Chapter 568 Extortion



Seeing that, Young Master Tianhen became like a Demongod as he displayed his prowess. Every drop of power within him exploded outwards. Due to his raging blood energy, his entire body took on a fiery-red colour. Even his eyes were not exempted and streams of flames burst out from each of his eyes. This all-out move by him successfully forced Lan Ling to take several steps back, allowing Young Master Tianhen to break through space to arrive before Chen Feng. His five fingers clawed forward, aimed at Chen Feng’s head.

“You looking down on me?” Chen Feng revealed a derisive grin and waved his hand to pull Zhan Qingsong up, placing him in front of him. Should Young Master Tianhen continue with his attack, it would end up killing Zhan Qingsong. At the same time, Chen Feng brought out the Four-sided Spirit Mace, swinging it down against Young Master Tianhen’s head.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, as a grade 5 Sacred artefact, the Four-sided Spirit Mace was enough for him to take on Young Master Tianhen. It was true. Young Master Tianhen had first directed his hand to bypass Zhan Qingsong before moving to attack Chen Feng again. However, he suddenly felt his scalp tingle. He knew then that he was in danger. Thus, he raised his hand instead, forming a fist with it in order to punch upwards.

When his fist made contact with the Four-sided Spirit Mace, a faint-cyan gauntlet enveloped his hand. Cyan light flared out to collide furiously against the Four-sided Spirit Mace. Next, a thunderclap seemingly erupted, causing even Chen Feng’s ears to go buzzing from the soundwaves. For a brief moment, he lost his connection with the Four-sided Spirit Mace.

Grabbing Zhan Qingsong, Chen Feng quickly backed away. A very big crater had appeared on the very spot that Young Master Tianhen was occupying earlier and there was no way to tell just how deep the crater went. It looked similar to the mouth of a volcano.

Chen Feng began summoning the Four-sided Spirit Mace back. His Actual acupoint spun ceaselessly and the Four-sided Spirit Mace finally charged through the sky to finally end up in Chen Feng’s grasp again. The clash had shaken Chen Feng’s body considerably, damaging him somewhat. However, he did not let it show.

“You fellows are still not stopping? Do you fellows want to die?” Chen Feng swung with the Four-sided Spirit Mace and a semi-transparent silhouette of a squarish mace swept forward, knocking several of the cultivators besieging Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling off their feet. Two ended up getting killed on the spot.

“If you don’t stop this, I’m killing this kid!” Chen Feng swung Zhan Qingsong around once before hurling him heavily down against the ground. He followed it up with a stamp against Zhan Qingsong’s back, causing him to cough out another mouthful of blood.

Zhan Qingsong crawled on the ground, his handsome face deformed and plastered deep into the soil. It was a highly wretched sight. However, the only thing Zhan Qingsong could feel was fear. Every part of his body quivered and he remained still and submissive. His hatred for Chen Feng was such that nothing in the world could erase it, but he chose not to say a single word. The series of blows that Chen Feng had unleashed against him earlier and the killing intent that Chen Feng was exuding had left him in utter dread. Zhan Qingsong had no doubt that this fellow would actually kill him. Zhan Qingsong was someone who was spoiled since his younger days and thus, would not think highly of others. However, when he considered the fact that he might actually be killed, he felt as though his beating heart would come to a sudden halt.

Seeing their master captured, the cultivators besieging Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling became dumbfounded and they backed off. Two of them even shouted at Chen Feng, “Hurry up and let our young master go, otherwise you will die without a place of burial!”

“Let our young master go! We are from Warlord Pavilion! Our master is a Human Immortal! If you let our young master go now, we can still be civil about what happened today, but if you don’t-”

“What if I don’t?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

Idiot! You fools! Hearing his subordinates shouting, Zhan Qingsong wanted nothing more than to swear loudly. Although he did not know who Chen Feng was, he could tell from what happened earlier that threats would not work against Chen Feng.

“If you do not let our young master go, when our master arrives, even death will be a blessing for you! There is no one in all of the Central Plains that could leave unscathed after offending our Warlord Pavilion!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Hearing those words, Chen Feng burst into laughter. “In other words, your Warlord Pavilion is the sole superpower in the Central Plains? No one in all of the Central Plains dare to offend your Warlord Pavilion? Even the Four Great Academies are beneath you?!”

“Humph! Regardless, our Warlord Pavilion is not something that a minor cultivator like you can offend. Friend, as long as you hand over our young master, we can forget about what happened today.”

Due to Chen Feng’s appearance, the situation had changed. Jian Qingling and Jian Qingwu worked on recovering their strength as they secretly communicated with each other.

“Big Sis, who is that fellow? He looks quite egotistic. To think that he would dare offend Warlord Pavilion. He could even exchange blows with Young Master Tianhen!”

“I do not recognize him either. However, there are many cultivators in the world of cultivation. He could be a disciple from some hidden families or sects. Having said that, he definitely has some connections with our Heavenly Sword Faction.”

“Yes. It is clear that this fellow is trying to save us. Big Sis, could he be a disciple of our sect?”

“That is possible. At any rate, our sect has countless disciples and many of them like to seclude themselves for cultivation practice. No matter what, this fellow has taken action to help us. Later, we must find him and ask his name.”


Young Master Tianhen suddenly burst out from the ground, blood energy raging out from his whole body. It almost seemed like thick flames were surging around him. His will to fight soared and his eyes were laser-focused. His formidable aura locked down on Chen Feng.

“Kid, I don’t care who you are. Today, you’re a dead man!” Young Master Tianhen pointed at Chen Feng while exuding an aura of tyranny, seemingly capable of looking down on the world.

Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback. Although he managed to smash Young Master Tianhen into the ground earlier, it appeared that this Young Master Tianhen was not wounded in the slightest. It was only his image which appeared somewhat wretched. Besides, Chen Feng himself had failed to emerge from the clash unscathed. He had only just managed to – while talking earlier – unravel the feelings of discomfort within his body.

The cyan-coloured gauntlet that appeared on his hand earlier is definitely a Sacred artefact. Not to mention, it is a decent Sacred artefact, Chen Feng thought.

“Is that right? I would like to see how you plan on making me a dead man,” Chen Feng said with a faint smile.

“You are just a minor cultivator in the Concealed stage! Without your magic treasures, I could kill you with one finger!” Young Master Tianhen’s bellow was like thunder, spreading into the surrounding space, reverberating through a radius of 50 kilometres.

“Then, I’ll just squash this little kiddo first,” Chen Feng said, exerting some force on his foot to cause cracking sounds to ring out. That move from him broke who knows just how many bones within Zhan Qingsong’s body.

“You dare?!” Young Master Tianhen roared and he stamped the ground, causing the entire land to quake fiercely. For Chen Feng, it felt as though a volcanic eruption was blasting at him. However, he merely snickered as he stamped the ground as well. His Magnetic acupoints surged with power and a formidable power exploded upon the ground. A booming sound could be heard as a circular crater appeared, with Chen Feng at its centre.


By then, Young Master Tianhen had already arrived before Chen Feng. However, he forced himself to retract the attack he sent out. Chen Feng’s palm was holding Zhan Qingsong’s head tightly. Just a minor grip from Chen Feng would end in Zhan Qingsong’s death. Young Master Tianhen dared not take this risk. Although he was extremely infuriated, he dared not mess around with his little brother’s life.

“Take just one more step and I will shatter his divine sense.” Chen Feng’s five fingers pressed down harder and Zhan Qingsong screamed out in misery. Cracking sounds could be heard coming from his head. It seemed as though it might break apart at any moment.

“Hold!” Young Master Tianhen was quick to shout. Flames burst out from his eyes, but there was nothing he could do.

“I should hold just because you said hold? I don’t like the way this kid looks. So, I will be killing him off!” Chen Feng sneered.

“What do you want?” Young Master Tianhen took a deep breath before speaking up. The flames within his eyes disappeared and he calmed down. Seeing that, Chen Feng inwardly praised him.

“It is not what I want. Rather, what were you fellows thinking of doing to me right from the start,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

Since Chen Feng’s appearance, Lan Ling had not spoken to him at all. Rather, she had been secretly observing him. After observing him for a while, she determined that she did not recognize him. She had also never heard of him before. However, she had also seen through Chen Feng’s cultivation base. Thus, she was secretly shocked. Unexpectedly, a Concealed stage cultivator could possess such a level of power. He could put on a nonchalant appearance despite facing Young Master Tianhen. Additionally, he had even beaten up his little brother. And now, he was bargaining with Young Master Tianhen. 

Quickly, though, light shone within Lan Ling’s eyes before quickly dimming. It seemed she had thought of something. Chen Feng was able to sense something and he turned to see Lan Ling smiling at him.

Did this woman recognize me? Chen Feng wondered.

“Friend, state your conditions,” Young Master Tianhen said coolly.

“Good, you are a straightforward fellow. Since you have chosen to ask, I will tell you my conditions. Hand over everything on you,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Impossible. Friend, don’t you think that’s too greedy of you? How about this? I have a top-grade Prized artefact here,” Young Master Tianhen said, bringing out a sword. The body of the sword gleamed with light and there were runes engraved on its surface. Streams of spiritual energy flowed around it. The sword could actually absorb the surrounding spiritual energy on its own to strengthen itself.

“Prized artefact? Hey, are you for real? If this kid is only worth a Prized artefact, forget it. I’ll just kill him.” Chen Feng shook his head, a ridiculing look on his face.

“Friend, I advise you to accept a good offer. It seems you have never heard of my name. There are some people in this world that you cannot offend, otherwise you will have a very short life,” Young Master Tianhen said icily.

“Young Master Tianhen, Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution and the Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes. The most promising disciple from Warlord Pavilion in recent years. Ascending to the Immortal Plane and attaining immortality is not an impossibility for you. You are indeed very famous, but that cannot scare me. I have no time to waste with you. As humans, we should be straightforward. Three Sacred artefacts, three Sky-tier medicinal pills and three 10,000-year-old spiritual herbs. If you do not agree, I will kill this kid off right now,” Chen Feng said with his own icy tone.

What an exorbitant demand! The same thought ran through the minds of all present. That was especially so for Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. Their mouths gaped as they stared at Chen Feng in shock.

“That is not possible.” Young Master Tianhen nearly went mad. In all his years as a cultivator, this was a first. Usually, whenever other cultivators saw him, they would become fearful and act politely before him. On this very day, however, a small fry was actually threatening him! Worst, he had no choice but to compromise. He felt as though his body was about to burst into flames.

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