Chapter 583 Breaking the Great Array



The power of the Eight Trigrams Sword Array rose. Water and fire aided each other, wind and lightning empowered one another, the mountains and lakes transformed and Heaven and Earth rumbled. As a result, Chen Feng felt even more pressured. 

Large swords shot towards Chen Feng from every direction.

The power of this great array has increased. Looks like the other party was toying around with me earlier. Let’s not be anxious in trying to break out. This is also a good opportunity to hone myself and see where my limits are, Chen Feng thought. The Twin Swords of Life and Death in his hands thrummed as he triggered the power within them ceaselessly. Life and death energies kept swirling around to envelop Chen Feng tightly. They formed a formidable power.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Sword beams swirled about imperiously as Chen Feng hacked apart all the attacking swords. At the same time, Chen Feng strode forward. Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, the eight cultivators outside believed that Chen Feng was trying to find the array cores. They snickered. Next, a hurricane formed using sword energy swept towards Chen Feng.

“Ha ha! Let’s see if this kid can stop this!” The cultivator on the Wind Trigram array core laughed loudly.

“Spiralling sword beam!”

The sword in one of Chen Feng’s hand pulsed and a sword beam swirled out to form another hurricane. The two hurricanes collided to instantly shatter apart.

“Eh? He can utilize the spiral-type sword energy. This kid’s sword technique is quite good.”

“Test my Sword of Wind and Lightning!”

Lightning crackled as winds assembled. A sword beam formed using the power of lightning arrived before Chen Feng in a flash. The overbearingly destructive power of lightning and the fleetingly swift power of wind merged together. It was one of the fastest things in the world.

So fast! Slicing Sword Beam! Chen Feng hastily retreated. At the same time, the Death Sword in his hand slashed out. Sword energy thrummed as the Sword of Wind and Lightning before Chen Feng was sliced into pieces. When there was only one chi left between the sword and Chen Feng, it dissipated entirely.

“Slicing-type sword energy! How could this kid’s sword techniques be so wondrous? He could actually block the attack again!”

“Guys, stop messing around. Hurry up and capture this kid to avoid any unexpected variables.”

“Eight Trigram Domain Swords!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Instantly, Chen Feng could sense that his surroundings had become locked. Eight swords kept moving about, changing their positions as they moved in on Chen Feng. The intense pressure from the sword energies radiating from the swords caused all of his muscles to twitch. Chen Feng knew then that his opponents had utilized their killer moves. He also knew that he was not strong enough to block this attack.

So, they are actually Sacred artefacts. However, the eight cultivators operating this array are only Sky Human stage cultivators. If they had placed eight Human Immortals here, even utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead would be insufficient for me to charge out. Against that kind of power, I would have no choice but to hide inside the Longevity Tower. In the face of this unstoppable attack, Chen Feng brought out the Blood Mustering Bead. He tossed it up above his head and a blood-red halo of light spread out to envelop Chen Feng.

Like a flower of blood blooming out in every direction, it froze all of the swords around Chen Feng. The eight swords were firmly bound by the blood-coloured halo of light around Chen Feng. Although they were constantly struggling against the light, the swords were incapable of advancing in the slightest.

“Not good! What kind of magic treasure is that? It can actually freeze our sword array! Those are eight Sacred artefacts we are using to set up this Eight Trigrams Sword Array!”

The eight cultivators guarding the array cores were all flabbergasted. Every one of them began panicking.

What a formidable offensive power! Looks like those are unquestionably Sacred artefacts. Chen Feng could feel his strength flowing away like a river. This was the consequence of utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead. The Blood Mustering Bead was a Dao artefact, after all. Although it was a broken Dao artefact, it was not something that a minor cultivator that had yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation like him could casually use. If it weren’t for the hidden power stored within the opened inside acupoints of his body, his action of mobilizing the Blood Mustering Bead would have quickly sapped him to the point of becoming a withered husk.

“Sword roars throughout the lands!”

The eight cultivators channelled their magic powers simultaneously and the Eight Trigrams Sword Array roared once again. Countless sword beams swirled forth with a maddening fervour and Chen Feng felt a sudden sensation of lightness. The eight swords that he had bound tightly had broken free and they flew out of sight.

“Smash!” Chen Feng shouted loudly and the Blood Mustering Bead above his head flew forward, expanding to the size of a building. Everywhere it went, sword beams would be shattered as it paved a path forward.


An array core was broken and the cultivator guarding it coughed out a mouthful of blood as his figure was sent flying. He died before his figure landed on the ground.


After smashing a cultivator to his death, the Blood Mustering Bead circled to smash another cultivator. It was incredibly fast and the other cultivator was killed in just a flash.

With two of the array cores broken, the Eight Trigrams Sword Array began unravelling. The cultivators guarding the other array cores were damaged as well and blood sprayed out from their mouths. In order to set up this Eight Trigrams Sword Array, all eight had linked up their minds with the sword array. Any damage inflicted upon the sword array would also wound them. On the other side, Chen Feng wielded the Twin Swords of Life and Death as he charged forward. Suddenly, he hurled the Death Sword forward and another cultivator was killed. At the same time, the Blood Mustering Bead smashed yet another cultivator to his death.


A profound ripple spread out from the Blood Mustering Bead’s surface to envelop the killed cultivators. Blood flowed and the four killed cultivators were reduced into human skins in the blink of an eye.

“A Dao artefact?”


“Hurry up and run!”

“Go notify the others!”

The remaining four cultivators fled the moment the first cultivator was smashed to death. By the time Chen Feng broke out from the sword array, the four cultivators were already nowhere to be found.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng waved his hand and four one-metre-long swords flew into his grasp. All four swords were innately shining with sword light. The first was fiery-red and scorching hot, the second had bolts of lightning intersecting and crackling over its surface, the third had winds surging around it and the fourth was thick, emanating a steady atmosphere. 

Fire, lightning, wind and earth. Four swords have fallen into my hands. I must get the other four as well. All eight are Sacred-tier swords. It just so happens that my Eight Trigram acupoints are still lacking magic treasures. I have not been able to find the suitable magic treasures to safeguard them. This is a good opportunity. Chen Feng felt pleasantly surprised.

After his feelings of surprise had subsided, Chen Feng began investigating his surroundings. After looking around, the expression on his face changed again. Towering mountains with steep cliffs and smooth, mirror-like surfaces rose up around him. The ground around him were of crushed rocks. Forget trees, there wasn’t even a single blade of grass there.

However, those were all unimportant. The important issue here was what Chen Feng had discovered by releasing his divine sense. He had noticed that there were countless chaotic fluctuations filling the surrounding mountains. Chen Feng knew that those were all from restrictive magic arrays that were set up beforehand. Chen Feng’s divine sense continued spreading out while he activated his eye technique. To Chen Feng’s surprise, there were also countless layers of restrictive arrays beyond the mountains. Finally, Chen Feng’s divine sense and eye technique reached their limits and Chen Feng had no choice but to retract them.

Given my current level of strength, my divine sense and eye technique would have no problems seeing through even a five-kilometre-long mountain range. However, I am incapable of seeing the ends of this place. Looks like these fellows have invested a lot in order to deal with Heavenly Sword Faction. Also, I wonder where Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling are now? Chen Feng thought.

Jian Qingwu! Chen Feng utilized a soul technique and a soul wave spread out into his surroundings. Chen Feng believed that, despite the obstructions afforded by the restrictive arrays, the soul wave would be able to spread through a distance of hundreds of li.

As expected, he finally received a response.

Chen Feng, we are here. Hurry, we need help! Jian Qingwu’s soul wave swept over intermittently.

All right, found them. They are over there. Chen Feng grew happy. However, just as he was about to dash forward, the sky turned dark.

Raising his head, he saw a mountain-sized boulder smashing down. The boulder, millions of jin in weight, was further bolstered by its downward momentum. It carried with it a force of over 10 million jin. It was desirous of smashing Chen Feng into pulp.

Humph! You want to smash me? Chen Feng scoffed. He raised his hand and grasped at the mountain wall in front of him.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Bolts of lightning shot out in quick succession, charging towards Chen Feng. 


Chen Feng allowed the lightning bolts to strike him. Meanwhile, the grasping palm silhouette he sent forth grew in size. With a loud rumbling sound, the mountain shook and rocks scattered about as a large cave was dug out by the palm silhouette.


Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward as he quickly made his way into the cave. Next, he utilized the Domain Flight Technique to begin moving through the mountain. At the same time, the Blood Mustering Bead radiated a bloody light, which enveloped his figure. The speed at which Chen Feng was moving was fast and restrictive magic arrays would shatter apart in his wake.


The gargantuan boulder smashed heavily against the valley. It was like a massive meteorite smashing into the earth, causing the surrounding mountains to shake. Due to the powerful shockwaves, countless restrictive magic arrays were broken and deep cracks appeared across the ground.

Chen Feng continued moving through the mountains. Still, the restrictive magic arrays did have a slight effect upon his Domain Flight Technique. After the loud booming sound rang out, violent shockwaves spread towards him. Immediately, a suffocating atmosphere of oppression arrived.

It was something that could have quaked an ordinary human to death. Even a thousand men would be quaked to death by the shockwaves. However, Chen Feng himself appeared nonchalant about it as he quickly moved through the mountains. He was also changing his directions, breaking through the surrounding restrictive magic arrays as he moved towards Jian Qingwu’s location.

So, this is an endless mountain range. No wonder I am unable to charge out, Chen Feng thought.

Atop one of the mountains there – high above the clouds – were several cultivators hovering in the sky. Every one of them possessed formidable fleshly bodies, concentrated auras and spiritual light shone from their eyes. They were experts amongst cultivators. However, four amongst them were seated on the clouds, regulating their rate of breathing as they focused on healing themselves. Those four were the surviving members of the eight operators of the Eight Trigrams Sword Array. At present, they had already taken medicinal pills and were in the process of recovering.

“Unexpectedly, we managed to catch three big fishes today. We all know Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. However, who is this youngster who broke the sword array?”

A pure-white jade crystal with a smooth surface floated before them all. The surface of the jade was replaying the images of Chen Feng’s previous fight against the Eight Trigrams Sword Array.

“I don’t recognize him. He is an unfamiliar face. He doesn’t look like someone from Heavenly Sword Faction.”

“His swordsmanship is quite good. However, even if he is ten times stronger, he wouldn’t have been able to break through our Eight Trigrams Sword Array. That blood-red bead is a really good item. Can you fellows determine what grade that magic treasure is at?”

1 chi = 0.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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