Chapter 580 Secret Site


Brandishing the Four-sided Spirit Mace, Chen Feng smashed the dimensional barrier beneath him three times in a row, causing the entire Clearwind City to shake. Countless buildings within the barrier was destroyed. As they were the closest to the barrier, two 100-zhang-tall buildings, made from stone, were reduced to powdery bits by the shockwaves.

Huh! As expected of a Sacred artefact. If I can unleash its full power, just one smash would have been enough to break this barrier. However, at my current level of strength, I will need a few more swings, Chen Feng thought. He empowered the Four-sided Spirit Mace before smashing it down upon the barrier again.


A speck of light flashed through the sky, arriving before Chen Feng in a flash. It flew forward to stab Chen Feng’s eyes. In response, Chen Feng snickered, not moving away. His eye technique activated to freeze the speck of light. It was actually a black poisonous needle. A putrid stench wafted out from the needle. Next, a small clump of flames flew out from one of Chen Feng’s pupil to burn the poisonous needle into liquid iron.


He had only just finished melting the poisonous needle when a sword swept towards Chen Feng. It was only an ordinary Prized artefact, incapable of dealing too much damage against Chen Feng. Rather, it could not even break through Chen Feng’s defence. Even so, dealing with it would distract Chen Feng.

With a thought from Chen Feng, a palm silhouette of water and fire emerged from Chen Feng’s body to stop the sword’s attack. Next, the Four-sided Spirit Mace struck the barrier again. Cracks began spreading out across the surface of the barrier. Even the surrounding lands were beginning to crack. As for the residents of Clearwind City, they had long since fled.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were still incapable of escaping from the dimension. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt somewhat displeased. No matter how you cut it, those two girls were level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators. Additionally, they were Sword Spirit Constitution bearers. However, the amount of power they were displaying left Chen Feng dissatisfied.

“Kid, stop right there!” One cultivator after another appeared from every direction to surround Chen Feng. The one who spoke up immediately charged at Chen Feng while wielding a great hammer. The other cultivators also brought out their respective magic treasures. Some brought out flying swords, some brought out fine needles, some brought out seal stamps, some brought out jade rulers. All the magic treasures fell upon Chen Feng.

“How troublesome.” Chen Feng shook his head. The Four-sided Spirit Mace that was about to swing down again flew upwards to hover above Chen Feng. Next, it sent out a thick, semi-transparent silhouette, which enveloped Chen Feng.


The great iron hammer exploded before Chen Feng and golden fireworks burst out before him. The iron hammer was bounced away. Next, a series of explosive sounds rang out as the other magic treasures arrived. All of them struck Chen Feng’s figure, inundating him completely.

Sparks flew out all around Chen Feng, but the semi-transparent silhouette of the Four-sided Spirit Mace was like a golden bell capable of taking and bouncing back all attacks. Next, Chen Feng gritted his teeth as his figure dashed forward. At the same time, the Four-sided Spirit Mace atop his head fired out a mace silhouette, striking and sending the cultivator that was right before him flying. Chen Feng did not believe that he could survive an attack from a Sacred artefact.

It was an attack that Chen Feng had only just figured out. To his surprise, it was quite powerful.

With another thought from Chen Feng, another silhouette of the Four-sided Spirit Mace flew out to break a flying sword and a jade ruler. Naturally, the silhouette of the Four-sided Spirit Mace shattered apart as well.

Its power is not particularly strong. It is because of my cultivation base. Chen Feng shook his head. He stopped attacking with the move. The Four-sided Spirit Mace had consumed a great deal of his strength.


Suddenly, a soft sound could be heard coming from beneath them. Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling emerged, one after the other. After emerging, the two sisters extended a palm each to hold each other. As Chen Feng was wondering what they were up to, a formidable sword energy soared out from their bodies. Next, their somewhat waning auras began rising up, becoming strong again.


The two of them shouted and two beams of sword light – like a river of stars capable of scouring everything – charged towards the dimensional barrier beneath them.


The dimension broke and a number of cultivators, coughing blood from their mouths, emerged from the ground to fly away in various directions.


The two sisters split up as they pursued the fleeing cultivators. By the time Chen Feng recollected himself, several of the cultivators had fallen under their swords and their bodies fell down to the ground. It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

The cultivators surrounding Chen Feng stopped attacking him. Instead, they went after Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. Naturally, there were also some who simply fled. Don’t joke around. Every one of them had witnessed just how powerful Chen Feng was. With a Sacred artefact in hand, he could kill off a cultivator with one move. Who would dare throw themselves at death’s door?

Chen Feng smiled and kept the Four-sided Spirit Mace. A black vortex appeared upon his palm as he utilized the Demonic Heavengorging Art, absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy to restore his strength.

At that moment, the two sisters were displaying their combat prowess, the talent of Sword Spirit Constitution bearers and the might of level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators. Sword light flashed out as sword beams reigned supreme. Cultivators kept dying to the two sisters and it did not take long for the rest of the cultivators to flee. They no longer have the balls to stay and fight.

Tsk, tsk. Looks like I was mistaken. These two sisters are quite ruthless. Chen Feng was shocked.

“Chen Feng, if it weren’t for your assistance earlier, we would have been incapable of getting out,” Jian Qingwu said, a lingering note of fear within her voice.

“I nearly entered the dimension myself, earlier. These people took down Clearwind City and set up an ambush here. Earlier, I searched through the sea of wisdom of one of them. It was the combined forces of Warlord Pavilion and Divine Demon Grotto,” Chen Feng said.

“What? Divine Demon Grotto is getting in on the action as well? This is bad. No, we need to hurry back to the sect. Looks like the situation is even more dire than we had imagined,” Jian Qingwu said, her face turning grim.

The three of them quickly rushed forward to find the teleportation array within Clearwind City. Soon enough, the three of them were standing before a large crater. For a moment, they were lost for words.

“Sigh! They even destroyed the teleportation array. If only I had known, I should have captured a few of them and interrogate them properly,” Jian Qingling said furiously.

“Something has been bothering me all this time,” Chen Feng suddenly said. 

“What is it?” Jian Qingwu asked.

“Heartless Heaven Sect, Warlord Pavilion and Divine Demon Grotto are joining forces against your Heavenly Sword Faction. I believe there must be a reason behind this. They would never start such a large-scale war for no reason,” Chen Feng said.

Hearing that, Jian Qingwu’s face flickered somewhat. Then, she sighed. “There is indeed a reason for it. However, we did not expect Heartless Heaven Sect to start a war so quickly. Additionally, they have also pulled in the other first-rate sects into this. This will bring about a serious loss for our Heavenly Sword Faction.”

Next up, Chen Feng brought out his Skysoar Warship again. As the teleportation array in Clearwind City was already destroyed, they would have to find another teleportation array. They could only go to the next medium-large city.

“It’s like this.” Jian Qingwu started by brewing a pot of tea. After steadying her mind, she said, “Around five years ago, a disciple of our sect inadvertently discovered a pocket dimension. In the beginning, none of us thought too much about it. We had believed it to be an ordinary pocket dimension. However, things changed when one of the disciples who entered the pocket dimension brought out a broken Immortal artefact.”

“Broken Immortal artefact!” Chen Feng was surprised. He thought to himself. Could the pocket dimension be a legacy left by an Immortal Human? No. If it is a legacy, it should have been a whole Immortal artefact. 

“Yes, a broken Immortal artefact. Additionally, it is a broken sword. After bringing it back to the sect, the disciple brought it to our sect’s elders for an appraisal. As a result, the broken sword was easily able to cut a Five Elemental Stonecore. That was not all. One of our sect’s Human Immortal senior had utilized his primary flames to melt it, but he instead triggered some of the power within the broken sword. It instantly left our sect’s Human Immortal senior in a grievously wounded state. In the end, an Earthen Immortal senior from our sect had to utilize our sect’s sect guardian magic treasure to suppress the broken sword,” Jian Qingwu said.

“Five Elemental Stonecore is incomparably hard. Not even Sacred artefacts can destroy it, but the broken sword could easily cut it? Looks like the materials used for it must be extraordinary as well. In the end, the triggered power could grievously wound a Human Immortal. That broken sword is something else. Although it is a broken sword, it is still a very powerful weapon,” Chen Feng said.

“It is indeed something else.” Jian Qingwu drank a cup of tea before continuing, “If we had only acquired one broken Immortal artefact from the place, then that would be all. At most, our sect would only consider it as a legacy left behind by some ancient Immortal Human. At any rate, this is a very common occurrence in the Central Plains. It’s not surprising to come across the grotto-mansion of some ancient Immortal Human here. The most they did was to send more disciples in to test their luck. However, not long after that, another disciple emerged with another broken Immortal artefact. This one was a blade. It looked intact, but its artefact spirit had disappeared. This blade is far more powerful than the broken sword.”

“Another Immortal artefact?” Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

“What happened next left the higher-ups of our sect both astounded and excited. The disciples who entered kept acquiring items from it. Even the worst item is a Sacred artefact. The others are Dao artefacts. There were even a few Immortal artefacts. However, they are all broken treasures. Having said that, bringing them out into the world of cultivation would still trigger a storm. Even Human Immortals who are in cultivation retreat would choose to end their retreat to come seize them. Additionally, there are also other items besides magic treasures. There are many rare and valuable materials there. Even our sect’s Human Immortal seniors are incapable of identifying many of the materials brought out from there.”

“To think that something like that could happen.” Hearing that, Chen Feng became somewhat dumbfounded. He was someone with quite a bit of experience, after all. He had entered Immortal artefacts before while the Longevity Tower had devoured an Immortal artefact before in the past. Additionally, he had also acquired a great deal of spiritual trees, spiritual herbs, spirit stones and some other treasures from the pocket dimension in the Starsea Region. However, he had never come across a place where one could constantly obtain broken Immortal artefacts. Rather, he had never even heard of it before.

“Tower, do you know what is going on here?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Nothing to guess here. It should be a battlefield,” Tower answered with a chuckle. He appeared interested.

“A battlefield? There are so many Immortal artefacts. Even the lowest tier magic treasure there is a Sacred artefact. That is definitely not an ordinary battlefield,” Chen Feng said.

“Hey, why are you spouting nonsense? It is definitely not an ordinary battlefield. Can an ordinary battlefield have Immortal artefacts?” Tower said disdainfully.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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