Chapter 593 Lightning Tribulation


After Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling left, Chen Feng began making preparations for his Lightning Tribulation. In the past, Chen Feng would have found himself a safe and secluded place to overcome his Lightning Tribulation in order to avoid getting taken advantage of by other cultivators. However, now that Chen Feng was in Heavenly Sword Faction, he was not so concerned about that. The only ones who could do that would be the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. Chen Feng did not believe that there would be any disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction that would attack him.

Still, Chen Feng had still chosen to make preparations for such a possibility. At any rate, Heavenly Sword Mountain Range was simply too big. The disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction were not the only ones here. There might be disciples from other sects here who would choose to take action against him. Truth be told, Chen Feng was worried most about the assassins from Killer Temple. Back then, that Ling Xian’er and her team had given him quite a bit of trouble. Their techniques were peculiar and near impossible to defend against. Chen Feng was feeling very wary about them.

After hearing that Chen Feng was about to undergo Lightning Tribulation, Jian Xiaotian was the first to come over. Next, Liu Quan and several more cultivators, who were on good terms with Chen Feng, came over as well. When they heard that Chen Feng was about to undergo his first Lightning Tribulation, some who were unaware of it became astounded.

“Chen Feng is actually only at the Concealed stage? How is that possible?”

Some expressed doubt and some astonishment. For them, Chen Feng was an existence equal to them. Although they were incapable of seeing Chen Feng’s cultivation state, they had simply regarded Chen Feng as someone at nearly the same level as them. To hear that Chen Feng was only now undergoing his first Lightning Tribulation utterly rocked them.

He is already so powerful despite only being in the Concealed stage. After he reaches the Sky Human stage, won’t he become even stronger? They had the same thought as Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling.

News of Chen Feng wanting to undergo Lightning Tribulation first circulated through a small area. However, for some who were interested in him, it was different.

“What, the kid is going to undergo Lightning Tribulation? So, the information I received is correct.” By then, Jian Jinhuo had also received news of Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation. Since he got into a conflict with Chen Feng in Jian Qingwu’s valley, he had constantly been keeping an eye on Chen Feng. Since he could not do anything to Jian Xiaotian, he could only take action against Chen Feng. At any rate, Jian Jinhuo was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. Someone like him possessed quite the influence in the sect. Thus, it did not take long for him to find out Chen Feng’s identity. Along with shock, he also ended up with a feeling of disdain towards Chen Feng. He viewed Chen Feng as merely a minor cultivator who had no other place to go after getting hunted down by others.

Although Chen Feng did possess some powerful magic treasures as a means of protection, Jian Jinhuo did not view Chen Feng as a noteworthy threat.

As for Chen Feng’s title of Honorary Elder of Heavenly Sword Faction, Jian Jinhuo simply cared nothing for it. Naturally, he would not do anything towards Chen Feng directly. It was not as though there was some kind of bloody grudge between them. Having said that, Jian Jinhuo had still chosen to keep a close eye on Chen Feng.

Hearing about Chen Feng’s attempt to undergo Lightning Tribulation, Jian Jinhuo grew even less vigilant towards him. A super minor Concealed stage cultivator was not worth his attention at all.

“Brother Chen, don’t worry. Overcoming tribulation here in Heavenly Sword Faction, you will surely be safe,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“That’s right, Brother Chen. You can undergo your Lightning Tribulation with peace of mind. We brothers and sisters will protect you. Additionally, there is also our mountain range’s great defensive array. If an enemy attempts to charge in, that enemy will be stopped,” Liu Quan said with a smile as well. 

“Ha ha! Everyone, do not worry. This is just a minor Lightning Tribulation,” Chen Feng said, a confident smile on his face.

“All right, it’s time I start,” Chen Feng said, flying upwards. He charged 10,000 metres up into the sky. Next, a vigorous aura emanated out from his body. The power that he had been suppressing for so long was finally released.


Dark clouds rolled and energy streams converged as the sky changed all of a sudden. Loud thundering sounds began rumbling as Chen Feng’s mountain and the surrounding areas, spanning a radius of several hundred li, turned dark.

“Why did Brother Chen go up into the sky for his Lightning Tribulation?” Liu Quan was surprised.

They had all assumed that Chen Feng would undergo his Lightning Tribulation on the ground. With the restrictive magic arrays there and their protection, his chances of overcoming the Lightning Tribulation would be greater. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would choose to fly up into the sky.

“Heh! He actually rushed up into the sky to undergo tribulation. He simply does not know the meaning of death,” Jian Jinhuo, who was secretly observing from afar, said with a snicker.

“Senior Brother Jian, do you think this Chen Feng can successfully overcome his Lightning Tribulation?” One of Jian Jinhuo’s companions suddenly asked.

Jian Jinhuo grew silent for a moment before replying, “This Chen Feng is not to be underestimated, otherwise he could not have become an honorary elder of our sect. I believe that a minor Lightning Tribulation should not be a problem for him.”

As Chen Feng’s aura kept spreading out, the Lightning Tribulation quickly gathered power. Sensing the traces of profound fluctuations coming from a mysterious space up above, Chen Feng knew that it was the worldly powers of Eternal World. It contained Sky Lightning. Although Chen Feng would often utilize Sky Lightning to cultivate himself, those Sky Lightning lacked the will of the world.

“Tower, how many Lightning Tribulations do you think I can overcome in one go?” Unlike other cultivators, Chen Feng was not feeling apprehensive at all as he faced his Lightning Tribulation. Instead, he secretly chatted with Tower.

“Hey, hey! I will not be telling you. If I do, you will end up having this expectation in your mind. That will not be good for you,” Tower replied, chortling.

“Makes sense. Next up, I want to see just how far I can go.” Chen Feng’s eyes grew more resolute and confident. The strength he had been accumulating for the past few years caused his confidence to swell.

An overwhelming atmosphere of Heavenly authority descended, stirring Chen Feng’s emotions. Next, a feeling of insignificance surged into his mind. However, Chen Feng was quick to suppress that thought.


A sphere of lightning, one metre in width and flashing with currents, broke through the layer of clouds and energy streams up above to smash against Chen Feng. Although the lightning sphere was not fast, Chen Feng could feel an overpowering aura locking down on his position. Even if he were to fly away through a distance of tens of thousands of li, he would still be incapable of dodging this lightning sphere.

Let’s try on the power of this lightning attack first. Chen Feng did not dodge. Neither did he attempt to fight. Instead, he simply allowed the lightning sphere to smash into him.


The lightning sphere erupted against Chen Feng’s head and a loud thunderclap reverberated through the sky above. Hearing it would cause others to feel suffocated and terrified.

“What is wrong with Brother Chen? That is Sky Lightning! Why isn’t he moving at all?” Liu Quan and the others were surprised.

“Heh! Brother Jian, did this Chen Feng get scared stiff by the power of the Sky Lightning? Come to think of it, I have heard of Concealed stage cultivators getting so scared on their first Lightning Tribulation that they ended up getting killed by it.” One of the companions beside Jian Jinhuo laughed.

“I don’t believe that is the case here.” Jian Jinhuo and the others were standing on top of a mountain. With their eye power, they could observe Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation.

After making contact, the lightning sphere opened up like a blooming flower of lightning before enveloping Chen Feng completely. Suddenly, a formidable suction force emerged from Chen Feng’s body and every bolt of the Sky Lightning was absorbed, not leaving a single trace of them behind.

As for Chen Feng, he remained unscathed. It was as though the thing that had landed on his head earlier was not lightning, but a breeze.

Too weak. It is completely within my range of endurance. Rather, it is not even as strong as the lightning powers in the lightning pool that I usually use to cultivate myself. Chen Feng muttered to himself. Taking on the lightning sphere earlier had only tickled him. 

“No wonder he did not fight back. It turns out his fleshly body is so strong. He is someone who could continuously evade the murderous pursuit of Nine Firmaments Palace, after all. That is not something that can be done simply by having good magic treasures,” Jian Jinhuo said.

“Ha ha! So, Brother Chen is so confident!” Liu Quan and the others laughed. Jian Xiaotian had been the only who hadn’t revealed any look of apprehensiveness at Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation.

After the first sphere descended, more lightning spheres descended against Chen Feng, one after another. They were not fast. However, there were many of them. Seeing that surprised the spectating cultivators.

“So many lightning spheres!” Jian Xiaotian and the others were dumbfounded. Jian Xiaotian thought back to his 1st Lightning Tribulation. There had been quite some time in between each lightning attacks, giving him time to take medicinal pills to recover his strength. At this moment, however, the rate at which Chen Feng was bombarded by the Sky Lightning had far surpassed that of his 1st Lightning Tribulation.

“Only astounding geniuses with a great amount of accumulated strength would encounter something like this. Our sect also has quite a number of such geniuses. Don’t worry. Look at how confident Brother Chen is. It should be all right,” Liu Quan said.

In the beginning, there were intervals between each lightning spheres as they smashed down against Chen Feng. As time went by, however, their speed increased. Occasionally, two or three lightning spheres, sometimes up to four lightning spheres, would strike Chen Feng at the same time. Additionally, the size of each lightning sphere was becoming increasingly large.

However, Chen Feng simply continued to hover up in the sky, not moving at all. He allowed the lightning spheres to smash against his body. Lightning currents scattered around, flashing about to completely inundate Chen Feng. Only a faint image of Chen Feng could be seen through the bolts of Sky Lightning.

One after another, the members of Heavenly Sword Faction were attracted over. In the beginning, none of them had paid any attention to the matter. At any rate, this was simply a Concealed stage cultivator breaking through to the Sky Human stage. There was nothing strange here. However, when they noticed the abnormality of Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation, many of them were alarmed. All of them wanted to come over to see which monstrous character was causing this.

At any rate, someone who could trigger such a high frequency of lightning sphere attacks was surely no ordinary character. This person must surely be a Heaven-defying character.

“Tower, I feel as though my Lightning Tribulation is more violent compared to those of other cultivators.” Chen Feng remained hovering within the bolts of lightning. As he absorbed the lightning powers, he chatted with Tower.

“This is the Sky Lightning sent down by the will of the world following the state of your cultivation. The Sky Lightning’s power is thus adjusted according to the cultivation base, level and potential of the cultivator in question. Judging by your Lightning Tribulation, your talent is just plain average. In the future, don’t get too full of yourself and make sure to put your life on the line when cultivating,” Tower said slowly.

“Hey, what a load of bull!” Chen Feng retorted. He ignored Tower and instead focused on tracking the worldly laws contained within the descending Sky Lightning.

One after another, the lightning spheres erupted against Chen Feng’s body. As the frequency eventually became too fast, the bolts of lightning flashing across Chen Feng’s body shone with increasing intensity. Finally, Chen Feng’s body gave a pulse and a domain power spread out to envelop the space around him, reaching a radius of 10 zhang. The domain enveloped all of the Sky Lightning there, leaving not a trace of it outside.

Three black vortexes appeared, one on top of Chen Feng’s head, one on his chest and one on his back. The three vortexes were only the size of a palm each. However, they spun rapidly and strands of Sky Lightning were absorbed into it.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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