Chapter 594 Second Lightning Tribulation


As Chen Feng had spent a long time cultivating inside the lightning pool, Sky Lightning of this level was simply incapable of qualifying as a threat for him. Chen Feng would usually use the tribulation lightning of Heavenly Tribulation, the tribulation of Human Immortals to cultivate himself. The Sky Lightning of the Sky Human stage was simply no match for the tribulation lightning of the Human Immortal stage.

No matter how many and how fast the lightning spheres were, Chen Feng could remain steady up in the sky, like an immobile mountain. He simply allowed the lightning spheres to keep bombarding him. He then leisurely absorbed the Sky Lightning into his body. Those that he could not refine would all be stored inside his Lightning Trigram acupoint.

Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation came and ended quickly. In just two hours, no more lightning spheres descended. Next, a profound will of the world descended to shroud him. With a thought from Chen Feng, his Soulflame burned brightly as he rapidly studied the power of laws contained within this will of the world.

At the same time, after his fleshly body was baptized by the Sky Lightning, Chen Feng could feel it becoming more refined. His mighty fleshly body became even more compact and his overall strength rose considerably.

As expected, although I am constantly cultivating myself inside the lightning pool, the powerful lightning powers inside the pool lack the worldly aura and the will that is usually within Sky Lightning, Chen Feng thought. Now that he had successfully overcome his Lightning Tribulation, his harvest was great.

Firstly, his fleshly body, having undergone the baptism of Sky Lightning, had become even stronger. Even now, there were still streams of Sky Lightning coursing through his body, constantly tempering the various parts of his body while clearing away some impurities.

However, that was not the most important change. Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom – having reached the perfect sea of wisdom realm – had undergone an overwhelming transformation. Since fusing the nine sea of wisdom layers together, his sea of wisdom had become abnormally vast. However, after overcoming this Lightning Tribulation, Chen Feng could feel that his sea of wisdom had – at the very least – doubled in size.

Although his sea of wisdom had expanded greatly, the amount of soul power inside had fallen considerably. Having said that, Chen Feng could feel that every strand of his soul power was now ten times stronger than before. With a thought, strands of his soul power became like agile snakes, roaming through his sea of wisdom.

That was not all. Even his Soulflame had changed. When the Lightning Tribulation first began, his Soulflame kept growing bigger and bigger. After reaching a certain size, however, it began shrinking. Finally, only a small, pure-white flame remained. It was no bigger than a palm. However, the power contained within it shocked even Chen Feng. 

“Sii! How is this possible? My Soulflame is at least ten times stronger than before. Additionally, it looks like there are other changes to it as well!” Chen Feng blurted out in shock.

Right, it’s a qualitative change! Is my Soulflame about to change into Lifebound Flame? Chen Feng thought.

“He he, you are still far away from it.” Tower chuckled. Chen Feng then saw the Longevity Tower hovering above his sea of wisdom. As the Longevity Tower hovered above it, the somewhat turbulent sea of wisdom grew calm and the power of his Soulflame grew more concentrated, more solid.

Using the Longevity Tower to suppress my sea of wisdom is the best option. With this, I will no longer have to worry about soul attacks. Chen Feng had utilized magic treasures to safeguard his opened insight acupoints. However, his all-important sea of wisdom would depend on the Longevity Tower’s protection.

“Eh?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Next, a trace of confusion could be seen in his eyes.

“Heh! Did you finally sense it?” Tower chuckled.

“Hmm, I sense the aura of the world. There is also this vague feeling. I think this must be the perception unique to Sky Human stage cultivators,” Chen Feng said.

“Sense properly once again,” Tower said.

Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out as he sensed and experienced his surroundings. Next, his hand grasped and the surrounding worldly powers converged upon his palm. His primary energy circulated as a high amount of spiritual energy flowed into his body. It was ten times more than what he would usually absorb.

Faintly, Chen Feng could feel a close connection with this world. By waving his hand, he could mobilize the worldly spiritual energy all around him. It was something that he had never felt before. Chen Feng knew it was because he had broken through to the Sky Human stage. Every move he made could mobilize worldly powers and he could sense the worldly laws. However, there was still this ambiguous feeling that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. No matter how hard he tried to sense it with his divine sense, Chen Feng was simply incapable of grasping it.

“Tower, I have reached the Sky Human stage. However, there is this peculiar sensation. It feels like there is something hovering around me. And yet, I simply cannot grasp it,” Chen Feng said, feeling confused.

“Sigh! Your level is still not high enough. Once your level is sufficient, you will be able to feel it. Me telling you about it right now is useless,” Tower said.

Chen Feng nodded. Since he was still incapable of understanding it, he would stop thinking about it. At any rate, he was already a Sky Human stage cultivator. He could slowly comprehend it later on.

“Success! Brother Chen is now a Sky Human stage cultivator. However, isn’t this too easy? Just by hovering in the air, he could overcome his Lightning Tribulation. Back when I was undergoing my first Lightning Tribulation, I ended up in a very miserable state,” said Jian Xiaotian, who was feeling somewhat shocked.

“Strange, the tribulation clouds have not disappeared. Is Brother Chen going to undergo another Lightning Tribulation?” Liu Quan looked at the dark tribulation clouds that remained up in the sky, a puzzled look on his face.

“This kid sure had an easy time with his tribulation,” Jian Jinhuo said, a trace of envy in his voice.

“Ho! This youngster doesn’t seem like a disciple from our sect. The fact that he could so easily overcome Lightning Tribulation proves that he is a talent with quite the potential. Is he a new disciple? However, the tribulation clouds have yet to disappear. Looks like he will be continuing with his tribulation.” There were other disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction who came over to observe Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation.

“As expected, the tribulation clouds did not dissipate.” After sensing the changes to his body for a moment, Chen Feng decided to continue with his Lightning Tribulation. At that moment, not only did the tribulation clouds above his head not dissipate, they were instead roiling about with an even greater intensity. It seemed as though they were gathering up an even greater power.


An even stronger aura was released from Chen Feng’s body and the tribulation clouds up above roiled with an even greater ferocity. With a crackling sound, a ten-metre-long lightning bolt struck Chen Feng.

This bolt of lightning was extremely fast and it had not given any warning beforehand, catching Chen Feng off guard. After getting struck, Chen Feng’s figure flipped a few times in the air before finally steadying himself again.

I was careless. Unexpectedly, even Lightning Tribulation could follow us humans in executing sneak attacks. Chen Feng smiled wryly. The lightning bolt was quite formidable. However, it was still within his range of tolerance. Although his skin was somewhat charred by the lightning bolt, his muscles merely twitched lightly before his skin recovered to its normal state.

This lightning bolt is ten times stronger than the lightning sphere from earlier. This time, I am going to eat my fill and expand my Lightning Trigram acupoint! Chen Feng laughed.

“As expected, he is going to undergo tribulation again. Who is this fellow? How is he so strong?” Some of the spectating cultivators could not stop themselves from asking.

“Humph! He actually wants to undergo tribulation again? He doesn’t know the meaning of death!” Seeing Chen Feng remain unscathed after getting struck by the lightning bolt, the feeling of envy in Jian Jinhuo’s heart rose to the fore.

“Guys, look. Senior Brother Liu Quan and the others are staying around the place to protect him. For half-step Human Immortals to be protecting him, this youngster must have quite the background.”

“I wonder if he can overcome his 2nd Lightning Tribulation.”

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

As they were talking, four lightning bolts descended in a row, breaking their way through space to strike Chen Feng. The four lightning bolts were identical, each 10 metres long and of a blue colour. Seeing it would strike fear in the hearts of others.

“So fast! There were no warning signs at all!” Jian Xiaotian felt worried for Chen Feng.

“Hah, bring it on! I’ve been preparing for you!” Again, Chen Feng did not dodge. Instead, he simply allowed the four lightning bolts to strike him.

“This guy is still taking it head on? How ballsy. This is a Lightning Tribulation!”

The instant the lightning bolts struck him, Chen Feng’s muscles twitched slightly and the four lightning bolts dissipated, transforming into strands of lightning powers to flow into Chen Feng’s body.

“As expected, these Sky Lightning are ten times stronger.” Sensing the lightning powers roaming through his body, Chen Feng reflexively blurted out.

As it so happens, I can use these bolts of Sky Lightning, which contains the will of the world to refine my magic treasures. With a thought from Chen Feng, the lightning powers flowed into his insight acupoints and began refining the magic treasures inside.

At the same time, the Longevity Sword, Longevity Blade, Longevity Lance, Longevity Chains, Longevity Furnace, Longevity Mace, Longevity Shield, Longevity Hook, Longevity Ding and various other weapons condensed into form within Chen Feng’s body. These weapons exerted a suction force to absorb the Sky Lightning within Chen Feng’s body to refine themselves.

All the magic treasures safeguarding his insight acupoints and the condensed weapons needed the Sky Lightning. Thus, in just an instant, the four lightning bolts striking Chen Feng’s body were utterly devoured. A feeling of hunger rose within Chen Feng’s mind.

Hopefully, the Sky Lightning will become even more ferocious, otherwise I will have to use the lightning powers inside the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng secretly hoped.

It seemed as though Heaven had sensed what Chen Feng was thinking. Or perhaps, Heaven thought that Chen Feng was deliberately provoking it. Thus, a series of lightning bolts, stronger than the previous ones, descended upon Chen Feng’s head.

The size of the lightning bolts grew increasingly large. Quickly, each of them grew from 10 metres long to 20 metres long, becoming thicker and stronger. They also contained a world-annihilating force. Additionally, there were practically no intervals in between each bolt. One followed the other, again and again, without respite. Soon enough, Chen Feng’s figure was inundated by lightning once more.

Observing from afar, one could see the lightning bolts erupting all over Chen Feng’s body and the area all around Chen Feng was seemingly filled with concentrated Sky Lightning.

Witnessing that, all of the spectating disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction were left gaping. They could not believe what they were seeing.

“Is this still the power of a 2nd Lightning Tribulation? Back when I was undergoing my 5th Lightning Tribulation, the lightning attacks coming at me weren’t even this strong.”

The uproar caused by the Lightning Tribulation grew increasingly large and more disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction were constantly getting alarmed by it. More of them were coming out to watch and ask about Chen Feng. Various divine senses were discussing the issue within the small area within Heavenly Sword Faction. However, the area in which the discussion was occurring kept growing as even more disciples rushed over. Even some of the high-ranking cultivators within Heavenly Sword Faction were alarmed.

“Damn it! Why is this fellow so strong? Those bolts of Sky Lightning are so powerful. Can they not kill him off?” Jian Jinhuo said, gnashing his teeth.

Chen Feng didn’t care about how big of an uproar he was causing. He continued to hover calmly up in the sky. In the face of the violent bolts of lightning, his figure did not shake in the slightest. Only when the lightning bolts were striking his body did his muscles twitched slightly to shatter the lightning bolts before furiously and ceaselessly devouring the lightning powers.

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