Chapter 59: Assailing the Heavenly Origin Acupoint


After sucking the Four-eared Spirit Monkey in, Chen Feng quickly focused his mind to enter the Longevity Tower as well. The moment he entered, he saw the monkey with dazzling gold body howling non-stop as it used both its hands to strike the floor beneath it. It was attempting to dig out a passageway.

“He he.”

Seeing that elicited a snicker from Chen Feng. The Longevity Tower was so incomparably tough that he could not even leave a mark on it with the Overwhelming Astral Sword. What could this monkey’s punches and kicks do to it?

Chen Feng’s snicker caught the Four-eared Spirit Monkey’s attention. Immediately, the Four-eared Spirit Monkey grew enraged. Roaring, it transformed into a beam of golden light once more to charge at Chen Feng. 

The present Chen Feng had already opened up his sea of wisdom and his divine sense was at the extreme limit of level 1 of the Concealed stage. Even so, Chen Feng had no confidence that he could match the Four-eared Spirit Monkey’s speed.

The speed of this Four-eared Spirit Monkey is too high! Chen Feng praised inwardly.

The Four-eared Spirit Monkey covered a distance of 100 metres in but the blink of an eye. With a flash of golden light, it moved with lightning-like speed and appeared before Chen Feng.

Chen Feng remained unconcerned. Instead, there was a light smile on his face as he reached out with his hand to make a grasping motion. Next, the surrounding energy streams swirled forth, forming ropes, which instantly tied up the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. 

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Four-eared Spirit Monkey struggled ferociously. Despite its small size, it was capable of unleashing a powerful force and wave after wave of explosive sounds erupted from his body. Those were the sounds of his power being forced out.

The energy streams appeared as though they would scatter with just one strike. And yet, no matter how hard the Four-eared Spirit Monkey struggled, it could not break free from the energy streams. The rope formed from the energy streams were hundreds of times stronger than high-grade steel.

“Forget it. You are simply wasting your strength. Even if you are 10 times stronger, you will be incapable of breaking the energy stream ropes,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“What kind of technique is this? What magic treasure is this?” The Four-eared Spirit Monkey halted its actions and instead turned to stare at Chen Feng, its eyes gleaming with a golden light.

“Since this is an immortal school’s technique… an immortal school’s magic treasure?” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“Humph! An insignificant cultivator at the Concealed stage, you have the audacity to talk about immortal school techniques?” replied the Four-eared Spirit Monkey with a sneer.

“At any rate, you are now a lowly captive. Just be good, all right?” said Chen Feng coolly.


The Four-eared Spirit Monkey snorted. Then, it closed its eyes and stopped talking. Seeing that made Chen Feng curious. Suddenly, the Four-eared Spirit Monkey snapped open its eyes and two rays of golden light shot out towards Chen Feng. Then, its one-metre tall body swiftly expanded. In an instant, it had grown into a ten-metre tall, golden-coloured, giant monkey. The fur on its body were all standing erect, flashing with dazzling gold colour, just like a golden god descending from Heaven. It opened its mouth to reveal two rows of fangs that were much sharper than swords. They gleamed with a chilling light, exuding quite the atmosphere.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks began appearing on the energy stream ropes shackling the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. It seemed as though the ropes would break soon and the Four-eared Spirit Monkey would be free. Given the amount of power that it was displaying, it appeared capable of crushing Chen Feng with one slap.

Chen Feng’s figure dodged to the side, easily avoiding the two beams of golden light. After that, he saw the Four-eared Spirit Monkey transform into a giant, golden-coloured monkey and grew shocked. However, he quickly recollected himself.

“Thinking of escaping? Let me see what you got?” said Chen Feng with a smile. Once again, he repeated his grasping motion and even more energy streams gathered to instantly form over hundreds of ropes. The ropes wrapped themselves tightly over the Four-eared Spirit Monkey and its struggles, despite its best effort, became futile.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!!”

The Four-eared Spirit Monkey opened its mouth and roared without respite and its already ten-metre tall body continued to expand. The golden light shining from it grew in intensity, a dazzling sight to behold. It was as though there was a sun shining there. Wave after wave of brutish aura radiated out from its body. It was as though a demon god from Hell itself had stepped into the human world. 

This monkey is truly powerful. It looks like the legendary great ape. With this power alone, other yao beasts of the same stage would likely be no match for it. No matter what, I must subdue it. That way, I will have a strong helper in the future. Chen Feng thought to himself.

The Four-eared Spirit Monkey continued bellowing for a bit before its gigantic body slowly shrank back down. It did not take long for it to regain its one-metre tall body. The aura emanating from its body, too, slowly weakened. In the end, it remained staring at the distant Chen Feng.

“What do you want?” asked the Four-eared Spirit Monkey.

“Nothing, I just want you to stay here obediently for a while,” said Chen Feng with a smile. After that, without a word, he willed his figure away from within the tower, appearing outside. As for the Longevity Tower, it remained hidden between his brows.

I will leave the monkey there for a while first. When my strength has improved to the point where I can fully subdue him, I will let him out. Chen Feng thought.

Next up, Chen Feng began practicing cultivation within the valley. The valley was the Four-eared Spirit Monkey’s territory. Given how fierce the Four-eared Spirit Monkey was, no other yao beasts came knocking. Thus, Chen Feng could rest easy and practice cultivation there.

As his mind had been imprinted with the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation increased further. It was not an exaggeration to say that one day’s worth of cultivation from Chen Feng was comparable to tens of days for the average cultivators. In fact, it could even go up to months. This was due to the profundity of the Longevity Scripture and the assistance he received from the Longevity Tower.

“Open up the Heavenly Origin acupoint.”

Chen Feng willed the Longevity Scripture technique to circulate, causing his powerful primary energy, his vigorous blood energy and his mysterious divine sense to come together to form a new power. This new power moved towards the point between his eyebrows, his Heavenly Origin acupoint spot and assailed it.

In the past, Chen Feng had been in the dark about the mysteries of these insight acupoints. He assumed that opening them all up was all. After reaching the hundred opened meridians layer, he thought that there were no more secrets within them

Only now did Chen Feng realize how ignorant and shallow his line of thought were. The human body was the most mysterious and unique existence of all time, one which contained countless secrets. Every inconspicuous insight acupoint contained great power and profundity. The true number of insight acupoints within the human body was something that no one could be certain of.

The Heavenly Origin acupoint had another name, the First Origin acupoint. It symbolized the realm of beginning. Some of the more powerful cultivators would choose to open up this insight acupoint first. Additionally, given this acupoint’s relative closeness to the sea of wisdom, it was better in terms of linking up with the sea of wisdom and mutually helping each other.

At that moment, Chen Feng had accessed the use of his divine sense. Thus, he could ‘see’ everything within his body clearly. Every blood vessel, every piece of flesh, muscle, cells, he could perceive them all.

Within Chen Feng’s perception, his sea of wisdom was like a boundless ocean. His divine sense would rush and clamour amidst it all while the various insight acupoints were like bottomless pools. Each of them contained an enigmatic atmosphere. This was only because Chen Feng had yet to open up the insight acupoints. After opening up a portion of the insight acupoints within his body, Chen Feng would realize that the insight acupoints within the human body were like the stars, possessing great powers each.

This is the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Chen Feng’s divine sense could clearly sense the insight acupoint between his brows.

That fellow in the tower… since he had helped me open up my 1st sea of wisdom layer, why not help me open up the Heavenly Origin acupoint while he was at it? He could have saved me all this trouble. Suddenly, Chen Feng could not help but feel dissatisfied. 

Naturally, that was simply an afterthought. When he was conversing with the mysterious existence within the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng had sensed it as well. That person was not in a good state himself. Rather, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was in a terrible state. If he were not in such a terrible state, he would not have waited for Chen Feng to reach the Concealed stage to communicate with him. Additionally, judging from the contents of their conversation, that fellow was waiting for Chen Feng to get stronger to help him recover his strength.

The Heavenly Origin acupoint was seemingly covered by a thin membrane, just like the mist protecting his sea of wisdom. Only by cracking the obstructing membrane can he open up this Heavenly Origin acupoint and invoke the profound existence within it, thereby producing a wondrous and powerful energy.


Chen Feng shouted as his divine sense, primary energy and blood energy, all three combined into one, becoming like a charging spear as it struck the Heavenly Origin acupoint.


The membrane, despite how thin it appeared, had remained immobile and undamaged despite the powerful striking force.

No rush, no rush. I’ll take it slow. Chen Feng thought to himself. He was indeed in no hurry. Instead, he gathered his strength to strike once more.

After three whole days of assault, the membrane covering the Heavenly Origin acupoint was finally broken and a power akin to a raging dragon surged into the Heavenly Origin acupoint.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

At that moment, the Heavenly Origin acupoint truly became like a bottomless pool and wave after wave of energy, almost water-like in quality, gushed out in response. Soon, it had become connected with his 1st sea of wisdom layer to form a strange passageway.

The mysterious power from within the Heavenly Origin acupoint and the divine sense from the sea of wisdom blended together without respite to produce an even stronger power.

Huh! I’ve finally opened up the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Heavenly Origin acupoint, the First Origin of Emergence. I have taken my first solid step on my dao of cultivation. Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng silently sat in a cross-legged posture beside a creek as he pondered all the changes that had occurred to his body. Another five days passed before Chen Feng finally made a move. The Overwhelming Astral Sword slowly floated out to hover before him. 

In the past, Chen Feng’s divine sense would be dispersed by the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s formidable sword energy the moment it made contact with it. At present, however, Chen Feng had fully opened up his 1st sea of wisdom, pushing out a high volume of divine sense. It had even established a link with his Heavenly Origin acupoint. At present, Chen Feng’s divine sense was far stronger than other cultivators of the same level.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword before him was still sheathed and the sharpness of the sword was not fully unleashed. That was the reason why Chen Feng could control the sword so easily.

Next, Chen Feng moved forward, placing both his feet on the sword. With a thought, the Overwhelming Astral Sword rapidly brought him flying forward. In the beginning, Chen Feng’s control was somewhat crude. However, after some time, Chen Feng could dextrously fly around in the sky.

He could drive a flying sword with a mere thought and burst through a distance of a thousand metres through the sky at a velocity that was tens of times faster than the use of energy-condensed wings.

“Excellent! I have finally mastered the technique of driving flying swords. Level 1 of the Concealed stage, controlling objects with divine sense has been reached. Next, I will have to slowly gather my strength to assail a higher level,” said Chen Feng happily. 

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