Chapter 58: Longevity Tower


When Chen Feng heard the voice, he was immediately and thoroughly shocked. He quickly glanced around but was unable to find anyone. Faced with such a situation, his hairs stood on end.

“No need to look about, you cannot see me.” The muffled voice rang out once more. The voice had seemingly come from every direction. When he tried to capture its precise location, however, it felt as though the voice was coming from above him. It possessed an elusive quality to it.

“Who is it? Who are you?” Chen Feng shouted loudly even as he considered his situation.

Earlier, the other person said that I am inside the Longevity Tower. Could that be the name of my little tower? Chen Feng thought to himself.

Seemingly capable of capturing what Chen Feng was thinking, the muffled voice rang out once more.

“Correct. The little tower on your body is the Longevity Tower. You are now on the first level of the Longevity Tower.”

“Just what is going on here? Tell me!” Chen Feng shouted loudly. Gritting his teeth, he dashed forward with all his might. In but one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng had covered a distance of hundreds of metres. However, he was unable to find the edge of the place. 

It seems there is quite some space within the little tower. Chen Feng thought.

“Who are you? Hurry up and show yourself! Why are you hiding inside the little tower?” Chen Feng shouted out once more.

“That is enough. Don’t shout anymore. The current me do not have the energy to exchange nonsensical words with you. Now, be quiet and listen to what I have to say.” The muffled voice spoke up once more. This time, the voice contained a hint of eminence, which caused Chen Feng to involuntarily fall silent.

“Now, I will pass down the complete version of the Longevity Scripture to you. As for how much of it you can grasp, that will depend on you,” the muffled voice continued. 

The moment the words were spoken, a bluish-green light descended from the sky to enter Chen Feng’s mind. Immediately, Chen Feng could feel the presence of a profoundly grand and mysterious formula within his mind. Every word within the formula shone without cease, like shining pearls. It was such that Chen Feng felt as though his mind was on the verge of blowing up.

“Longevity Scripture, what kind of formula is this?” Chen Feng blurted out in shock.

“You have been practicing this technique for quite some time now. Do you still not understand?” The muffled voice suddenly took on a high and eminent tone, giving Chen Feng the impression that a Primordial Dragon God was roaring before him. It gave birth to a feeling of shock that reached the deepest part of his heart.

I practiced it before? I understand now. So, the strange cultivation technique within my body is this Longevity Scripture. Judging by its name, it seems to be quite a powerful one. So, it was really the little tower’s handiwork. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Truth be told, the Longevity Scripture is already sealed within your consciousness. However, your rate of cultivation is just ungodly slow. Who knows how absurdly long it will take for you to fully open up your sea of wisdom and get the formula? Whatever! I might as well give you a little helping push first.” The muffled voice began to turn somewhat soft and unsteady.

“Longevity Scripture. Longevity. What level is this formula at? After practicing it, can I attain eternal longevity?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Ha ha ha ha! I will tell you this, there is no formula that can give someone eternal longevity. If you want longevity, you will need to give it your all to cultivate yourself. The formula is merely a method to be used in the path for longevity.”

“As for the level of this formula, I will not tell you that for now. You would do well to not reveal that formula to anyone either. Doing so will be detrimental for you as the formula is something that should never appear within this particular world.”

“What? This particular world? Could I be from another world? And, my identity! Can you tell me about that?!” asked Chen Feng anxiously.

“For the time being, I cannot tell you that.” The muffled voice suddenly took on an emotionless tone.

“Then when can you tell me about it?” Chen Feng shouted.

“When you are strong enough.”

“What stage do I need to be to be considered strong enough?” asked Chen Feng again.

“When you reach the Human Immortal stage.”

“Human Immortal? What stage is that? Does that mean becoming an immortal?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Telling you that much at this juncture will only be detrimental for you. Besides, I don’t have that much energy either.”

“Who are you?” asked Chen Feng.

“I, am the Longevity Tower and the Longevity Tower is me. All right, then. Let’s leave it at that for today. When you are strong enough, you will be able to meet me. Additionally, it is only when you are strong enough will you be capable of helping me recover.

“Since I am going to be helping you, I will be more thorough about it. Now, I will help you fully open up your 1st sea of wisdom layer. This way, you will truly be capable of driving a flying sword. You will have another life-saving method in the future.”

Next, a greyish and hazy stream of energy drifted forward from afar. The stream of energy was only as thick as a finger. Before Chen Feng could even react to its appearance, the stream of energy had already seeped into his head. Next, Chen Feng felt as though hot water had been poured into his sea of wisdom, causing it to boil. As a result, his sea of wisdom became like a continuously gushing fountain as copious amounts of energy gushed out non-stop. At the same time, Chen Feng could feel that his sea of wisdom was expanding in size. The energy gushing out grew increasingly large and wave after wave of powerful energy began to ceaselessly scour through his body.

And thus, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was completely opened. Bursts of potent energy roiled again and again as strands of powerful divine sense intersected each other continuously like lightning bolts. Unknown to Chen Feng, his sea of wisdom was tens of times larger than that of other cultivators.

“I have already imprinted the formula for controlling the Longevity Tower in your mind. In the future, you will be able to utilize the Longevity Tower against your enemies. You can use the space in the first level of the tower. However, you must remember that the Longevity Tower itself is extremely damaged. Before it is restored, it will be incapable of unleashing its former powers. Additionally, the Longevity Tower is a forbidden existence in this world. Do not casually reveal it so as to avoid attracting the attention of powerful cultivators.”

“All right. What happens next will depend on you. If you want to know more, you can only continue growing stronger. Otherwise, you will never find out who you are.” 

After saying that, the muffled voice suddenly stopped, never to speak up again. It was as though it had never existed.

At that moment, Chen Feng’s state of mind was in a complete mess. With his sea of wisdom opened, the raging energy from within it continuously clashed about. In the past, when using the divine sense from his sea of wisdom, it would be like using an arm-sized tube to draw it out. At present however, with a beck of his mind, a sea-like quantity of energy would surge forth. The change was such that Chen Feng was momentarily at a loss.

Suddenly, the Longevity Scripture that had been imprinted into his sea of wisdom shone. Every one of the words swirled without respite as they shone while emanating a concept each before merging as one. After that, they began to fuse with Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

This meant that Chen Feng had understood the concepts within the scripture despite not having even read through it. It also meant that Chen Feng had begun practicing the scripture the moment the formula began moving on its own. Additionally, it was at a rate that no ordinary human could comprehend.

If a highly powerful cultivator were to learn of this, he or she would realize that Chen Feng was in the midst of accepting a legacy. It was a mystical legacy which surpassed even that of spiritual bloodlines.

“The Longevity Scripture. So, this is how you practice it. Vitality, essence, nourish, devour. Are those the true concepts behind the Longevity Scripture?”

Light flashed through Chen Feng’s head and he seemingly became a hundred times smarter than before. Having grasped the concepts of the Longevity Scripture, he entered a wondrous state and began to slowly comprehend the true meanings of the Longevity Scripture. This was what scholars call an epiphany.

I see now. No wonder the restorative abilities of my primary energy is so powerful. It is the longevity energy produced by practicing the Longevity Scripture. This type of primary energy possesses a potent amount of life force and vitality. It also contains powerful wood-type attributes. No wonder I could absorb the essences of grasses and trees.

Excellent! There is a cultivation method for Concealed stage here. Let me see how profound this technique is. Chen Feng found a series of texts within the Longevity Scripture.

“Level 1 of the Concealed stage, open the Heavenly Origin acupoint, establish a link with the sea of wisdom. First up, the myriad life forms and the myriad derivations, the external discharge of blood energy, the strengthening of divine sense and establishing a link with magic treasures, the use of divine sense to drive objects.

“Level 2 of the Concealed stage, stepping on the two devices. Open the Magnetic acupoints on the soles of the feet, resist the gravitational force of the earth and absorb the unrelenting power of the earth. Concentrate on more than one task at the same time.

“Level 3 of the Concealed stage, the Three Stars above. Condense out the power of the Tristar.”

“Level 4, invincibility of the four directions. The four revolutions…

“Level 5… … …

“Level 9, the sea of wisdom reaches perfection. Finally, assail the Sky Human stage.

There are detailed cultivation formulas for level 1 of the Concealed stage up to level 9. Furthermore, this Longevity Scripture is vast, containing so many texts. There must be formulas for the other stages as well. As such, there is no need for me to worry about cultivation formulas anymore. Chen Feng thought to himself.

After that, Chen Feng continued to sit cross-legged within the Longevity Tower to comprehend the mysteries of the Longevity Scripture. After an unknown period of time, Chen Feng finally opened his eyes. A luminescent light shone with an undulating quality from his eyes. One glance at Chen Feng was enough to tell that he had made considerable progress in his practice.

“Although I still cannot assail level 2 of the Concealed stage, with my 1st sea of wisdom layer completely opened, I have practically reached major success in level 1 of the Concealed stage. Great! Now, I will focus on comprehending the technique of controlling the Longevity Tower.” After saying that, Chen Feng once again entered a deep state of cultivation.

One hour later, Chen Feng’s figure disappeared from within the tower and re-appeared outside.

“Huh! I am out.”

Chen Feng looked at the little tower within his hand. All that had happened earlier felt like a dream.

Then, with a thought, the little tower in his hand transformed into a stream of light and disappeared into his glabella.

Storing artefacts in the body. This is something that only cultivators at level 3 of the Concealed stage can grasp. To think that I can actually do it. Chen Feng, who was pleasantly surprised, thought to himself.

Suddenly, a golden light swiftly shot towards Chen Feng from behind him. The brutish, potent energy had already locked down on Chen Feng’s location. It was none other than the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. It wanted to execute a sneak attack on Chen Feng while he was in the midst of cultivation.

“Right on time. It just so happens I was wanting to test out the abilities of the Longevity Tower,” said Chen Feng with a smile. He faced the incoming attack without attempting to dodge away. The Longevity Tower flew out from between his brows and expanded in the middle of the air. The winds suddenly rose as the little tower immediately grew as big as a building. Next, it enveloped the Four-eared Spirit Monkey, sucking the yao beast into itself.

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