Feng’s body had opened up. The bolts of Sky Lightning enveloping Chen Feng’s body were shattered and the resulting strands of the Sky Lightning flowed into his pores before getting utterly divided between his insight acupoints and condensed weapons.

That was not all. The number of black vortexes on Chen Feng’s body had increased up to a total of five. The rate at which the five vortexes were absorbing the Sky Lightning was even faster than before. The strands of Sky Lightning kept condensing as they converged upon the vortexes. When they finally entered the black vortexes, they were already as thick as an arm.

The rate at which the bolts of Sky Lightning were coming from the tribulation clouds was fast. However, the rate at which Chen Feng was devouring them was fast as well. As he devoured more and more lightning powers, Chen Feng could feel the magic treasures in his insight acupoints and even his condensed weapons like the Longevity Sword changing. Due to the refining process wrought about by the Sky Lightning, the quality of the magic treasures and condensed weapons was constantly changing.


Finally, the Lightstream Shield in one of the Magnetic acupoints released a series of thrumming sounds. The power within the Magnetic acupoints churned and the light shining from the Lightstream Shield grew even stronger. It felt as though there was an image of joy radiating out from the Lightstream Shield.

The Lightstream Shield easily levelled up from a grade 1 Prized artefact to a grade 2 Prized artefact. The aura of a Prized artefact emanating from it grew stronger and stronger. Following the Lightstream Shield’s grade increment, a world-shaking change happened to Chen Feng’s Magnetic acupoints as well. The insight acupoints kept growing bigger and the energies inside kept roiling about. Additionally, hints of profound concepts were constantly assailing Chen Feng’s mind and he felt his understanding of the Magnetic acupoints growing deeper.


Next, the Overwhelming Astral Sword underwent a qualitative change as well. Likewise, it rose from a grade 1 Prized artefact to a grade 2 Prized artefact.

As the two magic treasures levelled up, the other magic treasures that were of lesser grades – thanks to the refining process by the lightning powers – began levelling up as well.

Thunder Sword.

Poison Needle.

Prudent Sword.

Lofty Mountain Seal.

Shadowless Goldshine Blade.

All those grade 1 Prized artefacts underwent a transformation. Due to the nourishment from the Sky Lightning, every one of them levelled up. The magic treasures have been receiving constant nourishment from Chen Feng. Even without the Lightning Tribulation, in due time, they would have levelled up as well. This Lightning Tribulation was simply adding fire to the equation, making the conditions right for them.

As the magic treasures levelled up, the suction force that Chen Feng’s body emitted abruptly grew stronger and the surrounding bolts of lightning were all absorbed. An area with a radius of 100 zhang around Chen Feng became vacuum.

“Did you see that? The lightning powers were utterly absorbed by this youngster. He did not waste a single strand of it.”

“This youngster should be a body cultivator. He did not radiate any sword intent in the face of Lightning Tribulation. He is likely not a disciple of our sect.”

“Brother Chen, impressive! Looks like this Lightning Tribulation should not be an issue as well. Heh! Overcoming 2 Lightning Tribulations in one go, truly, formidable.” Jian Xiaotian reflexively clenched his fists in excitement.

This Lightning Tribulation lasted longer than the previous one, continuing for a good four hours. Finally, the lightning bolts disappeared and all the lightning powers sent out by the tribulation clouds were devoured by Chen Feng, leaving not a single strand behind.

Profound worldly laws descended and Chen Feng began work on perceiving them. His figure silently hovered up in the sky, his eyes closed as he comprehended this will of the world.

As Chen Feng was comprehending the will of the world, a mote of starlight suddenly appeared in front of Chen Feng’s chest before exploding, transforming into a stretch of sky-encompassing stars. Finally, the stretch of stars disappeared as they transformed into a fine and sharp sword. The tip of the sword flashed with sharp starlight as it stabbed towards Chen Feng’s heart.

“Oh, no! A sneak attack!”



“Brother Chen, be careful!”

“Despicable! Who is it?”

“Brother Chen!”

Most of the spectators had their attentions on Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng become the target of a sneak attack, they bellowed. Regardless if they were acquainted with Chen Feng or not, every one of them roared out furiously. Some had even charged towards Chen Feng as fast as they could.

All the spectators there were the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. At that very moment, someone was trying to assassinate Chen Feng inside Heavenly Sword Faction. That person was obviously looking down on Heavenly Sword Faction. Additionally, despite their numbers, they had failed to notice an assassin hiding in their midst. This caused them to grow even more furious. 

Chen Feng had been focused on comprehending the will of the world. However, he snapped open his eyes the instant the starlight appeared.

Some people would choose to perform assassinations after the target cultivator had just overcome his or her tribulation because the cultivator would be seriously wounded after the tribulation was over. That factor made it the most opportune moment to initiate an assassination attempt. However, Chen Feng was a different case. A Lightning Tribulation of this level simply could not injure Chen Feng. On the contrary, the lightning powers only ended up becoming valuable supplements for him.

Additionally, Chen Feng was in the midst of comprehending the worldly laws. He could clearly sense everything that was happening around him. Thus, he was able to open his eyes instantly to counter attack.


The instant the tip of the sword stabbed into Chen Feng’s body, a clump of lightning burst out from Chen Feng’s body to smash against the tip of the sword. As for Chen Feng, he reached out with a palm – flashing with lightning powers – to grasp at the space before him. A black-clad cultivator was revealed and Chen Feng’s palm moved to swipe at the black-clad cultivator.


The lightning powers erupted against the tip of the sword. And yet, the tip of the sword did not sway in the slightest as it continued forward to stab towards Chen Feng. First, it pierced through Chen Feng’s magic robes. Then, it easily stabbed into Chen Feng’s flesh.

Heh! It’s a Sacred artefact. Instantly, Chen Feng was able to determine the grade of the sword.

After the sword pierced Chen Feng’s flesh, the body armour that had fused with his flesh activated. The power of ice and fire rapidly came together, condensing into a clump of power, which moved to block the tip of the sword from advancing any further.

However, the grade 9 Prized-tier body armour could only stop it for a moment before the tip of the sword pierced through its defences.

The sword entered Chen Feng’s body, continuing to move forward. However, Chen Feng’s face remained calm. The Sacred-tier Demon Sealing Sword rapidly moved to stop the tip of the sword from inside his body.

Finally, the sword was stopped. The tip of the sword shook furiously and it unleashed a formidable sword energy, like an erupting volcano. It was seemingly desirous of destroying all the vitality inside Chen Feng’s body.

At that moment, however, the Demon Sealing Sword shook as well and a dimensional power suddenly spread out, enveloping the charging sword energy and the tip of the sword.


Chen Feng’s attack finally made contact. This swipe was an all-out attack from Chen Feng. A loud sound rang out and the black-clad man was torn to pieces by Chen Feng’s swiping move. A look of terror escaped his eyes right before death claimed him.


After killing off the black-clad man, Chen Feng had no time to even check the wound on his body when another killing intent emerged from behind him.

There are others!

Left with no time to turn around, Chen Feng sent his domain power out to envelop his figure.

However, something suddenly happened. A 10-zhang-long pillar of lightning, with the width of a water bucket, streaked down all of a sudden. It was much faster compared to the lightning attacks that Chen Feng had to face in his earlier Lightning Tribulation. And thus, another black-clad cultivator who was hovering somewhere one zhang away from Chen Feng was utterly incinerated, leaving not a speck of ash behind. The cultivator did not even get the chance to cry out.

“No! The tribulation clouds haven’t dissipated!” The faces of the several cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction who were charging towards Chen Feng sank sharply and they forced themselves to stop. Next, they rapidly backed away.

“So, the Lightning Tribulation is not over yet. Since those people attacked Chen Feng, it is only natural for them to receive a punishment from Heaven.” One of the cultivators assessed what happened earlier.

“That can’t be right. He has already overcome 2 Lightning Tribulations. Why hasn’t the Lightning Tribulation ended?”

“That’s true. Is the 2nd Lightning Tribulation not over?”

“I understand! It is probably that!”

“I understand as well.”

Having reached that topic of discussion, the spectating cultivators turned to look at each other, widened eyes greeting narrowed eyes as shock was etched on each of their faces. They had figured out what was going on.

“He’s going ahead with the 3rd Lightning Tribulation!”

“That’s right. Chen Feng wants to continue with his Lightning Tribulation. Heavens! Am I dreaming right now?”

“Three Lightning Tribulations in a row.”

All of them were flabbergasted and an uproar broke out. Even Jian Xiaotian, who had a better understanding of Chen Feng, was gaping in shock. Although he had already tried his best to give Chen Feng a high evaluation, he found that his evaluation was still too conservative. 

It was not as though there were no cultivators capable of overcoming 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row. However, these existences were too few in number. In every breakthrough attempt, the power of the Lightning Tribulation was 10 times stronger than the previous Lightning Tribulation, or more.


A peerless genius!

A monstrosity!

This is a monstrous-like cultivator!

Those thoughts flashed through the minds of all of the spectators as they looked at Chen Feng.

Another long lightning pillar – also with the width of a water bucket – thundered loudly as it descended upon Chen Feng. Due to the human interference earlier, the 3rd Lightning Tribulation arrived in advance.

Looking at the bloody hole on his chest, Chen Feng released an involuntary sigh. Despite the Demon Sealing Sword’s action of stopping the earlier attack, Chen Feng had still ended up with a wound. Still, his rate of recovery was very fast. The bloody hole on his chest was healing up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

These assassins sure are bold. They even dare take action inside Heavenly Sword Faction. Even if they did succeed, they would not have been able to make it out alive. Though, I wonder, other than the two who died earlier, are there any other assassins still lurking around? Chen Feng wondered.

The other party’s stealth technique was simply too formidable. Not even the many cultivators around him had been able to detect them. Thus, Chen Feng grew even more vigilant.

“This is bad. Brother Chen is wounded. Will he be able to survive his 3rd Lightning Tribulation?” Jian Xiaotian was somewhat concerned. However, due to the Lightning Tribulation, he dared not step forward.

“Despicable! Fellow brothers and sisters, check our surroundings immediately! See if there are any more assassins lurking around!” Liu Quan shouted loudly.

“Yes! They dare make a move inside our Heavenly Sword Faction? They are simply looking down on us! Search! We must find out who they are. They must pay the price for this!” Waves of divine senses began scanning the surrounding space.

“Three Lightning Tribulations in a row!” Jian Jinhuo’s mouth was wide open as he stared at the indifferent figure hovering up in the sky. There was nothing else he could say.

Disregarding if there were any more assassins around, Chen Feng threw a punch forward. The thick lightning pillar abruptly exploded into dazzling bolts of lightning, which covered the sky.

Chen Feng’s body wobbled somewhat from the collision. Finally, he could not stop himself from falling several zhang down. However, after steadying himself, he flew back up to his earlier position. At the same time, he stretched his hand out and swiftly grasped. The chaotic bolts of lightning were all collected, finally converging upon Chen Feng’s palm where they were compressed into a sphere of lightning.

The sphere of lightning spun, flashing with blue light. It contained a violent power capable of destroying everything.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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