Chapter 573 Besieged City


Tens of thousands of cultivators blotted the sun as they spread out across the sky. They were so close to each other that they were practically shrouding the entire Azuresieve City. The scale of this battle was quite shocking. At the very least, Chen Feng had never seen such a large-scale battle between sects. While the number of warring cultivators he saw back when he was still part of Black Origin City outnumbered the number of warring cultivators here, those were all ordinary cultivators. 

Concealed stage cultivators who could fly freely were already considered as top-grade existences in that war. And yet, in this current battle, the weakest amongst the soldiers there was at the Concealed stage. As for those who were in the sky, raining magic attacks down on the city with their magic treasures, they were mostly Sky Human stage cultivators. Chen Feng’s divine sense spread out and he could faintly sense several half-step Human Immortals hiding in the dark, ready to take action whenever an opportune moment arrived. 

The massive walls of Azuresieve City were fortified by magic powers and layer after layer of magic arrays. Row after row of cultivators were lined up atop the walls and they roared as they unleashed their magic powers to stop the attacks coming from outside the city.


A leader figure on the walls, clad from head to toe in armour, complete with a helmet, radiated an atmosphere of ferocity as he howled. Hundreds of the cultivators on the walls howled simultaneously and hundreds of energy beams shot out from the walls. They converged and a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator was blasted to bits.

Immediately after that, tens of cultivators hovering up in the sky outside the city sent forth a circular ding. They channelled their magic powers and the circular ding rapidly expanded in size, becoming like a mountain as it charged towards Azuresieve City.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Wherever the circular ding went, a series of thunder claps would ring out. Next, the sound of mountains crashing and lands cracking would reverberate outwards. The entire Azuresieve City seemingly shook as one of its walls, over 100 zhang tall, was smashed to pieces. All the cultivators standing on the wall were smashed to a pulp.

Chen Feng stared intently and saw that the surface of the walls was already full of holes and many sections of the walls were already damaged. Now, a part of the walls there had been smashed down. However, a group of cultivators had already set up a sword array to stop the enemy from attacking into the broken wall.

“The circular ding is a Sacred artefact,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes, it is indeed a Sacred artefact. Those from Heartless Heaven Sect are truly despicable. Big sis, let’s attack!” Jian Qingling said, wanting to pilot the Skysoar Warship to smash forward.

“Hold it! Let’s observe the situation first.” Jian Qingwu stopped Jian Qingling.

“Great Iron Sword Technique!” 

A mighty-looking cultivator suddenly flew up from the city, a dark-cyan sword energy enveloping his whole body. The broad iron sword in his hand thrummed. Next, sword light flared out and the iron sword fired out an incredibly thick astral sword, which streaked through a distance of thousands of zhang as it swept past a group of besieging cultivators.

Flesh and blood were scattered about and severed limbs flew out. Everywhere the astral sword went, the sky would be dyed in blood. The nearby cultivators panicked and they backed away.

That one move had killed tens of Sky Human stage cultivators. Additionally, when the astral sword finally came to a halt, it exploded all of a sudden. The resulting shockwaves killed a high number of Concealed stage cultivators who were on the ground.

“That fellow is very strong, a half-step Human Immortal.” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. At the same time, he thought to himself. As expected of a first-rate sect from the Central Plains, they could send out a half-step Human Immortal for even a medium-large city.

“It’s Senior Brother Tie Jian!” Jian Qingling exclaimed.

“Myriad Swords Assembly!”

Sky-encompassing sword beams shot out from within Azuresieve City, the sharp sword beams creating a riot of colours as sword intent soared into the sky. Some of the besieging cultivators failed to evade in time and they were all shredded into pieces by the sword beams.

The offensive power of sword cultivators should be the strongest amongst all the type of cultivators. In an all-out battle to the death, a sword cultivator could fight against two or three cultivators that are on the same level as him or her. However, it would appear that Heartless Heaven Sect came prepared. The number of cultivators they are throwing in for this siege is just too high. Reinforcements would constantly arrive and there are who knows how many of them hiding in the dark. On Azuresieve City’s side, most of them are only defending. Additionally, they do not have any reinforcements at all. Of course, given their present circumstances, it will be difficult for reinforcements to come. Any reinforcements would be stopped, Chen Feng thought.

Jian Qingwu formed a hand seal with both hands. Her soul power surged and Chen Feng instantly sensed his whole body quivering slightly. The Skysoar Warship’s aura was retracted and it became perfectly camouflaged within the sky.

Eh? This Skysoar Warship is pretty good. It actually has a stealth function. Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

Looks like I should find some time to engrave some invisibility magic arrays on my Skysoar Warship in the future. Either that or get some Invisibility Talismans for ships, Chen Feng began considering.

Next, while still inside the Skysoar Warship, Chen Feng utilized his eye technique to observe everything that was happening in Azuresieve City from afar.

“What a formidable power of darkness! Is it the Magic Eyes of Darkness? Aren’t you from Extreme Celestial Sect? How did you end up cultivating the power of darkness?” Jian Qingling cast a shocked stare at Chen Feng as she nearly jumped up.

“You two are from Heavenly Sword Faction. Does that mean you only cultivate sword techniques from Heavenly Sword Faction?” Chen Feng asked back.

“That’s different. We are sword cultivators, after all,” Jian Qingling was quick to say.

“Although I am a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect, I didn’t cultivate too many of Extreme Celestial Sect’s cultivation techniques,” Chen Feng then replied smilingly. “From what I can see, if this situation is allowed to continue, Azuresieve City will probably be incapable of holding out for long.”

As he was speaking, some of the barriers around Azuresieve City were smashed apart and cracks appeared upon every part of the city walls. Another part was utterly broken through. The defenders from Heavenly Sword Faction reacted swiftly, sending over 100 cultivators to block the opening. If it weren’t for that, the besieging cultivators might have already swarmed in and the city would have fallen.

A circular ding, a pitch-black demonic blade, a fiery-red sword and a big, quaint-looking bronze bell. The four Sacred artefacts surrounded Azuresieve City, bombarding it continuously. Every time one of them struck, the sky would be filled with light. Energy streams surged like tidal waves and stretches of the barriers there were broken. The cultivators on the city walls kept getting quaked to death.

“There are four Sacred artefacts in total. There are also half-step Human Immortals hiding in the dark. Heartless Heaven Sect has mobilized so many men for this. I think there must be something special inside Azuresieve City, no?” Chen Feng said as he used his eye technique to scan the surrounding area.

After a moment’s consideration, Jian Qingwu said, “There is nothing special about Azuresieve City. Wait! I believe there is something suppressed at the bottom of the city!” 


The lands cracked and another portion of the city walls, stretching through a length of over 100 zhang, was broken down. Wails of misery kept echoing out and there was no way to tell how many cultivators were either killed or wounded.

“Big sis! Hurry up and take action! Azuresieve City will fall soon!” Jian Qingling cried out anxiously.

“I tried using a Messaging Talisman to notify our sect earlier, but the surrounding space is locked. We can’t send any message out. Looks like Heartless Heaven Sect came prepared.” There was a somewhat contorted look on Jian Qingwu’s face.


A booming sound suddenly rang out as a large sword silhouette struck the bronze bell. The resulting soundwaves caused the cultivators below to bleed from their seven orifices. At the same time, the pitch-black demonic blade fired out an astral blade. Seeing that, Tie Jian’s face sank. Faced with no other option, he took the attack head on. In the end, his figure was smashed into the ground. The wall there collapsed and innumerable buildings in the vicinity were destroyed. As for Tie Jian, he had disappeared from sight. There was no way to tell if he was dead or alive.

“This is bad! The city wall is about to fall!” Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were finally incapable of holding back. They made their move at the same time, empowering the Skysoar Warship to attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Skysoar Warship flared with light and countless tangible sword beams appeared from the surface of the warship. Chen Feng could sense the Skysoar Warship quivering as countless sword beams rained down on the men from Heartless Heaven Sect below.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Under the onslaught of the rain of sword beams, the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect began falling, one after another. Some who did not die had still ended up with see-through holes on their bodies when the sword beams pierced them. A series of wretched cries rang out.

“Oh, no! The reinforcements from Heavenly Sword Faction are here.”

“They are up in the sky. Hurry, send our men up!”

This wave of attack killed nearly 100 of the besieging cultivators while countless more were wounded. Seeing that, Chen Feng tutted inwardly.

“If we can unleash a few more attacks of that level, we can put an end to Azuresieve City’s siege,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“That attack earlier is my Skysoar Warship’s strongest attack. It has consumed nearly all of my strength.” Jian Qingling’s face looked somewhat pale.

“Hurry up and dodge!” Chen Feng suddenly cried out in shock. A black-coloured blade beam pierced through the sky, charging towards the Skysoar Warship. Over 1,000 metres long, the blade beam was sharp and powerful. Even though he was inside the Skysoar Warship, Chen Feng could still sense the concentrated power of destruction and the diabolical energy within it.

The twins, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling, acted in concert with one another and they piloted the Skysoar Warship together, steering it to the side to dodge the incoming attack. However, after successfully dodging the blade beam, a thick staff silhouette suddenly appeared to smash the body of the Skysoar Warship.

There had been no sign of the staff silhouette at all before that. It had appeared all so suddenly from the void. Not even Chen Feng had been able to sense it. By the time they noticed it, it was already too late. The Skysoar Warship shook and cracks appeared across the Skysoar Warship. It was as though the Skysoar Warship was on the verge of breaking apart.

Next, the surroundings of the warship turned dark. Various sounds, of inexplicable howls, wind and thunder made their way into the warship and into their ears. The earlier impact had left the three of them in a dizzy state and their blood streams roiled about. That was especially true for Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. As their minds were linked to the Skysoar Warship, they were wounded from that impact as well. And now, various peculiar sounds charged towards them. Instantly, an image of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood appeared before their eyes.

“This is bad. We have fallen into a magic array that they prepared beforehand!” Jian Qingwu’s face sank sharply. Next, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling shouted and the semi-transparent silhouette of a sword appeared from each of their bodies. The sharpness of the swords gave off an icy sensation, causing Chen Feng’s heart to shudder. At the same time, he activated his eye technique to see what was happening outside the magic array.

That must be the special characteristic of the Sword Spirit Constitution, bearing the innate ability to form spiritual swords. They need not fear those things invading their mind to create inner demons. Illusions are even more useless against them, Chen Feng thought, waving his hand. A clump of flames flew out from his palm to suddenly explode upon the darkness.

No effect. Looks like they must have set up this magic array to deal with the reinforcements from Heavenly Sword Faction. However, we ended up flying into it.

Seeing a high number of cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect getting killed by the sword beams coming from the sky, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction in Azuresieve City knew that reinforcements had arrived. All of them shouted loudly in excitement, their morale slowly rising.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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