Chapter 589 Azure Wyrm


“Oh, no!” Liu Yuan had yet to recover. Thus, when he saw the Sacred artefact attack him, he could not stop himself from panicking. Still, he was quite the resolute character. In the face of the Heaven Measuring Ruler’s attack, he did not attempt to dodge. Instead, he swung his staff to strike the Heaven Measuring Ruler. In Liu Yuan’s opinion, his staff was a Sacred artefact made from Five Elemental Metalcore while the Heaven Measuring Ruler was made from jade stone. How could the jade ruler be stronger than his Dragon Rune Staff?

“Senior Brother Liu, don’t worry! I’ll help you!” The Sacred-tier, circular ding rapidly flew over, positioning itself before Liu Yuan.


A heavy collision broke out before Liu Yuan. His Dragon Rune Staff and the circular ding were sent flying. Likewise, the Heaven Measuring Ruler transformed into a stream of white light to fly back into Chen Feng’s grasp. Fine cracks had appeared across the lustrous surface of the white jade ruler. They were so fine that they could remain undetected to the naked eye. However, as Chen Feng had refined it, he could clearly sense the cracks.

It actually cracked. That makes sense. The Heaven Measuring Ruler is only a grade 1 Sacred artefact while the opponents’ weapons are also Sacred artefacts. The fact that it could repulse them is already a good thing, Chen Feng thought, keeping the Heaven Measuring Ruler. He then used his primary energy to slowly nourish it.

Blood kept trickling down from Liu Yuan’s forehead. Earlier, his Dragon Rune Staff was knocked back and it ended up landing a heavy blow against his head. Stars flashed within Liu Yuan’s eyes and it hurt so badly he had to gnash his teeth. And yet, despite his somewhat miserable appearance, it was only a minor external wound. By circulating his primary energy, the bleeding was quickly halted.

“Why does that Heaven Measuring Ruler look so familiar?” Liu Yuan mumbled in a whisper.

“Young Master Tianhen from Warlord Pavilion also has a Heaven Measuring Ruler. It looks like the one in his possession.” The cultivator wielding the circular ding flew over.

“Let’s charge out first. We’ll talk about this after we meet up with Young Master Tianhen next time,” Liu Yuan said.

Due to the reinforcements on Heartless Heaven Sect’s side, the two sides fought once again. Finally, Liu Yuan and the others managed to kill their way out. Although both sides were suffering from casualties, it was clear that Heartless Heaven Sect’s losses were more serious.

“Let’s go. We’ll go check up on Azuresieve City!”

When there was still some distance between them and Azuresieve City, they began sensing formidable emanations coming from up ahead. They could also hear the howls of a yao beast and the sounds of collisions.

“Right, what kind of yao beast was suppressed beneath Azuresieve City?” Chen Feng was finally incapable of resisting and he made use of the opportunity to ask.

“A wyrm at the Yao King stage,” One of the half-step Human Immortals there, Liu Quan, said.

“A wyrm at the Yao King stage?” Chen Feng grew puzzled.

“He he! Elder Chen, this wyrm is not to be underestimated. The body of this wyrm contains the blood of a true dragon. Its strength is already infinitely close to that of a Yao Immortal. This is also why we only sealed it and chose not to kill it. Now that it is free, it will become a considerable issue for our Heavenly Sword Faction,” Liu Quan said.

It contains the blood of a true dragon? Chen Feng was shocked. Although there were many types of wyrms in the world of cultivation, the number of wyrms with the blood of a true dragon within their veins was very small. Surprisingly, the wyrm sealed beneath Azuresieve City actually possessed the blood of a true dragon. It would appear that Heavenly Sword Faction had a reason for sealing it there. Perhaps, they were sucking away its blood to concoct medicinal pills. Or perhaps, they had wanted to subdue it.

“Since it is already infinitely close to the Yao Immortal stage, us going ahead will likely prove useless. We should exercise caution,” Chen Feng said.

“Naturally. However, there is no helping it. Senior Scarletflame is already there now. I fear he will be no match for the wyrm,” Liu Quan said.

Chen Feng nodded. Although Immortal Scarletflame’s cultivation base was quite good, he was only just a starter-level Human Immortal. He had yet to break through to the mid-level Human Immortal stage. Thus, he would likely be no match for the wyrm.

Chen Feng could already sense the mushrooming yao energy coming from afar. Overbearing and haughty, the yao energy seemingly took tangible form to give them a suffocating feeling. This atmosphere of power was not something that the average Human Immortal could give out. Chen Feng was someone with some experience in dealing with Human Immortals, after all. He was able to perceive the aura fairly accurately.

Chen Feng, who was flying up in the sky, activated his eye technique to get a clear view of everything that was happening far ahead. A colossal wyrm was presently circling up in the sky above Azuresieve City. The wyrm’s entire body was faint-azure in colour, extending up to a length of 1,000 zhang while its head was comparable to a small mountain. From afar, it looked as though there was a river swirling up in the sky. 

Immortal Scarletflame was in the midst of confronting this Yao King. He had already brought out everything he had for this battle; his whole body burned like a raging clump of flames. However, in the face of this colossal Yao King, he appeared so much smaller. 

Just by looking at the atmosphere radiating from the two sides, anyone would be able to see that Immortal Scarletflame was far from a match for this wyrm.

Suddenly, the wyrm opened its mouth and Chen Feng, who was hovering far away, could sense the power of water and lakes flowing through the sky. Even the surrounding clouds were flowing forward to converge upon Azuresieve City.

This Azure Wyrm cultivates the power of water. Azuresieve City has earthen fire beneath it. No wonder they would seal it there. This wyrm has only just managed to break free. So, it has yet to fully recover its strength, otherwise it could have killed Immortal Scarletflame long ago, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng was not the only one. The other cultivators could also see the vast gap in strength between the two sides. Naturally, Immortal Scarletflame was also aware that he was not in a good spot. Thus, he decided to attack to stop the wyrm from recovering its strength.


Immortal Scarletflame charged towards the Azure Wyrm, unleashing his strongest move against it. A sword beam, seemingly capable of cleaving a star, struck the Azure Wyrm’s body.

“What? It hit?” Chen Feng and the other spectators were not the only ones who were shocked. Even Immortal Scarletflame was somewhat taken aback. Although this Azure Wyrm’s body was massive, it was also very agile. How did he managed to so easily land an attack on its body?


The sword beam erupted against the Azure Wyrm’s body, causing the scales there to shatter. Copious amounts of blood gushed out from the large wound.

His sword attack had struck the Azure Wyrm, but Immortal Scarletflame’s face turned extremely ugly to behold.

That was his strongest attack. Although it did manage to break through the Azure Wyrm’s defence and inflict a wound on its body, it was just a minor wound for such a colossal wyrm. Furthermore, after just a few breaths’ worth of time, the wound stopped bleeding. Next, the flesh there wriggled and the wound began closing up. It did not take long for the wound to heal up completely and even the shattered scales began growing back there. This was the Yao King’s rate of recovery.

“He he! That’s quite a decent attack there. However, how many of those attacks can you unleash?” the Azure Wyrm spoke up. It did not dodge Immortal Scarletflame’s attack. Neither did it counter attack. Instead, it continued hovering in the sky to absorb the surrounding power of water and lakes and worldly essences to recover its strength.

Chen Feng was able to clearly see what happened earlier. He could not stop himself from sucking in a deep breath. While he was uncertain just how powerful that attack by Immortal Scarletflame was, he knew that an all-out attack by a Human Immortal would be enough to rock the world. Not to mention, Immortal Scarletflame was a sword cultivator, the type of cultivator with the strongest offensive power. His full power could easily cleave apart a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain. And yet, the attack he unleashed against the Azure Wyrm’s body had only managed to inflict a flesh wound on the Azure Wyrm, incapable of going all the way into its bones.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I will just stay still and let you hit me. What can you do?” the Azure Wyrm laughed.

Immortal Scarletflame’s face was contorted. His figure turned upright. Next, he seemingly transformed into a divine sword soaring through the sky. Scarlet flames began converging and they all gathered into the sword. Next, another sword beam shot forward.

The power behind this sword attack was even greater than the previous one. Immortal Scarletflame had burned a portion of the power of fire that he refined in order to unleash this attack. Once again, the attack struck the Azure Wyrm’s body. This time, however, the effect of his attack was smaller compared to the previous attack. A layer of azure-coloured light flowed across the surface of the Azure Wyrm’s body to block a huge portion of the sword beam’s power. After breaking through the layer of light, the sword beam only managed to break one scale. It had failed to leave even a wound on the body.

As expected of an existence that is infinitely close to the Yao Immortal stage. This Azure Wyrm is on the same level as a high-level Human Immortal. Additionally, its fleshly body is even stronger. I am far from a match for it. By releasing this Yao King, Heartless Heaven Sect has brought us a good amount of troubles. Immortal Scarletflame knew that he would be incapable of fighting against this Azure Wyrm. Thus, he calmed down. 

“Disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction, hurry up and leave! Return to the sect immediately!” Immortal Scarletflame’s voice spread towards them from the distance.

“What do we do? Do we leave?” the disciples fell into a minor state of disarray.

“If we stay, we’ll just end up giving senior troubles. Since we cannot help at all, we should hurry back to the sect and request our Sect Master to send forth stronger seniors here!”

“Yes. Staying will only distract Senior Scarletflame.”

They quickly came to an agreement. Next, they swiftly entered the Skysoar Warships and made ready to leave.


Suddenly, an azure ribbon of light flew towards them, firmly entangling one of the warships. It instantly pulled the warship towards Azuresieve City. As it so happened, Chen Feng had gone aboard this warship.

“Not good! It’s the Azure Wyrm! Everyone, hurry up and leave this Skysoar Warship!” Instantly, Chen Feng was visited by a foreboding sensation. His figure flashed as he attempted to slip out from the warship. However, his attempt failed. A soft yet formidable power was enveloping the entire warship.

The same was true for the others. The cultivators piloting the Skysoar Warship gave it their all to unravel their situation only for their attempts to fail. The entire warship was enveloped by a layer of azure-coloured power and there was no way for them to charge out.

“Spiralling Sword Beam!” Chen Feng brought out the Death Sword and tore a large hole through the cabin of the warship. However, his attack failed to break the azure barrier outside.

The Azure Wyrm opened its mouth and the azure ribbon, with the warship in tow, moved into its mouth. 

“Animal!” Immortal Scarletflame was shocked. He charged forward, his sword stabbing towards the Azure Wyrm’s eye.


An azure beam of light shot out from the colossal Azure Wyrm’s eyes to land heavily against Immortal Scarletflame’s body. The sword light around Immortal Scarletflame’s body disappeared. Even the flames around him disappeared as the sounds of bones breaking rang out in quick succession. Next, Immortal Scarletflame’s figure became like a stream of light, hurtling away. His figure hurtled through a distance of 10,000 zhang, not stopping throughout it all.


Finally, Chen Feng utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to blast the azure barrier outside apart. His figure then flew out from the warship in a flash. Next, Jian Qingwu and the others began rushing out from the opening that Chen Feng created. However, after just one moment, the opening closed up and the cultivators left inside the warship were incapable of rushing out anymore.

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