Chapter 571 Discussion


“Naturally, I will not be letting such a talented cultivator go.” Lan Ling smiled, ignoring Jian Qingling’s ridiculing smile.

Although this was his first time coming to the Central Plains, Chen Feng had still spent some time learning about some of the sects of the Central Plains. Given Chen Feng’s current level of vision, second-rate sects would never be worthy of Chen Feng’s consideration. For him, only sects that were equal to Extreme Celestial Sect or Nine Firmaments Palace like Heavenly Sword Faction, Heartless Heaven Sect and others at that level would be worthy of joining.

Compared to the Northern Plains, the Central Plains was even more prosperous and competitive. Ancient legacy sites would appear from time to time. If he had to make a comparison, the first-rate sects from the Central Plains was a notch stronger compared to the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects from the Northern Plains.

Additionally, there were four existences in the Central Plains. These four existences were very special. In terms of foundation and influence, they occupy an even higher position compared to the first-rate sects.

Absolute Academy.

Heavensight Academy.

Four Cardinals Academy.

Eternal Academy.

These Four Great Academies were the Four Great Holy Lands of the Central Plains, superior to the first-rate sects. The Four Great Academies would search the entire world for the best and most promising cultivators and recruit them. Conversely, the various sects and loose cultivators would send forth their talented disciples to join the academies so that they can cultivate there.

Lan Ling’s ability to gain the title of Senior Sister in Absolute Academy, one of the Four Great Academies, proved just how capable she was. Naturally, Chen Feng already knew that. He had witnessed her might in her earlier battle. Additionally, Chen Feng also knew that the might she displayed back then was only the tip of the iceberg.

Without a doubt, Chen Feng had found Lan Ling’s proposal to be very tempting. By joining the Four Great Academies, his future prospects will be great. Its foundation aside, there were the knowledge passed down by the academy seniors, the teachings of high-level cultivators and the irresistible cultivation environment. The fact that it was a gathering spot for geniuses from all over the world would give him a certain feeling of pressure and competition. It was something that would motivate him further along his path of cultivation.

However, Chen Feng also knew that the consequences of such a fierce competition was to either advance rapidly or be left behind. In the worst-case scenario, he would be killed. Even so, Chen Feng was still desirous of entering it to experience it for himself. He knew all too well that countless cultivators would smash their heads for the sake of entering the academies.

“Is this an invitation?” Chen Feng smiled.

“Yes. From what I can gather, Brother Chen has not been cultivating for long, only ten or so years. And yet, you can already accomplish so much. I believe that any other sect would do their best to recruit such a talent. It is only natural for our Absolute Academy to not miss out on such a talent. Besides, Brother Chen must also know about our Four Great Academies. Amongst the disciples of the Four Great Academies, 80 % of those who survive would successfully rise to the ranks of Human Immortals,” Lan Ling said slowly.

Chen Feng nodded. Indeed, he knew about that as well. However, that did not come as a surprise for Chen Feng. Those who could be accepted into the Four Great Academies were all geniuses amongst geniuses, the elites of the elites. If such existences could not break through to the Human Immortal stage after undergoing the Four Great Academies’ trainings, they could only blame their luck. 

“However, all of the Northern Plains is currently after me. Additionally, I ended up offending Warlord Pavilion’s Young Master Tianhen right after entering the Central Plains. Is Absolute Academy not afraid that I might bring them troubles?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Brother Chen, you jest. At the very least, there is no one, no force that would dare trouble the Four Great Academies. Once Brother Chen joins my academy, forget Human Immortals, even Earthen Immortals wouldn’t dare go trouble Brother Chen,” Lan Ling said, a prideful smile on her face.

“In other words, the Four Great Academies are also life-saving sanctuaries,” Chen Feng responded.

“You sure have a funny way of talking. Do you know just how many cultivators are constantly crying and howling in their desire to enter the Four Great Academies? Right now, there is a great opportunity lying in front of you. Not to mention, Sister Lan is personally inviting you here. You are actually not going to agree right away?” Jian Qingling suddenly interrupted.

“Little sister, don’t talk nonsense. Don’t be disrespectful towards Elder Chen,” Jian Qingwu was quick to reprimand her.

“Ha ha, your cultivation bases are above mine. I cannot qualify to be called Elder Chen by you two. The Four Great Academies have many geniuses and they teach everything there. They even have high-level seniors there. It is only natural for me to want to join the Four Great Academies. However, I have only just arrived and there is no one to help me with the introductions. Additionally, I have heard that one must undergo a series of rigorous assessments in order to enter the Four Great Academies. Not to mention, the competition involved is also very brutal,” Chen Feng said.

“This fellow! Sister Lan Ling is clearly inviting you here. And yet, you say there is no one to do the introductions for you? The way I see it, you are just doing this on purpose. Humph! Just because you have some abilities. How vexing!” Jian Qingling could not stop herself from blurting and she scoffed. She rolled her eyes at Chen Feng, seemingly not used to this.

Chen Feng didn’t mind her. He simply smiled in response. He could tell that Jian Qingling possessed an innocent and vivacious character. Unlike the more composed Jian Qingwu, she was the type to quickly speak her mind.

“Here is a token. With this token, you can directly enter Absolute Academy. There will be no need to go through the entry assessments,” Lan Ling said, waving her hand. A stream of cyan light flashed by and Chen Feng felt his palm becoming slightly heavier as a cyan-coloured token carved out from jade appeared in his grasp. Some patterns had been engraved onto the token. There were also the words Absolute Academy on it.

After inspecting it for a moment, Chen Feng said, “A warm lustre and a smooth surface; cyan light gathers within and there is thick spiritual energy within it. There is also a strand of mysteriously pure energy within. This is a top-grade jade piece. Not even Sacred crystals could compare with this jade piece. I think this is probably on the same level as Immortal crystals.”

“This was carved out from Cyansieve Jadecore. It is only natural for it to be a good thing. It is a reward I obtained for one of my contributions to the academy. I acquired a total of three before. I have already given out two in the past. Those two fellows are now cultivating with Absolute Academy,” Lan Ling said coolly.

“If so, I thank Miss Lan Ling. I will keep this token. However, I still need to head to Heavenly Sword Faction first. I want to go see my friend. After that, I will head to Absolute Academy. When the time comes, I hope that Miss Lan Ling will take good care of me.” Chen Feng smiled as he kept the token.

Still, Chen Feng was secretly feeling amused. He had quite a number of tokens on him. There was the token that Mo Ji gave him, giving him the identity of an honorary elder of Black Water Order and the token that Jian Xiaotian gave him, giving him the identity of an honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction. Now, he had gained another token. Only, this one gave him the right to become a disciple of Absolute Academy.

However, Absolute Academy was a different kind of existence compared to the other sects. It was a peerless holy land. For Chen Feng, there was no reason for him to not join it. Although Chen Feng did have a sense of attachment to Extreme Celestial Sect, it was limited. Thus, he would not feel too opposed to the idea of joining other sects.

“You are too modest, Brother Chen. You are a talented genius. In the future, I might be the one who needs Brother Chen’s care,” Lan Ling said smilingly.

“Since this crisis has been resolved, it is time I say goodbye.” After saying that, Lan Ling simply flew up. All Chen Feng saw was a flash of light and Lan Ling disappeared from sight.

“So fast.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Let’s go.” Jian Qingling waved her hand and a small and exquisite Skysoar Warship appeared before Chen Feng.

“Go? Go where?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Obviously, we’re going back to our sect. Are we not heading to the same place? Surely you are not thinking of going alone? Besides, do you even know the way?” Although Chen Feng had helped the two sisters earlier, Jian Qingling did not behave politely towards Chen Feng.

“Thank you, then.” Chen Feng responded with a smile and flew into the Skysoar Warship.

Surprisingly, the Skysoar Warship was a grade 2 Sacred artefact. It was even slightly better compared to Chen Feng’s Skysoar Warship. Additionally, its interior was elegant and refined. It looked like a cultivation grotto. Just one glance at the interior of the ship left Chen Feng ashamed. In comparison, his Skysoar Warship looked like a transport meant for shipping goods.

“Brother Chen, please don’t feel upset. My little sister is always like this.” Jian Qingwu smiled apologetically at Chen Feng. She personally went to boil some water for tea brewing. Soon enough, a faint fragrance wafted in the air. It gave them a refreshed feeling and they feel more spirited.

“Good tea!” After just breathing in the fragrance, Chen Feng could not stop himself from praising.

“Of course! My big sis would usually be unwilling to take those tea leaves out to brew tea. Consider yourself lucky today. Right! Chen Feng, are you really at the Concealed stage?” Jian Qingling asked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled. First, his aura dispersed. Then, he retracted them all. Jian Qingling then uttered in shock, “Level 9 of the Concealed stage! You really haven’t overcome Lightning Tribulation, but how are you so strong? You can actually fight against Young Master Tianhen!”

“He he! I was only relying on the power of magic treasures. My cultivation base is still far inferior compared to you two,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Brother Chen, you are too modest,” Jian Qingwu said, placing a jade cup before Chen Feng.

“This tea is really good. There is a refined quality to the spiritual energy it exudes, capable of moving the heart. Additionally, it can also dispel inner demons. This truly is a rare type of good tea,” Chen Feng said with a smile after finishing the tea in one gulp.

“I have some wild fruits here. Please have a taste.” Chen Feng said and he plucked out some of the spiritual fruits from the spiritual trees inside the Longevity Tower.

“Humph! You actually have the audacity to bring out wild fruits? Wait, these are spiritual fruits!” Seeing the spiritual fruits that Chen Feng brought out, Jian Qingling quickly exclaimed.

“These are Fire Pears and Nuts. There are even Water Crystal Dates! These are good items. They are comparable to some earthen-tier medicinal pills.” Even Jian Qingwu was surprised at the items Chen Feng brought out. The jade table before them was practically covered with the spiritual fruits. There were tens of them there and their fruity fragrance filled the ship. They gave off an extremely alluring fragrance and Jian Qingling could not help herself as she picked up one of the Fire Dates there.

Next up, Chen Feng chatted amicably with the twins. He managed to learn some matters regarding the Central Plains from the Jian twins.

“So, you two have also joined Absolute Academy. I’ve been disrespectful. No wonder Lan Ling would come help you two.” Chen Feng smiled. Both of them possessed the Sword Spirit Constitution. Thus, he was not surprised that they would be able to get into Absolute Academy. Rather, he was surprised at their relationship with Lan Ling.

“You are capable of reaching the Central Plains despite Nine Firmaments Palace’s attempts to hunt you down. You are an extraordinary character yourself. Your name resounds loudly even here in the Central Plains’ world of cultivation.” Jian Qingling cast a curious look at Chen Feng.

“I was lucky. Nine Firmaments Palace did not send out their experts, otherwise I would not have been able to reach the Central Plains so easily.” Chen Feng laughed.

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