Chapter 581 Battlefield of Immortal Humans


It had been a casual question from Chen Feng. He had not expected Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling to answer him. Unexpectedly, this answer from Jian Qingwu completely blew his mind. 

“Brother Chen, you should know as well that our Central Plains has many secret legacy sites, the grotto-mansions left behind by ancient Immortal Humans. After coming across this stroke of fortune, many nameless cultivators were able to transform themselves, from minor characters into peerless experts,” Jian Qingwu said.

“Yes, in our Eternal World, the places with the most legacies and fortuitous encounters are the Central Plains and the Southern Sea islands.” Chen Feng nodded.

“When this pocket dimension was first discovered, our sect determined that this is a ruined ancient legacy site. Or perhaps, it is a minor world cultivated out by an ancient Immortal Human. However, as the number of harvests grew, all of the higher-ups of our Heavenly Sword Faction became truly shocked. Many of our seniors who were in cultivation retreat, even those who would usually spend hundreds or thousands of years roaming about without keeping contact, returned. After studying it, they all came to a conclusion.” When she said that, Jian Qingwu subconsciously lowered her voice.

“What conclusion? That it’s a remnant battlefield of ancient Immortal Humans?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

When they heard that, both Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling’s eyes widened. They stared at Chen Feng in shock. Jian Qingling, in particular, had her finger stretched out, her fingertip nearly touching Chen Feng’s forehead.

“You knew?” Jian Qingling uttered in shock.

“How could I have known? However, after hearing what you two said earlier, even a fool would be able to guess,” Chen Feng said.

“You are right. The pocket dimension that our disciple inadvertently discovered is a battlefield. However, our sect has gone through many records only to fail to find out when it was left behind. Unfortunately, all that’s left inside are broken Immortal artefacts. If we could find a few Immortal artefacts that are intact, our Heavenly Sword Faction’s strength would rise by one whole level,” Jian Qingwu said, nodding.

“If your sect could obtain an undamaged Immortal artefact, the ones attacking your sect right now are probably not just three sects. Rather, it would be every sect in the Central Plains.” By now, Chen Feng had realized why Heavenly Sword Faction was attacked.

“After speculating that the pocket dimension is an ancient battlefield, our sect sent out even more disciples in. The entire sect was rocked. This is a great opportunity to increase the strength of our sect. However, not long after that, Heartless Heaven Sect managed to get wind of this matter. They came over aggressively, wanting to share control of this battlefield. Naturally, our sect refused. After that, Heartless Heaven Sect joined forces with Warlord Pavilion. Even though Heartless Heaven Sect could join forces with other sects, our Heavenly Sword Faction also has close allies. Thus, we ignored their threats. At any rate, there have been countless conflicts between our two sects throughout the years. Unexpectedly, even Divine Demon Grotto would join them. Objectively speaking, Divine Demon Grotto is a notch stronger than Heartless Heaven Sect,” Jian Qingwu said, sighing. 

“If it’s just one or two sects, our Heavenly Sword Faction will not be afraid. At any rate, none of the sects involved would fight to the bitter end for the sake of an ancient battlefield. What we fear is the participation of the other sects. Although our sect is powerful, it is only a first-rate sect. Not even the Four Great Academies would be capable of stopping the siege of the various first-rate sects.” Jian Qingwu said, her face taking on a solemn expression.

“Right now, they are ceaselessly attacking the cities within our territory. Looks like they want to beat us into submission,” Jian Qingling said.

Chen Feng nodded. Possessing treasures can sometimes become a crime. If Heavenly Sword Faction had only found an ordinary legacy grotto-mansion, the other sects might not care. However, they had discovered an ancient battlefield left by Immortal Humans. Additionally, it would appear that this was a very large battlefield. Thus, the other sects would never stay idle. Nobody would be willing to see Heavenly Sword Faction grow stronger and stronger. That was especially true for Heartless Heaven Sect, a sect that held a grudge against Heavenly Sword Faction. It would definitely think of ways to stop this.

“Are there no dangers in the pocket dimension?” Chen Feng suddenly asked. Chen Feng did not believe that they could obtain treasures from it simply by sending their disciples in. The ancient battlefield of Immortal Humans was surely not an ordinary place.

“Naturally, there are dangers in there. Additionally, it is very dangerous inside. We sisters had entered before and nearly died in there. However, we also gained a lot back then. We got quite a number of good items.” After saying that, Jian Qingwu brought out a round pearl. The moment she brought out the pearl, the air around them became moist, filled with the power of water and lakes.

“Pearl of Water and Lakes!” Chen Feng exclaimed. The Pearl of Water and Lakes contained a high-grade power of water. Carrying it along while cultivating would provide protection for the soul to negate cultivation deviation. Additionally, this Pearl of Water and Lakes could absorb the power of water. In some ways, it was somewhat similar to his Blood Mustering Bead. However, the Blood Mustering Bead absorbed blood and killing energies.

“I had obtained this from a lake within the pocket dimension,” Jian Qingwu said, flicking the round pearl. A water ripple spread out and Chen Feng felt a cooling sensation wash over him. His pores opened and a pleasant sensation flowed through his entire body.

“This Pearl of Water and Lakes should have only formed after 10,000 years. A pity, there are formidable water monsters inside the lake, otherwise I would have gone to the bottom of the lake to see if there are any treasures there.” Jian Qingwu shook her head regretfully. Then, she kept the Pearl of Water and Lakes.

“The remnant battlefield of Immortal Humans. That’s a good place,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You are an honorary elder of our sect. After returning to the sect, you can apply for the chance to enter the pocket dimension. However, our sect is currently under attack from the other sects. I think our fellow brothers and sisters that were sent into the pocket dimension will have to come out,” Jian Qingling said.

“I can enter the battlefield of Immortal Humans as well?” Chen Feng felt moved. At that moment, he was not thinking about himself. Rather, he was thinking about the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, how about it? Are you feeling tempted?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“The battlefield of Immortal Humans. Tsk, tsk. It is only natural for me to feel tempted. The broken Immortal artefacts inside will be highly beneficial for me. If we can find a few Immortal artefacts that are undamaged, it might even be possible for me to recover up to the Immortal artefact tier,” Tower said, chuckling.

“Immortal artefact tier? If you can recover up to the Immortal artefact tier, will you be able to bring me to the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Err, that should not be a problem. However, you should cultivate step by step to get to the Immortal Plane. Hey, hey! The Heavenly dao laws are impeccable. Cultivators from this Eternal World need to cultivate up to the Ascendant Immortal stage before they can ascend to the Immortal Plane. There is a reason for that. Forcibly trying to enter the Immortal Plane before you reach that stage could bring about some adverse effects. Additionally, given your current level of strength, you will only become an ant-like existence upon reaching the Immortal Plane. Even a worm there might be able to stamp you to death,” Tower said with a snicker.

Chen Feng nodded. The stronger he became, the more information he was able to gain from Tower. Above the Human Immortal stage was the Earthen Immortal stage. Generally speaking, those who could cultivate up to the Earthen Immortal stage were already the apex existences in cultivation worlds. To surpass the Earthen Immortal stage, one must break through to the Ascendant Immortal stage. Then, the laws of the Immortal Plane would summon the cultivator, breaking open the endless void to bring that cultivator into the Immortal Plane. This was truly an act of ascension. The cultivator would hence enter the true path towards immortality.

“Ascendant Immortal!” Chen Feng sighed. At present, he had yet to even overcome his first Lightning Tribulation. Cultivating up to the Ascendant Immortal stage was easier said than done. Besides, there was also the existence capable of beating the Longevity Tower to that sorry state. Even after cultivating up to the Ascendant Immortal stage, it would still remain an existence he could not even hope to fight against. After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng reflexively sighed. At the same time, he understood why Tower had refused to tell him the truth in the past. Tower was afraid that the magnitude of the situation would shake him to the point of collapse.

“Heh! The path towards immortality is still long. Who could say for certain that I would be incapable of doing whatever I want in the Immortal Plane in the future and travel unimpeded across the cosmos?” Chen Feng shook his head to shake those thoughts away and lift his spirits.

“There is a Skysoar Warship up ahead. Oh, no! It’s from Heartless Heaven Sect,” Jian Qingwu suddenly said, her face sinking.

Chen Feng jabbed with one finger and the space before him stirred and a smooth, circular crystal appeared. Several hundred li ahead was a gorgeous-looking warship. It broke through the clouds as it rapidly flew forward. Heartless Heaven Sect’s emblem could be seen on the hull of the warship. 

“Are you from Heavenly Origin Trade Association?” Suddenly, a voice spread forward, making its way into Chen Feng’s Skysoar Warship.

“Yes. I am Manager He from Heavenly Origin Trade Association. Are you a friend from Heartless Heaven Sect?” Chen Feng said calmly. However, he had borrowed the Longevity Tower’s power as he did. Thus, despite the calm quality of his tone, when his voice spread forward, it caused the sea of clouds before his Skysoar Warship to disperse.

“What a formidable soul power! Could he be a Human Immortal?” Several cultivators inside Heartless Heaven Sect’s Skysoar Warship were taken aback.

“Ha ha! So, it is Manager He! Well met!” one of them said with a laugh.

“Thank you for the gesture!” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

It did not take long for the two warships to fly past one another. Chen Feng had been vigilant throughout the whole process and he only breathed a sigh of relief after the other warship had disappeared from sight.

“Thankfully, this is a warship from Heavenly Origin Trade Association. Looks like the name Heavenly Origin Trade Association is pretty good,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Heavenly Origin Trade Association conducts businesses all over the world. Not even the Four Great Academies would dare get into a conflict with it, let alone a Heartless Heaven Sect. However, it seems they are rushing towards Azuresieve City. It will be bad if they get to Azuresieve City.” Jian Qingwu’s face was somewhat ugly to behold. 

“There is nothing we can do about it. Right now, we can only do our best,” Chen Feng said, bringing out a map as he began checking their position.

“Bronze City lies ahead. It is a large city. Though, it has quite the interesting name,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Bronze City! Right, how could I have forgotten than Bronze City is just up ahead? This is great!” Looks of joy appeared on Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling’s faces.

“Bronze City is a large city established by Heavenly Origin Trade Association. The teleportation array inside must be usable,” Chen Feng said.

“Hopefully, we can make it in time.” The two sisters exchanged glances. They were feeling somewhat anxious. Azuresieve City would not be able to hold on for long, after all.

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