Chapter 592 Three Years


Continuing to stay there would only make him feel more awkward. Thus, Jian Jinhuo bade them farewell before leaving. However, when he went to bid the seniors farewell, they merely responded with a nonchalant attitude. Seeing that caused Jian Jinhuo to feel even more indignant.

Humph! What makes you so special? Just you wait. After I cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage, I will deal with you fellows. Jian Jinhuo secretly grumbled.

Seeing Jian Jinhuo leave, Liu Quan finally said, “Brother Chen, how did you end up getting into a conflict with Jian Jinhuo? He is an insidious fellow.”

“It’s nothing. Let’s not talk about him anymore. We should talk about something else.” Chen Feng smiled and changed the subject.

“That’s right, senior brothers and sisters, didn’t you fellows leave the sect mountains already? Why did you all suddenly return?” Jian Xiaotian, who was beside Chen Feng, asked curiously.

Recently, Jian Xiaotian had been spending most of his time cultivating inside the sect. Thus, he had not participated in the war with Heartless Heaven Sect.

“Sigh! The Sect Masters from the various great sects have come together for a discussion. The war is temporarily put on hold,” Liu Quan said, shaking his head.

“In other words, our sect will be compromising?” Jian Xiaotian’s face sank.

“Most likely. News of the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans have spread out. It is not just Heartless Heaven Sect, Warlord Pavilion and Divine Demon Grotto. Even some other sects are incapable of holding back. By joining forces with the Qin Family and Wang Family, our sect can fight against Heartless Heaven Sect and the others. However, not even our sect can handle it if too many sects get involved,” Liu Quan said, sighing.

“How vexing! If we compromise, the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans will no longer belong solely to our Heavenly Sword Faction. With so many sects sharing it, the number of benefits we can acquire from it will decrease. Not to mention, with the addition of the other sects, our fellow disciples will face a much greater level of competition when exploring the place. The number of casualties will rise as well,” Jian Qingwu said.

“There is no helping it. If we are to fight to the very end, our sect will definitely lose. However, by putting it on the table now, we might be able to scoop up some benefits,” Liu Quan said.

Next, drinks and snacks were served and everyone there chatted animatedly for a long time before finally dispersing.

As for Chen Feng, he continued to stay in the small valley. Originally, he had wanted to go stay with Jian Xiaotian. However, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling ardently persuaded him to stay. Thus, Chen Feng relented.

Finally, on the tenth day, a Human Immortal elder from Heavenly Sword Faction came and arranged a mountain with a beautiful view and high concentration of spiritual energy for Chen Feng. Next, he even gave Chen Feng an honorary elder token that was of a higher grade. That was not all, he even gave Chen Feng some medicinal pills, spiritual herbs and magic treasures. Furthermore, those were all of a fairly high grade. High enough to move Chen Feng.

Heavenly Sword Faction sure is generous. Looks like my efforts back then were not in vain, Chen Feng thought as he regarded the items provided. However, he also understood what Heavenly Sword Faction meant by giving him all those items. Firstly, they wanted to recruit a talent like him. Secondly, these were the rewards for his actions of rendering assistance to rescue the sect’s disciples.

At any rate, I will not be able to return to the Northern Plains any time soon. Besides, the murderous pursuit by Nine Firmaments Palace will not stop. It is evident from my encounter with the assassins from Killer Temple. Even after coming to the Central Plains, I am still not safe. However, no matter how you cut it, Heavenly Sword Faction is a first-rate sect in the Central Plains. I should be safe staying in here. Chen Feng pondered what he should do next. 

Since meeting Lan Ling, the desire to enter Absolute Academy had grown within Chen Feng’s mind. At any rate, the Four Great Academies were existences hailed as the Holy Lands. They were existences of a higher level compared to Heavenly Sword Faction. By joining Absolute Academy, his rate of cultivation would surely be much better compared to him going at it alone. Not to mention, Chen Feng also wanted to see for himself the various peerless geniuses from all over the world who had come to cultivate under Absolute Academy.

Having obtained a cultivation place of his own, Chen Feng moved out from the small valley that Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were residing in. Next up, Chen Feng simply stayed in Heavenly Sword Faction. In addition to cultivation, he would visit his friends. Speaking of which, even though he had not stayed long in Heavenly Sword Faction, he did make some friends that he could chat with. Thus, his cultivation efforts did not feel boring.

Just like that, time passed quickly. Soon enough, Chen Feng had spent a good three years in Heavenly Sword Faction.

Chen Feng focused solely on his cultivation efforts within those three years. The Heavenly Sword Mountain Range was thick with spiritual energy. Additionally, there was also the Sky Meteorite inside the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng made rapid progress. If it weren’t for the fact that he was utilizing a secret technique to suppress his aura, his Lightning Tribulation would have arrived long ago.

On this particular day, Chen Feng was inside the Longevity Tower, facing the Sky Meteorite. This time, Chen Feng was studying the countless holes on the meteorite. He had been doing so for quite some time now. Every time he studied the holes, he would feel as though his body was sucked into space and wave after wave of a violent storm would charge towards him, desirous of obliterating both his body and soul. Chen Feng knew that it was the void storm that Tower had mentioned. 


With a loud popping sound, Chen Feng’s hair was blasted outwards before rising up. The magic robes he wore fluttered loudly. It was as though there was an invisible force striking Chen Feng’s body.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Chen Feng could not stop himself from taking several steps backwards. After some time, he opened his eyes.

Since I succeeded in fusing my nine sea of wisdom layers last year and reached the perfect sea of wisdom realm, I have been spending my time studying these holes, products of a void storm. Although my soul power is growing stronger every day, there is no qualitative change. Looks like I will have to undergo my Lightning Tribulation first. Chen Feng felt somewhat frustrated.

Chen Feng was able to cultivate himself inside the lightning pool within the Longevity Tower. Additionally, with Tower’s assistance, he could also experience the other tribulation powers, of water, fire, wind, earth, etc beforehand. However, those cannot be counted as a true tribulation because those powers did not contain the will of Heaven. There was only power. Thus, despite the growth of his fleshly body’s might and soul power, there was no qualitative change.

Chen Feng’s figure flashed and he left the Longevity Tower to appear outside. Standing atop the mountain to observe the rolling clouds and feel the raging winds, Chen Feng was visited by a refreshed feeling.

I have been cultivating here for three years. I have not been able to spend so long cultivating peacefully before throughout my path of cultivation. Perhaps, this is the ideal way of cultivation for a cultivator. Unfortunately, this kind of life cannot last forever. Although this focus on cultivation has improved my cultivation base, I will still need to journey outwards if I want to break through. I need to get into fights with other cultivators. Only in the face of pressure can I force out my potential.

Let’s not think so much about it. I should overcome my Lightning Tribulation first. I have been suppressing it for so long. It’s about time I do this!

Just as Chen Feng was thinking about overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling came over.

“Ha ha, what brings you two here today? Welcome!” Chen Feng smiled. During the past three years, Chen Feng’s relationship with the two sisters have gotten even better and the way they spoke to each other became more casual.

“Humph! Just look at your face. Too fake!” Jian Qingling said with a chuckle.

“Didn’t you two leave for Absolute Academy? Why are you two back? Did something happen?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“Right, I almost forgot. A few days earlier, I met Senior Sister Lan Ling back in the academy. She was asking about you,” Jian Qingling said.

“Lan Ling was asking about me?” Chen Feng laughed.

“That’s right. Senior Sister Lan Ling said that it has already been three years. And yet, you have yet to go to Absolute Academy. Are you not taking Senior Sister Lan Ling’s invitation seriously? You are thinking too highly of yourself!” Jian Qingling said with a harrumph.

“Me, thinking highly of myself?” Chen Feng smiled wryly.

“Don’t listen to my little sister’s ramblings. Senior Sister Lan Ling would never say that. However, she did ask about you. Originally, she had wanted to come visit you. However, she is currently in a critical juncture of her cultivation. Thus, she did not come,” Jian Qingwu said.

“A senior sister from Absolute Academy wants to visit me? I am highly flattered,” Chen Feng said smilingly. “However, I believe Miss Lan Ling should be about to rise up to the Human Immortal.”

“Yes, Senior Sister Lan Ling has been suppressing her cultivation base because she was not confident that she could overcome her Heavenly Tribulation. Even now, she is still gathering her strength in order to successfully overcome her Heavenly Tribulation in one fell swoop,” Jian Qingwu said.

Chen Feng nodded. This was a standard practice for all the cultivators in the world of cultivation. He was also doing the same thing. However, his goal was to overcome Lightning Tribulation in order to rise up to the Sky Human stage while Lan Ling’s goal was to overcome Heavenly Tribulation. Upon success, she would rise up to the Human Immortal stage and be able to comprehend the immortal dao laws, allowing her to work towards ascending to the Immortal Plane. They were on two wholly different levels.

“Enough, we are here for something else,” Jian Qingwu said.

“What is it?”

“Do you still remember the half-section Cloud Map? Back then, we have already said that we will be inviting you to join us in exploring the legacy site of Immortal Cloudmist,” Jian Qingwu said.

“You’ve found the location of the legacy site?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Yes. However, we only have a fragment of the Cloud Map in our hands. I do not know if we can get in or not,” Jian Qingwu said.

“No matter what, we’ll have to give it a try. When will you be departing and who else will be going?” Chen Feng asked.

“A few of our friends will be coming along. We plan on heading out in three months’ time. Will that be fine for you?” Jian Qingwu looked at Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “Three months. That should be more or less enough.”

“Chen Feng, do you have something else going on?” Jian Qingling could not stop herself from asking.

“I plan to overcome my Lightning Tribulation.” Chen Feng simply informed them the truth.

“What? Overcome Lightning Tribulation? You are really just a Concealed stage cultivator? Heavens! You are already so strong now. After overcoming Lightning Tribulation and reaching the Sky Human stage, wouldn’t you become even stronger?” Jian Qingling widened her eyes in shock, a look of disbelief on her face.

“I am just relying on my magic treasures.” Chen Feng waved his hand.

Jian Qingwu considered for a moment before saying, “How about this? If you are still not ready after three months, we will wait for another two months. What do you think?” 

“No need to wait. Three months it is. I believe that three months will be enough,” Chen Feng said confidently.

“Very well, it’s settled then. We will not disturb you any further. I wish for your success in overcoming your Lightning Tribulation. When the time comes, we’ll have a stronger helping hand in exploring Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy site,” Jian Qingwu said.

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