Chapter 567 Sent Flying with a Slap


“And who are you? Tell me your name!” Chen Feng said coldly, ignoring the highly formidable atmosphere emanating from Young Master Tianhen.

Young Master Tianhen glared at Chen Feng as he pondered, trying to guess Chen Feng’s identity.

Humph! This fellow is just a Concealed stage cultivator without a single Lightning Tribulation under his belt. Without utilizing my eye technique, I would not have been able to notice him. Looks like he must possess some treasures on him. Additionally, an aura had blocked my attempts to probe him earlier. That is obviously a high-grade Sacred artefact. Did he think he could hide that from me? Whatever! It doesn’t matter if he is only a random passer-by or not. The fact that he bumped into me today is just bad luck on his part. Having assessed Chen Feng’s cultivation level earlier, Young Master Tianhen came to think little of Chen Feng. He believed that Chen Feng was only relying on the magic treasures on him. Besides, Young Master Tianhen was someone who would even look down on cultivators on the same level as him. How else would he treat a minor Concealed stage cultivator? For Young Master Tianhen, dealing with characters like these required a mere wave of his hand.

Naturally, this Young Master Tianhen was no fool. Seeing such a show of confidence from Chen Feng, he knew that this fellow must possess some means. Thus, he decided to take action against Chen Feng right from the start. He secretly activated his Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes to create an illusion around Chen Feng.

The eye technique Young Master Tianhen cultivated, the Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes, could see through falsehoods and determine the truth. Additionally, it would also allow him to see the weak points of his enemies. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it could break everything. While creating illusions was not its specialty, it was still a spiritual eye technique. Thus, creating illusions was a simple matter for it.

Furthermore, given Young Master Tianhen’s level of strength, the illusions he created would be hard to identify. Illusions and reality would be fused as one while containing killer traps. Any carelessness would lead to death.

Having seen that this fellow was not giving him face, Young Master Tianhen chortled and his pair of pupils spun rapidly. His illusion sprung up, moving through Chen Feng’s dimensional power to envelop Chen Feng.

Everything before Chen Feng changed and he felt his body going light. Then, he found himself in another place. His whole body felt hot, seemingly on fire. A fiery volcano gathered power beneath him and incredibly hot magma flowed about within. Although the magma had yet to erupt, the heat waves coming off it could already scorch Chen Feng’s skin to the point of cracking.

Chen Feng was someone who had cultivated himself using earthen fire before. He would also use various tribulation powers to temper his body. Most earthen fire could only tickle Chen Feng. At that moment, however, the earthen fire was causing Chen Feng pain.

Impressive. His eye technique is very powerful. His illusion could invade the soul. Additionally, he could also mix physical attacks with the illusion. Chen Feng circulated his primary energy and all feelings of discomfort quickly disappeared. However, it did not take long for his primary energy to surge uncontrollably. The rate at which it was circulating was ten times that of normal. It was as though he was suffering from cultivation deviation. If it weren’t for the fact that his meridians were far more resilient than the average meridians, and the fact that his primary energy would generally be circulating 800 % faster than the normal rate, his meridians would have broken instantly. His internal organs would be damaged as well. Even so, Chen Feng could feel tears appearing across his meridians.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng’s body stiffened and he felt as though iron chains had tightly bounded his body. Chen Feng exerted his strength, displaying a force of several million jin, causing the iron chains to creak ceaselessly. However, he could not break free.

Even chains made from Mystic Iron would have broken from that display of might, Chen Feng thought. Seeing his struggles fail, Chen Feng stopped his futile efforts.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The volcano beneath Chen Feng began bursting and clumps of lava flew upwards. Like a stream of water, lava quickly gushed towards Chen Feng. Once the stream of lava enveloped Chen Feng, it would be able to burn Chen Feng into ash.

“Hey, watch as I break your illusion!” Chen Feng sneered. With a thought, the Twin Swords of Life and Death swirled out and rays of sword light criss-crossed to hack the chains apart. Next, Chen Feng reached his hand out and grasped. The stream of magma gushing towards him instantly shrank into a ball.

Next, Chen Feng’s Magic Eyes of Darkness operated at full power. As he had fused his eyes with the Fiery Eyes as well, a fiery light shone within the power of darkness. The eye technique’s power spread out like water ripples. Everywhere the ripples went, space would break, obliterated away. At the same time, the Dark Talisman within Chen Feng’s Dark acupoint shook slightly and a tidal wave-like power of darkness instantly poured out to wrap around Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s body pulsed and he utterly broke free from Young Master Tianhen’s illusion.

The Dark Talisman in Chen Feng’s Dark acupoint had been crafted by the peerless yao beast, the Dark Kirin, using its own power of darkness. The amount and purity of the power of darkness within it was beyond imagination. After breaking Young Master Tianhen’s illusion, the power of darkness kept spreading out to envelop Young Master Tianhen instead. It attacked him, wanting to erode him to dust.

The moment Chen Feng broke free from his illusion, Young Master Tianhen had known that the situation was not looking good for him. With his eye technique broken, his divine sense was affected. Before he could recollect himself, everything before him turned dark and he lost his bearings and his six senses were sealed. Additionally, a thick power of darkness was moving into his pores, desirous of wearing away his flesh.

In just an instant, Young Master Tianhen felt a great loss in primary energy and his blood energy fell. In just the blink of an eye, he had lost decades’ worth of cultivation.

Truth be told, Young Master Tianhen had been careless. In a one-on-one fight, without utilizing Sacred artefacts, Chen Feng would have been no match for Young Master Tianhen. However, this Young Master Tianhen didn’t think that Chen Feng would break his eye technique so quickly. Thus, he was caught off guard. Secondly, Chen Feng also possessed a highly mysteriously eye technique of his own. Thirdly, the power of darkness he could harness was very pure and formidable.

Even so, Young Master Tianhen was someone who was already on the verge of reaching the Human Immortal stage. Taking a breath, his vigorous Soulflame instantly raged to drive away the power of darkness from his body. His Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes spun again and flames sprayed out from his eyes as well to burn his surroundings, causing crackling sounds to ring out.

After breaking free from the illusion, however, Chen Feng did not rush forward to fight Young Master Tianhen. Instead, his figure darted towards the nearby Zhan Qingsong.

Zhan Qingsong, who was on his white, one-horned beast, had been observing the fight between his brother and Lan Ling. He had expected his brother to defeat Lan Ling in a display of might. Unexpectedly, another person would suddenly appear out of thin air. As he was considering whether he should step forward and berate this newcomer, the newcomer suddenly dashed towards him.

Although Zhan Qingsong’s cultivation base was not particularly noteworthy, he was still a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator. Additionally, he was fast to react. Seeing someone charging towards him, he quickly felt a foreboding sensation. He empowered the life-saving talisman on his person while urging his one-horned beast to flee. He believed that he only needed to buy time. His brother would be able to finish off this newcomer. Unbeknownst to him, his brother had already fought Chen Feng once.

Zhan Qingsong’s mount was a pure-white, one-horned beast. It was a very high-level Great Yao that was of a far better grade compared to the mounts of his subordinates. Charging with all its might, its speed was almost a match for bird-type yao beasts. Carrying Zhan Qingsong with it, it created after-images in the air as it flew far away.


Zhan Qingsong had been fast to react. However, Chen Feng was even faster. His kick landed heavily against Zhan Qingsong’s body, causing his figure to fly up. The protective talisman on Zhan Qingsong’s body shone with light to stop Chen Feng’s attack. Thus, despite Zhan Qingsong’s miserable appearance, he was able to land safely after a few flips. 

“Eh?” Chen Feng was surprised. He had assumed that his kick would be able to cause Zhan Qingsong to cough out blood. Unexpectedly, it had failed to even break through his defence.


Suddenly, the pure-white, one-horned beast attacked Chen Feng. A smooth and circular pillar of pure light pierced through the air to attack Chen Feng. Sizzling sounds would ring out as it sped through the air.

Chen Feng was already prepared for this. His figure darted, dodging the attack before quickly appearing before Zhan Qingsong. A heavy punch landed on Zhan Qingsong. This time, Chen Feng had increased the power behind his punch, giving it a force of several million jin.

“Kid, you dare!” Young Master Tianhen finally managed to clear away the power of darkness enveloping his body only to see Chen Feng punch Zhan Qingsong. He shouted, wanting to attack Chen Feng. However, a sphere of lightning suddenly flashed forward to block Young Master Tianhen.

“Lan Ling, scram! It won’t be too late for us to fight again later!” Young Master Tianhen snapped.

“The way I see it, this is the right time to be attacking.” Lightning flashed and Lan Ling attacked, unleashing a highly formidable lightning technique right from the start.

“You’re courting death! Scram!” Young Master Tianhen grew enraged and his face turned grim. However, shaking Lan Ling off to rescue Zhan Qingsong was an impossibility.


Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng’s punch connected, causing light to flare up all around Zhan Qingsong’s body and a series of booming sounds rang out. Due to the force behind Chen Feng’s punch, the protective talisman on Zhan Qingsong’s person finally cracked. Chen Feng then followed it up with another punch, which broke the talisman. Coughing out blood, Zhan Qingsong was sent flying. 

“Kid, you’ve angered me! No matter where you run off to next, be it the high Heavens or the depths of the Earth, I will tear you into a thousand pieces!” Seeing that, Young Master Tianhen bellowed.

Run?! Why should I run?! I ran all the way from the Northern Plains here. What, you think you can force me to run back? Chen Feng scoffed inwardly. In the face of all the attempts to kill him in the Northern Plains, Chen Feng had no choice but to run to the Central Plains. This was something that had greatly vexed him. He always thought to himself, when he was strong enough, he would charge back there. And now, this fellow had brought up the word ‘run’ again, prodding at the wound in Chen Feng’s heart. At that very moment, it was something of a forbidden word for Chen Feng. Thus, rage swelled to the fore and he unleashed a slap at Zhan Qingsong.


A resounding sound could be heard. Although Chen Feng did not exert his all for the slap, he did not hold back either. Teeth flew and blood scattered about. Zhan Qingsong’s face grew out of shape. He could not even cry out in pain before fainting.

Chen Feng moved forward and grabbed Zhan Qingsong. Next, he grasped with his other hand and the surrounding power of water surged. Water droplets were condensed and a ball of water smashed against Zhan Qingsong’s face. After that, streams of power gushed out from Chen Feng’s hand to smash their way into Zhan Qingsong’s body. Another series of cracking sounds rang out and many of Zhan Qingsong’s meridians were broken as a result.


Zhan Qingsong opened his mouth to spray out a large amount of blood. Then, he screamed wretchedly. However, Chen Feng’s slap earlier had left his mouth out of shape. Thus, his scream no longer sounded normal. It instead sounded like a shriek of a ghost.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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