Chapter 588 Chaotic Battle


“You’re welcome.” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

Everyone there were quick with their actions and it did not take long for them to sweep through the battlefield, which spanned a radius of several hundred li. However, even though this was Heartless Heaven Sect’s outpost, nothing of value was left behind after their cultivators left the place.

The cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction did not tarry. Next up, they split into two groups. One group brought the wounded cultivators back to Heavenly Sword Faction while the other group rushed towards Azuresieve City.

Chen Feng, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling went together with them to Azuresieve City. Having stayed and fought alongside the cultivators in Azuresieve City, they had developed a certain friendship with them. Regardless if the city was already broken or not, they wanted to go back and check up on the situation there.

“Will we be able to reach there in time. You say that you encountered the reinforcements from Heartless Heaven Sect on your way out?” 

Jian Qingwu and several others were seated inside a Skysoar Warship. The one who forwarded the question was a half-step Human Immortal.

Immortal Scarletflame, the Human Immortal from Heavenly Sword Faction, had already rushed forward on his own.

“Senior Scarletflame is already rushing forward. He should be able to reach the city in time,” Jian Qingwu said, a tone of uncertainty in her voice. Azuresieve City had been in an extremely bad situation. If the other side were to simply mobilize half-step Human Immortals, Azuresieve City would certainly fall.

“By the way, junior sisters, what is Elder Chen’s background? From what I can see, his cultivation level should be low. How can he block the attack of a Human Immortal?” the cultivator suddenly asked in a hushed tone.

“He he! Elder Chen’s name is Chen Feng. Have you not heard of his name before?” Jian Qingwu laughed.

“Chen Feng? That is quite a familiar name. However, there are countless cultivators in the world of cultivation. There should be many called Chen Feng as well. It is possible that I have heard of the name before in the past.”

“This Chen Feng is from the Northern Plains,” Jian Qingling, who was seated beside them, said.

“The Northern Plains. Chen Feng? Could he be the one that Nine Firmaments Palace is after? I think he is a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect, no?”

“I have heard of this person before. It is said that he could remain safe despite the murderous pursuit of Nine Firmaments Palace. Could he be Elder Chen?”

“Yes, it is none other than that Chen Feng. He is someone that our sect’s fellow disciple, Jian Xiaotian, befriended when he was in the Northern Plains. He ran away from the Northern Plains to our Central Plains. From what I can see, Chen Feng’s cultivation level is not high. However, he has many formidable magic treasures. He even has a Dao artefact. If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s aid, we sisters would have fallen into the grasp of Warlord Pavilion,” Jian Qingwu said.

“So, it is actually the Northern Plains’ Chen Feng. He is a very famous character. However, according to the information available on him, he has yet to overcome his Lightning Tribulation. Still, with a Dao artefact in hand, it is no wonder he could escape Nine Firmaments Palace’s pursuit. By the way, what did you mean earlier when you said you nearly fell into Warlord Pavilion’s grasp? Did you two end up bumping into the disciples from Warlord Pavilion?”

“It was Warlord Pavilion’s Zhan Qingsong and Zhan Tianhen. If it weren’t for Chen Feng and Senior Sister Lan Ling’s assistance, the two of us would most likely have ended up getting captured by them,” Jian Qingwu said, feeling angry as she did. She thought to herself that she must find a chance to settle the score. However, when she thought back to Zhan Qingsong’s wretched appearance after the beating that Chen Feng gave him, she and her sister reflexively smiled.

“There are a lot of cultivators up ahead!”

The cultivator in charge of piloting the Skysoar Warship suddenly shouted.

“They are the disciples from our sect! Has Azuresieve City fallen?”

A transparent window appeared upon the warship, allowing them a clear view of what was happening outside. They watched as a number of cultivators flew through the sky, looking miserable as they did. The aura coming from each cultivator was weak and some were wobbling as they flew forward. It seemed as though they would fall at any moment. Additionally, all of them were sporting wounds on them. One glance was sufficient to tell that they had just undergone a tough battle.

“What is this? What on earth happened?”

Sou! Sou!

Immediately, cultivators flew out from the Skysoar Warships. One of them shouted, “What happened? What happened to Azuresieve City?”

“Azuresieve City has fallen. A colossal yao beast has appeared. Even Senior Brother Tie Jian was killed,” one of the cultivators, stained completely in blood, responded. After that, he began crying.

“What? Tie Jian is dead?” Every one there felt shocked. Tie Jian was a half-step Human Immortal. Moreover, he was a kind figure with plenty of friends back in Heavenly Sword Faction. When they heard that Tie Jian was killed, many of the cultivators inside the Skysoar Warship cried out in shock.

“Senior Brother Tie Jian!”

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling exchanged glances, looks of sadness on their faces. However, they were more concerned about another issue. 

“With Azuresieve City broken, the ancient savage beast that was suppressed there is now free. Heartless Heaven Sect has achieved their objective.” Jian Qingwu, Jian Qingling and several of the half-step Human Immortals there were quick to go silent.

“Looks like there is a problem.” Chen Feng walked out from the small room that he was occupying.

The cultivators who escaped from Azuresieve City were quickly brought into the Skysoar Warship. Next, the cultivators in the warship brought out more spirit stones and sped up the rate at which they were moving forward.

“Did you fellows see Senior Scarletflame?” Jian Qingwu asked.

“Senior Scarletflame is presently fighting against the yao beast inside the city. The yao beast is simply too powerful. It had destroyed practically every part of Azuresieve City,” said the escaped disciple.

“Humph, Heartless Heaven Sect! We must settle this score with them in the future!”

“Look! There is a Skysoar Warship up ahead.” 

“It’s them! They are the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect!”

A cultivator shouted while pointing forward. The disciples who escaped from Azuresieve City shouted agitatedly.

“It’s them!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. This was the same Skysoar Warship belonging to Heartless Heaven Sect that he had encountered back then. Unexpectedly, after breaking Azuresieve City, they would end up bumping into the reinforcements from Heavenly Sword Faction.

“It’s the Skysoar Warship from Heartless Heaven Sect. Kill! Kill them all!”

“Charge! Avenge our fallen brethren!”

All the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction roared fanatically. These sword cultivators possessed a more aggressive trait compared to other types of cultivators. Due to the stimulation from their rage and grudge towards Heartless Heaven Sect, they practically went mad. A few of them had already charged out from their Skysoar Warships to attack the enemy warship.

“Activate the magic arrays! Attack!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The warships belonging to Heavenly Sword Faction roared. In just a flash, tens of astral swords, over 100 zhang in length, charged towards Heartless Heaven Sect’s Skysoar Warship.

That one attack wave tore Heartless Heaven Sect’s Skysoar Warship into smithereens and their cultivators flew out in a state of chaos.

“Liu Yuan, Liu Hun and the others from Heartless Heaven Sect! They are all half-step Human Immortals. Killing them can be regarded as a minor advance payment for our vengeance!” 

Liu Yuan and the others felt frustrated as they bore the brunt of Heavenly Sword Faction’s attack. Earlier, after the arrival of Liu Hun and the others, they were finally able to break Azuresieve City and release the sealed yao beast, thereby achieving their objective. Unexpectedly, the reinforcements from Heavenly Sword Faction would arrive so quickly. They would likely have to first face a brutal battle in order to leave. Moreover, all their opponents were enraged disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. Watching the charge of the mad-looking cultivators, even someone like Liu Yuan felt a chill running down his heart.

“Damn it! If it weren’t for the fact that my injuries have yet to recover, I could have killed them easily.” Liu Yuan swung his staff to block an incoming astral sword.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling charged out as well. The sword cultivators possessed astonishing offensive power. Add the offensive-type Skysoar Warships, Heavenly Sword Faction gained the upper hand after just one exchange. The disciples from Heartless Heaven Sect kept falling.

“Great! Kill them! Kill them all!” A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction kept swinging his sword as he attacked. Just a few days prior, his little brother had died to the disciples from Heartless Heaven Sect. Thus, whenever he encountered the disciples from Heartless Heaven Sect, he would become enraged, wanting nothing more than to kill them all. 

On the other hand, Chen Feng did not attack. He continued standing inside the Skysoar Warship, observing the battle outside. Cultivators kept falling outside. One half-step Human Immortal, in particular, was ganged up on, and torn to pieces. Chen Feng sighed inwardly. He could feel that the Central Plains’ world of cultivation was truly much more brutal compared to that of the Northern Plains. At any rate, he had never witnessed such a level of all-out battle between the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains.

As more and more cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect were killed, several cultivators suddenly appeared somewhere high up in the sky. One of them waved his hand and a massive seal descended. Like a small mountain, it instantly smashed against the Skysoar Warship that Chen Feng was in.


The resulting sound of the impact was like the reverberating soundwaves from a bronze bell. Chen Feng’s vision turned dark for a moment and the floor beneath his feet disappeared. The attack had smashed the Skysoar Warship into smithereens. Having no time to think about anything else, Chen Feng furiously circulated his primary energy. The Lightstream Shield appeared beneath his feet and his figure hovered in the sky.

Looking around, he watched as the fragments of the Skysoar Warship fell down. Amongst the cultivators who had been staying inside the warship to operate the magic arrays, only six managed to stay alive. The others were killed by the collision.

“Warlord Seal! It’s the bastards from Warlord Pavilion!” someone shouted, pointing at the sky.


The massive seal circled around, bringing with it rapidly spinning energy streams, which smashed into the other cultivators. Everywhere they went, the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction would be sent flying.

Incredible, that is a Sacred artefact! Chen Feng was surprised. Before he could take action, the massive seal turned and smashed towards him.

It’s coming after me. Chen Feng scoffed inwardly as he rapidly brought out the Four-sided Spirit Mace to unleash a hefty swing at the massive seal.


It was as though two small mountains were colliding against one another. Chen Feng flew backwards while the massive seal tumbled away. Additionally, cracks had appeared across the surface of the seal.

“Heh, just a grade 1 Sacred artefact. How can it fight against my Four-sided Spirit Mace?” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile. Next, he raised his hand and the Heaven Measuring Ruler jumped into the void.


A cultivator high up in the sky was in the midst of feeling smug when the Heaven Measuring Ruler suddenly appeared to smash against his body. His body armour was broken and his bones broke, blood flowing out from his wounds. Although his aura was not terminated, he was left in a half-dead state. 

“Careful! Someone is attacking!”

“What is going on here? That looks like a Heaven Measuring Ruler.”

“I saw it too. It is indeed the Heaven Measuring Ruler. I feel like it is the one belonging to Senior Brother Tianhen.”

“Enough. There are too many men from Heavenly Sword Faction. There is no need for us to go all out against them. Hurry up and save those guys from Heartless Heaven Sect.”


Chen Feng beckoned and the Heaven Measuring Ruler returned to his hand. He then raised his hand again. This time, however, the Heaven Measuring Ruler did not jump into the void. Instead, it transformed into a white beam of light as it shot towards Liu Yuan.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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