Chapter 570 Shake Off


The spikes broke. Although they had failed to stop the earthen dragon, they did manage to throw it off course slightly. Chen Feng swiftly backed away, covering a distance of over 1,000 metres in a flash to appear atop a mountain.

However, before Chen Feng could even steady himself, Young Master Tianhen was already upon him. Seemingly bearing an extreme hatred for Chen Feng, Young Master Tianhen waved his hand, utilizing his magic treasure right from the start. A cyan-coloured gauntlet appeared and his might rose greatly. As a result, the surrounding space seemingly came together, condensing into a tangible clump. Should his attack make contact, Chen Feng would be blown apart.

Naturally, Chen Feng did not choose to fight him head on. He rapidly brought out the Four-sided Spirit Mace, swinging it forward with lightning-like speed. The two Sacred artefacts made contact, creating a formidable force of collision. Chen Feng and Young Master Tianhen’s figures flew backwards through tens of li. Once again, Chen Feng had only just steadied his position when Young Master Tianhen arrived before him.

The two of them quickly exchanged a few blows. For Chen Feng, he could feel his blood streams roar. It was like the roar of a boiling great river. Even his sea of wisdom was seemingly rocked by a tsunami and faint waves of weakness washed over his entire body.

Although his Sacred artefact is of a lower grade compared to my Four-sided Spirit Mace, the amount of power that he could exert using his Sacred artefact far surpassed the amount of power that I could exert. Unity of spirit and flesh. He has fused with the gauntlet. He has almost completely refined the Sacred artefact, allowing him to unleash its strongest level of power. Given my current level of strength, I am seriously no match for him!

Young Master Tianhen showed not even a hint of fear when facing Chen Feng’s Four-sided Spirit Mace. His fist, clad in the cyan gauntlet kept swinging at the vital points on Chen Feng’s body. After just exchanging a few blows, Chen Feng was already feeling somewhat exhausted. His arms ached and his body shook. Although his body had undergone a serious amount of tempering, it was still one that had yet to overcome a true Lightning Tribulation. There was also the fact that his cultivation level was far below that of Young Master Tianhen. Thus, Chen Feng had been left in a disadvantageous position since their fight began.


Chen Feng swung the Four-sided Spirit Mace to slam heavily against a small mountain. First, cracks spread out across the mountain. Next, it abruptly exploded and innumerable clumps of soil spread outwards.

Chen Feng felt frustrated. His reaction rate was far inferior compared to this opponent he was facing. Even before he could unleash the Four-sided Spirit Mace’s full power, Young Master Tianhen’s attack would already arrive. This situation left Chen Feng in a somewhat flustered state. Still, despite the disadvantageous spot he was in, Chen Feng had no intentions of utilizing the Longevity Tower. Should he do so, it would become too easy to suppress this opponent. What Chen Feng wanted at the moment was to experience just how big of a gap there was between him and this Young Master Tianhen.

He could see it. Without using any magic treasures and relying solely on his own strength, he would have lost after just one confrontation.

Sigh! After the recent rapid growth in strength, I have not encountered anyone who could pose a threat to me. I ended up thinking that I am already something of a hot shot. Unexpectedly, I would be proven wrong today. Chen Feng smiled wryly to himself. 

“Your cultivation base is already quite decent. This fellow possesses an astonishing cultivation talent and his combat prowess is already equal to that of an average Human Immortal. No need to sell yourself short. Magic treasures is also part of your own strength.” Surprisingly, Tower did not take this opportunity to unleash a critical hit on Chen Feng this time.

“When you put it that way, you are also part of my strength. If so, I already possess the strength to instant kill a Human Immortal?” Chen Feng was quick to respond.

“That’s different. Although I have yet to recover my full power, you can consider me as something that would create imbalance in this world. I cannot unscrupulously take action, otherwise you will be able to go about unchallenged within Eternal World without even cultivating yourself. On the other hand, the magic treasures that you have refined into your insight acupoints can already be considered as part of your body. As long as you can use them, you should use them against your enemies. There is no need to hide their existences,” Tower said with a snicker.

“Humph! Amongst the powerful magic treasures in my body, the ones that I have refined the most are the Twin Swords of Life and Death and the Demon Sealing Sword. However, even if I use those magic treasures, I will still be incapable of defeating this fellow. I am still incapable of unleashing their full power. My cultivation level is not high enough, after all.  Of course, the Blood Mustering Bead is even more powerful. However, its grade is still too high for me. Not to mention, it is a damaged magic treasure.” Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless.


Another clash. This time, the Four-sided Spirit Mace managed to display an even greater level of power, knocking Young Master Tianhen some distance back. However, the damage Chen Feng received was even more serious. Half his body went numb and much of his soul power was consumed. There was an unbearable feeling of fatigue. 

Sigh! The damage to the soul is even more unbearable compared to the damage to the body. Chen Feng shook his head. He kept the Four-sided Spirit Mace. Next, golden light shone all over his body and he swiftly flew tens of thousands of metres up into the sky as he flew far away.

Since he could not defeat this opponent, continuing this fight was pointless. At any rate, fleeing from this fight was not shameful in the slightest for Chen Feng. He could simply return to settle the score when his cultivation base had risen in the future.

Heh! I am a Concealed stage cultivator. There is nothing shameful in losing to you. However, I will be settling this score with you soon enough, Chen Feng thought, sneering inwardly.

“Did you think you can escape just like that?!” Young Master Tianhen hated Chen Feng to the core. It was such that he would only give up after Chen Feng had died under his hands. Seeing Chen Feng flee, he was quick to pursue.

A cyan-coloured fist silhouette shot out, becoming like a small mountain as it charged towards Chen Feng.

Sword light flared out from every part of Chen Feng’s body, causing his flight speed to spike and he dodged the cyan-coloured fist silhouette. The fist silhouette then smashed into a small mountain that was several hundred metres tall, causing it to collapse into flat grounds.

Although the fist silhouette missed, the Warlord Seal had already arrived. It bore down on Chen Feng.

“You think you are the only one with a magic treasure? Taste my magic treasure!” Chen Feng said, bringing out the Heaven Measuring Ruler. The Heaven Measuring Ruler broke space to disappear, re-appearing before Young Master Tianhen. Next, the Heaven Measuring Ruler smashed down upon the look of disbelief on Young Master Tianhen’s face.

With a resounding boom, Young Master Tianhen was smashed into the ground, blasting a huge hole on the ground as a result. However, Chen Feng was not able to emerge unscathed either. The Warlord Seal managed to make contact with his body and he felt an irresistible force moving into his body. Despite that, Chen Feng managed to stop himself from falling. He then flew faster as he fled far away. As he fled, the Heaven Measuring Ruler jumped back into his grasp.

“Humph! We’ll stop here today. I still have other things to do. When I am done with my stuff, I will settle the score with you,” Chen Feng said, stepping on the Heaven Measuring Ruler. At the same time, he mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power and his figure kept jumping through space. By the time Young Master Tianhen burst out from the ground with a furious roar, Chen Feng was already far away. Knowing that he would be incapable of catching up to Chen Feng, Young Master Tianhen raged. In his fury, he smashed the surrounding mountains and thrashed the grounds. Only then did he choose to leave.

Chen Feng did not stop. In just one breath’s worth of time, he flew through a distance of over 10,000 kilometres before stopping. This time, no one else came to disturb Chen Feng. After setting up some restrictive arrays, Chen Feng then focused on healing himself while studying the earlier battle. He studied every move, every form, every style and every trace that he found helpful.

Huh! He is not coming after me this time. If I have already overcome my Lightning Tribulation, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a wretched state, no? Chen Feng thought with a wry smile.

After Chen Feng lifted the barriers, however, his face sank. Some people did come! However, it is not Young Master Tianhen. Additionally, they have been waiting quietly outside. Looks like they might not be bearing malicious intentions.

It’s them! A look of surprise glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. Unexpectedly, after shaking off Young Master Tianhen, these three fellows would catch up to him instead. He could not stop himself from feeling vigilant.

The three fellows were none other than Lan Ling, Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. Of the two sisters, one was calm while the other was savvy, one was mature while the other was expressive. However, both possessed perfect figures, enchanting appearances and alluring auras.

While Lan Ling’s appearance was not as beautiful as the twins, she gave off a faint atmosphere. Looking at her would give the impression that she was on a higher level compared to the twin sisters.

Is this the effect of cultivation and power? Chen Feng reflexively wondered.

“Greetings, fellow cultivator. I thank you for your assistance earlier.” Lan Ling was the first to speak up. She had spoken with a calm tone, but it sounded pleasant to Chen Feng’s ears.

“Don’t mention it. They had offended me first. I had simply acted normally by countering their actions,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I am Lan Ling, from Absolute Academy. May I know your name?” Lan Ling asked with a smile.

“So, you are someone from Absolute Academy. I have long since heard of the place. My name is Chen Feng, a loose cultivator,” Chen Feng replied, smiling.

“Regardless, we sisters would like to thank you for your assistance,” Jian Qingwu said, looking at Chen Feng. Her voice had a more beautiful quality compared to Lan Ling’s voice.

“No. Truth be told, there is a reason for my earlier action,” Chen Feng said, tossing a token over to her.

“So, you are an honorary elder of our sect. If so, there must be a relationship between Elder Chen and our Jian Xiaotian, right?” Jian Qingling suddenly chuckled.

“Oh, you already know?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“The renowned name, Chen Feng, has long since spread out from the Northern Plains all the way to our Central Plains. Truly, seeing is believing. You are able to go against Young Master Tianhen with a cultivation base at the Concealed stage. If news of this were to spread out, it would certainly stir up a storm in the world of cultivation,” Lan Ling said with a chortle.

“He he! I am just relying on the power of some magic treasures. It’s not worth mentioning. If you are to look at our cultivation bases, I would seriously be no match for Young Master Tianhen,” Chen Feng was quick to say.

After the introductions were finished, they began chatting. Add the connection between Chen Feng and Heavenly Sword Faction, they grew more familiar with each other.

“Brother Chen, are you interested in coming to our Absolute Academy to practice cultivation?” Lan Ling suddenly asked.

“Absolute Academy?” Chen Feng uttered in a hushed tone. He thought back to what he knew about the place.

If Heavenly Sword Faction, Heartless Heaven Sect and Warlord Pavilion were the top-tier sects of the Central Plains, Absolute Academy would be a super-tier existence that was one level higher compared to those sects. Some of the great sects would send forth their outstanding disciples to enter Absolute Academy to practice cultivation there. There were not many cultivators in the world of cultivation who would not want to enter Absolute Academy.

“Ha ha! Sister Lan, are you so anxious to recruit a talent?” Jian Qingling laughed.


1 li = 0.5 km

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