Chapter 586 Bloody Snakes


After receiving Chen Feng’s vocal transmission, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling did not hesitate. Instantly, they turned around and charged towards the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect. They were level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators, after all. By joining hands, they could even block the attack of a Human Immortal. Their swift attacks carved a path out and several cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect fell to their attacks.

“Come on! Show me what you got, Human Immortal!” Chen Feng swiftly broke the lightning net. However, he was in no rush to escape. Instead, he started provoking the Human Immortal.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, the Human Immortal revealed a scornful smile. However, he also grew wary. The display of calmness from Chen Feng had aroused his sense of wariness.

Sword light flashed out and a clear and translucent sword appeared in the Human Immortal’s hand. By lightly shaking it, he sliced the surrounding space into threads. Finally, the surrounding space turned viscous and Chen Feng sensed thick water vapour around him.

The sword contains the power of water. Simplistically concise, the body of the sword is watery, like the clear waters of autumn. It is filled with spiritual attributes and there is even a power of life hidden within it. The grade of the sword is not low. Chen Feng could see that the sword was a Sacred artefact. However, he could not tell its specific grade. He was certain, however, that even if it was not as good as his Demon Sealing Sword, it was not too far off. Most importantly, this was a Human Immortal he was facing. Naturally, this Human Immortal would be able to unleash this Sacred artefact’s full power.

If he could catch this Human Immortal off-guard, Chen Feng was confident in using the Blood Mustering Bead to imprison him. Once the Human Immortal was imprisoned inside the Blood Mustering Bead, he would become much easier to handle. At that moment, however, this Human Immortal was being very cautious. He was taking precautions against the Blood Mustering Bead, bringing out his own weapon to fight Chen Feng. In the face of such an opponent, Chen Feng had no confidence in emerging victorious. Only by utilizing the Longevity Tower’s power would he be able to defeat this opponent.

“Kid, to force me to use this sword of mine, consider this a show of respect!” the Human Immortal said smilingly. He flicked the sword in his hand and sword light erupted. It was as though a piece of rock had fallen upon the surface of water. Water splashed about and the sword light flew forward. For Chen Feng, the scene before him blurred and it felt as though he had entered a lake. Streams of lake water transformed into sword beams as they slashed towards him.

This is bad. This is a sword technique that contains the concept of water. I cannot block it! Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he extricated himself from the concept of water emanating from this opponent’s sword technique. By then, however, layer after layer of sword beams had already surrounded Chen Feng. He had become like the pebble that fell into the lake while the resulting water splashes were the sword beams surrounding him.


With a thought, Chen Feng moved into the Blood Mustering Bead.

As Chen Feng had managed to kill off a Human Immortal previously, he had wanted to utilize the Blood Mustering Bead to fight this opponent. However, this one move from the Human Immortal had revealed to Chen Feng that he had underestimated this opponent and overestimated himself. His level was too low. By utilizing his magic treasures to initiate a sneak attack, he could indeed grievously wound this Human Immortal. In fact, he might even be able to kill him. However, in a straight up battle, it would be easy for this Human Immortal to kill him. Just the sword move the Human Immortal displayed earlier was already beyond Chen Feng’s ability to comprehend or block. The gap between the two parties was simply too big.

This fellow is really powerful. Looks like I cannot be careless in the future. It is true that I possess the strength. However, this strength of mine does not mean that I can do anything. I am still very lacking in terms of level. Chen Feng lamented. Next, he rushed forward to slap his palm against the Bloody Nethertree. A series of swishing sounds rang out as thick branches rapidly grew forward, moving out of the Blood Mustering Bead to attack the Human Immortal who was outside.

This move from Chen Feng was like a worldly cage. The attacking branches came in varying types, thick, thin, long, short, fast and slow. All of them surged forward to engulf the Human Immortal. Since this opponent’s level was far above his level, Chen Feng decided to utilize a swarm technique to attack him.

Seeing Chen Feng extricate himself from the concept of water he unleashed, the Human Immortal was shocked. Although he was maintaining a nonchalant expression, his mind was turning. That was his special move. Forget Sky Human stage cultivators, even Human Immortals would have to exercise caution in dealing with his autumn water sword intent.

However, seeing the spiritual light radiating out from Chen Feng’s eyes as he escaped from the concept of water, the Human Immortal realized that Chen Feng had practiced a powerful eye technique. That was how Chen Feng had managed to extricate himself from the concept of water move. When he saw Chen Feng disappear, he knew that Chen Feng was about to attack.

As expected, sky-encompassing branches suddenly appeared to form a cage, which engulfed him.


The sword in the Human Immortal’s hand pulsed and sword energy flared out, spreading out all around him. Branches flew as wood chips scattered about. In just the blink of an eye, countless branches had been sliced to pieces by the sword energy.

Chen Feng grasped in the direction of the bloody pool within the Blood Mustering Bead. The bloody waters within the bloody pool charged skywards, condensing rapidly to form various weapons. The weapons then charged out from the Blood Mustering Bead to surround and attack the Human Immortal.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The weapons exploded, reduced into a mist of blood, which floated about in the air. Finally, the Human Immortal’s nonchalant expression changed. “What a devilish power of blood! This must be a demonic artefact!”

Although he was a Human Immortal who had comprehended immortal dao laws, he dared not recklessly allow the bloody waters to make contact with his body. The Blood Mustering Bead contained all the power of the bloody lake from the pocket dimension. The bloody waters had refined the blood essence of countless Human Immortals. While the bloody waters would not be able to greatly damage the Human Immortal, getting in contact with them meant that he would need to divert his attention to dealing with them.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

After breaking all of attacks around him, the Human Immortal rapidly dashed forward. Sword light flashed three times in a row to strike the Blood Mustering Bead.

However, the Blood Mustering Bead merely spun once to block the attack. The Blood Mustering Bead remained unscathed. Forget a mark, even the blood-coloured halo of light around the bead remained in place. However, Chen Feng, who was inside the Blood Mustering Bead, could clearly feel three violent quakes. It felt as though there were thunderclaps erupting right above him.

Sigh! He cannot break the defensive power of the Blood Mustering Bead, so I should be safe in here. However, something else could happen. I should hurry up and get out of here. Chen Feng performed yet another grasping motion. This time, the blood-coloured talisman inside flared with light and blood energy surged out from the Blood Mustering Bead. Blood-coloured light shone upwards to disperse the clouds that were high up in the sky.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four big, ferocious-looking, blood-coloured snakes flew out from the Blood Mustering Bead. The instant they appeared, winds and clouds shifted and the surrounding streams of spiritual energy fell into a state of chaos. Next, the four snakes furiously attacked the Human Immortal.

Those were the blood beasts condensed by the Blood Mustering Bead using the power of blood. They did not possess intellect and required Chen Feng’s instructions to take action. They were like puppets. However, all four great snakes possessed the power of half-step Human Immortals. In Chen Feng’s opinion, while the great snakes were incapable of killing off this Human Immortal, they would still be capable of entangling him for a moment.

The four great snakes did not disappoint. Their large bodies charged forward unimpeded to surround and attack the Human Immortal. The Human Immortal would be incapable of extricating himself anytime soon.


Chen Feng flew out from the Blood Mustering Bead and waved his hand. Subsequently, the Twin Swords of Life and Death transformed into two beams of light, one black and one white. Everywhere they went, cultivators would die.

On the Heavenly Sword Faction’s side, despite their numbers, most of them were suffering from sealed cultivation bases. Although they had broken out from the cave, they had yet to recover. Thus, many of them would be either wounded or killed in their attempt to charge out from the enemy encirclement. As Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were feeling apprehensive, two swords, one black and one white, began displaying their prowess. After just a few moments, the swords had killed off tens of cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect.

A gap appeared in the encirclement and the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction excitedly charged out.

“Huh!” After swirling around for a bit, the Twin Swords of Life and Death then returned to hover around Chen Feng.

Seeing the Human Immortal still trapped, Chen Feng brought out the four Sacred-tier swords he obtained earlier and began sensing them.

These four swords were four of the eight swords used in the Eight Trigrams Sword Array. All eight were Sacred-tier swords. They were exactly what Chen Feng needed, the most suitable magic treasures for him to safeguard his Eight Trigram acupoints.

Since Chen Feng had already obtained four of them, he wanted the remaining four as well.

Through the four swords, Chen Feng was able to quickly sense the existences of the other four swords. He then leapt into the sky and flew as fast as he could towards a certain mountaintop.

“Eh, why is the youngster leaving? Not good! The number of casualties outside is high!” The Human Immortal who was entangled by the four great snakes saw what was happening with the other cultivators and his face sank. He then howled and sword light erupted to cut one of the great snakes into two. However, in the blink of an eye, the two severed sections joined up and the great snake recovered.

The four great snakes were not living creatures. Rather, they were created by the power of blood. Even after getting shattered apart, they can still reform their bodies.

The Human Immortal wanted to charge out. However, he was afraid that these four great snakes would attack the other cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect. All four great snakes were at the half-step Human Immortal stage. If these existences were let loose upon the ordinary cultivators of Heartless Heaven Sect, they would certainly suffer horribly. It was not a result that the Human Immortal could accept. Thus, he had no choice but to handle the four great snakes first.

Chen Feng was very fast. It did not take long before he saw four cultivators seated cross-legged atop a mountain. The four cultivators were in the process of healing themselves up. They were none other than the surviving members of the eight operators of the Eight Trigrams Sword Array.

They didn’t leave a single defender behind. So careless? Chen Feng was surprised. Feeling puzzled, his eyes quickly scanned the place and he swiftly investigated the entire mountain. There were only the four cultivators there.

This was a sizable outpost belonging to Heartless Heaven Sect. Usually, they would depend on the defensive power of the restrictive magic arrays there to secure the place. As the captured disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction had broken out from the cave, all the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect were mobilized. Still, none of them thought that any dangers would come to this place. Moreover, the four cultivators were not that badly wounded. Add the four Sacred-tier swords as a means of protection, the four cultivators should have been capable of handling any unexpected circumstances.

What they did not expect was for a monstrous character like Chen Feng to come. Back then, eight of them had set up the great array to entrap Chen Feng only for Chen Feng to break the array and kill four of them, snatching away four swords in the process. Thus, even if the four cultivators were fully recovered, they would still be no match for Chen Feng.


When Chen Feng landed on the mountaintop, the four cultivators immediately got to their feet. Sharp light shone out from their eyes and sword intent radiated out from their bodies to lock on to Chen Feng. However, when they finally got a good look at Chen Feng, they became dumbfounded. Two of them reflexively took a few steps back.

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