Chapter 574 Entering the City


However, not long after that, they saw the Skysoar Warship getting caught in a magic array. Knowing that it was a trap that Heartless Heaven Sect had set up before hand, they all swore loudly. However, there was nothing they could do to help. Several of the cultivators, in commander garbs, had wanted to charge out. However, they were stopped by the others. Only two managed to charge out from the walls in the end and they flew towards the Skysoar Warship. Unfortunately, they were quickly surrounded by tens of cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect, who proceeded to utterly obliterate the two, body and soul.

By then, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling had already broken free from the devilish aura ensnaring them. Immediately, they mobilized the various attacks of the Skysoar Warship as they attempted to smash their way out. However, the sudden attack earlier had damaged the warship significantly. Additionally, the power consumption of the Skysoar Warship was too high. The two sisters gave it their all and big drops of sweat filled their faces. Despite all that, they were unable to do much.

As for Chen Feng, all the flames he fired out had seemingly fallen into a lake. They were incapable of creating even a ripple before getting extinguished. Noticing the unfavourable situation, Chen Feng then waved his hand and a pile of spirit stones, over 10,000 of them, erupted within the warship. The resulting streams of spiritual energy swirled about vigorously and the two sisters immediately displayed their magic techniques to absorb all the streams of spiritual energy in a flash. Next, the Skysoar Warship’s power began rising up. Chen Feng had obtained those spirit stones from the pocket dimension in the Starsea Region. They were of a very high grade. If it weren’t for the urgency of their situation, Chen Feng would not have used them in such a manner. At any rate, Chen Feng could cultivate himself on his own for quite some time even without the use of spirit stones.

“The one who initiated the sneak attack earlier is most likely a half-step Human Immortal. The magic treasure used is also a Sacred artefact. If the attacker had been a Human Immortal, the attack would have broken this Skysoar Warship into pieces. Looks like staying here is not an option. We need to charge out. Think of a way to enter the city,” Chen Feng said, leaving another pile of spirit stones before leaping outside the warship.

Seeing Chen Feng leave the warship, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were taken aback. They wanted to stop Chen Feng, but were too late. Next, they considered it. Since Chen Feng had decided to go out, he must have a plan and a certain level of confidence. Thus, they decided not to dwell too much on it and instead focused on controlling the Skysoar Warship to charge out.

Chen Feng had only just stepped out when a black shroud enveloped him. At the same time, bolts of lightning flashed, streaking towards Chen Feng.

I have cultivated the power of darkness, opened the Dark acupoint and even cultivated the Magic Eyes of Darkness. These minor tricks cannot stop me. Chen Feng walked through the darkness as though there was nothing there. Wielding the Death Sword, he kept breaking the various wind and lightning attacks coming from his surroundings. Just as he was about to break open the black shroud, a large staff descended from the sky again. However, it was not attacking Chen Feng. Instead, it was aimed at the Skysoar Warship. It would appear that the attacker wanted to take down the Skysoar Warship with one hit.

Naturally, Chen Feng could not allow the attack to succeed. The energy streams surging all around him shook as he strode forward, breaking the black shroud to slash at the staff using the Death Sword.


Another booming sound rang out and half of Chen Feng’s body went numb. Even the Death Sword was sent flying by the collision. However, he did manage to knock the staff off course and it failed to hit the Skysoar Warship.

Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling seized the opportunity. They controlled the Skysoar Warship to unleash over 100 sword beams to finally break out from the black shroud. Light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and the surrounding darkness disappeared.

“The magic array is broken.” With a thought from Chen Feng, the Death Sword flew into his hand once again.


Chen Feng had yet to get rid of the feeling of numbness plaguing his body when a lean and vigorous-looking cultivator charged towards Chen Feng, wielding a great staff that looked completely disproportionate to his body shape.

Humph! Although this fellow is formidable, it is impossible for him to kill me. Chen Feng sneered inwardly and his figure rapidly plummeted down. Like a meteor smashing down the ground, Chen Feng landed upon a team of cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect. As he did not slow down before landing on the ground, Chen Feng ended up creating a deep and sizable crater as he smashed into the ground. The surrounding cultivators cried out wretchedly as they were sent flying. Due to the shockwaves, the 100-man team utterly collapsed.


The staff smashed the ground once again and the lands cracked. Several of the cracks spread quickly into the distance. One crack spread all the way to the grounds beneath Azuresieve City’s walls, causing a good portion of the wall there to collapse, falling into the crack.

“Chen Feng is fine, right?” By then, under Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling’s control, the Skysoar Warship had arrived beside the city wall. The city defenders received the two sisters’ vocal transmission and saw that it was indeed a warship belonging to their sect. Thus, they quickly opened the barrier to allow the warship to enter.

The two sisters kept the Skysoar Warship and stood on the city wall. Their faces were solemn as they observed the spiderweb-like cracks on the ground outside the city. They were especially paying extra attention to the deep crater created by the staff attack earlier.

“It’s Liu Yuan. Surprisingly, that fellow came to attack Azuresieve City as well. Looks like Heartless Heaven Sect really wants this city,” Jian Qingwu said grimly.

“Junior sisters, how did you two end up coming here?” Tie Jian, wielding his broad sword, landed before them.

“Senior Brother Tie Jian, you are all right?” Jian Qingling exclaimed, a pleasant look of surprise on her face. Tie Jian was a half-step Human Immortal. He would prove very useful in their present situation. He was something of a main powerhouse in this battle.

“A minor wound. This time, the enemy have way more men than us. Additionally, there are also half-step Human Immortals that have yet to take action, hiding in the dark. At present, we are only relying on the defensive magic arrays and barriers of the city to stop the enemy. Should the magic arrays fall, not even having double the number of defenders will prove useful.” Although Tie Jian’s face remained calm, there was a note of anxiousness in his voice. Clearly, he understood that things were not looking good.

“Chen Feng is all right!” Jian Qingling suddenly said.

By then, Chen Feng had already emerged from the ground and was in the midst of flying towards the city. Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to dig his way into the city. However, he found that there were restrictive barriers everywhere. While he was capable of breaking his way through, it was troublesome. Not to mention, doing that would affect the great magic arrays protecting Azuresieve City somewhat.

There was still some distance between Chen Feng and Azuresieve City when the circular ding and the demonic blade charged towards him.

“Oh, no! Those two are also Sacred artefacts!” Jian Qingling cried out anxiously.

“Who is that? He doesn’t seem like someone from our sect,” Tie Jian asked with a puzzled tone.

“We’ll explain later. Open up the barrier and let him in first,” Jian Qingwu said.

“The combined onslaught of two Sacred artefacts. I fear this friend would be incapable of stopping it,” Tie Jian said, brandishing his broad sword as he rushed forward, wanting to go bring Chen Feng in.

This doesn’t look good. Although those are only average Sacred artefacts, their wielders are half-step Human Immortals. The amount of power they can unleash exceeds mine. In the face of the attacks from the two Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng dared not be careless. He empowered his body armour and the power of ice and fire swirled out ceaselessly and Chen Feng felt his fleshly body becoming even more durable. Additionally, his strength had risen as well. Next, he brought out the Four-sided Spirit Mace to smash the circular ding. Meanwhile, his other hand held onto the Death Sword to block the demonic blade.

Grade wise, Chen Feng’s magic treasures were superior to the enemies’ magic treasures. However, the amount of power he could push out was one notch lower. The four Sacred artefacts collided and Chen Feng, who was almost completely exhausted, was thrown towards Azuresieve City.

“Kid, I don’t care who you are! Since you’ve chosen to interfere with this matter, you’d better be prepared to die!” Liu Yuan, bearing the staff, charged towards Chen Feng once more.

“Sigh, this fellow is a real pain.” Chen Feng gritted his teeth. The power within his insight acupoints surged out like a tsunami and the Heaven Measuring Ruler flew out. Jumping through space, the Heaven Measuring Ruler appeared above Liu Yuan before shooting viciously towards his face.

“Heaven Measuring Ruler!” Liu Yuan was shocked. Knowing how formidable the Heaven Measuring Ruler was, he promptly summoned back the staff that he had only just hurled forward to swing upwards in at attempt to shatter the Heaven Measuring Ruler to pieces.


The Heaven Measuring Ruler abruptly disappeared and re-appeared before Chen Feng. Next, it pulled Chen Feng with it as it flew towards the city. By then, Tie Jian had already arrived. He provided cover for Chen Feng to fly back into the city.


After landing on the ground, Chen Feng felt his body becoming extremely weak as a bout of dizziness rocked him. If it weren’t for the fact that his fleshly body was mighty, he would have been incapable of standing straight.

The medicinal powers and energy that he had not fully refined in the past, hidden within his insight acupoints and flesh, were released to replenish the loss of energy that Chen Feng was facing. With every breath he took, the feelings of fatigue would continue to disappear. He quickly recovered from his over exhausted state. After just several breaths, Chen Feng was already feeling much better. With a thought, the Death Sword and Four-sided Spirit Mace transformed into streams of light as they flew into the city and into his body.

“Chen Feng, are you all right?” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling came over and asked with concerned tones. Truth be told, they had been surprised to see Chen Feng block the enemy attacks earlier. Although they already knew that he possessed Sacred artefacts, the fact that he could – with his cultivation base at the Concealed stage – empower those Sacred artefacts to take on the enemy Sacred artefacts left them secretly shocked. It had left them in awe of Chen Feng.

“I won’t be able to attack again for the time being.” Chen Feng brought out a Pure Essence Pill and began replenishing the depleted state of his body.

“I had assumed that we would be able to kill some more of them by executing a sneak attack. Unexpectedly, they were waiting for us. They have already set up a magic array, how insidious!” Jian Qingling said sullenly.

“In a battle between two armies, it is only natural to be resorting to all manner of tactics. We did manage to kill off a good number of cultivators from their side. However, Liu Yuan’s Dragon Rune Staff had damaged our warship considerably. I wonder how much materials are needed to completely repair it. We had really failed to get the upper hand in the confrontation earlier,” Jian Qingwu said with a wry smile.

“This person is?” Tie Jian led a few cultivators over.

“He is an honorary elder of our sect, Chen Feng.” Jian Qingwu introduced him.

“So, it’s an elder from our sect. Where are my manners? Thank you, Elder Chen, for your assistance earlier in stopping those formidable magic treasures.” Tie Jian displayed a very respectful behaviour towards Chen Feng. Disregarding the fact that Chen Feng held the title of honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction, his actions earlier had already created a good impression for all the cultivators of Azuresieve City.

“Don’t mention it. I was only able to help a little. It didn’t really do much.” Chen Feng smiled. Since Tie Jian was showing such respect for him, he had to reciprocate with humility.

“Chen Feng? The name sounds familiar.” One of the cultivators standing behind Tie Jian could not stop himself from whispering. Next, the cultivators there turned to regard Chen Feng before looking at each other. Puzzled and speculative expressions appeared on their faces.

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