Chapter 57: Four-eared Spirit Monkey


Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the face of the brutish might, the protective layer of astral energy around Chen Feng was immediately shattered apart. After shattering the protective layer, however, the brutish power did not disappear. Instead, like the waves of a surging river, it charged towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng felt as though his whole being had become like a ball, slammed by a hammer. His figure blasted backwards. As he did, Chen Feng wondered if his body would burst from the mighty force.

His mind was a swirl of chaos and his ears rang. An assortment of colours flashed before his eyes even as blood began flowing out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. His chest was seemingly pressed down on by a large rock and Chen Feng felt as though he might lose consciousness at any moment. The primary and blood energies within his body was in disarray and he simply had no more strength left to mobilize them.

No! I must not lose consciousness! If I do, I will certainly end up dead! Chen Feng struggled. He bit his own tongue and his head cleared up somewhat. Having done that, he desperately mobilized his divine sense and sent a strand of it towards his numb limbs. 

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The surging force behind his divine sense opened up a channel within his limbs and his roiling blood grew calm as a result. Finally, Chen Feng could feel his limbs, palms and fingers once more, albeit slightly. However, that was not enough for him to make any overt moves.

Hurry! This is a matter of life and death! Chen Feng screamed to himself inwardly. The divine sense coming out from between his eyebrows suddenly grew turbulent, just like a tsunami that had abruptly arisen from a calm and tranquil sea. Burst after burst of energy surged forward. After surging out, the energy transformed into divine sense, which charged towards every part of his body, like raging dragons.

As Chen Feng had just been heavily wounded, he could not utilize both his primary energy and blood energy. During this critical juncture, a channel was created from within his sea of wisdom to mobilize out a vast amount of energy, which stabilized the chaotic situation of his body.

Finally, Chen Feng could move his hands and feet once more.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword abruptly swung out from its sheath and a grand and overwhelming sword intent radiated outwards. Chen Feng heard a sharp cry from somewhere before him. Next, the sense of crisis that was enveloping his heart slowly retreated.

Chen Feng flipped his figure through the air and landed gently on the ground. Then, a mist of blood sprayed out from his mouth like an arrow.

Looking at his chest, he saw that the clothes and protective armour there had been torn open. Innumerable cold sweat oozed out from Chen Feng’s back.

Earlier, were it not for the armour, Chen Feng would surely have been ripped open. There was no need to imagine what the consequences of that would be. He would have died on the spot.

Yet, even with the protective armour blocking the earlier attack, the shockwave from the earlier impact had still resulted in internal damage within Chen Feng’s body. Many of his internal organs, meridians and cells were damaged. Although his primary energy possessed a powerful restorative effect, healing all those up would still take a while.

However, with the Overwhelming Astral Sword in hand, Chen Feng now felt somewhat emboldened.

After having calmed himself down, Chen Feng was finally able to see what it was that had attacked him so suddenly. There, 50 metres away from his position, was monkey with gold fur. It was looking at him warily.

The monkey was only one metre tall and the golden fur on its body was strikingly dazzling. Not a single strand of fur was out of place. It gave off the appearance of an item that had been casted in place.

The most peculiar aspect of the monkey were the things on either side of the monkey’s head. There were two furry ears on either side of the monkey’s head.

Four-eared Spirit Monkey. The name spontaneously appeared within Chen Feng’s mind.

The golden monkey’s gleaming eyes glinted continuously with golden light. Despite its unassuming size, it gave off quite the deterring atmosphere. Unfortunately for it, the bloody sword wound on its arm ruined its picturesque image.

This monkey is not to be trifled with. Did that earlier sword attack only leave a wound on its body? Or did it evade the sword energy with its extreme speed? Chen Feng contemplated while secretly entering a defensive stance.

Although the monkey before him was no behemoth, Chen Feng did not have the guts to underestimate it. Earlier, were it not for the fact that he was wearing protective armour and the timely attack from his Overwhelming Astral Sword, he would have been killed by the monkey.

Golden-coloured blood dripped down unceasingly from the wound but the golden-coloured monkey ignored it. Instead, it gazed intensely at Chen Feng and the golden-coloured furs on its body were all standing on end. It seemed as though it would attack at any moment.

I have seen both the speed and power of this monkey earlier. They are far above mine. I could not even react fast enough to avoid getting hit. Truthfully, even with the Overwhelming Astral Sword in hand, I am likely no match for this monkey. At present, I can only hope that it is fearful of this sword I have. Chen Feng thought to himself. However, there was a nonchalant expression on his face and he took several steps forward.

As expected, when the golden-coloured monkey looked at the sword in Chen Feng’s hand, its eyes revealed a hint of wariness. Despite that, it did not make any moves. 

“Human, you are encroaching upon my territory.” A spiritual wave suddenly emanated towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was not surprised by that. After reaching the Concealed stage, human cultivators could utilize their divine sense to communicate with one another. Naturally, the same was true for yao beasts.

“I have taken a liking to this place.” Chen Feng attempted to use his divine sense to communicate with the monkey.

As anticipated, after understanding Chen Feng’s intention, it instantly flew into a fit of fiery rage. It began screaming sharply, brandishing its teeth and claws, seemingly desirous of pouncing forward. However, it was fearful of the sword in Chen Feng’s hand. As for Chen Feng, he too, was apprehensive of making any sudden moves. Thus, man and beast continued staring at each other. 

“There is no need for you to get so riled up, gold monkey. I am not planning on taking over your place. I only want to practice cultivation here for a while.” After some consideration, Chen Feng sent over his message.

“That doesn’t work either. This is my place; no trespassers are allowed!” The golden-coloured monkey’s brutish mental force spread forward.

“In that case, there is no other way around it. We can only duke it out,” said Chen Feng coolly before taking two steps forward. The Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand thrummed and the luminescence emanating from its blade flared out, causing the sturdy stones on the ground to shatter and turn to powder.

Eh? How strange, this sword seems to have grown even more powerful? Chen Feng thought to himself in shock.


Next, the scene before Chen Feng exploded. The golden-coloured monkey made its move, arriving before Chen Feng, covering the distance of 50 metres between them in but an instant. All Chen Feng managed to see what a slight sway of the monkey’s body before it appeared before him.

Although the monkey’s speed was shocking to Chen Feng, he had long since prepared for it. He gripped the Overwhelming Astral Sword tightly and sword energy of unparalleled sharpness enveloped him thoroughly.

“Zhi! Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!”

The golden-coloured monkey circled around Chen Feng a few times but was incapable of finding an opportune moment to strike. In the end, it moved too close and one of the energy swords cut it, causing a good number of its golden fur to fall off. That shocked the golden-coloured monkey so much that it jumped 100 metres away. After that, the monkey leapt several more times before transforming into a golden beam of light and it disappeared into the distance.

The monkey is really powerful. Judging by its speed alone, it is not something that the average cultivator can compare against. A pity, the current me still cannot drive a flying sword. If not that that, I would not have ended in such a miserable state.

Still, now that the monkey has left, it will probably not come trouble me anytime soon. I should find a place to focus on cultivation. Since this is the monkey’s place, it is likely that no wild beasts or yao beasts will come here.

After having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng turned around to survey the valley. After that, he found a smooth rock beside a river and sat down quietly on it.

After pondering silently for a moment, Chen Feng picked and held up the little tower hanging on his chest. The little tower remained the same, only one inch tall and dark-yellow in colour. It had a total of nine levels and its corners were well-defined. The surface of the little tower was filled to the brim with cracks and it exuded an aura of ancientness. 

Despite the many years that the little tower had been accompanying Chen Feng, he had yet to even count the number of cracks there were on its surface. 

“It is time for me to explore the secret of this little tower,” said Chen Feng with a whisper. Chen Feng suddenly felt himself becoming somewhat excited. The little tower had always been with him and he believed that it may be related to his past.

He he, I wonder though, what level is this little tower at in terms of magic treasures. Could it compare to the Overwhelming Astral Sword? Chen Feng pondered inwardly. After calming himself down, he sent his divine sense out to envelop the little tower in his hand.


Chen Feng felt himself caught within an explosion and the world before his eyes abruptly changed as he arrived at an unfamiliar place.

His surroundings were grey and hazy and energy streams flowed around him non-stop. The ground beneath him was sturdy while the sky above him was filled with mist. With his present level of vision, he could only discern things that were some tens of metres in front of him.

At that moment, Chen Feng felt as though he was within a sea of clouds, incapable of finding his bearings. All was seemingly illusory around him.

“What is this place?” In his shock, Chen Feng blurted out. Just a moment ago, he had been sitting on a piece of rock. Now, in but a blink of an eye, he had arrived within an unfamiliar place.

Chen Feng looked around and saw only greyish and hazy energy streams drifting around him again and again. There was nothing else around. Crouching down, Chen Feng rapped the floor and found that it was incomparably tough. It also released a dull sound. He wondered what was used to pave the floor. 

Chen Feng pulled out the Overwhelming Astral Sword and attempted to make a mark on the floor. What happened next stunned Chen Feng. Not a single trace of the sword mark could be seen on the floor.

“This, how is this possible?” Chen Feng stared with wide-opened eyes. Chen Feng understood just how powerful the sword was. It could easily cut even a one-metre thick steel plate. At that moment, however, after using it to cut a line across the surface of the floor, he saw that not a single scratch was left behind.

Chen Feng was in disbelief. He attempted to hack down on the floor a few times after that. Finally, he even went as far as to thrust the sword down the floor. After releasing a loud sound, the floor remained as smooth as a mirror, not a single scratch in sight.

“What a durable floor. Where am I?” Chen Feng felt bewildered.

Suddenly, light arced through Chen Feng’s mind like a thunderbolt and his eyes instantly lit up.

“Could it be? Am I inside the little tower right now?” Chen Feng whispered out, his voice filled with disbelief. Earlier, when he was utilizing his divine sense, it had only just made contact with the little tower when he suddenly found himself here.

“Considering that, I am most likely within the little tower. This is too shocking!” Chen Feng shook his head as he attempted to recollect himself.

“Nothing shocking about that. You are indeed inside the Longevity Tower.” A muffled voice suddenly rang out, shocking Chen Feng so much that he shrank backwards.

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