Chapter 569 Heaven Measuring Ruler


“Not possible? Then, get ready to receive this kid’s corpse!” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes as he made ready to attack.

“I can give you the medicinal pills. But only one Sacred artefact and one spiritual herb,” Young Master Tianhen hastily said.

“Deal! Show me the goods,” Chen Feng said, retracting the killing intent seeping out from his body.

Young Master Tianhen gritted his teeth. Waving his hand, a bottle of medicinal pills, a jade ruler and a spiritual herb flew towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng grabbed the items and tossed them into the Longevity Tower, not bothering to even check them.

“Alright. Time for you to let him go.” A sharp glint of light flashed across Young Master Tianhen’s eyes.

“No problem!” Chen Feng waved to throw Zhan Qingsong forward. Young Master Tianhen quickly rushed forward to grab hold of Zhan Qingsong. Next, he swung his hand to fire out a large, cyan-coloured seal stamp at Chen Feng.

“I knew you would attack.” Chen Feng rapidly backed away. However, even after retreating through more than 1,000 metres, Chen Feng was still incapable of escaping the locking power of the large seal. The formidable atmosphere of coercion made Chen Feng feel as though there was a mountain descending upon him.

“That’s the Warlord Seal!” Lan Ling was shocked.

“No, it should be a replica. It that is the real deal, no one here could survive.”

“Boom!” Chen Feng chuckled and he uttered out that one word as he continued to back away.


Zhan Qingsong’s arm exploded, causing his flesh and blood to scatter about. Zhan Qingsong, who was still awake, watched as his arm exploded. In the beginning, his face froze. Then, he cried out wretchedly.

Even Young Master Tianhen was affected. His face was contorted to the extreme and the large, cyan-coloured seal charging at Chen Feng wobbled.

Chen Feng seized the opportunity. Sword light swirled around him to break the spatial-type restraining power around him and he swiftly flew away. A loud booming sound rang out behind him as the large cyan seal smashed the ground. The lands around them quaked and even the distant mountains ended up collapsing due to the resulting earthquake. Even after flying over tens of li away from the seal, he could still feel the vibrations in the air.

By the time the large cyan seal flew back up, Chen Feng was nowhere to be found. 


Zhan Qingsong’s other arm exploded as well and the pain knocked him unconscious.

Young Master Tianhen quickly took action to save him. When Zhan Qingsong woke up, he promptly shouted, “Brother, you must avenge me!”

“Don’t worry. The kid will not be able to escape. I have already utilized my eye technique to lock on to his aura. Even if he escapes to the ends of the earth, he will not be able to escape my pursuit.” Young Master Tianhen was in no rush to pursue Chen Feng. Instead, he brought out a medicinal bottle. With a flick of his finger, a drop of spiritual liquid entered Zhan Qingsong’s mouth. Next, flesh began growing out from Zhan Qingsong’s bloody and mangled arms. It did not take long before two completely intact arms grew out. However, Zhan Qingsong’s face was somewhat pale. He had lost a considerable amount of blood essence. This was the cost involved in re-growing lost limbs.

While that was happening, Lan Ling led the Jian twins away. As for Young Master Tianhen, he did not stop them. Regardless if he was a match for Lan Ling or not, he was no longer in the mood to fight Lan Ling. At that moment, what Young Master Tianhen desired the most was to find and kill Chen Feng.

“Alright. Qingsong, you head back first. Our sect is currently at war with Heavenly Sword Faction. Staying outside like this will not be safe. Hurry back to the sect and heal up for a bit. As for the kid, I will definitely kill him,” Young Master Tianhen said coolly.

“No! I want to personally kill the kid!” Zhan Qingsong hissed.

“Very well, I will capture him back alive,” said Young Master Tianhen, who leapt up into the sky. Energy streams swirled beneath his feet and his figure swiftly flew across the clouds. Surprisingly, his flight speed was several notches faster compared to flying swords.

I managed to gain quite the harvest this time. My wicked deed this time proved to be fairly profitable. Chen Feng looked smugly at the three items that he had extorted from Young Master Tianhen.

There was the medicinal bottle containing three Sky-tier Fire Essence Pills, a 10,000-year-old Inferno Flower and a jade ruler. The white jade ruler was a grade 1 Sacred artefact. Its jade body was smooth and warm to the touch while emitting a crystalline lustre. It did not look like a magic treasure. Rather, it looked like a jade ornament.

Chen Feng’s divine sense entered the jade ruler to quickly erase the seals within. Next, three words flashed upon the surface of the jade ruler.

“Heaven Measuring Ruler? Heh! What a domineering name for a grade 1 Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from chuckling.

“I have heard that the Immortal Plane also has a Heaven Measuring Ruler. This should be a replica, right?” Chen Feng asked Tower, his face still smiling.

“Naturally. If this is the real deal, you can forget about escaping today,” Tower replied with a chortle.

“It is so powerful?” After breaking the seals within the Heaven Measuring Ruler, Chen Feng’s divine sense moved in to refine it.

After having fused many of his sea of wisdom layers, Chen Feng’s soul power had increased exponentially. In the past, it would have taken him a long time to refine even a Prized artefact to the point of being able to place it inside an insight acupoint before slowly nurturing it. At present, however, Chen Feng only needed some time to grasp a portion of the Heaven Measuring Ruler’s functions.

Chen Feng’s soul power stirred and the Heaven Measuring Ruler in his hand shone with white light. Next, it disappeared from his hand, breaking the space before Chen Feng as it did. In the blink of an eye, it re-appeared somewhere 5 kilometres away. At that moment, the Heaven Measuring Ruler had expanded to a size of over 100 zhang as it rapidly struck a mountain there. Ripples spread out and the mountain that was hundreds of zhang tall broke, falling apart like a flour construct. Next, the entire mountain disappeared from view.

So, this is the power of this Heaven Measuring Ruler! Chen Feng was surprised. With a thought, the Heaven Measuring Ruler jumped through space once more to re-appear in Chen Feng’s hand.

Chen Feng was not surprised at the Heaven Measuring Ruler’s destructive might. Several of the Sacred artefacts in Chen Feng’s possession could easily destroy a mountain, after all. What Chen Feng was surprised about was the Heaven Measuring Ruler’s ability to jump through space. With this magic treasure, he would be able to take his opponents by surprise in the future. 

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then turned the Heaven Measuring Ruler into a stream of white light before sending it into his Four Extreme acupoints’ North Extreme acupoint (left foot). With this, there was now a magic treasure within each of his Four Extreme acupoints. A mysterious power instantly linked both his arms and legs. While Chen Feng was unable to determine what exactly this power was, he could feel the benefits brought about by linking up his Four Extreme acupoints.

His feet stood upon the earth, giving off a thick and steady feeling. Meanwhile, his two limbs felt capable of jumping through the barriers of space. Chen Feng was thus incapable of stopping himself from stretching his limbs. Immediately, he felt as though his four limbs had fused with the entire world. This time, Chen Feng’s strength did not improve much. However, his six senses and perception had grown one level stronger. This was not a perception of the soul. Rather, he had unlocked an innate spiritual perception concealed within the fleshly body.

However, despite its might, it consumes too much soul power. Chen Feng quickly replenished his energy before taking the Heaven Measuring Ruler out again. It quickly expanded in size and Chen Feng jumped upon it and used it like a flying sword. With a thought, Chen Feng then jumped through space with it, re-appearing several li away in just an instant.

This is far faster than flying. Its speed has surpassed that of my Skysoar Warship. However, I cannot do this for an extended period. My strength is still lacking. Chen Feng studied the Sacred artefact as he advanced aimlessly. It did not take long for him to fly over 5,000 kilometres.

I got quite the bargain this time, but those fellows will definitely not let this slide. That’s especially true of Young Master Tianhen, a highly renowned character in the world of cultivation. Rising up to the Human Immortal stage should only be a matter of wanting to for him. Given his present cultivation base and level, he must be suppressing his aura, wanting to gather enough strength before assailing the Human Immortal stage. This is a dangerous character. If it weren’t for the fact that he is a douchebag and his problematic little brother, I wouldn’t have chosen to offend him, Chen Feng thought as he observed the Inferno Flower, which he had planted inside the Longevity Tower. As for the three Sky-tier medicinal pills, Chen Feng planned on taking them. Medicinal pills of this grade could be considered as highly supplementary items for Chen Feng. Of course, they were also not the kind of items that he could casually take and refine.

Next, Chen Feng found himself a small and quiet valley. Setting up some restrictive arrays, he then continued to refine the Heaven Measuring Ruler. However, not long after that, Chen Feng snapped open his eyes, a look of shock within them.

Eh, seriously? I was just thinking about him. He caught up to me so quickly? Chen Feng stood up and retracted every strand of his aura. Next, his Magnetic acupoints stirred and the power of earth began operating. Chen Feng’s entire body seemingly became one with the earth and he slowly sank underground. After Chen Feng disappeared from sight, the restrictive arrays he set up outside the valley quietly dissipated away.

“Hah! Did you think you can escape from me by doing this?!” Young Master Tianhen descended from the sky, blood energy churning around him. He looked like a Heavenly God descending upon the mundane world.


Young Master Tianhen’s figure smashed heavily against the ground, like a huge meteorite bombarding the ground. The valley shook and deep cracks spread out.

“Get out!” Young Master Tianhen’s eyes shone as he utilized his Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes, allowing him to see through the thick layer of earth. Next, he unleashed a heavy punch against the ground.

It was as though an earthen dragon had smashed into the ground. An immeasurably deep hole appeared on the ground. The mouth of the hole was circular and sharp, seemingly cut out using a blade.

“Are you still not coming out?” Young Master Tianhen stamped his foot and countless deep cracks spread out across the ground. Wisps of water vapour escaped through the cracks.


An area spanning a radius of hundreds of zhang erupted and Chen Feng flew out, looking somewhat miserable. There was a wry smile on his face. “I say, are you not tired? I had moved so far away, but you still want to come after me?”

“Kid, you will die today! Not even the gods can save you!” Young Master Tianhen said, stamping his foot again. An earthen dragon rapidly moved out from the ground before swirling up before Chen Feng. Next, it smashed towards Chen Feng.

This was not a true earthen dragon. Rather, it was an attack by Young Master Tianhen, formed by fusing his power with the power of earth.

Chen Feng dared not be careless. From the moment they exchanged blows the first time, Chen Feng had already known how big the gap was between them. Without utilizing Sacred artefacts, he would definitely be no match for Young Master Tianhen. However, Chen Feng remained steadfast in the face of this attack. He followed Young Master Tianhen, stamping his foot, causing the power of earth to surge and one thick earthen spike after another abruptly burst forth to smash the earthen dragon’s body.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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