Chapter 582 Sword Array


This time, their journey was relatively smooth and it did not take long before the three of them arrived at Bronze City.

Although it was a large city, with the exception of its more domineering-looking gates, there were not many large buildings in the city. Not a single building was over 100 zhang tall. The tallest building in Bronze City was the City Lord Residence, standing at a height of 99 zhang. The buildings in the city was more orderly and the placement and height of the buildings were relatively similar, giving off a good view.

The rest of Bronze City also looked good. Trees and vegetation flourished as many types of plants could be found there. Many birds kept flying around, not fearful of the cultivators walking about in the city. Different from the other cities, entering Bronze City brought them a refreshing feeling.

At that moment, however, Chen Feng’s group of three was in no mood to appreciate all of that. After making their way through a gate, made entirely using bronze, the three of them rapidly made their way to the teleportation array inside the city.

This city is quite interesting. If I have the time, I should come here for a bit, Chen Feng thought.

The teleportation array was located within a plaza, 1,000 metres in front of the City Lord Residence. There were soldiers from the City Lord Residence guarding the place.

“Heavenly Sword Mountain.” After reaching the teleportation array, they did not hesitate to bring out some spirit stones for the teleportation fee. Then, they entered the teleportation array.


A spatial passageway opened up and the three of them were absorbed into the void. As it so happened, Chen Feng, who was glancing around, caught sight of one of the soldiers standing guard around the teleportation array. There was a faint smile on the soldier’s face.

“Something doesn’t feel right,” Chen Feng whispered. A vague notion had been tugging at his mind. However, he could not figure it out.

“What did you say?” Jian Qingwu felt puzzled.

“I think… after Azuresieve City and Clearwind City were besieged, surely there would be some people from Heavenly Sword Faction who chose to head back to the sect to get reinforcements,” Chen Feng said as he finally figured it out.

“That’s right! Big sis, something is amiss. Both Azuresieve City and Clearwind City were under attack before this. The cultivators inside cannot get out, but our Heavenly Sword Faction has plenty more cultivators outside the two cities. Did none of them head back to the sect for reinforcements?” Jian Qingling said.

“Is our sect itself under attack? No, that is impossible. Did something else happen?” Jian Qingwu panicked. She had failed to notice that.

Chen Feng sighed. It seemed as though the two sisters did not have much experience in the world of cultivation. They were geniuses in cultivation, but their minds aren’t the sharpest.

“Get ready for battle.” Chen Feng brought out two Divine Movement Talismans and pasted them onto his thighs. He also brought out a few Lightning Thunder Beads.

“What are you doing?” Jian Qingling asked.

“I think we might not be heading towards Heavenly Sword Faction,” Chen Feng said, his voice serious.

“That cannot be. The location for this teleportation is our sect’s Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Unless, did someone do something to the teleportation array?!” Jian Qingling said, her eyes widening all of a sudden.

“You are not too stupid,” Chen Feng said.

“Humph! You’re the stupid one. I’m very smart!” Jian Qingling said with an icy harrumph.

“All right, we’re arriving. Everyone, be careful.” Chen Feng gripped a number of Lightning Thunder Beads in one hand. The grade of the beads was only average and they could not deal too much damage. Chen Feng had found them amongst the items stored inside the Longevity Tower. Even if these beads could not wound their enemies, they would still be helpful in creating chaos.

Light flashed before them. Next, golden light flashed out and the sound of hissing winds entered their ears.

“As expected, there is an ambush.” As golden light was flaring out all around Chen Feng, the Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out from Chen Feng’s body. They swirled around and a series of tearing sounds rang out. Next, Chen Feng activated his eye technique and was clearly able to see the swords cleaving apart layer after layer of golden nets. Outside the golden nets were several groups of cultivators.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng hurled and the Lightning Thunder Beads flew out across an entire stretch of area. Next, a series of explosions erupted, followed by wretched screams from some cultivators.

“Hurry up and charge-” Before Chen Feng could even finish shouting, he could already see two clumps of sword light, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling respectively, charging forward to attack the cultivators. Everywhere they went, cultivators would fall to the ground.

“They sure are fast.” Chen Feng was shocked. The Lightstream Shield appeared beneath his feet. At the same time, the Divine Movement Talismans he pasted on his thighs shone with light. Next, Chen Feng’s figure became like a stream of light as he flew far ahead.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Flying swords kept slashing Chen Feng’s body. However, they were only capable of leaving shallow marks upon his body. Chen Feng sneered inwardly while praying that no experts appeared.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

A large palm silhouette covered the sky as it descended, roaring towards Chen Feng in an attempt to capture him. Everywhere it went, thunder would rumble and Chen Feng could sense his surroundings becoming viscous.

An expert! Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump and the Twin Swords of Life and Death came together, criss-crossing each other as they shredded the palm silhouette into pieces. As a result, Chen Feng’s advancing figure faltered slightly. In that one faltering moment, the surrounding space transformed. Swords flew all around him and the sword intent filling the space there gave Chen Feng goose bumps.

I’ve fallen into a sword array. Chen Feng swung, and a high number of Lightning Thunder Beads flew out once again. He wanted to blow a way out of the array. However, the swords flying around him suddenly sped up to slice the beads he hurled out into pieces.

A formidable sword array. This ambush is meant to deal with those from Heavenly Sword Faction. However, to be utilizing a sword array against cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction? Ruthless. Chen Feng smiled wryly to himself. Both his hands performed a grasping motion as he wielded the Twin Swords of Life and Death. Next, Chen Feng snickered and stopped moving.

His eyes looked around as he carefully inspected the sword array around him. At the same time, he was also waiting for the other party to attack him.

Huh! This doesn’t look good. This is actually an Eight Trigrams Sword Array! Chen Feng was shocked. He dared not let his guard down and he observed warily as the swords flew around him.


A sword abruptly changed its course to quickly stab at Chen Feng. At the same time, an icy, bone-biting chill surged towards Chen Feng.

The power of ice. With a thought from Chen Feng, the sword in his hand swung out and strands of fire flew out from the sword. The chilling stream of energy instantly disappeared and the sword in Chen Feng’s hand cleaved the incoming sword into two. The cleaved sword transformed into streams of light before dissipating away. 


Before Chen Feng could retract the sword, he could already feel heat coming from behind him. A wave of flames was charging towards him.

The power of fire.

As there was not enough time to turn around, Chen Feng shouted, allowing the incoming sword to stab his back. A sword, completely red in colour, exploded against Chen Feng’s back and the explosion engulfed him.

Wounds appeared across Chen Feng’s body and blood trickled out from some of them. However, Chen Feng smiled as the body armour he wore appeared. At the same time, the body armour exerted a suction force to completely devour the power of fire.

It could actually pierce my skin. I wonder how powerful the swords used for the array cores are? Chen Feng wondered, his hand swinging. Sword light shone to form a circle of swords, which instantly severed several of the surrounding swords into pieces.

Jian Qingwu! Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out, sending wave after wave into his surroundings. However, there was no response.

Did the two sisters get caught again? Chen Feng shook his head. He stopped thinking too much about it. Instead, he utilized his sword techniques to fight against the Eight Trigrams Sword Array.

Unlike the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword in Chen Feng’s possession, this was a genuine Eight Trigrams Sword Array, created using eight swords, each containing a different power type. The power of the eight trigrams kept transforming. It was very powerful. If it weren’t for the Twin Swords of Life and Death in his hands, Chen Feng would have been incapable of holding on. 

I don’t think this sword array was set up using Sacred artefacts. If it were, not even the Twin Swords of Life and Death would be able to stop it. Chen Feng was aware of his limitations. 

Sword beams of wind and lightning appeared, intersecting each other as they attacked Chen Feng.

Next, the power of water and fire surged to wrap Chen Feng.

Following that, swords of Heaven and Earth appeared to lock Chen Feng’s position, one up above while the other one was down below. The formidable sword intent coming from the swords caused Chen Feng’s scalp to tingle.

Ribbon-like waves of sword energy wrapped around Chen Feng, one layer after another. A viscous power restrained Chen Feng’s figure. This time, it was the power of lakes. 


A large sword appeared out of thin air and it descended, like a mountain desirous of suppressing everything. Although it had yet to land on Chen Feng, he could already feel himself becoming much smaller and both his foot sank lower.


Chen Feng roared skywards and a small and exquisite-looking bronze axe flew out from his mouth. The axe rapidly expanded in size before hacking the large sword apart. Upon the disappearance of the large sword, the bronze axe shrank and flew back into Chen Feng’s body.

The Longevity Sword Technique was put on display as Chen Feng unleashed various kinds of killer moves. The two swords in his grasp flew about. Occasionally, they would fly out from Chen Feng’s grasp to swirl around Chen Feng. On other occasions, they would hover above Chen Feng’s head.

Chen Feng gave his all to block every one of the incoming attacks. However, he could sense that the pressure bearing on him was growing stronger. The power of this Eight Trigrams Sword Array had exceeded his scope of abilities.

While it was difficult for Chen Feng, the cultivators involved in operating the sword array to besiege Chen Feng were astounded. They were secretly discussing the matter.

“Who is this fellow? Do any of you recognize him? He doesn’t look like a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction to me,” said the cultivator standing on the Fire Trigram array core.

“I don’t recognize him either. I have never heard of such a disciple from Heavenly Sword Faction. However, Heavenly Sword Faction has many disciples. He could simply be one of those who have been focused on cultivation retreat for a long time.”

“I disagree. There is not a hint of the style of Heavenly Sword Faction in this young fellow’s sword techniques. Sixth Junior Brother, you have a great deal of experience in sword techniques. Can you figure anything out?” said the cultivator on the Water Trigram array core.

“Err, forgive my ineptitude. I am incapable of figuring out anything,” the cultivator on the Wind Trigram array core said with a wry smile.

“This fellow’s sword techniques are spectacular. The way I see it, his swordsmanship is in no way inferior to that of Heavenly Sword Faction. Did you fellows notice it? This youngster’s cultivation level should not be too high. He is completely relying on the two swords in his hands just to hold on,” the cultivator on the Mountain Trigram array core said solemnly.

“He he! Those two are Sacred artefacts. Not to mention, they are of a good grade. We have already agreed beforehand. This time’s Sacred artefacts will be mine,” the cultivator on the Lightning Trigram Array core said with a chortle.

“You sure can dream. These two swords are clearly not ordinary items. At most, you can only take one of them,” the cultivator on the Heaven Trigram array core said. 

“One sword? So be it! Everyone, put more power into the sword array. Let’s hurry up and capture this kid. We’ll interrogate him to see if he is actually a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction.”

1 zhang = 3.333 m

Note: Chen Feng obtained the Bronze Armourbreak Axe on the 3rd floor of the Starsea Region’s pocket dimension (Spirit Essence Tower) in Chapter 476. It is a high-grade Prized artefact.

Extra Note: Chen Feng is treating others as idiots...

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