Chapter 587 Reinforcements


“Why is it you?!” Seeing Chen Feng, they wanted to run. Despite having set up a great array earlier, Chen Feng had still managed to kill off four of their companions. Thus, they were not confident in taking on Chen Feng this time.

“No need to yell. I have enough time to finish you off before the others get here,” Chen Feng said, bringing the Blood Mustering Bead out, which spun in his hand.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four swords flew out to hover before the four cultivators. Sword energies stirred and the edges of the swords shone clearly, brimming with sword intent. The auras of Sacred artefacts were unintentionally coming out from the swords.

“Let’s not be so anxious with starting a fight. If I want to attack, do you fellows think you can fend against my Dao artefact’s might?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“It really is a Dao artefact. No wonder. Humph! We know why you are here. You want our four swords, no? Just attack if you want to,” the Heaven Sword wielder shouted, a sneer on his face.

“Naturally, I am here for the four swords. Now, I will give you fellows a chance to live. Hand over the swords. Once I attack, you will be utterly obliterated, body and soul,” Chen Feng said coldly.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was also feeling somewhat frustrated. Although he could indeed kill off these four cultivators, it would involve expending quite a bit of strength. At any rate, a Dao artefact was not that easy to empower. However, if Chen Feng were to use other magic treasures, he did not have the confidence that he could kill them.

“You want us to hand over the Sacred artefacts? Impossible. If you have what it takes, then just attack. There are none from Heartless Heaven Sect who are fearful of death,” the Heaven Sword wielder said.

As Chen Feng was not attacking, the four cultivators were more than happy to drag the situation longer. Their situation would be resolved with the arrival of the cultivators on their side.

“I don’t have much time. Since you four don’t know what’s good for you, I won’t hold back now,” Chen Feng said and the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand swiftly flew forward, charging fiercely towards the four cultivators.

“I’ll block him. You fellows, hurry up and run!” the Heaven Sword wielder shouted as he rushed forward, intending on sacrificing himself to give the other three the time to run.

“Quite the sense of comradeship. However, for the sake of the four Sacred artefacts, I have to attack,” Chen Feng said solemnly.


The Heaven Sword wielder coughed out blood as his figure flew backwards. Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the Eight Trigram Domain Swords’ Heaven Sword flew into his grasp. When he was attacking earlier, Chen Feng had held back somewhat. Whether or not the cultivator could survive in the end would depend on his own luck.

Ignoring the cultivator, Chen Feng mobilized the Blood Mustering Bead to go after the other three cultivators. One by one, Chen Feng killed off two more of the fleeing cultivators. By then, however, the last cultivator, the Lake Sword wielder, was already out of sight.

“With the last sword, my Eight Trigram acupoints will be complete. No matter what, I cannot let it escape!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and sped forward.

“Kid, where do you think you’re going?” The Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect had finally gotten rid of the four great snakes. Like a gust of wind, he charged towards Chen Feng. Even before his arrival, a sword beam was already piercing through space to shoot towards Chen Feng, causing Chen Feng’s scalp to tingle. 

“What bad luck! Why now?” Chen Feng cried out dejectedly. He had no choice but to give up on chasing the last cultivator and think of a way to block this Human Immortal’s attack.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two scarlet sword beams descended from the sky. One beam struck the sword beam that the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect sent out against Chen Feng while the other beam attacked the Human Immortal.

Seeing the sword beam coming at him blocked and the Human Immortal impeded, Chen Feng grew overjoyed. He knew that the situation had changed. Without giving it much thought, he went after the final cultivator.

“Immortal Scarletflame, it’s you!” The expression on the Human Immortal’s face sank sharply.

“Mo Qiushui! Today is the day you die!” A middle-aged man, sporting scarlet hair, was hovering in mid-air. Wisps of flames kept flowing out from his body. He was like a clump of flames burning the surrounding space.

“You think you can kill me by yourself? You don’t have what it takes!” Despite saying that, Mo Qiushui was feeling apprehensive. Cultivation wise, this Immortal Scarletflame from Heavenly Sword Faction was indeed stronger than him.

Ignoring the result of the fight between the two Human Immortals, Chen Feng flew through the mountain range. Chen Feng had already caught hold of the fleeing cultivator’s aura earlier. Add the fact that there was something of a connection between the eight swords, Chen Feng was not worried that he could not find the cultivator. Moreover, the interference of the Human Immortal earlier was most likely due to the arrival of the forces from Heavenly Sword Faction. Seeing the attack earlier, Chen Feng had determined that this person was a Human Immortal. Thus, Chen Feng’s feelings of concern were greatly assuaged.


A mountain, several hundred zhang in height, was slapped away by Chen Feng to reveal a cave. Sword light enveloped the cultivator who was hiding inside as he fled once again.

“As long as you hand over the item, you can stay alive. Why so stubborn?” Chen Feng said, rushing forward. The Twin Swords of Life and Death sliced through space, streaking through the sky with lightning-like speed.


Struck by the Twin Swords of Life and Death, the cultivator only managed to give out a wretched cry before his figure plummeted to the ground. Chen Feng then waved his hand and another sword flew into his grasp.

“The Eight Trigram Domain Swords collection is finally complete. Unexpectedly, not long after coming to the Central Plains, I could already gain something.” Chen Feng was feeling joyful. At present, there were quite a number of magic treasures inside the Longevity Tower. In fact, some of them were Sacred artefacts. However, none was suitable for safeguarding his insight acupoints. The eight grade 1 Sacred-tier swords were very suitable for Chen Feng’s needs.

No rush. It won’t be too late to refine them after I overcome my Lightning Tribulation. Chen Feng kept the eight swords. Although he had placed quite a number of magic treasures within his insight acupoints, their grades were all over the place. Additionally, there were many that Chen Feng did not utilize after refining. For Chen Feng, those magic treasures were truly meant for safeguarding his insight acupoints alone. At any rate, refining the magic treasures into his insight acupoints would still benefit Chen Feng greatly. With the magic treasures safeguarding his insight acupoints, his fleshly body would grow stronger every day.

The most important goal right now is to rise to the Sky Human stage. After reaching the Sky Human stage, I will focus on taking care of the magic treasures. He he! I now have so many magic treasures. I won’t be using many of them for fighting against my enemies. They will truly be for safeguarding my insight acupoints. Additionally, my insight acupoints can also serve as a place for storage. I wonder when I will be able to cultivate up to the point where each insight acupoint is a world of its own? Chen Feng kept wondering.

As Chen Feng kept growing stronger, the insight acupoints he opened would grow bigger with each passing day. By Chen Feng’s estimate, each of his insight acupoints could now store an entire building. They could already be used as spatial pouches. However, Chen Feng’s present level was not high enough. In order to insert items into his insight acupoints, he would first need to refine the items. In other words, the present Chen Feng could only place refined magic treasures into his body. Other items such as medicinal pills and spirit stones could not be placed inside his body.

If I want to put other items into my body, I must comprehend the power of space. Additionally, my fleshly body must be strong enough. At present, both my level and the strength of my fleshly body is not high enough. Chen Feng shook his head. He was aware of his present state.

Let’s go check up on Jian Qingwu and the others. The Lightstream Shield appeared beneath Chen Feng’s feet, bringing Chen Feng with it as it swiftly flew forward.

Only then did Chen Feng realize that the situation had changed drastically. A total of three massive Skysoar Warships were hovering up in the sky while cultivators, each radiating ferocious killing intent, flew out from the Skysoar Warships. They then unleashed a furious wave of attacks against the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect.

Sword cultivators. All of them were sword cultivators. With just one move from each of them, sword beams reigned supreme. There were at least 200 sword cultivators, all at the Sky Human stage. Although there were no Human Immortals amongst them, there were a few half-step Human Immortals. Their attacks immediately sent the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect packing.


The Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect, Mo Qiushui, hurtled forward, blood spraying out from his mouth. There was a gaping, bloody hole on his chest. Strands of sword energy could be seen thrashing about along the edges of the bloody hole.

As for Immortal Scarletflame, the will to fight was charging forth from every part of his body. His surroundings were filled with flames, formed using sword energy. Immortal Scarletflame was unscathed, having gained the upper hand in the battle.

“Today, Heartless Heaven Sect will be losing one of its Human Immortals!” Immortal Scarletflame laughed. With a wave of his hand, he sent a stream of sword energy forward, which became like a great charging river. Next, Immortal Scarletflame leapt forward, wanting to make use of this opportunity to kill off Mo Qiushui.

“I’ll let you have this win today.” Knowing that he was no match for Immortal Scarletflame, Mo Qiushui brought streams of energy forth, which surged forward like the flowing waters of autumn. Next, his figure abruptly disappeared to re-appear somewhere 10,000 zhang away. With a wave of his hand, the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect who were in the midst of fighting those from Heavenly Sword Faction flew up, transforming into miniature figures before flying into Mo Qiushui’s hand. 

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Seeing Mo Qiushui attempting to flee, Immortal Scarletflame was quick to pursue. His figure became like an erupting volcano.


A talisman flew out from Mo Qiushui’s hand to quickly expand in the air before wrapping up Mo Qiushui. With a booming sound, space broke and the talisman transformed into a stream of light before flowing into the spatial crack. Next, the spatial crack closed up and Immortal Scarletflame, who failed to catch up to Mo Qiushui, grew infuriated.

“You actually used a Void Jump Talisman? Count yourself lucky this time!” Immortal Scarletflame scoffed.

As Mo Qiushui had taken away all the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect, the only ones left on the battlefield were the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. The disciples who escaped from the cave had assumed that they would be incapable of escaping today. Unexpectedly, this happened. When they saw the reinforcing cultivators from their sect, they realized that they were finally safe.

A group of cultivators went to help the wounded while another group, following Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling, went to meet Chen Feng.

“Fellow friend, thank you for the assistance.” Every one of the cultivators saluted Chen Feng. Although Heavenly Sword Faction’s reinforcements had arrived to save them in the end, it was Chen Feng who had broken the restrictive arrays on the cave, thereby allowing the captives to escape. Additionally, Chen Feng also brought out a bottle of medicinal pills to help the captives recover their strength. Furthermore, he also stopped the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect. If the Human Immortal had taken action against the captives, they would have suffered from a far greater number of casualties.

“Ha ha, there is no need for formalities. I am Chen Feng, an honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction. It is only right for me to save you all,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“So, you are an honorary elder of our sect. No matter what, though, Elder Chen’s assistance is something we will never forget. When we return to the sect, I hope that Elder Chen would come visit. We will be sure to express our gratitude,” one of them, a half-step Human Immortal, stepped forward and said.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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