Chapter 572 Half-section Cloud Map


The three of them stayed on the warship, chatting as they ate the spiritual fruits. It felt quite comfortable. That was especially so for Chen Feng. As he had spent most of his time cultivating, he had not had much contact with female cultivators. This time, chatting with two absolute beauties gave him a novel feeling. Thankfully, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was deep and his concentration power high. Add the fact that he did not bear any devious thoughts, he was able to sit opposite the two beauties without facing any issues. Cultivators with insufficient concentration power would have long since failed to stop themselves from revealing a perverted look.

Jian Qingwu pondered for a moment before saying, “Brother Chen, you have offended Young Master Tianhen. That is the equivalent of having offended the entire Warlord Pavilion. Additionally, Young Master Tianhen possesses a wide range of connections. He has many good friends, giving him a great deal of influence. Add the fact that this is your first time in the Central Plains, it will likely be hard for you to deal with him. I suggest that you go to Absolute Academy and practice cultivation under its protection.

“If I am not mistaken, that Young Master Tianhen is also someone from one of the Four Great Academies, right?” Chen Feng shifted the topic of discussion.

“Zhan Tianhen, he is a student of Heavensight Academy. He is said to possess a great reputation in both Warlord Pavilion and Heavensight Academy. It is said that he has never been defeated before. He possesses both the Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution and the Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes and his cultivation talent is astonishingly high. In the entire world of cultivation, he can be considered a top existence. Naturally, we didn’t know about him possessing the Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes in the past. This proves just how deeply he hides his skills. Additionally, I believe that he must still have other cards up his sleeves,” Jian Qingwu said solemnly.

“Yes, I also feel like he is not displaying his full strength. I was lucky to be able to escape from him. Or maybe he was just careless. The next time we meet, even with Sacred artefacts in hand, it will be very difficult for me to escape.” Chen Feng nodded. He agreed with Jian Qingwu.

Cultivators with spiritual roots could already cultivate much faster than other cultivators. Generally speaking, one day’s worth of cultivation for them was the equivalent of tens of days’ worth of cultivation for the average cultivators. For some cultivators, it would even be the equivalent of a whole year. Moreover, not only did Young Master Tianhen possess the Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution, he also possessed the Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes, something that was in no way inferior compared to the Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution. Due to that, he was an existence that was one level higher compared to the average spiritual root cultivator. His rate of cultivation was incredibly fast, terrifyingly so. Chen Feng thought to himself. If he hadn’t managed to activate the Longevity Tower back in the past, allowing him to cultivate the Longevity Scripture, he would have had to spend his entire life cultivating normally, striving to cultivate up to the Sky Human stage. Human Immortal stage? In his dreams.

“I have heard that Heavenly Sword Faction is presently at war with Heartless Heaven Sect. I wonder, how did you two end up getting besieged by those from Warlord Pavilion?” Chen Feng asked after a moment’s consideration.


Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling looked at each other briefly before making up their minds. Then, Jian Qingwu brought out a dilapidated-looking map, which she handed over to Chen Feng.

“What is this?” Chen Feng accepted it, but he did not directly look at it.

“Half-section Cloud Map. It should be the legacy of a high-level Human Immortal. Jian Qingwu’s eyes gleamed as she regarded Chen Feng’s reaction.

“So, it is the legacy of a Human Immortal. No wonder they would attempt to snatch it away.” Chen Feng nodded before opening the Cloud Map to inspect it.

“Aren’t you surprised?” Seeing the display of calmness on Chen Feng’s face, Jian Qingling could not stop herself from asking.

“What is so surprising about it? Isn’t it just the legacy of a Human Immortal? I have heard that there are countless legacies left by ancient Immortal Humans in the Central Plains. The most common type of item to be found in the Central Plains’ world of cultivation is the treasure map. A pity, this one is a Human Immortal. It would be better if this is the legacy of an Earthen Immortal, or the Immortal Plane’s Ascendant Immortal.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“You sure can dream. We sisters had to expend a great deal of effort just to obtain this half-section Cloud Map. If it weren’t for Sister Lan Ling and your assistance, humph, that despicable Zhan Qingsong would have snatched it away. However, you know that the Ascendant Immortal is above the Earthen Immortal. Looks like you truly are an extraordinary fellow.” Jian Qingling laughed.


Chen Feng suddenly frowned as his eyes stared straight at the Cloud Map. His sea of wisdom began churning.

The two sisters did not appear surprised to see that. Instead, mischievous smiles appeared upon their faces. Jian Qingwu had wanted to speak up only for Jian Qingling to stop her. 

“Big sis, don’t say a word. This fellow has been acting so disagreeably since the beginning. Let him suffer for a bit this time.” Jian Qingling snickered as she sent her sister the secret vocal transmission.

Jian Qingwu nodded and she did not speak up. Instead, she was curious to see how Chen Feng would deal with this. When the two of them had first obtained this Cloud Map, they had suffered quite a bit. Thus, Jian Qingwu wanted to observe Chen Feng. At any rate, Chen Feng’s cultivation level was too low. And yet, he could display such a calm demeanour before the two of them. Due to that, a desire to see Chen Feng’s wretched form rose within their minds. 

I have entered the half-section Cloud Map! Chen Feng was stunned. His whole body was wrapped by thick clouds and his divine sense was incapable of piercing through the clouds.

No, it is my divine sense that entered. Chen Feng quickly understood.

His divine sense spread out. However, the surrounding clouds were like layers of soft sesame candy, blocking Chen Feng’s divine sense from moving past them. Additionally, Chen Feng was shocked to find that his divine sense was constantly weakening.

These clouds are actually capable of absorbing soul power! Chen Feng’s surprise grew. He wanted to extricate himself, but was incapable of doing so.

Magic Eyes of Darkness! Chen Feng activated his eye technique. To his relief, his eye technique was usable here. As expected, after utilizing the eye technique, everything before his eyes looked different. The clumps of clouds in front of him became transparent. He could see the energy streams intertwining one another and their sequence of movements were laid bare before his eyes. More layers of clouds appeared before his eyes and his mind reacted to analyse them at the fastest speed possible.

So, it is the power of clouds. Worthy of the name Cloud Map. However, I am still incapable of detecting the mysteries contained within them. Chen Feng increased the power behind his eye technique to look for the weakness of the surrounding clouds. It did not take long for him to find a relatively sparse area. With a thought, his eye technique scanned the place and he found a passageway there. Chen Feng then felt his mind blur for a moment and his divine sense returned to his sea of wisdom.

“Eh? So fast?!” Jian Qingling could not believe what she was seeing. The first time this happened to her, she’d had to spend a very long time, exhausting herself greatly before she could exit the Cloud Map.

“This half-section Cloud Map is interesting.” Chen Feng smiled. However, he did not immediately return the Cloud Map to the two sisters.

“Tower, what can you see?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“This Cloud Map was created by condensing the power of space and spiritual power. It cannot actually be considered as a magic treasure. If you really want a name for it, it is more of a portion of a key,” Tower said coolly.

“Key. In other words, we can really find something good from it,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“I’ll go in to check it out once more,” Chen Feng said, looking at the Cloud Map with both eyes. As expected, the clouds on the Cloud Map moved and his divine sense entered once again.

“He entered again? What is he up to?” said a surprised Jian Qingling.

“Lower your voice. Maybe Chen Feng has discovered something.” Jian Qingwu quickly sent her a secret vocal transmission. 

“We have been studying it for so long only to get a general idea of what this is. What could he possible discover?” Jian Qinging said with a dissatisfied tone.


Chen Feng did not waste any time before borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power. He blasted a path out and his divine sense flew forward. Immediately, golden light shone. Before Chen Feng could get a good look at what the golden light was, something appeared within his mind. Next, an unstoppable force pushed him back out.

This should be the mnemonic chant to enter the legacy site. Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“What happened just now? Why did the half-section Cloud Map suddenly shine with golden light? Chen Feng, did you discover something inside?” Jian Qingling was quick to ask.

“I did find something. However, I haven’t fully figured it out yet.” Chen Feng nodded. Next, his pair of eyes fired out two beams of light, which shot into Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling’s seas of wisdom.

The Jian sisters had instinctively wanted to resist the light. However, considering how there was no reason for Chen Feng to harm them, they opened their divine sense and accepted the contents of Chen Feng’s transmission.

“This should be the way to enter Cloudmist Dimension. There are even some of the seals there!” Jian Qingling cried out in shock.

My little sister and I have been studying it for so long only to fail to find this, but Chen Feng managed to find this mnemonic chant right from the start. Is Chen Feng the destined inheritor for Immortal Cloudmist’s legacy? Or did he simply get lucky? Regardless, we will need helpers in our quest to find the Cloudmist Dimension. I was originally wondering if we should invite Chen Feng. Now, it would appear that the question is redundant. Unlike her sister, there were more thoughts going through Jian Qingwu’s mind. 

“All right. This is indeed the mnemonic for entering the Cloudmist Dimension. Looks like our encounter with Brother Chen is a stroke of fortune. I wonder, is Brother Chen interested in joining our quest to find the Cloudmist Dimension?” Jian Qingwu said smilingly.

“I do feel interested. However, where is this Cloudmist Dimension?” Chen Feng smiled.

“We already have its approximate location. However, we still cannot be certain about its exact location. Additionally, we only have half of the Cloud Map. Someone else must have obtained the other half. When the time comes to enter Cloudmist Dimension, we will surely have to face some competition,” Jian Qingwu said solemnly.

“I think there are four sections in total,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Hearing that, Jian Qingwu closed her eyes and pondered for a moment. Then, she opened her eyes and said, “Indeed, there are four sections. I was mistaken.”

“Big sis, up ahead is Azuresieve City. However, it is currently besieged by those from Heartless Heaven Sect.” Jian Qingling waved her hand and a halo of light appeared to reveal an army – composed of a high number of cultivators – besieging a large city.

So many Sky Human stage cultivators! Azuresieve City must be a medium-large city under Heavenly Sword Faction’s territory. Looks like their enemies are upon their doorstep. It seems Heavenly Sword Faction is unable to get the upper hand in this battle, Chen Feng reflexively thought.

“Big sis, let’s attack! Azuresieve City is about to fall. What happened here? I recall that our sect has a team of high-level Sky Human stage cultivators stationed here. Some of them are even stronger than us. And yet, this doesn’t look good,” Jian Qingling said apprehensively.

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