Chapter 591 Sunwheel Sword Technique


“Jian Jinhuo, what are you fellows here for?” Jian Xiaotian said brusquely.

“Humph! And I was wondering who it might be. So, it is Junior Brother Xiaotian. Why are you here instead of cultivating with your master?” Jian Jinhuo said coldly.

“I am here to visit my friend. It seems you fellows came here to visit Senior Sister Qingwu. She is not here right now. You fellows should leave. Don’t disturb our conversation,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“Jian Xiaotian, don’t think that we are afraid of you just because you got yourself a powerful master! If you have what it takes, let’s go at it in a one-on-one fight!” A muscular man with dishevelled hair stepped forward, a sword in hand.

“I am not afraid of a one-on-one fight. The only thing I am afraid of is that you fellows will disregard ethics and swarm me.” Jian Xiaotian, wielding his sword, stepped forward as well.

“Humph! Swarm you? I alone will be enough to deal with you,” the dishevelled, muscular man said, swinging his hand upwards to fire out several sword beams forward.

Heh! Brother Jian will surely win. There won’t be any moments of suspense. With just a glance, Chen Feng could determine the cultivation states of the two sides.

Both of them were level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators. Additionally, Jian Xiaotian possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution. Although Jian Xiaotian’s primary energy was not greater than his opponent, his blood energy was far more vigorous. More importantly, the sword in Jian Xiaotian’s hand was a Sacred artefact. In a fight, this opponent would surely be no match for Jian Xiaotian.

As expected, after just a few exchanges, the dishevelled, muscular man ended up in a disadvantageous position. He was forced to retreat again and again. He could not even fight back.

“Skywheel Shattersword Technique!”

Sword energy erupted as formidable sword beams shot forward again and again. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this Skywheel Shattersword Technique from Jian Xiaotian was far stronger than before. It even contained a fragment of concept power. Clearly, Jian Xiaotian’s swordsmanship had improved considerably.


The dishevelled, muscular man was struck and his figure was sent flying. However, Jian Xiaotian had not attacked to kill. His attack had merely left a shallow wound on his opponent’s body. 

Knowing that he was no match for Jian Xiaotian, the dishevelled, muscular man said nothing. He simply moved aside with a sullen look on his face. He felt very frustrated. In the past, Jian Xiaotian was simply a minor, unknown disciple in the sect. Although he had some background, Jian Xiaotian was still not someone that he would consider noteworthy. However, after wandering outside for a few years, Jian Xiaotian’s cultivation base skyrocketed. After returning, he ended up getting accepted as an apprentice by an extremely powerful master. Thus, his status leapt skyward and not even Jian Jinhuo would go provoke him. This dishevelled, muscular man had only stepped forward due to his inability to suppress his discontent. He had wanted to teach Jian Xiaotian a lesson. Unexpectedly, Jian Xiaotian would utterly suppress him in the fight. He knew then that Jian Xiaotian’s position would only rise further and someone without a backer like him would be incapable of matching up to him.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian, let me exchange pointers with you.” Another cultivator jumped out. He was a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator using dual swords. The moment he jumped forward, he unleashed a swift and formidable attack, wanting to catch Jian Xiaotian off guard.

Unexpectedly, Jian Xiaotian would rapidly draw a circle with his sword, creating a soft and somewhat extravagant circle of sword light. Surprisingly, this move managed to block his opponent’s attack.

“What?! That’s the Sunwheel Sword Technique! He actually practiced the Sunwheel Sword Technique!” Jian Jinhuo and the others were shocked. That was especially so for those standing beside Jian Jinhuo. There were looks of envy on their faces. This sword technique was not something that the average disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction could practice. The Sunwheel Sword Technique was a spectacular sword technique in the Heavenly Sword Codex, the treasured sect guardian manuscript of Heavenly Sword Faction. Only the most important of disciples could have the opportunity to practice this technique. Jian Jinhuo was one such character. However, those cultivators beside him did not possess the qualifications to do so.

This sword technique is quite extraordinary. As expected of the Heavenly Sword Faction. Looks like Brother Jian will be winning this fight as well. Chen Feng was not feeling worried for Jian Xiaotian. At any rate, Jian Xiaotian possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution and an astonishing cultivation talent. Challenging those on a higher level was a normal thing for him. A normal level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator was simply no match for Jian Xiaotian.

As expected, after Jian Xiaotian displayed the Sunwheel Sword Technique, he immediately gained the upper hand.

Every time Jian Xiaotian made a move, it would seem as though a sun was shining. Not only did it managed to take down his opponent’s move, it even left the opponent in a restrained state. However, that was not all. After gaining the upper hand, Jian Xiaotian continued by unleashing a furious flurry of attacks to force his opponent into a constant retreat.


Jian Xiaotian’s sword made a circle and another sun seemingly erupted. The level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator was finally incapable of blocking the attack. It sent him hurtling 100 zhang backwards, only stopping after his figure smashed into a hill.

“Anyone else wants to try?” said Jian Xiaotian, who reached out with his finger to rap the body of his sword, a smile on his face. He possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution, after all. Not to mention, his will to fight had been stirred forth.

“Humph! I’ll exchange pointers with you.” Jian Jinhuo was finally incapable of holding back. Although he did bring a number of men with him, his men were likely incapable of handling Jian Xiaotian.

“Heh! A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator challenging a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator? Are you not afraid of losing face when news of this gets out?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from chortling.

“What is it? Are you unsatisfied? If you are unsatisfied, you two can come at me together. I can give the two of you pointers,” Jian Jinhuo said icily.

Jian Jinhuo had been constantly pursuing Jian Qingwu. When he heard that Jian Qingwu and her little sister had returned to the sect, he became overjoyed. However, he also found out that a male cultivator had followed them back. Thus, he instantly grew jealous. Ignoring who this male cultivator was or what identity he might possess, Jian Jinhuo immediately brought his men with him as he rushed towards Jian Qingwu’s valley. Unexpectedly, he would get into a fight with Jian Xiaotian.

Speaking of which, he and Jian Xiaotian were from the same Jian Family, the biggest family in Heavenly Sword Faction. However, the Jian Family was enormous, with a great number of family members. Although Jian Jinhuo was aware of Jian Xiaotian in the past, he had never considered Jian Xiaotian as someone of interest. After all, despite how good Jian Xiaotian’s cultivation talent may be, his level was too low. However, after returning from his adventure, Jian Xiaotian’s identity and status in both the Jian Family and the sect rose greatly. He was even accepted as an apprentice by a powerful master. Status wise, Jian Xiaotian had surpassed even Jian Jinhuo.

Although Jian Jinhuo did not want to get into a fight with Jian Xiaotian, he felt that Jian Xiaotian was too arrogant. Thus, Jian Jinhuo decided to teach Jian Xiaotian a small lesson, lest he be looked down upon for backing away.

“He he! You want to fight the two of us alone?” Chen Feng snickered.

“That’s right. I will let the two of you attack first,” Jian Jinhuo said arrogantly and a sword energy radiated out from his body. Sensing the sword intent within the aura, Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. This was a very pure sword intent. It must be the product of bitter training.

I actually underestimated him. It makes sense. How many idiots can cultivate up to level 9 of the Sky Human stage? The only exception would be from taking those legendary, Heaven-defying medicinal pills, Chen Feng thought.

“Are you sure you want us to attack first?” Jian Xiaotian was the one to smile this time. In a one-on-one fight, he was certainly no match for Jian Jinhuo. However, things would be different with Chen Feng. He knew just how powerful Chen Feng was. All things aside, if Chen Feng were to utilize his Sacred artefact, he would be able to easily sweep Jian Jinhuo.

“What’s with all the nonsense? Are you fellows afraid? Since you fellows dare not attack, I won’t be holding back now.” Seeing the two not attacking, Jian Jinhuo thought that they had grown fearful. He grew emboldened. With a wave of his hand, he brought out a gold-coloured sword and prepared to make his move.

“What is going on here?” Just as Jian Jinhuo was about to attack, Jian Qingwu’s voice spread towards them from beyond the valley.

When he heard Jian Qingwu’s voice, Jian Jinhuo’s face instantly flickered. He waved his hand, keeping the sword away as he hastily took a few steps back. He tidied his clothes and put on a façade of not knowing anything.

Seeing that, Chen Feng secretly chuckled while Jian Xiaotian simply broke out into laughter.

Jian Qingling’s figure was like a gust of wind, speeding into the valley to appear before Jian Jinhuo. She pointed her finger at Jian Jinhuo and shouted, “Jian Jinhuo, you sure got guts. It turns our you’re the one raising a ruckus here.”

“I am not here to cause trouble. I heard that you sisters have returned, so I came here to visit you two,” Jian Jinhuo was quick to say.

“Humph! Why does it look like there was a fight here?” Jian Qingling glanced around.

“Senior Brother Jinhuo, why are you here?” Jian Qingwu led a group of cultivators into the valley.

“Ha ha! I heard that junior sister encountered an ambush, so I came here to check up on you! Senior Brother Liu, Senior Brother Wang, Senior Brother Han, you fellows are here as well!” When he saw Jian Qingwu, Jian Jinhuo’s eyes revealed a pleased look of surprise. However, when he saw the group of cultivators beside her, his face took on a look of shock. He hastily stepped forward to salute them.

“Ha ha, it’s Junior Brother Jinhuo.” They merely nodded towards Jian Jinhuo. Next, they walked towards Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha! Elder Chen, is this place to your liking?”

“Brother Chen, I will be throwing a feast tonight. You must come.”

“If Junior Sister Qingwu had not mentioned it, I would not have known that Brother Chen is staying here. Last time, Brother Chen helped greatly with the rescue operation. I have yet to properly express my gratitude. Today, I will be the host. Brother Chen, be sure to come.”

The ones with Jian Qingwu were none other than Liu Quan and the others who had fought alongside Chen Feng in Heartless Heaven Sect’s outpost. A few of them had received Chen Feng’s assistance back then. They had practically fought side by side. Several of them were half-step Human Immortals, each possessing an extremely lofty character. They had displayed a nonchalant attitude towards even someone like Jian Jinhuo. However, they instead displayed a highly enthusiastic behaviour in their treatment of Chen Feng.

Seeing that, Jian Jinhuo’s face immediately darkened, his heart feeling bitter. They had acted as though he was not there and instead clamoured to chat with Chen Feng.

Jian Jinhuo gritted his teeth and calmed himself down. It would appear that there were some matters that he was in the dark about. This youngster with Jian Xiaotian was not to be trifled with. He should be someone with quite a background.

“By the way, Brother Chen, what happened earlier? When we were still outside, we heard the sounds of conflict. Did some blind fellow try to trouble you?” Liu Quan said, giving Jian Jinhuo a quick glance.

“He he, it’s nothing. How did you fellows find the time to come over?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. 

Note: Jian Xiaotian, Jian Jinhuo, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling all share the same surname: Jian ‘’. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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