Chapter 590 Returning to Heavenly Sword Faction


The Skysoar Warship was transformed into a stream of light, which entered the Azure Wyrm’s mouth. It never came out.

“Junior brother!”

“All our juniors inside haven’t come out!”

The few cultivators who managed to charge out earlier cried out in shock. Only six cultivators, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling included, managed to charge out earlier. The rest were still trapped inside the Skysoar Warship. Now that the Azure Wyrm had gulped down the Skysoar Warship, escaping was no longer possible for those still inside.

“Hurry up and run!” Chen Feng said. After gulping down the Skysoar Warship, the Azure Wyrm’s yao energy grew stronger. Clearly, it had refined the disciples inside the Skysoar Warship.

“NO!” Seeing what happened, some of the disciples who made it out screamed, tears pouring down from their eyes.

“Ha ha ha ha! You sealed me up for so many years. I’ll collect some interest today!” The Azure Wyrm laughed loudly.

It was then that Immortal Scarletflame appeared. He looked completely ragged and his face was pale as he flew over. With a wave of his hand, he teleported Chen Feng and the other disciples, himself included, far away.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Immortal Scarletflame kept coughing out blood and the aura coming off him was in a state of chaos. Chen Feng was secretly astounded. Just one simple attack from the Azure Wyrm had left a fairly-strong Human Immortal with such grave injuries.

“Senior!” Jian Qingwu and several others hastily rushed forward.

“This Azure Wyrm is no longer something I can handle. We’ll set off immediately to return to our sect. We must get some people to subdue this Great Yao. It has been sealed for so many years. Now that it has managed to break free, it will be sure to stir up a storm. When the time comes, who knows how many of our disciples would die to it?” Immortal Scarletflame said.

Next, Immortal Scarletflame waved his hand again to bring out a few pieces of jade. Swiftly, he then set up a magic array.


The space there began trembling. Next, a spatial passageway rapidly appeared before them all.

“Let’s go.” Immortal Scarletflame was the first to enter.

A portable teleportation array. Those pieces of jade must be engraved with the necessary runes for teleportation, allowing it to break space and initiate a teleport, Chen Feng thought.

This was Chen Feng’s first time seeing this type of teleportation array. However, that did not mean that he was in the dark about it. He also knew that this was a one-time use item. After using it just once, the energies contained within the jade pieces would be utterly exhausted and they would shatter apart.

Chen Feng and the others moved inside. Then, the spatial passageway sucked them in and they began jumping through space.


The space before them broke and light flashed out. After that, Chen Feng saw that they were standing on a flat plaza. Raising his head, he saw rolling mountains. Some of the mountains there rose straight up, piercing the clouds. An atmosphere of swords proliferated there. It felt as though there were massive swords inserted into the ground there.

Could this be Heavenly Sword Faction’s Heavenly Sword Mountain Range? Chen Feng pondered.

“We’re back in our sect now. This here is Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Those mountains you are looking at are the cultivation spots for some of our seniors. As time went by, even the mountains ended up with sword intent, transforming the place,” Jian Qingwu said smilingly, seemingly knowing what was in Chen Feng’s mind.

“We were running all over the place. After going through all the twists and turns and fights, I didn’t think it would be so easy to come here.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

Immortal Scarletflame merely said a few words before quickly rushing away. Chen Feng knew that Immortal Scarletflame was rushing to meet up with the higher-ups of Heavenly Sword Faction in order to deal with the Azure Wyrm. At any rate, this was not something that could be delayed.

“Chen Feng, come. I’ll arrange a place for you to stay in,” Jian Qingwu said smilingly.

Chen Feng nodded and followed Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. They flew through the mountains and quickly landed on a peaceful and refined-looking valley. The hills around the valley were not too tall and they were filled with various types of trees and vegetation. A perfunctory glance would reveal that it looked messy, yet there were traces of spiritual energy coming from them. Noticing that, Chen Feng knew that the surrounding hills had been arranged carefully. Even the trees and vegetation there had been planted meticulously. Some were planted at core positions of an array.

There were pavilions, outdoor verandas and a small river in the valley. Wondrous rocks could be seen laid out across the place and there were stretches of fruit-bearing trees there and even a shaded rack of grape vines. It gave off the impression of a small cottage within a valley. To Chen Feng’s surprise, there were a few spiritual trees growing there as well. At the central location of the valley was a 100-zhang-tall spiritual tree, which rose higher than the surrounding small mountains. The spiritual tree was circular and thick, with lush foliage and green-coloured, round fruits. It exuded hints of fragrance into the air.

“Tsk, tsk. What a big Cyan Cluster Fruit Tree. No matter how you look at it, it is at least several thousand years old. Unexpectedly, you two would have such a spiritual tree.” Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback. He also possessed a few of these trees, all stored inside the Longevity Tower. They were all obtained from the pocket dimension in the Starsea Region. However, those spiritual trees were not as big as this one.

“You recognize the Cyan Cluster Fruit Tree?” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were surprised. However, they quickly understood. “Right! Back then, you had brought out a high number of spiritual fruits. Looks like you have seen this type of spiritual tree before.”

“This is our place of residence. Chen Feng, what do you think?” Jian Qingling asked with a chuckle.

“Peaceful and refined, with shady trees and wondrous rocks placed all over the place. A right amount of water vapour hangs in the air. This is a good place,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Humph! At least you have a good eye.” There was a slightly smug look on Jian Qingling’s face. The two of them had been residing in this valley for many years now. Thus, they had spent a good amount of effort into this valley.

It was then that a number of young, female cultivators with fair appearances moved forward. They came to stand before Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling and happily performed a salute. “Senior sisters, you have returned!”

Chen Feng gave them a perfunctory glance and found that all of them were at the Sky Human stage. There was a total of 12 female cultivators. Two of them were at level 3 while the other ten were at level 2 of the Sky Human stage. Seeing that truly shocked Chen Feng.

Impressive. These female cultivators are clearly dressed like attendants. Tsk, tsk. Even their attendants are Sky Human stage cultivators. These two are quite extraordinary. When Brother Jian left Heavenly Sword Faction and headed towards the Northern Plains, he was only at level 1 of the Sky Human stage. Looks like Brother Jian hadn’t been able to climb high. At the very least, his status was far inferior compared to these two sisters, Chen Feng thought.

“Go clean up a small courtyard and pick some spiritual fruits. Also prepare some snacks. I have an important guest to entertain,” Jian Qingwu instructed.


Of the 12 female cultivators, two quickly left. Another two went to pick some spiritual fruits while another two went to prepare snacks. The other six then followed Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling closely.

“Tsk, tsk. You two sure know how to enjoy yourselves. Deserving of your reputation as high-ranking disciples of this sect,” Chen Feng said with a chortle. Next, he waved his hand and a Cyan Cluster Fruit flew into his hand. He did not hold back as he found himself a spot to sit.

“These junior sisters are not servants. We selected them from amongst the ordinary disciples. Firstly, they would help us take care of this valley. Secondly, they can practice cultivation here,” Jian Qingwu said, looking at Chen Feng.

“I think I should go someplace else. Me staying here might not be convenient for you two,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Humph! What inconvenience can there be? Are you a shy guy?” Jian Qingling said bluntly.

“Elder Chen, although you are an honorary elder of our sect, you are currently without a place of residence. Just stay here first. You can move out once the sect assigns you a mountain. Besides, we also want to ask you to come with us when we go search for Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy,” Jian Qingwu said.

“Since you are already addressing me as Elder Chen, I cannot reject. I’ll stay here first, then. At any rate, I am not Heavenly Sword Faction’s disciple. I won’t be staying here for long. By the way, has Jian Xiaotian returned?” Chen Feng said.

“That’s not a problem. I will have them go check it out.” After Jian Qingwu gave the instructions, two of the female cultivators quickly left, flying out from the valley.

Next up, Chen Feng stayed in the small valley. He spent his time solely on cultivation and more cultivation. On the other hand, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling would rarely stay in the valley. More often than not, they would not be seen in the valley. Chen Feng knew that it was because Heavenly Sword Faction was presently at war with Heartless Heaven Sect. The two sisters could already be considered as high-ranking members of Heavenly Sword Faction. Naturally, they would be incapable of staying idle at a time like this.

On this particular day, Jian Xiaotian finally appeared.

“Brother Chen! Ha ha ha, it’s been a while! Unexpectedly, you are staying here. What a surprise!” Jian Xiaotian laughed loudly the moment he stepped into the valley.

“Brother Jian, looks like you broke through again. Congratulations! On the other hand, I have yet to overcome my Lightning Tribulation. The gap between us is growing bigger and bigger,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Heh! Brother Chen, you may be able to fool others with those words, but you can save it in front of me. If we have to fight, I will be no match for you. I did hear quite a bit about what you did after coming to the Central Plains. How unexpected. Even someone like Young Master Tianhen had to suffer under your hands. That Young Master Tianhen has always been a very lofty person. For me, he is practically an exalted character,” Jian Xiaotian said with a snicker.

“Brother Jian, you are too modest. Judging by the rate at which you are cultivating, it should not take long before you reach the Human Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“All right. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about what happened after we got separated. Tell me, how you get to know these two senior sisters.” The mischievous look on Jian Xiaotian’s face gave Chen Feng the urge to laugh.

As the two of them were chatting happily, a group of cultivators, antagonistic looks on their faces, walked into the valley.

“Eh, someone is here.” Chen Feng was surprised. These fellows had fairly high cultivation bases. They were likely the high-ranking disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. However, it would appear that they were not here for Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. Instead, it seemed as though they were here to trouble him.

“Brother Chen, you might be in a bit of trouble. The guy up front is Jian Jinhuo, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. He has always been trying to pursue Jian Qingwu. Looks like he is here to trouble you out of jealousy,” Jian Xiaotian whispered. However, judging from his tone, it would seem that Jian Xiaotian was not afraid of this Jian Jinhuo. This matter surprised Chen Feng.

However, Chen Feng did not think too much about it. He had to first handle this issue facing him.

“Jian Qingwu and her sister possess the Sword Spirit Constitutions. Additionally, they are also disciples of Absolute Academy. This fellow is only a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. Somehow, he doesn’t seem worthy of Jian Qingwu,” Chen Feng said with a snicker.

“Heh! Jian Jinhuo’s cultivation talent is only average. However, he has quite a strong background. He is also quite an arrogant character in our sect,” Jian Xiaotian said with a chortle.

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